Sunday 31 December 2023

Will we Find MH370 in 2024?

During the last few days I have seen a series of newspapers with very impudent headlines like MH370 Could be Found in Days! This is an outrageous claim considering the plane vanished almost ten years ago. Where does this new found confidence come from? It is based on the report by a pair of aviation experts called Jean-Luc Marchand and Patrick Blelly. They have appealed for a new search in a different area and said that the original search area in the Indian Ocean was in the wrong place. They believe the aircraft is on the seabed hundreds of miles from the edge of the original search zone. The plane was hijacked shortly after its final radio call and flown to the location. The hijacker must have been a skilled pilot who ditched the aircraft in a controlled manner to allow it to sink slowly and minimize debris. The passengers and crew were killed by asphyxiation when the plane was deliberately depressurized at high altitude. Source: There has been a lot of new interest in the missing Malaysian Boeing 777 in the last few months, probably because of the new documentary about the mystery that has been very popular, see: Along with Marchand and Blelly, other researchers have been trying to retrieve clues from the fisherman I mention in the background links below, along with the WSPR data and even chemicals in the shellfish found clinging to the Réunion flaperon. Is this all just a desperate attempt at distraction? It is obvious there is far more involved with this tragic event and that governments know more than they are saying. Is it because of some kind of intervention by extraterrestrials or the Deep State using secret technology? This is Ashton Forbes' contention. Ashton has added his own response to these news stories, see: We will hopefully find out more soon. Time will tell whether the new clues will be followed up; and if they are, will they yield results? There are hundreds of people whose friends and family were on that flight who badly want answers.
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