Sunday 31 December 2023

Will we Find MH370 in 2024?

During the last few days I have seen a series of newspapers with very impudent headlines like MH370 Could be Found in Days! This is an outrageous claim considering the plane vanished almost ten years ago. Where does this new found confidence come from? It is based on the report by a pair of aviation experts called Jean-Luc Marchand and Patrick Blelly. They have appealed for a new search in a different area and said that the original search area in the Indian Ocean was in the wrong place. They believe the aircraft is on the seabed hundreds of miles from the edge of the original search zone. The plane was hijacked shortly after its final radio call and flown to the location. The hijacker must have been a skilled pilot who ditched the aircraft in a controlled manner to allow it to sink slowly and minimize debris. The passengers and crew were killed by asphyxiation when the plane was deliberately depressurized at high altitude. Source: There has been a lot of new interest in the missing Malaysian Boeing 777 in the last few months, probably because of the new documentary about the mystery that has been very popular, see: Along with Marchand and Blelly, other researchers have been trying to retrieve clues from the fisherman I mention in the background links below, along with the WSPR data and even chemicals in the shellfish found clinging to the RĂ©union flaperon. Is this all just a desperate attempt at distraction? It is obvious there is far more involved with this tragic event and that governments know more than they are saying. Is it because of some kind of intervention by extraterrestrials or the Deep State using secret technology? This is Ashton Forbes' contention. Ashton has added his own response to these news stories, see: We will hopefully find out more soon. Time will tell whether the new clues will be followed up; and if they are, will they yield results? There are hundreds of people whose friends and family were on that flight who badly want answers.
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Saturday 30 December 2023

NDE's Smoking Gun?

A study has been published that is by far the most interesting in a series I have covered which connect neurological evidence to the near-death experience. Previously this was rejected because it was concluded that the brain simply was not working in a terminal state. Then scientists discovered that in some situations this is not true, for example: This new study reveals more information; what's more it is a controlled experiment; the closest to Flatliners you can get, morally and legally. It's actually an extraordinarily audacious thing to do. The team led by Dr Jimo Borjigin approached the relatives of four patients in a profound vegetative state and with their permission monitored the patients' brain and heart activity while doctors "pulled the plug". The results were incredible. Two of the four patients underwent a massive surge of brain activity. This was clearly not just random and disorganized activity either. In the illustration above, the top left graph is the easiest to understand if you're not an expert. The red areas during the time period of about 450 to 200 seconds before death reveal activity in the EEG frequencies we associate with the waking state of consciousness and/or dreaming. It's also similar to seizures in which patients report hallucinations or out-of-body experiences. The activity was also traced to specific parts of the brain involved in processing sensory stimuli, problem solving and spatial awareness. This process didn't begin immediately and was at its highest about thirteen minutes after cardiac arrest, which matches the results of another study, see: Remember that both patients had been in a deep coma for some considerable time before life support was withdrawn and they were allowed to die. Source:
So we must now address the inevitable question: Is this the materialists' smoking gun? Is this the proof they have been looking for that they were right all along about "when you're dead you're dead, mate!" For those of us who believe in survival and enjoy the idea, MBA fodder like me, should we be worried? At this point I would say no. Dr Borjigin herself urges caution in interpreting her conclusion. There is no proof the patient was having a conscious experience because they are no longer alive to report it. Also, I dispute that the activity could reproduce all the evidence near-death research has gathered over the years, including people reporting experiences when they definitely had a flat EEG. What's more there is the distinct qualitative differences between the waking mental state and the NDE, see: However, this result does deliver some amazing information about what our brain does. It is a scientific paradox though, as one of Dr Borjigin's colleagues said. The person's brain is behaving as if they have recovered. In their mind it's as if they are seeing, hearing, moving about and talking. If so, then where are they and who are they talking to? And why? Why do our brains do this when we die? Surely there is nothing advantageous about it in terms of evolution. Is it an accidental by-product of our brain's development? Alternatively, it could be the mechanism used by the spiritual within the material. I find it interesting that Jimo Borjigin's previous speciality was DMT research. Did she ever work with Rick Strassman? His own earlier DMT experiments were groundbreaking. He was originally a skeptic, but changed his mind as a result of doing the experiments. Unlike other open-minded scientists he believes he discovered the presence of the genuinely supernatural in material body functions. Source: Dr Borjigin might be on a similar track. Is this, her latest work, supportive of something similar?
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Thursday 28 December 2023

Janet Ossebaard Dies

I've got some very sad news for what might be my last article of the year. Janet Ossebaard has passed away. Janet was a Dutchwoman, like my mother, who first came to my attention in the videos she and Bert Janssen made together; and others with Miles Johnston and Christopher Everard. These were mostly about crop circles and their associated phenomena. I met Janet a couple of times at conferences in the 2000's and 2010's. In more recent years she has been researching a subject I cannot name on this platform, but it is described in detail in the links on this portal: Sadly Janet fought a secret battle against depression her whole life and in mid-November she disappeared. There was a lot of speculation about where she was or what had been done to her, and by whom, and this conjecture still goes on even now; but the tragic truth is she simply ended her own life with an overdose of medicine. Horrifically, this was only confirmed when the campervan she was staying in was forcibly moved because of a parking violation a few days ago. Right now, I see no reason to disbelieve this explanation. Cyntha Koeter, Janet's partner and co-director of the documentary Fall of the Cabal, has made a statement, see: Janet may have left this world now, but her good work goes on because her website and videos are still there, although naturally banned from all mainstream social media, see: Rest in peace, Janet; and deepest condolences to Cyntha and all Janet's family and friends.

Tuesday 26 December 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 19

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme is a Chirstmas special for 2023. It also includes Ronnie Kinsella and Gary Robinson.
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Monday 25 December 2023

Ryan Coogler to Direct New X-Files

At Christmas we automatically get a sense of reflection and prediction. We dwell on the year that has passed and wonder what will happen between now and the next Yuletide. One thing I wonder every Christmas is whether we'll see the return of a TV series that, it will be no surprise to anybody who knows me to find out, is one of my favourites. I am, of course, talking about The X-Files. This 90's sci-fi drama forms the nearest thing to a creation mythology that the Conspirasphere has, and I know very few fellow UFO/para/con enthusiasts who have not been influenced by it. It is also a "franchise", a word that has taken on an extra meaning in the last decade or so to describe the entire culture of fandom and inspiration that surrounds a fictional phenomenon. The central problem with franchises these days is that we are losing them. They are being poisoned and perverted by new writers and directors whose only objective is to turn them into delivery systems for "the Message", aka wokery, see the background link below. Star Trek, James Bond, Terminator, Roald Dahl, Star Wars; and even the keep of the fortress, JRR Tolkien, have been ripped apart by rainbow-striped hyenas and reassembled into deformed mutants of their former selves. Why do the wokies not simply invent their own franchises and produce new stories? If they did so I would have no complaints. They don't do that for two reasons. Firstly, they lack the spirit to create anything; and secondly, and more urgently, because they know nobody would watch their rubbish. They have to sneak "the Message" into our minds by infecting established cult fiction. The most topical example is Russell T Davies taking a pickaxe to Doctor Who, see:!-you’re-just-being-gaslit!:6; as if it wasn't bad enough already. Obviously the aforementioned hyenas are constantly patrolling the savannah of popular culture to see if there are any remnants of reactionary fiction left alive. It's possible they may have found one of the last survivors, and I'm sad to report that it is my beloved X-Files.
It has been announced that a new series of The X-Files is going to be produced, six years after the excellent revitalization of season eleven in 2018. The downfall began in 2020 when Fox sold the rights to Disney, which is always a bit of a storm warning. Ryan Coogler is a newcomer to Hollywood. His debut was with an independent film just ten years ago. I consider him a mediocre-to-bad filmmaker. Creed and Black Panther were reasonably watchable while Black Panther 2- Wakanda Forever was abysmal; see here for my review of it: He is, inevitably, in line with the "progressive" new ethos of Hollywood and therefore when I found out Disney have put him in charge of the new X-Files reboot my heart sank. Chris Carter himself has revealed that he has been in talks with Coogler about trying to "remount The X-Files with a diverse cast". Does Chris not have more respect for his creation? Source: Scully's actress Gillian Anderson had quit the series after season eleven and David Duchovny, Mulder, said he would never do another series unless it was with Gillian and Chris. Gillian has also said that The X-Files is "very much in the past for me." So it looks like any new X-Files a will not feature the definitive duo, at least not with the same thespians; maybe that's for the best. Obviously this new X-Files has not even been made yet, but it's pretty obvious what it is going to end up like. All the ingredients are there for another hatchet job. A crappy anti-white director and Disney's previous disregard for preserving the traditions old fans love. So will I be watching it? Unlikely, unless Coogler and Disney break all their existing rules. Like fans of all the other franchises which have been eviscerated and corroded by cultural Marxist propaganda, we just have to say goodbye. We must treat our precious programmes as if they have simply ended, because they really have. As for The X-Files; at the end of the day, we have eleven seasons of brilliant stories and two feature films from 1993 to 2018 that we can enjoy any time we like on DVD or online. The same goes for all the other franchises. They can't take that away from us!... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all HPANWO readers.
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Sunday 24 December 2023

MH370 Wing Found

A surprising story has emerged in the last few days; that another part of the MH370 wreckage has been found. Up till now several dozen aeroplane fragments have been gathered from the beaches of south-western Africa, mostly by one man called Blaine Gibson, which appear to be part of a Boeing 777 airliner. A few experts claim they are definitely parts of the missing aircraft although others have called that into question. This time, however, we are not talking about a small piece, but an entire wing. The wing was supposedly found by two fisherman called Kit Olver and George Currie. They were the skipper and mate of a deep-sea trawler and they were off the coast of Australia when the broken wing of an airliner was caught in the net. It was too big to bring onboard and was ripping the net so they had to cut it loose and it sank back down to the seabed. When they reported the story, the authorities showed surprisingly little interest, even though this was just a few months after the disappearance. This was supposedly because the search was focused in another area and the analysts didn't believe that the plane could have gone down where Kit's boat was. They also said that the men were mistaken and the trawler had actually pulled up part of a cargo container that had fallen of a ship a few days before. Kit denies this. He has now retired, but he was a fisherman for thirty-five years and has dragged up all kinds of flotsam and jetsam, and so is used to recognizing all kinds of rubbish. Source:
There's a lot that's wrong with this narrative. Firstly, why were the search and rescue operation leaders so dismissive? I know what they say about fisherman's tales, but this is a major claim about very serious matter and should at least have been followed up. If you were running that search and somebody said: "I've found an aeroplane wing!" I'd have at least have gone and talked to him a bit longer. Kit Olver says that even though he had to jettison the mysterious catch, he made a note of where it is and he can guide somebody back to the location. Why has nobody asked him to do that? Secondly, why has this only just been published as a news story now? It happened almost a decade ago; as I said, a few months after MH370 vanished. It sounds like it might be a distraction manoeuvre. This is a highly risky gambit that can easily backfire; therefore it is only ever used when the gatekeepers are absolutely desperate, but there has been a massive reignition of interest in these last few months because of the new Netflix documentary MH370- the Plane that Disappeared. Also in a few months it will be the tenth anniversary. This can create what I call an "informational choke point" where deep secrets can burst out onto the surface. At the same time Ashton Forbes and many other researchers are growing in number and popularity. It feels as if the authorities don't really want to find MH370. Why haven't they followed up the ham radio evidence, even though we've known about it for a whole year, see: Hopefully the questions raised will rise further as we approach the decade point on March the 8th 2024.
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Saturday 23 December 2023

Encounters- Episode 4

See here for my review of Encounters episode 3:
After a jaunt around the world from Wales to Zimbabwe to the United States, the Encounters series ends in Japan. After the 2011 tsunami and the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear plant, a number of people in the area reported UFO sightings. This includes the Chief Monk at the temple, Tomonori Izumi. He saw lights appear over the doomed power station and there are some photos and video recordings of them. A relief volunteer, Keisuke Udagawa, saw multiple blue lights out to sea. Jiwo Sakuma was also in the area and he has had communication experiences ever since. The Japanese see the UFO phenomenon somewhat differently to most other nationalities. They describe them using terms like Hitotama which means the spiritual residue of somebody who has just died, a kind of ghost. Seeing as so many people died on that terrible day, there will be a lot of Hitotama about. There is another Netflix series called Unsolved Mysteries that also tackles this enigma in an episode called Tsunami Spirits, see: The connection between UFO's and nuclear energy has been noticed many times; especially nuclear weapons, but also power. It's no coincidence that the modern UFO era began at about the same time we developed this technology. UFO's were seen at the Chernobyl disaster, a similar event that happened in Ukraine in 1986. Amazingly their presence seemed to lower the levels of radioactive particles in the environment. Are the aliens helping us? The programme features an interview with Dr Diana Pasulka, somebody who has become very well-known on the UFO scene lately; and she believes UFO's play a similar role to religion in the modern world. One of the most interesting parts of this programme was the strange story of the Utsuro-bune, literally "hollow boat". This was a disk-shaped object found floating in the sea just off a beach in 1803. It was pulled ashore by fishermen and inside was a small young woman. She lived among the people for a while, but spoke only a foreign language. She had unusual physical features too. Eventually she returned to the boat and it sailed back out to sea. What is interesting is that this event, even though it is very old, was recorded by multiple historical texts. Of course, the Utsuro-bune was never seen to fly, so some skeptics see no reason why this should not simply be some kind of boat, but UFO's are often seen coming in and out of the sea and one expert interviewed, Dr Jensine Andresen, thinks they have a presence under the ocean, even though they do not originate there. This final episode was a good end to a fascinating series. We're seeing plenty of UFO themed documentaries at the moment and I say the more the better.

Encounters- Episode 3

See here for my review of Encounters episode 2:
This third episode of the new Encounters series is actually the first one in some countries; in those countries the Broad Haven case is episode three. This episode concerns a major UFO flap in early 2008 in a rural Texas community, a place called Erath County. This is a region of small towns and villages with a large number of dairy farms. A number of local people had sightings and close encounters, in some cases more than one. These witnesses included the sheriff and the headmistress of the school. This community is very religious and one of them believed that his experience was an apparition of angels instead of aliens. The local newspaper bravely ran with the story and it became an international sensation. The programme includes a news spot with James Fox, see: After it was all over, one of the newspaper reporters was so keen to keep writing about UFO's that she ended up losing her job. A typical sighting involved a single or multiple very bright lights in the sky followed a few minutes later by jet interceptors from the US Air Force flying low overhead as they searched for them. Some encounters were more intense. A deer hunter called Ricky Sorrell saw a UFO that hovered right over him blotting out the whole sky. He thinks he saw a mantid alien aboard the craft. After he spoke to the media he was harassed by people who were either government agents or men in black; the two are not the same, see: One day these intruders left a bullet in his car, right on top of the dashboard where he could easily find it. It's as if they were saying: "One of these is for you if you don't shut up!"
The mayor organized a meeting about the UFO's in a local hall and so many people turned up they could hardly fit into it. This is reminiscent of the Warminster "thing" in 1965, see: Eventually there was an official explanation from the government; that the witnesses all saw reflections from an airliner overhead. "Reflections off my white ass!" retorted Steve Allen, one of the witnesses. The government later changed their story and said it was just the USAF doing exercises; and you know you're onto an interesting case when the cover story keeps changing, like with Roswell. The sheriff had a second sighting in which he captured dash cam footage, but it was partly ruined. As he said, it's as if the phenomenon is deliberately illusive; and I've found that in similar incidents. Cameras don't work, digital files are corrupted and film is obliterated. Robert Powell, lead investigator for MUFON Texas, went to Erath County to report on the incidents. He and a friend from Colorado managed to get hold of some Federal Aviation Administration radar logs from the time of the incident and worked out that there were unrecognized objects being detected at the time of the sightings. Probably as a result of this exposure, the FAA has classified all radar data since then. At the end of the programme, some of the witnesses contemplate the theological implications of extraterrestrial life, as you'd expect in such a God-fearing culture. I am an agnostic, but in my view there is nothing in this reality that contradicts Christianity; I provide more detail in UFO Truth magazine, see: In both the previous episodes in this series, there has been a brief introduction by a man called Matthew Roberts, a cryptologist for the US Navy. In this programme he is given a longer slot and speaks about his own personal ET encounters. Contrary to what the skeptics constantly assert, UFO witnesses often suffer problems in their personal and financial life as a result of speaking publicly about it; and that includes the people featured in episode three of Encounters. I'll look forward to watching the final episode.

Friday 22 December 2023

Trump Banned in Colorado

I have deliberately not been covering this subject lately and decided to wait until next year, but something major has come up that will probably effect what happens in 2024. President Donald Trump is facing what may be the most serious challenge in his re-election campaign. This is on top of his arrest and prosecution which I covered previously, see the background link below. The Supreme Court of Colorado has banned Trump from standing as president in their state using section 2 of the 14th Amendment for the first time in history. This is because the President allegedly committed insurrection. This is doubly wrong. Firstly, the President spoke at the rally a long way away from the Capitol building; secondly, inviting in people wearing costumes and giving them a guided tour cannot be defined as an insurrection. Also Trump has never been charged or prosecuted for such an offence. Despite this, the justices voted four to three in favour of the motion. Obviously the Trump campaign will make the usual appeals. I don't understand American law and politics well enough to know how serious this is, but a good source of information on that kind of subject is Styxhexenhammer666 and he sounds positive, see: Even some of Trump's rivals are outraged by this action and one of them has made a sterling protest: The law they dug up is apparently an archaic statute passed in the mid-19th century to deal with the aftermath of the American Civil War. This is similar to the legal archaeology we saw with the case of Helen Duncan, see: Luckily the case will be reviewed automatically by the US Supreme Court which is still presided over by mostly Trump appointees. This development reveals how incredibly desperate the establishment is to prevent Donald Trump returning to the White House. We will see more of all this and worse next year.
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Wednesday 20 December 2023


Following my review of 1899, see:, I was interested to check out Baron bo Odar's previous work, Dark. Also, Anthony Peake recommended this too, saying it was even more "ITLADian" than the newer one. This is a much longer project, a miniseries of twenty-six hour-long episodes split into three seasons. Like 1899, there are a large number of primary characters, fifteen to twenty in this case, and they are in an ensemble with no central figure. This is a structure similar to soap operas or daytime dramas. Adding in the esoteric element the whole effect reminded me very much of Twin Peaks, see: The story takes place in a small German town called Winden that has in its centre a nuclear power station and research centre. There is a cave underneath it with an astonishing secret, a portal that allows a person to time travel. The portals emerge in periods of time thirty-three years apart over at least a century and a half from the past into the present and then the future; the years 1888, 1921, 1953, 1986, 2019 and 2053. Children in the town keep vanishing and it turns out that they vanish because they enter the portal and move into the past or future. They find themselves in the same place, the cave in Winden, but during a different era. On some of these occasions the children remain in the time period they emerge into, either voluntarily or because they can't get back to the portal for various reasons. (For a teenager in the present day going back in time to be a teenager in the 1980's, I can well believe they would not wish to return!) This has generated a dark secret among the people of Winden, some of the residents are actually the same person at different periods of their lives; they even meet each other. This makes family relationships extremely complex. Some offspring are older than their parents, or even their grandparents. One person can be a father, mother, or step-parent at the same time. In one incestuous circuit, a woman called Charlotte is both the mother and daughter of another character, Elisabeth. In the third season the complexity is deepened by the addition of a parallel universe. It makes the series hard to follow for the viewer and I recommend finding some spare time to binge-watch it, rather than dipping in and out of it like I did.
The production designers have gone to some effort to make it easier to know what's going on. For instance, one of the characters is very distinctive because she has eyes of a different colour, so the viewer can spot her immediately, even though we see her as a little girl, a middle-aged woman and finally an old lady. Different time periods and universes are also designated for the viewer by different weather conditions. In the parallel universe it's always foggy; in 2053 it's cold and wintry, in 1888 it never stops raining. The portal under the nuclear plant, along with the invention of a very steampunk time machine reminiscent of 1899, means that the storyline takes place in an indefinite causality loop, similar to the film Groundhog Day. Like the main character in that film, the mission of the characters is to break that cycle. They are led by a group of people who know the truth about the time loop called "the Travellers". However, the Travellers are not united in their vision and have different goals when it comes to moving forward out of the time loop. The series does lack a lot of plausibility because of the problem of paradoxes, something I brought up in a video script I once wrote. Travelling into the future is not a problem, at least theoretically, as Albert Einstein worked out. Travelling into the past cannot be done literally. It can only be simulated through the many-worlds hypothesis, see here for details:; but as I said, the story of Dark does include a parallel universe element. Dark is a well-acted, absorbing and ambitious production that never drags, despite its duration. Sometimes it's upsetting. I'm pleased to say the casting is very "natural" for a town in rural Germany, if you know what I mean. Unlike 1899, the dialogue is all in its native German, but on Netflix the audio and subtitle options are available too. I wonder what Michael Shrimpton makes of it!
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Sunday 17 December 2023

Leave the World Behind

Yesterday there was an explosion of activity in the online Conspirasphere about a new feature film that had just been released called Leave the World Behind. As usual I was contacted by a number of people recomending it to me and asking me for my opinion of it. It was apparently loaded with meaning and symbolism. I decided to watch it and see what all the fuss was about. The film is a dystopian drama that begins very mundanely as a family of four go off on a seaside holiday one summer, hiring a house in a coastal village. The mother is called Amanda and is played by the pleasant vintage of Julia Roberts. She is a deeply misanthropic person, in fact in the very first scene she utters the line: "I fucking hate people!" Her husband, Clay, played by Ethan Hawke, is a weak and subservient man who allows his wife to take a lead and push him around all the time. He also finds refuge in denial and mindless optimism. He actually reminds me very much of my own father. They have a teenage son and daughter, Archie and Rose. Rose is played by the same actress who plays Alice in Utopia, although obviously a few years older now, see: At first everything seems normal, until a ship runs aground on the beach. Then, soon afterwards, everybody is entirely cut off on all communications services; a fate in today's world that is similar to being marooned on a desert island. At the same time some wild animals begin acting strangely. Deer start approaching humans in large numbers, like dogs; flamingos fly long distances to places outside their normal habitat. Then when night falls a man and his daughter, GH and Ruth, knock on their door. They are the owners of the house the family leased who find themselves stranded. I mistakenly stated on Facebook that GH was played by Wesley Snipes, but it turns out the actor is called Mahershala Ali, somebody who looks a bit like him... So no vampires in this movie! It turns out that hackers are responsible for the network failures and those to blame are the Russians, North Koreans or Chinese, depending on which character you ask. Danny, a friend of GH played by Kevin Bacon, is a survivalist and has been preparing for this day for years. He has integrated all the moral dilemmas involved and has a ruthless "survival of the fittest" attitude that puts "Charles" to shame, see: Even the diminutive Clay develops a cold-blooded streak, abandoning a woman on the roadside when she comes up to his car pleading for help.
There is a lot of talk online about hidden messages and symbolism in the film. The wall pictures in the house charge for no apparent reason, and it's probably not just a mistake. Archie wears an Obey T-shirt, a brand known to be inspired by John Carpenter's They Live, see: Rose's has the NASA logo on hers. This is also not accidental; it is reminiscent of the costumes worn in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Other strange incidents take place. A plane drops leaflets in the area of setting, New York USA, that appear to be from Iran, but apparently similar leaflets are being dropped in other locations in the Korean language. This is regarded to be disinformation. The characters are also targeted with sonic and electromagnetic weapons. Archie becomes very ill as a result, with symptoms similar to those affected by "Havana syndrome". The ship that runs aground is called White Lion; in heraldry this refers to Scottish royalty. GH eventually reveals that he knows a political elitist who hints that "something big" is about to "go down". As always, I was on alert for cultural Marxist themes in the story. Almost every production has to have them these days and, from what I gather, the novel the film is based on is very politically correct... how else would it be picked up by a major publisher, see: I didn't detect anything excessive, although Ruth is a very belligerent person who sometimes express anti-white sentiments. She accuses Clay of trying to seduce her when, from the viewers perspective, he does nothing of the sort. It appears that everything going on is deliberate, a part of some kind of invasion or coup d'etat; although we never find out what exactly. There are a lot of plots that are left open-ended, in fact the story does not really have a conclusion. It feels like the first part of a serial, although it is actually not. It reminded me of the truncated short dramas I was shown at school in English classes that were intended to make the pupils use their imaginations and devise the remainder. The film also brought back my assessment of Blackout, except it is not as bleak and visceral, see: I suspect the setting is near-future, although it looks strictly contemporary. This is because in the film, ships, aircraft and autonomous cars have no human override. At the moment this is not the case, however there are plans to make it so in the works. Leave the World Behind addresses an important point, that ordered society is fragile and can collapse very easily into barbarism almost instantaneously after the loss of some infrastructure. This is not an original concept in fiction; however, in this case, it is obvious that the infrastructure is not collapsing because of some accident or foreign adversarial ambush; it is being done on purpose by a faction of the political class. What happens next is impossible to answer because there is no next; the story ends there. Despite this, viewers can imagine that the catastrophe is intended to demolish the existing world order and rebuild it in a new form. Leave the World Behind is on Netflix, but has also popped up in a few "other places".
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Friday 15 December 2023

Leaker was a Scammer

See here for essential background:
A lot has happened in the last forty-eight hours. The Leaker agreed to send Ashton Forbes the original files and said that they added the password in a separate Notepad document; however, this document contained no password, just the phrase: "Can you deliver these to D? ASAP. also we are go Rob (sic)." What on earth does that mean? Ashton did two livestreams where he filmed his attempts to solve the mystery. A lot of his audience have always been worried that this was a massive windup and their suspicions grew during the course of the last two days. I myself believed that it was unlikely that this was faked; but I did leave the possibility open, as did Ashton. Despite this, he approached the conundrum with a lot of enthusiasm and last night he cracked the password. He has put the files in the public domain, see:; the password is: CAL084333GAUN370509files, a slight adaptation of the folder's name. The first two AVI files are simply copies of the original orb and airliner videos. The first MOV file is a seventeen second video showing what looks like the interior of a rather dishevelled workshop or factory. There are broken fuse boxes and a furnace. Rubbish is lying all over the floor. There are a few notices in English. You will recognize the red stepladder and office behind the windows from the stills. The second MOV is just four seconds long and appears to be filmed in some kind of underground tunnel or basement. There are metal beams on which a man can be seen perching. There is a noise and an object falls into some water which lies below the beams, as if the location is flooded. When this happens a voice exclaims: "Shit!" and another says: "Holy crap!" This video's frames do not correspond to any of the stills. Ashton said that the key part of the locked folder was the PDF, yet this is just an unclassified statistics document for the MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone, the aircraft believed to have filmed one of the original videos. The interesting page from the still is not there.
The last two days have been very exciting. Following Ashton Forbes has been a bit like reading a Dan Brown novel, but within a minute of cracking the password it became obvious that this whole business was almost certainly a scam. We should not have underestimated the effort to which trolls will go to orchestrate a superficially credible hoax. It has happened before, for example see: Why did they do it? I don't know if Ashton paid any money to anybody for this miasma; and we can't find out now because he has deleted all his streams on the subject; but if so it is a matter for the police. Fraud is the most common motive for hoaxing; however, a few scammers just do it for amusement. They target somebody they dislike with false intellectual bait in the hope that the target will rise to it in the way Ashton did. As I said in the background article above, Ashton is not to be blamed in any way; in my view this does not discredit him. He had the choice of publish or do not publish; simple as that. In his place I would probably have done the same. No doubt the tricksters are rolling on the floor with merriment. Although Ashton deleted the livestream, the key part was captured. We see his elation at breaking into the folder immediately turn to disappointment and embarrassment when he discovers the truth. To quote one of them: "Ashton might have deleted all of his calebdownload.rar streams, but fear not. We can still enjoy watching victory turn to defeat." I personally have no idea why this would give anybody any enjoyment. There are people in this world I hate, but in their case I hope I would never express my resentment in such a juvenile and cowardly way. Also, what cause do the people currently gloating have to despise Ashton this much? All he has done is disagree with them. Yes, he has done so sometimes in a very scathing and bad-tempered manner, but is this kind of backlash the just and mature response? I know from personal experience that internet trolls are willing to carry out the most bitter and protracted hate campaigns with literally no provocation at all, so maybe that's a pointless question. By contrast, Ashton has taken this on the chin. He has been calm, apologetic and dignified. He Tweeted: "We cracked the password... We're pretty certain this was illegitimate. If so it's sociopathic... Feel free to check the files for yourself to confirm this. Maybe we're missing something, but I doubt it. I apologize to anyone I mislead about the files and to the debunkers who said they were fake. We'll go back to regular investigation tomorrow. I'll also have to scrutinize for things like this much harder in the future. Ashton." It's a great shame that people are willing to trivialize and debase the UFO/paranormal/conspiratorial subject like this. As I said to Steve Mera above, there are so many real phenomena that are exciting and fascinating, why fake things? Isn't the reality enough? And, in this case, to fake things for no other purpose than childish vainglory. What's more, it's the desecration of a mystery that relates to the disappearance, and probably the deaths, of 239 people; people with families and friends who miss them and are suffering every day because they don't know what happened to them. If you haven't already, like the trolls, now would be a really good time for you to shut up and grow up!
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Wednesday 13 December 2023

Has MH370x Won?

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Since the initial revelations by Ashton Forbes that made me rethink MH370, there have been a series of major updates that have veered the subject from one side of the likelihood path to the other. Over the weekend a few posts appeared by people claiming to have debunked Ashton's discoveries. They recreated very similar images using their own special effects methods and also showed files that appear to be the original graphic templates of the mysterious footage. The best known of these are the Corridor Crew, a team who specialize in folk media analysis; also an independent researcher called Jonas De Ro. Source: and: Last month Andrew Johnson posted a very positive video when Ashton first went public; he then followed it up with another suggesting Ashton might be an agent... original I know. He has now immediately jumped on the "they're fake!" bandwagon. This is one of the hallmarks of a backslapper; as soon as it is even suggested something might be a hoax they instantly drop it like a hot potato and bolt. One thing a backslapper finds unbearable is the thought that they too have been taken in. Their vanity won't allow them to risk otherwise. They have to be the one who is always in the know about everything. Only "ordinary people" get duped by frauds; while the streetwise and superior backslapper loves to lord it over them. Source: Ashton has struck back against the attempt to discredit him, engaging in long debates on Twitter with Jonas De Ro, the Corridor Crew and their supporters. He has cancelled the "bounty" though, and I know that looks suspicious. He originally offered a hefty cash reward to anybody who could come up with the original video files of this supposed animation. This is a double-edged sword. It is a good way of adding credibility to your theory and weakening the skeptic position, in an inversion of James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge; but it can also generate an explosion of bogus applications. This happened a few decades ago when a newspaper offered £10,000 to anybody who could come up with a truly genuine photograph or video of Nessie. The result was that Loch Ness was inundated with people rushing there with lumps of clay and toy boats, hoping to produce a good enough fake to fool the experts, just so they could get their hands on the money.
The arguments continued, but then last night all hell broke loose. Ashton Forbes started an emergency livestream announcing that somebody had sent him a series of images that appear to be stills from videos and screenshots from a PDF article. This is an unnamed person Ashton has been in touch with for a while. The person, christened "the leaker", has not yet sent Ashton the original videos and PDF at the time of writing. Ashton is very excited and kept repeating: "If this is real then we've won!", meaning his debates with the skeptics. The first set of images show what looks like a window behind which is an office or briefing room with a whiteboard on the wall. There is a stepladder in the foreground indicating some construction work in progress. It is impossible to know where this office is but its architecture is similar to other structures at the Car Nicobar air base. This is an Indian military base in the Nicobar Islands, within the range of the drone Ashton believes made one of his original videos, to where he believes the Malaysian Airlines plane encountered the UAP's. There are people in the stills who have been crudely obliterated with red streaks, probably because they are identifiable and the leaker wants them to remain anonymous. The PDF appears to contain independent visuals of the airliner and UAP's. Source: Could all this be faked? Of course; what could not be faked these days? However, as Ashton points out, this would be an extremely elaborate hoax that would need a lot of effort, with a lot of very detailed anecdotal data, far more than would be necessary. Many viewers in the livechat warned Ashton that this might be a massive troll. He doubts that and so do I. All people in his position are faced with a dilemma and there are only two choices in the absence of complete certainty, publish or do not publish. If he publishes and it turns out to be faked evidence, he gets massive egg on his face and the trolls have a good laugh; but what if he declines to publish and the evidence is real? There is a huge risk that the government will track down the leaker and himself, and redeem the classified material before anybody has a chance to see it. If he has broadcast it to the world then so many people will have seen it and recorded it that covering up the leak will be impossible. Can he risk that? I think not. No matter what happens next, I think Ashton has done the right thing. Where this story progresses from here nobody knows. Ashton is going to appeal to the leaker to send him more evidence, at least enough to verify the material as genuine. I don't think it is a coincidence that this revelation has broken just as the NDAA 2024 Schumer Amendment was scuppered by congressional agents of the Truth Embargo. It has made almost inevitable what has been termed "catastrophic Disclosure", and this data drop could be a part of that, see (second half): I'll be sure to report any further updates on HPANWO Voice and elsewhere.
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Tuesday 12 December 2023

#RIPKerry - MSM Version

I swear one day I'm going to end up in (community guidelines) because Clown World will simply upset me so much that I'll lose my temper. Every time I think the legacy media cannot stoop any lower, they do. There must be some kind of race to the bottom in the offices of Fleet Street. Yesterday David Icke's daughter Kerry died. She was surrounded by her family as she left this world after a long illness and David posted a message on social media, as did Gareth. She was just forty-eight years old and has two teenage children. The response from genuine individuals was thousands of sympathy and condolence messages. How would the newspapers cover the subject in the morning? I hoped that for a single day, on this tragic occasion, they could just let it go; but they couldn't. I will not post any links and therefore give these scraps of used toilet paper that call themselves "newspapers" any more of the publicity they do not deserve. The headlines include phrases like "Infamous conspiracy theorist...", "Leicester-born conspiracy theorist...". There are also some articles that include a redux of their spiteful probes into David's private life from over thirty years ago. Will they ever get tired of it? Will they still be reprinting their drivel three hundred years from now? Why do people still buy these rags? I hope one day they will go out of business and their very names will be corny jokes. Their offices can be knocked down and we can plant forests where they used to stand. That's a future hope, but right now we can stop buying the papers, stop clicking on their ad-infested online editions. As David Cullen said: "just walk away", see: Focus on what decent, sincere people say and do. Today David went to a place on the Isle of Wight coast which Kerry really loved and she used to swim there. While he was there, a rainbow came out and it gave David comfort, see: As he says himself: "We know she is only a heartbeat away, a frequency vibration, and she will be around us still until we meet again in another realm beyond this madhouse reality."

Monday 11 December 2023

Super Pigs

North America is being invaded by "super pigs". I've never heard of this story from the Marvel universe!... Actually these super pigs are very real and they are well on their way to causing an ecological and agricultural disaster. Pigs are not native to the American continents and were introduced about five hundred years ago by European settlers, like many other species. The standard pig you find on farms, Sus domesticus, is not a problem. It's highly fertile, but lacks the mobility and hardiness of its wild cousins. The problem is that many North American farmers used also to breed the Eurasian wild boar, Sus scrofa. Some invariably escape or are released into the wild and they have been interbreeding with feral farm pigs to become a hybrid which has all the resilience of the latter with the fertility of the former. This porcine pandemic began in Canada, but is spreading south to the USA. Super pigs are very difficult control. Hunting them can only make the problem worse because it makes the animals more wary and poisons or traps threaten other species. The pigs are devouring crops like locusts. This makes them reminiscent of the "vegetarian zombies" mentioned in the Pentagon's "counter zombie dominance plan", see: Source: Was the plan's terminology literally code for super pigs? If so then was the problem predicted? How did they know in advance? It makes me wonder whether this was an intended hazard. I'm not suggesting the super pigs came out of the laboratories of Plum Island; such a high-tech origin is not necessary to explain their presence. However, it adds another pretext to the list being compiled by those who want to justify Agenda 2030. The pigs also spread diseases and can threaten commercial droves. Maybe at some point Bill Gates will come up with the "bright idea" of an engineered virus, targeted to a specific genotype, to "save us from the super pigs!" We must be on our guard against that kind of enticement.
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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Chimera- the Book

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I was keen to read the original 1982 novel of the TV series, also penned by Stephen Gallagher. Books are normally better than their adaptations, for example:, but not in this case. The plot varies significantly despite having the same author. A lot of the action from the TV series takes place as flashbacks and the narrative begins effectively about when episode two of the TV story does. The setting is Cumbria, not North Yorkshire; I don't know why that detail was changed. The biggest difference is that the novel is far less emotional; it lacks the human interest that the TV series does. Peter and Tracy are steady couple on TV, whereas in the book the two have only known each other for a short time and have gone on a couple of dates. As a result Tracy is an unseen character, as is Marie Forester who does not attend the Jenner Clinic and so does not die in the disaster. Dr Jenner himself is every bit as much the narcissist and megalomaniac well played by David Calder in the TV programme; an excellent antagonist. By contrast, Hennessey is a more light-hearted and almost farcical character in the book. He lacks the bureaucratic menace of Kenneth Cranham's portrayal. Dr Liawski is dead in the book. It was actually quite a good idea to resurrect him for the TV programme, so giving the classic actor Sebastian Shaw one last movie. Despite this, Liawski does appear at the start as a young man in a rather incongruous prologue scene. He then goes on to provide the information posthumously through his diaries which are found by Peter Carson. The role of Alison Wells is far more morally ambiguous in the book and she deceives Peter in a far worse manner. The ending is completely different and, although not happy exactly, it is far less apocalyptic. Chad is far more animalistic and his human side does not really come out at all. He manipulates and tricks the Gaskell children in a way that makes it difficult to sympathize with him. Still, the book is worth reading and comparing by fans of Gallagher's TV series.
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Monday 4 December 2023

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose

The release of a Hollywood movie about Gef the talking mongoose had just hit the news before I went to the Isle of Man for the first time. During this trip I visited the remains of the Irvings' home, see background links below, and so was eager to watch the film on my return. It is actually a crowdfunded project by a number of different studios and the director is called Adam Sigal; and he used to work as a private eye, of all things. The story centres on Nandor Fodor, a real paranormal investigator who visited the Irvings to investigate Gef. In the film he is portrayed as a grief-stricken alcoholic whose only comfort comes from his assistant Anne, played by Minnie Driver, and his friend, another real ghost hunter, Harry Price. Source: The film is so historically and factually inaccurate that it's hard to know where to start. It was not filmed on the Isle of Man, which should really annoy the Manx tourist board. The island itself is shown as being very close to the mainland and can be reached by a small boat, which is of course not true; it's in the middle of the Irish Sea and a good few hours voyage on a large ship. The Irvings have a farmhand named Errol who is played by a black actor when I doubt if any black people lived on the Isle of Man in the 1930's. This is typical unnecessary and obtrusive "diversity and inclusion" casting which will annoy anti-woke conservatives; but it will also irk left-wingers because Errol is a servant, a stereotypical black person's role. He speaks with a strong West Country accent while another supporting character, Maurice, has an Ulster accent. The accents are all over the place in this project. Harry Price is played by Christopher Lloyd who has a lot of experience with acting in ghost stories, but he is far too old to play Harry Price. What's more Price was English and yet Lloyd retains his American accent when he is perfectly capable of dropping it. Also, despite the film being set in London when not on the Isle of Man, the currency people use are called "dollars". Despite the presence of genuine photos of the Irvings and their house in the closing credits, the filmmakers are not interested in delivering any kind of true story. It is simply a comedy with a very loose connection to the real Gef enigma, deliberately so. It's not all bad though. There is a scene about Harry Houdini which includes something I thought was a totally fringe, that his wife did indeed receive the coded message via a medium that the couple agreed on before Harry's death, see here for details: Deep down, Fodor is suffering from losing his father and is desperately seeking evidence for anything supernatural because it might also support the existence of the afterlife. He refuses to believe without that, whereas at one point Errol says that it doesn't matter what is real so long as people believe in something that makes them happy. What doesn't make sense is that when Fodor receives what he is looking for, in the form of mongoose scratches on his wrist, he turns into a skeptic. This transformation is never explained. The film is mildly amusing, but it lacks a coherent plot and is not as close to the real history of the "eighth wonder of the world" as I had hoped.
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Friday 1 December 2023

Auto-Checkouts are Off

Three cheers for Booths! Actually I've never been in a Booths store; this supermarket chain is quite small, with only twenty-eight outlets in the North Country, but it has just done something really radical. It has taken away the automated checkouts in its shops and replaced them with good old fashioned human beings. As Charlie Chaplin once said: "a machine shouldn't speak for men!" Automatic checkouts are everywhere these days. There is a Marks and Spencer convenience grocer in London's Victoria Station that has nothing but; and only one of those auto-tills takes cash. London is particularly bad generally for this sort of thing. Here is the heroic Piers Corbyn telling one of these Davos ration distributors exactly what he thinks of them: I've used auto-checkouts a couple of times and I dislike them a lot. A robotic voice instructs you to scan the barcode of each of your items and then you put the money in a slot, or more usually tap your bank card. Often something goes wrong or the machine thinks you've put your carrier bag in the wrong place etc, so almost every minute or so somebody asks for help from an assistant. Also you can't buy alcohol or tobacco products unless an assistant confirms that you're old enough. Computers can't do that yet. Booths' managing director Nigel Murray, said: "Our customers have told us that the self-scan machines can be slow and unreliable. They're obviously impersonal (my emphasis)... We believe colleagues serving customers delivers a better customer experience and therefore we have taken the decision to remove self-checkouts in the majority of our stores. We are a business that prides ourselves on the high standards and high levels of warm, personal care (my emphasis)". Source: Based Booths! This is just one small step in the right direction, but at least it is in the right direction. Just for once, the warm and personal has triumphed over the callous and efficient. Hopefully more shops will follow suit. There is a petition with over 250,000 signatures asking Tesco to ditch its auto-tills. I am impressed how in the grocer I use the most, The Cooperative in Oxford, the queues for the human tills are getting longer and the mechanical ones are less popular. I don't mind waiting; it's a sign of healthy change.
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