Friday 22 December 2023

Trump Banned in Colorado

I have deliberately not been covering this subject lately and decided to wait until next year, but something major has come up that will probably effect what happens in 2024. President Donald Trump is facing what may be the most serious challenge in his re-election campaign. This is on top of his arrest and prosecution which I covered previously, see the background link below. The Supreme Court of Colorado has banned Trump from standing as president in their state using section 2 of the 14th Amendment for the first time in history. This is because the President allegedly committed insurrection. This is doubly wrong. Firstly, the President spoke at the rally a long way away from the Capitol building; secondly, inviting in people wearing costumes and giving them a guided tour cannot be defined as an insurrection. Also Trump has never been charged or prosecuted for such an offence. Despite this, the justices voted four to three in favour of the motion. Obviously the Trump campaign will make the usual appeals. I don't understand American law and politics well enough to know how serious this is, but a good source of information on that kind of subject is Styxhexenhammer666 and he sounds positive, see: Even some of Trump's rivals are outraged by this action and one of them has made a sterling protest: The law they dug up is apparently an archaic statute passed in the mid-19th century to deal with the aftermath of the American Civil War. This is similar to the legal archaeology we saw with the case of Helen Duncan, see: Luckily the case will be reviewed automatically by the US Supreme Court which is still presided over by mostly Trump appointees. This development reveals how incredibly desperate the establishment is to prevent Donald Trump returning to the White House. We will see more of all this and worse next year.
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