Sunday 30 December 2018

Blue Light above New York

Something very strange happened on Thursday night in New York City, USA. At 9 PM the sky above the city began to fluoresce with a bright blue light. There is a vast amount of amateur footage of the incident. Several people wondered if this was an alien invasion. Also, predictably because this is the United States, some wondered if it was the Rapture and God was about to ascend them into Heaven. According to the media the blue glow was caused by an explosion at an electrical power plant in the Queens borough of the city. An accident with a transformer caused it to catch fire and release bright blue electrical arcs, which were reflected by the low clouds that covered the sky at that time. Nobody was hurt in the fire, but the entire plant had to shut down leaving thousands of people without electricity for the Christmas holiday. LaGuardia Airport nearby had to switch to emergency power and numerous flights were cancelled or diverted. This has caused Gatwick-scale chaos during the post-Christmas pre-New Year weekend. Source:

There have been a few videos circulating claiming that the cause of the blue light about New York City was in fact a UFO and that the power station accident was faked, or possibly staged as a cover-up. Here's an example: However, based on the huge number of other videos from the thousands of witnesses on the ground, I'm certain that these UFO images are manipulated. I see no reason at the moment to disbelieve the official story. The power station affected was the Astoria plant which in run by the company Consolidated Edison Inc. Its website is partly down at the moment, see:; but this does not mean it's because it is hiding anything. Interestingly the Tweet from the New York Police Department on the subject included the reassurance: "no evidence of extraterrestrial activity". This is significant, not because there really was extraterrestrial activity, but because the notion is now so accepted in the forefront of people's minds that the authorities feel compelled to mention it; in the face of ridicule from other authorities no doubt. Secure Team 10 has covered this, see: I suspect the difference in the night sky effect caused by the other electrical explosions Tyler shows could be because of the amount of cloud cover. Despite all this, strange lights do sometimes appear in the sky when there is no obvious explanation for it. This happened recently in Oxfordshire near where I live. I didn't witness the incident, but I know many people who did, see: I don't know what causes incidents like this. It could be something to do with UFO's, or maybe HAARP and chemtrails. It might also be some effect of cosmic radiation or the earth's magnetic field.

Saturday 29 December 2018

Ayn Rand denounced It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life is a 1946 Christmas film that was a box office flop when it was first released, but whose popularity has slowly grown since then until it has become one of the most popular festive films of all time. It is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The setting is the fictional town of Bedford Falls in New York USA and the central character is one of its residents, a man called George Bailey, played by James Stewart. The plot follows his life from childhood to when he reaches maturity, in the contemporary late 1940's. By then he is married to the woman he loves and has four children. Despite this, he feels very dissatisfied with his life and bitterly regrets opportunities lost in the past, to travel the world and become wealthy. When a professional crisis strikes he decides to commit suicide, but the film ends happily of course. It is a very absorbing film and I find it very uplifting, as do many other people. It also includes the fascinating concept of parallel universes and alternate realities. This is the earliest story of that kind that I'm aware of. It predates by many decades other works with that conception such as Never Let Me Go, see:, and my own books, the Roswell Trilogy, see: Therefore I was shocked to discover that It's a Wonderful Life had been accused of spreading communist propaganda during the Red Scare. What's more, the person who is believed to have denounced the film was none other than Ayn Rand. During the 1940's and 50's the United States of America was struck down by an hysterical fear of "communists!". That word had a very different colloquial use to that of today. It didn't necessarily mean an orthodox Marxist; it could be applied to anybody who was not a table-thumping redneck. With retrospect, it turns out that there was some justification for that fear. The Venona project was a counterintelligence operation by the Signal Intelligence Service, later the NSA, that exposed the Cambridge spies; Blunt, Burgess, MacLean and Philby along with the espionage ring within the Manhattan project to develop the nuclear bomb. Yet that was just the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of Venona intercepts were never deciphered. The agents who sent and received them were never caught. Some may still be alive today and walking free. Even the man whose very name was coined for institutional paranoid suspicion, Senator Joseph McCarthy, has been absolved somewhat, see: Yet none of these facts legitimize the depths and extremes of the "anti-communist" obsession of that era. It was even suggested that Superman's red cape was actually a red flag in disguise. A number of films emerged at the time which capture that terrified mania. They are almost funny when viewed through modern eyes, for instance:, and:, and: The only excuse I can think of was that this was the early Cold War and the threat of nuclear holocaust had just emerged; something so horrific that it caused mass insanity among the population in a way that those born under the shadow of the bomb could never comprehend. A number of cinema actors, writers and directors were subpoenaed by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Most refused to testify and were found in contempt. The "Hollywood Ten" as they were called were blacklisted from America's famous movie industry. These included some household names such as Arthur Miller, Humphrey Bogart and Lionel Stander. This film is a good history of the subject:
I have taken an interest in Ayn Rand during the last few years, see background links below. According to her biographer Barbara Branden, Rand agreed to assist the HUAC because she was concerned about the threat from "communists!", but she was pro-free speech and so opposed the blacklist. As part of her testimony she attacked the film It's a Wonderful Life. Her suspicions were first raised because of two of its screenwriters, Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Neither were politically active "communists!", but they were acquainted with people who were "communists!". Even though that statement could apply to a good proportion of the American population, it didn't put Rand off. She claims that the principle antagonist in It's a Wonderful Life Henry Potter, played by Lionel Barrymore, was an obvious caricature of a greedy capitalist. Potter is indeed an off-the-shelf portrayal of a selfish and avaricious man. He is also a thief who does not return some money he finds that was lost by George Bailey's uncle; which causes the crisis that leads to George's attempted suicide. However, George's resistance to Potter's reign of terror is not one of organized socialism. In fact he runs a credit union that encourages people to become homeowners. He creates an entire housing estate of self-built leasehold properties for the people of Bedford Falls. This is not a story of the left triumphing over capitalism, but rather individual or small-scale capitalism triumphing over corporate feudalism. The film stresses the importance of family values, patriotism and community tradition; ones considered the core of mid-twentieth century American identity. It also has a distinct spiritual theme. The message of the movie is that people suffering from low self-esteem should think twice. You might be more valuable than you believe you are. Source: Frank Capra was never accused of "communism!" and was not even a liberal. He co-wrote the screenplay as well as directing the film and he said himself about his masterpiece that he wanted "to strengthen the individual's belief in himself and... combat the modern trend toward atheism." That could be Lenin talking I'm sure you'll agree!... In his quest, Capra agreed to collaborate with Goodrich and Hackett, and indeed Goodrich and Hackett agreed to collaborate with him. They did so very successfully. That doesn't sound like a conspiracy of reds-under-the-bed to me. It's a Wonderful Life has been harshly criticized by leftwing pundits for its religious themes and Christmas culture as well as its promotion of private property and individualism. It is generally regarded as a very conservative movie. A dislike of inequity and structural violence is not exclusive to the left. This article by Theodore Dalrymple makes that very clear. It is an analysis of the Russian author Ivan Turgenev's story Mumu, see: I think this strange negative fixation on It's a Wonderful Life supports what I've said about Ayn Rand in the background links below. She was highly intelligent and capable of fascinating insights, but she also sometimes suffered from very warped perceptions. Maybe this was a result of her self-imposed isolation. Her social life revolved entirely around her family and close-knit circle of ideological supporters. She refused to appear on television and radio interviews with any of her opponents and could dissolve into a fit of rage when she encountered anybody who disagreed with her. Her behaviour is reminiscent of the modern SJW. She spent her whole adult life living within her own safe space. She once even castigated Barbara Branden for admiring the view outside her home. I think in some ways Ayn Rand was an emotionally immature person. It's odd that the same individual was also capable of producing truly great pieces of literature, with skilful style, gripping plots and astonishingly thought provoking concepts.

Thursday 27 December 2018

Japan Resumes Whaling

The killing of whales for product consumption was banned across the globe in 1986 because so many whales were being slaughtered that they risked extinction. This is a subject I have been examining in detail because the subject of whaling comes up in my new novel Roswell Redeemed- Humanity After Disclosure, see: Ever since the moratorium by the International Whaling Commission, several countries have expressed a discontent with the total ban. The most vociferous of these has been Japan. Ever since 1986 it has continued to kill a certain number of whales for what it called "scientific research" although it then goes on to sell the meat on the market, a traditional Japanese delicacy. On Boxing Day Yoshihide Suga, a spokesman for its whaling industry, announced that Japan will resume commercial whaling in July 2019 within its own territorial waters. It believes that the numbers of some whale species have recovered enough to justify "a sustainable harvesting" of them. Japan also claims the "aboriginal subsistence" exemption to the IWC ban; this means that whaling is such a vital part of its indigenous history and culture that it would be an attack on its heritage to stop it. The thing is, every nation could say the same thing because whaling has been carried out since prehistoric times. I joked on Twitter that we could at least prevent other countries from following Japan into defying the moratorium on the grounds of cultural appropriation. Source:

The truth is, there is no justification for whaling. By the way, "whale hunting" is a misnomer in the modern world. The battles between men in small boats versus whales that could bite their legs off, as described in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, are long gone. Today there is no hunt. The whaling crews operate with the same impunity as abattoir staff. Whales are shot from point-blank range with explosive harpoons by ships that can sail faster than any of them can swim. They bleed to death and are dragged into the bowels of huge factory ships that process the carcass at sea. The products that the whale provided in the 19th century were primarily oil and bone. These are now obsolete since the use of petroleum and plastics took over the world. The economic impact of ceasing commercial whaling can be alleviated with subsidies for the conversion of vessels and the retraining of their crews. The majority of whale meat consumed in Japan was during World War II when the island nation was under siege. Whaling was the only way to prevent the people staving. When the whaling industry began, almost nothing was known about whales. They were regarded as little more than giant air-breathing fish. Since then we have found out that whales are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. They live in tightly bonded family and community groups that resemble human societies. This alone makes it highly unethical to harm them. The claims by people like Stefan Molyneux, that they are just like "swimming doggies", is completely false, see: Perhaps the positive vibes that the whales bring into the world is why the Elite want them dead. Also scientists now know that whales play a vital role in marine ecology and the maintenance of a stable food chain. Take them away and life as we know it in the oceans would collapse; this would result in the same happening to life on land, including humans. As Heathcote Williams poignantly points out is his classic poem Whale Nation, in ancient Greece killing a whale or dolphin carried the death penalty; perhaps it still does for us all. The poem has been dramatized into a TV programme and I recommend watching it, although you'll probably only be able to do so once, as I can: I find the idea of killing whales utterly obscene. It is unjustifiable under any circumstances. Excuse the spoiler, but in Roswell Redeemed, a worldwide ban on whaling is imposed and the navy ends up taking action against whaling ships that breach the ban. I wish that would happen in real life.

Tuesday 25 December 2018

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 333

I have been featured on Programme 333 of the Mind Set Podcast.
A Mind Set Podcast Christmas Special! Subjects discussed include: Gatwick Airport Christmas closure, Loch Ness Monster spotted again, Philip K Dick identifies the matrix and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Sunday 23 December 2018

Unite Planet Christmas Show 2018

Unite Planet have produced a special programme for Christmas this year, see:
It features Andrew Johnson, Michael Feeley and several others, including myself briefly. Merry Christmas to Jonny, Paul and everybody else who is a friend of Unite Planet and watches the shows.
See here for my previous appearance on Unite Planet:

Friday 21 December 2018

The Apollo Detectives

A film edited by Neil Geddes Ward. Neil and his fellow presenter Andrew Chaplin host a conversation between Marcus Allen, Scott Henderson and myself. We discuss the Apollo moon landings. Have NASA told us the truth about man's first steps on the moon?
See here for Marcus' website: See here for details of Scott's work:
I have been featured on Neil's channel before, see:

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Denver Airport Conspiracy Ads

Denver International Airport has decided to poke fun at its own notoriety in its new advertising campaign. The third largest airport in the world sits northeast of the city of Denver in Colorado USA.  It was opened in 1995 and as soon as people could visit it, worrying information began circulating on the nascent internet about it. There is occult and Masonic symbolism in its architecture, bizarre and alarming works of art displayed on its walls, and witness testimony from people who claimed to have been inside a secret basement complex below the airport where aliens, reptilians and other esoterica can be found, see background links for more information. The airport also has a reputation for misfortune. An artist working on "Blucifer", the sculpture of a demonic horse, died when part of the statue fell on top of him and crushed him. Several aircraft have caught fire while parked at the terminals and in February 2007 fourteen separate airliners had to be taken in for repairs when their cockpit windows shattered from an unknown cause. The airport's management have always denied that there is anything sinister about their facility. However they have now decided to exploit their conspiratorial renown for their own publicity. They have set up the URL "" which directs you to their official website, see: They have produced a number of posters, like the one above. These give a 3D effect with coloured glasses. Here are some more examples: Some conspiratologists are appalled by all this; they believe that this marketing project is an attempt at disinformation. Alternatively it might be a strange kind of confession using reverse psychology. I consider it something completely innocent. The management team have probably done this for their own amusement after laughing privately every day at correspondence from tin foil hat-wearing loonies like me (I personally only sent them one email). However, the subjects they parody in these adverts are actually very real and very serious. It is likely that there is little or no geographical and institutional connection between the public areas of the airport and its covert underbelly; therefore the designers of the ads are likely to be unaware of what's really going on outside the open media hype. Maybe we should see this as something positive. It may be the effect of a rising level of awareness about secret underground government bases in the general public consciousness. If not then it may cause people who see the ads to investigate further and discover what's really going on.

Friday 14 December 2018

UFO Landing in Beadle's About

Beadle's About was a highly controversial reality TV comedy from the 1980's and 90's. It led to its eponymous presenter, Jeremy Beadle, being branded a public enemy. The format of the programme was that an unsuspecting member of the public would be subjected to a practical joke while being filmed secretly with hidden cameras. Sometimes actors would be brought in to assist the mechanism of the prank. A typical example would be: a plumber with a nice new van would see his beloved vehicle destroyed by it trundling off a cliff or being stolen and crushed by rogue scrap metal merchants. Unknown to him, the vehicle was an identical replacement that had been switched for his own. The studio audience could be heard laughing hysterically in the background at the reaction of the participant, or should I say victim. Despite the fact that all the programmes broadcast were done so with retrospective permission from the butt of the joke, Beadle has been accused of sadism. See:

The most ambitious trick in Beadle's About came during its last season of 1996; and it is also the most significant from a HPANWO-esque standpoint. Interestingly I never watched this at the time and I only heard about it after I was contacted last week independently by two different people. The scene had a budget of £50,000 and needed to cooperation of the police, armed forces and emergency services. A policeman who knew the subject personally was recruited to assist in the stunt. Janet Elford is a farmer's wife who lives in a small village in Dorset. She arrived home one evening to find the local bobby she knew waiting for her at the entrance to a cordon. A large area, including her home, had been sealed off and was occupied by men wearing uniforms and NBC suits. The policeman reassured Mrs Elford that her family were safe, but a strange object from space had crashed in her garden. A huge crater was sunk into the ground and a strange irregularly shaped object lay at the bottom of it with smoke coming off it. A group of actors pretending to be government scientists then ask Mrs Elford questions about "meteorite activity" in the local area and one of them asks if she has any musical abilities and she replies in the affirmative. They then persuade her to sing to the crashed object. There is a small explosion on the UFO and then a grey alien rises out of the top of it to Mrs Elford's alarm. The alien is a rather crude dummy and the audience roar with laughter at the sight of it; but Mrs Elford, in her shocked state of mind, does not notice how unrealistic the prop is. She asks in a tremulous voice: "What do you want?... What do you want from us?" The alien makes an unintelligible noise as a reply. The alien model then descends back into the UFO and Mrs Elford says: "Where are you going? Please come back." When she asks: "Do you want a cup of tea?" it reappears. She asks the alien if it's hungry and whether it can nod its head. Beadle then enters the scene dressed as an alien and, in his trademark fashion, produces a portable microphone, letting the subject know that they have been had. Mrs Elford then recognizes him and dissolves into embarrassed merriment. See: Nobody has ever reacted angrily at these moments and also nobody has ever guessed that they are on Beadle's About before the reveal. I have no doubt that this stunt was produced from top to bottom for entertainment purposes only. The team behind it, such as the producer Clive Doig, have a curriculum vitae than runs through the more innocent end of the media. Despite this, it is possible that other parties might have watched the skit carefully for other purposes than a primetime giggle. As I have discussed regularly on HPANWO there are elements in authority who know very well that real aliens exist and that sometimes their craft do land or crash on earth, see background links below. There have been many real events just like the comedy charade designed for Beadle's About; the most famous is the Roswell Incident of New Mexico USA in July 1947. The way the public react to them has been a source of major psychological study. I suspect that the 1938 radio docudrama War of the Worlds might have been used in this way, see: It is perfectly possible that this episode of Beadle's About has been studied by covert government psychologists. They want to know how ordinary people would react in a real situation like this. Sometimes they do more than just wait for useful opportunities; they create them, especially when it comes to young children, see: Are they preparing the ground for real Disclosure? I'm very internally divided about that. Maybe they are trying to design methods of keeping the lid down on an accidental release of information that they do not want declassified. Either way, it is clear that even the most harmless frolics of light entertainment can be co-opted for a sinister purpose.

Wednesday 12 December 2018

UFO over Hull

There has been another significant UFO sighting in the northeast coastal area of Great Britain, see background links below for the previous case. A strange object was seen by several people in Hull on Monday; it was widely discussed on Facebook. It was described as being like an aeroplane, having a short body with no wings or tail. Sounds like a cigar-shaped object. In one instance, it hovered silently in the air somewhere above the vicinity of Preston Road. It flew away too quickly for the witness to video record it. There were other reports the same day and the authorities appear to have taken them very seriously. The Royal Air Force scrambled two Typhoon fighter jets from RAF Lossiemouth in the northeast of Scotland. These aircraft were armed with a new kind of air-to-air missile called Meteor. Source:, and: The Ministry of Defence is not saying anything about what kind of "unidentified aircraft" this quick reaction alert was all about. There have been several incidents in the last few months where Russian aircraft have flown close to British airspace and this could be another of those. However, in the other cases this information was released publicly; this time it has not. I suspect there may be a connection to the UFO seen over Hull. Something similar happened two and a half years ago and the government made up an excuse to hide the real reason for the operation, see the background links below. Aerial interceptions of UFO's are quite a regular occurrence and a large proportion of government files on UFO's concerns these incidents. They date back to 1932 when the Swedish Army Air Corps took off to investigate sightings of "ghost rockets" flying over Scandinavia. A pilot was once killed when his plane crashed during an interception of a UFO in January 1948. The official report said Capt. Thomas Mantell had fallen unconscious from altitude sickness while chasing a balloon. The skeptics love their balloons! This sounds rather like the lost airliner cover story from the 2016 Yorkshire case.

Monday 10 December 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on KCOR's Exploring the Bizarre 5

I have been interviewed again on the Exploring the Bizarre show on the KCOR Digital Radio Network with Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz. See:
Also see here for an illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
My fellow guest is Michael Schratt. We discuss the secret space programme, cattle mutilations, Bigfoot inside UFO's and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Exploring the Bizarre:

Sunday 9 December 2018

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 331

I have been featured on Programme 331 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: the film Bob Lazar- Area 51 and Flying Saucers, smart-phone spying, riots in Paris and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Saturday 8 December 2018

What's Wrong with UKIP?

A few days ago Nigel Farage announced on his LBC radio show that he was resigning from the United Kingdom Independence Party, see: Despite being off the executive table, Farage has remained a highly influential character within the party because he was its most significant and long-lasting leader who took them right up to the 2016 EU membership referendum. His resignation has caused what Australians would call "a major drama!". He announced on his show that he was quitting because of a clash with UKIP's current leader, Gerard Batten, over Batten's appointment of the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson as an official adviser on the child grooming scandal. UKIP has been through a radicalization process in the last few months. There was a brief internet vogue among the anti-SJW YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson for joining up. Farage has objected to the shift and wanted the party to remain on the centre right. Batten has defended his decision to work with Tommy Robinson, see:

What's interesting about the above interview is that the subject of Brexit does not come up until almost two thirds of the segment is over. In fact Gerard Batten asks if he can talk about Brexit earlier in the discussion and the reporter refuses. By the time the subject is finally raised, the attention span of the viewer will be safely weakened. What Batten says then is absolutely correct and it matches closely what I have been saying since 2016, see background links below. Ever since the Leave vote won, the government has been desperately looking for a way to escape honouring the result while hiding the fact that they are actively doing so. It is now very obvious that the Brexit process was deliberately set up to fail. Scaremongering news stories and spanners in the works have both contributed to Britain's weary trudge towards independence grinding to a halt. Theresa May's deal is a terrible proposal and it is meant to be. It has accurately been called "Brexit in name only" and displays a suicidal attitude to the nation's wellbeing. It scraped through the cabinet and European Commission summit, but will probably be rejected by the Westminster Parliament. If and when that happens then Brexit goes back right to square one. Either possibility looks equally bad. The government have just been forced by the high court to publish the attorney general's legal options and these include cancelling Article 50 altogether and keeping Britain in the European Union. This would be after the long-predicted second referendum; that is now looking increasingly likely. The energy of the public is waning and in such an eventuality the Remain vote would definitely win. The government would also be careful not to repeat the mistakes of 2016 and would work harder to rig the polls. That is the staged dilemma the government have given us and who is there to stand up to them? What has Nigel Farage been doing about this? Well, he has actually been supporting the idea of a second referendum, see: And at present he is goading UKIP members to fixate obsessively on a matter of internal policy; while all this time the very moment UKIP was created for is underway. Farage should be actively exposing the government as they run through the ins and outs of Brexit in the House of Commons. There is now no doubt that Nigel Farage is either a madman or a government stooge, probably the latter. Caroline Stephens is an ex-member of UKIP and has been working independently to blow apart the wall of lies behind which the British people are being betrayed; see: and: Nobody knows for sure what will happen next; however, it is clear that what conspiratorially-aware analysts predicted is definitely the road we're on. The government are on track to sabotage Brexit and nobody in mainstream politics is there to stop them. Anybody who thought UKIP were the people to do that will be very disappointed. I'll do another update when there is more news.

Friday 7 December 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 41

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: the new film about Bob Lazar, the secret base Pine Gap, David Icke on tour and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Bob Lazar- Area 51 and Flying Saucers

Apart from Capel Green, probably the most anticipated UFO documentary of our current time is Bob Lazar- Area 51 and Flying Saucers, directed by Jeremy Corbell and produced by George Knapp and Jim Martin, see: The launch of the film was very dramatic. It premiered on the 3rd of December 2018 at the famous Ace Hotel UA Theatre in Los Angeles USA, built by Charlie Chaplin. My friend and Mind Set Podcast host Gareth Davies went to watch it; see here for his report (coming soon). The film was released onto ITunes, Vimeo and numerous other platforms the moment the premier had finished. Unfortunately that means the middle of the night for me, but I watched it as soon as I got home from work today. Documentaries have become more artistic and elaborate over the history of cinema and this one certainly worked hard on being visually stunning, with good graphics and camerawork. There was a lot of suspense too. The story didn't detail the background of Robert S Lazar and it was assumed that the viewers were familiar with this, one of the most famous cases in conspiratorial UFOlogy. In the background links I provide my own assessment. The film includes a recording the first ever interview with Lazar in May of 1989 on local television in Las Vegas; his face blacked out to protect his identity. After telling his initial tale, Lazar went quiet for many years, only resurfacing briefly in 2014 for the twenty-fifth anniversary of his revelations, see: He is a very shy and secluded man which makes Corbell's documentary an exclusive. The narrative focuses more on Lazar's personal life than the technical side of his publications; the latter has already been meticulously related and can be found everywhere you care to look. It shows Bob at home and at work in the laboratory of his scientific company. Bob loves science and engineering. In almost every scene he is wearing a science themed T-shirt. Every since he was a child he has been building machinery such as a jet-propelled bicycle. At the time he went to work at Area 51 he had already put together a particle accelerator in his bedroom. To use American slang, he was the ultimate "geek". There are candid interviews with Bob's mother, his wife of eighteen years, Joy; and one of his employees. It seems, as they say in the film, the better people know Bob the more likely they are to believe him.

There are many other reasons to believe Bob Lazar too. He talked about several items of technology that were originally secret but have since been declassified, such as an electronic security lock that scans a person's hand. He has also passed four separate polygraph tests. He eagerly wanted to do another for Corbell, but in the end the director decided against it; however he showed no reluctance. There's a parallel here with the Larry Warren situation. Bob Lazar has been controversial within the UFO community and many individuals within it have denounced him as a fantasist. The most notable of these detractors is Stanton T Friedman, somebody everybody in the community respects. Friedman's sceptical attitude comes from research he did into Lazar's educational record. However Bob Lazar insists that he studied for qualifications and those records were deleted. Seeing that it is now proven that he did work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory that makes sense. It is not an institution that recruits school-leavers. He must have gone to university somewhere. Corbell also found somebody who knew Lazar in his youth who used to give him lifts to his classes at the California Institute of Technology, a very high-level training institution. Richard D Hall, who is an electrical engineer, has stated publicly that Bob Lazar talks like somebody who has been scientifically trained, see: In fact Richard has coined Bob Lazar's name as an adjective for anything he considers bizarre and out-of-this-world. It also turns out that the US Department of Energy really does have a facility with the name "S4", however they won't say what it is. The most interesting vindication comes from Lazar's discussion of "Element 115", what he called "Ununumpentium". Many years later in 2003 a new element was discovered at a laboratory in Dubna, Russia which was listed on the periodic table as number 115. It was named "Moscovium (Mc)" after Russia's capital city. However the scientists that discovered it describe it as having very different properties to those related by Lazar. It is highly radioactive and unstable. The longest half-life they can get from it in 0.8 seconds. Lazar describes 115 as metallic and used as a source for gravity waves by the extraterrestrial builders of the "sport model" flying saucer. However, there is already work being done to stabilize Moscovium; and if we can do that ourselves, why shouldn't the aliens have cracked it? Interestingly Lazar claims he was consulted by these Russian scientists for advice! After the initial threats to his life and that of his family, government attention towards Bob Lazar continued at a lower key, but still persistent level. An incident happens even during the production of the film. I really enjoyed Bob Lazar- Area 51 and Flying Saucers. It leaves no doubt at all that Bob Lazar's story is very credible indeed. As Jeremy Corbell says, the detractor faction has had the spotlight for too long; this film is where Bob Lazar and his supporters take the microphone off them.
I go into more details in this HPANWO TV livestream:

Monday 3 December 2018

60% of Britons believe in Conspiracy Theories

It seems that I am a small vocal tip of a huge silent iceberg. A recent study carried out by Cambridge University, described as the most comprehensive examination of conspiracy theories ever conducted, has made a remarkable discovery. Belief in conspiracy theory affects a large proportion of the population and in many countries that proportion is a majority; including my own, the UK. In Britain sixty percent of people believe in at least one conspiracy theory. The most prevalent individual conspiracy theory is that the government is downplaying the number of immigrants living in the country; a full forty-seven percent of Britons believe that. I was pleased to see that the second most popular was that of what could be described as the Deep State. Forty-four percent of Brits answered "agree" to the statement: "Even though we live in what's called a democracy, a few people will always run things in this country anyway." Actually, that's quite noncommittal language; and lot of these axioms vary in responses depending on how they are worded. For example on the subject of 9/11 conspiracies, if you say: "Did the American government stand back and allow Osama bin Laden to carry out the 9/11 attacks?" you will receive a much higher yes-score than if you say: "Did the American government carry out the 9/11 attacks and bin Laden had nothing to do with it?" Nevertheless I feel encouraged. Also seventy-six percent, over three quarters, said that they badly distrusted senior politicians. Other countries delivered different results. Sweden seems to be the most conspiratorially unaware with a score of fifty-two percent; yet in Hungary it was eighty-seven percent. What is most noteworthy about this research is that is has revealed differences along voting lines. All statistics of conspiratorial belief in the USA and UK were considerably higher among Trump supporters and Brexiteers. Those who voted Remain or for Hillary Clinton are significantly more skeptical. The researchers claim that there are many political similarities between Trump-voters and Leave-voters and they've coined the very droll term: "transatlantic conspiratorial axis". Other very widespread conspiracy theories are that immigration into the United Kingdom has the covert intention of making the country predominantly Muslim, climate change is false and was made up to deceive the people, the medical authorities are lying about the harmful side effects of vaccinations and that there is an international plot to rule the world secretly, regardless who is in control of individual countries. Source:

I was disappointed by some of the revelations in the study. Some conspiracy theories that I think are very real and vitally important are less widely accepted than the main ones. Only eight percent believe that human contact with aliens has been hushed up, see: For the HIV virus being manmade, that is a mere four percent, see: No doubt researchers such as Rob Brotherton and Prof. Karen Douglas will be interested in these findings, see background links below. So if the majority of people believe in conspiracy theories, why do I feel so unusual and isolated? Why do other people, even close family members, regard me as so eccentric and off the wall? Perhaps the difference with me is that I believe in multiple conspiracy theories and that I also am more outspoken about them. It's possible that many of the subjects of this research project never let their ideas leave their heads before the day took part. The challenge for the Truth movement therefore may be less the sharing of information and more encouraging the general public to act on the information they already know.

Sunday 2 December 2018

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 330

I have been featured on Programme 330 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: the upcoming film Bob Lazar- Area 51 and Flying Saucers, Robert Anton Wilson meets Dr Jordan Peterson, George HW Bush dies and much much more.
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