Friday 12 January 2018

Farage Loses his Mind

I know that is a very dramatic title by my standards, but I think in this case it is justified. Nigel Farage has just made the last statement on earth that I ever thought he would. He was interviewed on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff yesterday in which he said he was beginning to think that we should have a second referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. His reasoning is that it would be the only way to silence the anti-Brexit agitators once and for all. He feels confident that even more people would vote Leave the second time round than did in the first vote. How can any sane person make such a reckless suggestion; let alone the figurehead and godfather of the British independence movement? What on earth can he be thinking? Is this the same man who said the morning of June 24th 2016 "Today the sun has risen on an independent Britain."? You can see the astonishment and incredulity in the manner of the presenter. Source: A second referendum is exactly what all the hard-line remoaner traitors have been calling for since June 2016; the David Lammies and Caroline Lucases of this world. Farage eloquently and successfully repelled them at every turn; is he now saying he's going to give them what they want? No, Nigel! You have to keep on resisting them! A second referendum would jeopardize the entire Brexit process, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which the people gained a crucial advantage against the entire New World Order establishment. Since 2016 those forces have regrouped and are counter-striking. They will be a far greater threat during any potential second referendum than they were during the first. The methods they used to bully the electorate through propaganda will be far more effective. The inevitable poll-rigging will be far more widespread. Far from being a guaranteed second goal for Brexit; there is much greater risk that the decision would fall back to Remain. The good news is that Theresa May has responded to Farage with a clear and resounding "no!", but I don't trust her to stick by her word; and any ground given to the remoaners is too much ground by far. It is incredibly irresponsible to pander to their whims even in a casual remark on a television show. He really should know better. You can bet they will milk Nigel's blunder for every drop they can get, see: Farage has issued another article qualifying his position, see:, however his original statement, "I'm reaching the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on EU membership" is unfortunately unequivocal.

A second reason Nigel is wrong is that even if the second referendum resulted in another Leave victory it simply wouldn't work. It would not make the remoaners shut up and get on with it. They would simply come up with another excuse about how the second referendum was not valid either and demand a third referendum. As an EU official said many years ago about Denmark's rejection of the Maastricht Treaty: "Member states will simply have to keep on having referendums until we get the result we want." As I explain in the background links, when Ireland rejected the EU Constitution in a referendum they were told they had to have another referendum on something called the "Lisbon Treaty" which was, word for word, the same thing under another name. There is no way Nigel Farage can possibly be so naive as not to realize that this is the very same trap being laid out for Britain... Why in God's name did you suggest it, Nigel!? A second Brexit referendum would also delegitimize the first one; and indeed all ones. All the historical and legal punch the referendum has earned would be weakened. It would be essentially stating that even a properly formatted referendum, instituted by Parliament, can be regarded as null and void in retrospect even if there is nothing in its rules that says so. It's as absurd as a football match being replayed because the winning team won three-nil. The Brexit referendum was as simple, comprehensive and open-and-shut a case as anything ever done in politics before. Its results are therefore totally decisive and ought to be the final word on the matter. I don't know why Farage said what he did. Maybe it was only a bout of temporary insanity. Either way, he has plummeted in my estimation of him; and I doubt if I am alone there. I once said that I thought Farage retired prematurely; now I'm beginning to think he should have quit a long time ago.

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