Monday 15 January 2018

Fake Hawaii Missile Alert

Residents of Hawaii experienced a rude awakening Saturday morning as a round robin text was sent out to all their devices and online warning that the islands were about to suffer an attack by nuclear missile from North Korea. Hawaiians have been worried about the escalating tensions in the Far East seeing as Kim Jong Un has specifically mentioned the United States of America as one of his country's greatest enemies and has stated that he has missiles capable of striking it and would be willing use his full nuclear deterrent on America if he had to. The islands of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are by far the closet part of the United States to North Korea and would probably be hit first, as has happened in previous wars in the region. The people of Hawaii took the threat completely seriously. They hastened to whatever shelter they could. In hotels and public buildings people headed for the basements. Some people in the open streets forced their children down manholes. Along with the alarm was sadness. People called loved ones essentially to say goodbye. One woman had a tearful telephone conversation with her mother, a ninety-five year old lady who had survived the 1941 Pearl Harbour attack. She was too old to lower herself to the floor for protection. After this period of pandemonium it was revealed that the whole alert had been a "terrible mistake". The services sent out a second Tweet apologizing profusely and reassuring Hawaiians that there was no real missile threat. The state governor David Ige reported that a worker at the Hawaii emergency management services "pushed the wrong button" during a shift change. Source: You can just imagine it, can't you? "Morning Nigel. 'Ere, I've been meaning to ask you, what does this button do?" "A hell of a lot! Don't press it, Dave, whatever you do!" "Are you sure, Nigel?" "Yes, Dave. Now I'm off home. You have the shop!" "Righto. See ya, Nigel... Hmm... Maybe I'd better just press it to make sure..."
I don't think so. I strongly suspect this was done on purpose to gauge people's reactions. There were several incidents during the Cold War when I believe the same thing was done. This was, of course, an extremely cruel thing to do. It was also very dangerous; people could have been injured or killed in the panic. In this scenario some people might even commit suicide. This kind of psychological experiment does not only apply to nuclear attack; it has been played on people for other reasons as well; for example, alien invasion. In October 1938 a radio adaptation of HG Wells' War of the Worlds was broadcast. This is a story about a global invasion by hostile extraterrestrials. The style of the play was what today is called a "docudrama"; it was made to seem real. It does sound very real to me, see: Unfortunately a number of people thought it was real and they panicked. Some people jumped into their cars and fled for the hills. Others looted shops and rioted in the street. A number of people were injured by violence and car accidents. The blame was placed on the director Orson Welles. However I wonder if the purpose of the play was to see how the population would react if faced with the real eventuality of armed and dangerous UFO's. If the play was not produced for that purpose you can still bet psychological think tanks, such as the Tavistock Institute, would take a distinct interest in the response by the public. No doubt the authorities will play this heartless trick on us again as and when they think they need to.


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be interesting Ben and it wasn't a mistake and a missile had really been intercepted and shot down and they now release these new stories as a cover- mark "mungo" hollingsworth

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Mark, that's another possibility yes. Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.

Kev said...

Alright Mate. Nice site you have here but your geography is shot. Hawaii is not the closest part of the USA to N.Korea. Check out the Near Islands that are part of the Aleutian chain of Islands that arc away from the US State of Alaska. They may not provide a worthwhile target for N.Korea but as the crow flies they are certainly nearer to the rogue state than Hawaii is. This may be nit picking but if you are going to start spraying 'facts' around as if you are some kind of walking wikipedia maybe you should stop to fact check every now and then.

Kind regards


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Kev. I think you are nit-picking a bit and I will not be fact-checking in future any more than I do presently. I believe what I do now is sufficient. Glad you enjoy HPANWO. Hope you have fun browsing other articles. Have a great day :-)

Sy said...

Hi there, you are a very clever and knowledgeable chap with a dry sense of humour. I hope you keep producing more interesting articles like this. Do you write books, too? If so how do I buy one?

All the best

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Sy. Thanks very much. I'm glad you enjoy my contribution :-) I have written 4 books. The last two are available now on Amazon,

My second book can be read for free online, see:

I have a few copies of my first book left. Just £5 plus postage and packing. Please email me at:

Lucy said...

You certainly have a knack for writing. I could do with having someone like you around to give me inspiration and help with my husband's bookkeeping. I would pay for your services with my gash card.


PS Do you offer writing classes online at all?

Anonymous said...

Hiya mate. Yeah strange one to be fare. I reckon spies from your North Korea where to blame. One of there blokes triggered this I would of thorght. They want to test the reaction to see if the yanks are prepered for nuklear war. Thats all I can tell you at the moment mate. Anyway as always Ben pal a cracking artacle. Really got me thinking about things. Cheers Baz

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, I'm a fan of HPANWO even though I am probably a bit more sceptical than you on some things. I love sci-fi you see but I do not actually believe in ETs because there is no compelling evidence and a lot of reasons why ETs could not visit earth. I also have a science background and I am a chemist and I develop paint for a well known producer and supplier. Anyway on your article, do you not think maybe that the official line might be correct? It sounds eminently plausible to me. Not everything is a conspiracy I'm afraid. Sometimes mundane reasons are in fact the real truth. Sometimes the authorities tell the truth. Not always but most of the time. It seems when something unusual like this happens some folk automatically think it's a shadowy conspiracy. OK well best regards now. Rob

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Rob. I'm glad you enjoy HPANWO, thanks. Obviously I differ with you about ET's. As for the incident on Hawaii? Yes it is possible that the official story is true, but I am suspicious. I explain my reasons for doubting it. I don't think it is at all plausible. Not everything is a conspiracy, of course; but if there's good reason to think something is then it's not sensible to maintain that it is not.

Denise said...

Hi Ben, I'm Denise and I'm a lapsed catholic who has just got back from Bali. Lucky to get out before Mount Agung erupts. I notice you wrote your first book on Rockall which is an igneous intrusion of which the soft outer cone has been eroded away. Notice how the igneous granite stands strong for millions of years? Really interesting. It was volcanoes and ghosts that stopped me being a catholic as Catholicism is really silly. I haven't read your first book but the last two seem worth a go, do you recommend them at all?

Anyway, I was on a flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh when I fell asleep and dreamt that Arthur's Seat had woken up and erupted a volcanic eruption index of 6 literally destroying the capital and most of central Scotland. I woke up screaming surrounded by airport security. Anyway, Edinburgh was still there but just to be sure I got on the next flight back to Birmingham, just to be sure. I could have done with your book then I can tell you. Aren't I a silly lady, being all flustered. I'm not a feminine, not a chance, I'm too nice for all that going on. I agree with you over cultural Marxism.

Hope to hear from ya

Dotty Denise the Sneeze.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Ben it's me Rob the paint chemist from yesterday. Hey great response to my post yesterday. We may differ but you are a highly intelligent fellow and I should know. Hope that doesn't sound conceited but I've always hung out with smart people. Most of my friends went to Oxbridge (I went to Durham) and I feel like a failure next to them despite my obtaining a first class Bsc in Applied Chemistry from a fairly decent uni. Anyway just read your second Roswell book and even better than the first. Absolutely awesome my friend. I shall post a glowing review when I get a mo. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Rob.

Neil Austin said...

And another false alarm now in Japan
No doubt now surely. This is deliberate psy op

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Neil, as Our Dave would say "Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about!"