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Capel Green- Review by Col. Charles Halt

Col. Charles I Halt USAF (ret), former deputy base commander of the Woodbridge-Bentwaters airbase in 1980, and witness to the Rendlesham Forest UFO, has written a de facto review of the upcoming documentary Capel Green; see here for background: It took the form of an open letter to the director Dion Johnson, as reported by Sacha Christie who has come out of her very public retirement from UFOlogy... for the second or third time. There is a massive amount to unpack in her newest screed; most of it concerns matters that I have spoken about before so there is no need to repeat myself; simply study the Larry Warren database I have created in the links below. Col. Halt wrote his letter after Dion wrote to him asking him to comment on Larry's polygraph test. The colonel responded thus:
I hate to tell you but you are being had.  Suggest you read The Halt Perspective before getting egg on your face. For starters Mr Warren has lied about his involvement on the first night (the events unfolded over three nights). He was not present with us at the site the third night. There were no entities or a physical craft on the ground. The event on the first night occurred in the forest. The night I was out with a team what we witnessed was not at the site Mr Warren claims. Mr Warren was separated from the US Air Force as unsuitable/undesirable for the convenience of the government. In other words, kicked out. His testimony has changed through the years as he's learned details from real participants. He's asked several of his former associates to lie to support him (this is documented). Every serious researcher has written him off as a very convincing liar; even his mother made a comment to that effect. Talk to any other serious researcher (I can give you many names), other than Gary Heseltine who is using him and you'll get the truth. Even Peter Robbins who really wrote the book Left at the East Gate will verify the facts. Several years ago Mr Warren claimed to have passed a voice stress analysis. Guess what, I have documented proof he failed.  He may have passed a polygraph session but do your homework there are multiple ways to beat the test. You might ask Mr Robbins about his fraud activity and association with Operation Bullpen. Your case and problem. Do not use my name, memo or tape. By the way, the original whistleblowers were cops named J D Engles and Jim Penniston who told of the events to the authors of Sky Crash. Even though they didn't get the story right they started the ball rolling.
Chuck Halt

Again, a lot of what Col. Halt says here I have addressed before in the database. However he does posit some new positions. He claims that there are multiple ways to beat the polygraph test. It's true there are techniques that people such as intelligence officers and special forces soldiers are taught as part of their general resistance to interrogation training that can possibly slip through a poorly-conducted polygraph test, up to a certain point. However polygraph tests vary in quality and the one Larry took for the production is the best and most modern on offer. This was no backstage job with Jeremy Kyle. (The UFO community has been targeted over false claims about polygraph tests before, see: and: What's more it is extremely unlikely that Larry has ever had the training necessary that Col. Halt refers to. If polygraphs were that easy to beat then they would be evidentially useless and would never be brought in at all. It interests me that, once again, we see a pundit effectively reviewing Capel Green a long time before the film has been released and its full package of evidence tabled. This is a strange back-to-front world we're living in, where people review movies before they've hit the screens. Does this mean that straight after I have seen Capel Green I will walk out into the foyer and see a poster for it and say: "That looks an interesting film; I wonder what it's like."?

Sacha herself makes some additional new errors that I must address. Nobody, least of all Gary Heseltine, is trying to "repackage" the Rendlesham Forest Incident. This is similar to what Nick Pope suggested and I can assure you it is false. I would ask Col. Halt, Nick Pope and everybody else not to comment further on the content of Capel Green until they have watched it. Sacha also says something else at the end of her article that is most interesting: "No, we can't believe the police won't do anything about it either, but they say it isn't a direct threat and it wasn't sent to me. They use the lack of police action as some kind of proof of his innocence." This is the first time she has quoted the police response to her complaint. She has been saying for a long time that this was a direct threat against her. It was Gary, myself and other researchers who stated that Larry's declaration that if his family were in the audience and under threat by a general individual then he would jump off the stage and "put their windpipe through their spine!" was not a threat; it was a statement of intent to employ the lawful use of force. This means the police told Sacha the same thing we have all along, and now she has admitted it. Why is the lack of police action not proof of innocence? If it were otherwise would that not defeat the entire purpose of the police? Threats of violence against a specific person are a very serious matter and the police would be compelled to act under the law if Larry were not innocent. Like Peter Robbins, Sacha is wasting her time trying to resurrect this old chestnut yet again. Source:
See here for my complete detailed assessment of the Larry Warren controversy:

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