Friday 30 June 2023

Farage Bankcancelled

There is currently no neologism for the kind of abuse Nigel Farage has just suffered; something equivalent to "shadowbanned" or "doxed" which captures the feeling of life in our new modern censorship culture. Therefore I have just coined one: bankcancelled; it might catch on. Remember, you heard it on HPANWO first. Things were looking up for Nigel. He had just been voted "best news presenter" at the coveted Television and Radio Industries Club awards. His rivals included household names from Sky News and the BBC; but Nigel appears on GB News. It was a major kick in the teeth for the mainstream media. This could have led to a spiteful lust for revenge. Firstly, he was heckled as he made his acceptance speech, see: The very next day, his bank shut all his accounts. You may think this is against the law, but it is not. Any bank has the right to withdraw financial services to any of their customers and they don't need to give a reason. However, according to their mission statements, the only time they usually do this is if the customer is very prodigal and runs up catastrophic debts. The only other contingency is for criminal matters; if, for example, the customer deposits stolen cash. Nigel is not the first person this has happened to. A few years ago a young woman from Leeds called Laura Towler also had her bank account summarily terminated and the bank gave her no explanation. She was pregnant at the time and had no way to pay her bills. Her "crime" was to be a member of a so-called "far right" organization. Source: Whatever your opinion of Laura's beliefs, you hopefully agree that we are entering a sinister age where an expectant mother can be robbed of the ability to pay or buy in an instant just because the bank feels like it. Now they've done the same to Nigel.
Not only has Nigel Farage lost his existing bank accounts, it appears he is on some kind of blacklist because he has been turned down from opening an account at other banks. This is a shocking escalation in the Deep State's backlash against dissident media voices. As Nigel explains, this is all the more devastating today in our increasingly cashless society (another reason to oppose that society). It is obvious that in the case of Nigel's bank, just like with Laura Towler's, somebody high up in the government has ordered the bank to do this. There is a term they use "PEP- politically exposed person", which could mean almost anything. It could be down to the usual nonsense spouted by Chris Bryant about Nigel being a Russian agent, as if that's at all original. In true fascist style, Nigel's family have also been targeted. Source: Is the plan eventually for all people who disagree with establishment opinions to be made outlaws? This persecution of citizens for their beliefs has to stop. We need some kind of free speech law that treats politics the same way it does religion. If you can't sack somebody from their job for being a Hindu then you shouldn't be able to sack somebody for doubting climate change either. As for banks; the pro-censors always say "But they're private companies, they can do what they like!" (Not Ashers Bakery though, see: So are water providers, but they cannot lawfully cut off the water supply to your home. Private companies cannot dictate, especially when they provide life's essentials. Financial services should be considered the same. I wish Nigel all the best and will continue to defend him.
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Wednesday 28 June 2023

Jeremy Corbyn Film Banned

A new documentary has been produced about the rise and fall of Jeremy Corbyn. In 2015 this obscure backbench MP from the Labour left stunned everybody when he became leader of the party and Opposition. This was totally unexpected after Labour's swift and radical lurch to the centre following a run of election defeats in the 1980's. This change eventually led to the election of Tony Blair as prime minister. Corbyn's victory was part of a more general trend in politics, "populism"; something that also led to Donald Trump becoming US President and Brexit. Unfortunately the establishment immediately took action to ruin Corbyn, just like they did Trump; and, like his American counterpart, Corbyn had to battle against attempts to undermine him for his entire term in office. I cover this process in full detail in the background links below. The new documentary is called Oh, Jeremy Corbyn... The Big Lie and is distributed by Platform Films which specialize in leftist history, see: It was due to be screened at the Glastonbury festival this year, but the organizers cancelled it. They said "It has become clear that it is not appropriate for us to screen it at the festival. Glastonbury is about unity and not division; and we stand against all forms of discrimination." How it "became clear" to them was that some jumped up individual claiming to "represent the Jewish community!" wrote to them claiming that the film promoted conspiracy theories involving Jewish groups orchestrating the downfall of Jeremy Corbyn and compared it to 9/11 truth videos and those critical of vaccination and chemtrails. This would be "profoundly sinister!", apparently. The Glastonbury organizers said they wanted to show the film in good faith and provoke political debate; but not that badly obviously. Source:
I've never quite understood what is meant by the term "Jewish community". I've heard it uttered many times, especially when David Icke was having his events cancelled, see: Whatever it is, people seem to have a great deal of difficulty saying "no" to it. It seems to believe that the whole of human society exists for the sole purpose of unquestioningly pandering to its every whim. Who is a member of this Jewish community? How about Alexei Sayle, the Liverpudlian comic who narrates the film. He is a Jew; so is he in the Jewish community? If not, why not? How about Moshe Machover the mathematician, who is also in the film. He is a Jew and Israeli, so is he in or out? Things have changed so much in recent years and have changed so quickly that it shocks me. It was not so long ago that people could question and oppose freely. This came up on HPANWO TV the other day actually. When the Iraq and Afghanistan wars happened about twenty years ago there was vocal mainstream dissent against them. Compare that with the invasion of Ukraine. There is now only one acceptable opinion on that war and anybody who disagrees with it is labelled as part of an immoral fringe minority, see: We really do live in the age of universal censorship. I've never voted for Jeremy Corbyn and never would. I don't agree with most of his views, but he is still a wildcard in a rigged game. He is one of the few career politicians who actually believes in some ideal, no matter how misguided, instead of just seeking the highest salary and poshest company car. His successor, Keir Starmer, is the antithesis, a cardboard cut-out Deep State gopher. I do hope the distributors find some venue with more guts than Glastonbury. It just does to prove that the festival has become nothing more than a corporate plaything, very different to its eccentric and libertarian beginnings in the '60's. I look forward to seeing Oh, Jeremy Corbyn... The Big Lie sometimes soon and if the Jewish community don't like it... well, they don't have to watch it then do they?
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Monday 26 June 2023

Sizzle not Fizzle

Things are moving so quickly so read on to see what the title of this article means. The David Grusch issue has not gone away. It has momentum and also seems to have triggered some other parallel  processes into action. Firstly, Senator Marco Rubio has confirmed that the Senate Intelligence Committee has endorsed the original statement by the IC Inspector General that the allegations by Grusch are "urgent and credible." Now, if that committee is involved, nobody can pretend anymore that this is just about the office bullying accusation. The House Oversight Committee has also agreed to hold hearings. These will probably take place sometime later next month. One of the members is the brilliant Tim Burchett. Hopefully Grusch will be testifying publicly. Source:
It doesn't end there. Douglas Murray once said: "You know you're in a serious situation when Canada becomes interesting." It seems he's right and this is not the first time, see: Now there has been a development in the form of a letter from a member of the Canadian House of Commons to the Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, reproduced below. The MP, Larry Maguire, requests that Minister Anand take the same serious stand on the UAP research subject that her counterparts in the US have done. This is partly because he anticipates greater transparency south of the border very soon and doesn't want his own country unprepared for that. Any public Disclosure of UFO information in the States must be emulated by their allies, including Canada.
It doesn't end there. As I've said before in the background links below, I suspect AARO is being set up as the new Project Blue Book, a shop window display that makes the US government look like it is interested and publicly investigating UFO's when it is instead trying to bury the secrets deeper with a confidence trick. It takes us back to our old friend the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It appears that Congress means business over the Gillibrand amendment. There may have been some individuals or groups in the military industrial complex who had pinned their hopes on the legislature lacking the balls to enforce it. They have hoped in vain. The project is being driven forward by such champions as the aforementioned Kirstin Gillibrand and Tim Burchett. It compels anybody in the government involved in special access programmes on UFO's to divulge their information to AARO within sixty days. The AARO director, currently Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, would then have to inform all the relevant congressional committees. However, the "safe harbour" clauses, those exonerating anybody from punishment as a result of breaking security oaths that contradict the amendment, are not currently specific enough to protect anybody from a civilian contractor, only those in direct government service. That needs to be worked on. Source: At the start of the year Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel had a debate over whether 2023 would be a year where things would "sizzle" or "fizzle". Bryce said the former and Ross the latter. It looks like Bryce was right. I look forward to posting more updates soon.

Friday 23 June 2023

The Future by Stefan Molyneux

I have already read the prequel called The Present, see: I'm not sure what the word is for a book written before the prequel, but to which it is its sequel; but I planned to read it. It's called The Future and it is what Stefan Molyneux calls "my Atlas Shrugged", the culmination of all his fifty-five years of thought. It is a science fiction philosophical novel set about six hundred years in the future. Most of the world's population live in a society known as "the Sieve" (I found out later this was actually "Civ", short for civilization, but by then the homophone had stuck in my mind. One of the drawbacks of audiobooks). This is a Molyueusian paradise which arose out of what they called "the cataclysms", the collapse of society described in The Present. There is a scene where David, one of the residents of the Sieve, is reading a diary by a woman that reminds me of a few of the characters in The Present. Everybody practices the non-aggression principle, universally preferable behaviour, peaceful parenting and respect for property rights etc. All law is dealt with by dispute resolution organizations. This has allowed technology to advance to a point where there are AI robots that do all the work, although some people still work by choice; farming by hand the old fashioned way etc. It is very like Brave New World, along with the savages. A number of people have been cast out of the Sieve for committing crimes for which they refuse to make restitution. They live simple hunter-gather lives in the woods and mountains beyond the cities. One group of them is led by a charismatic man called Roman who comes into contact with some of the residents of the Sieve and ends up being given a tour of the society by a man called David. He shows them a nursing home where there is an old woman with two sons. There is a long scene where she and her sons discuss with David the fact she abused her two boys. Because David is part of her DRO, he is trying to redeem the situation with proper restitution. I wonder if this is an allegory of Stefan's own childhood because he often describes how his own mother was violent to him as a child. There is a debate among the DRO's about what to do with Roman's children and the other children of his tribe. In this primitive society, they practice the regular beating and humiliation of their own sons and daughters. David decides to dust off a method they used to create the Sieve in the first place. They have invented flying robots that look like cherubs who follow people around everywhere and shoot arrows at them that give them painful electric shocks if they don't practice peaceful parenting. This is the central theme of The Future. Stef has often stated that the biggest problem facing planet earth, and indeed which is the root cause of all destruction wrought by civilisation, is child abuse. Treat children well and you create a utopia, treat them badly and you create a dystopia; it's that simple. I sense this story is a kind of justice fantasy for Stefan; which I understand seeing as I have those too, see:
Running parallel to this plot is a second storyline, although David appears in it briefly, and I also see this as a justice fantasy. A man who died in the 21st century was put into cryonic storage (see here for details: and is revived in the Sieve in the current time. He is a former US president called Lewis Staten, perfect name! He is put on trial for abusing his son Jake, who was also cryonically preserved. At one point Lewis struck his son's head repeatedly against a doorframe. Jake himself if also on trial for committing censorship because he ran a social media company that attacked free speech. This is exactly what Stefan would like to see, wrongs being made right. The trial is described at the end of the book and occupies all the last few chapters. We've seen this structure with Ayn Rand and the trial of Howard Roark. Stef plays a great devil's advocate in his defence of Lewis and much of it is a first person narration by Lewis, although he has a solicitor called Cornelius. I really enjoyed this story, more so than The Present. Stefan has stated that he wants to write a sequel to The Present and prequel to The Future set between them in time. I don't think there's a word for that kind of publication, but knowing Stefan's unimaginative choice of titles, I expect it will be called The Near-Future. You can listen to The Future audiobook here:
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Monday 19 June 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 17

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes-Ward. In this programme: the new UFO whistleblower David Grusch. There is a second interview with Philip Kinsella.
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And here for the video:
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:
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Sunday 18 June 2023

Space Wire Found

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The forlorn hunt for "IM1" might not be so forlorn after all. It has delivered a result... possibly. The magnetic probe that has been running along the seabed in the area where the object crashed has picked up a tiny metallic specimen. It is itself not magnetic, but it was attached to the probe by other magnetic pieces that were holding it in place. The specimen is long and thin, like a tiny wire. I say long, but it is only eight millimetres and therefore very thin. It is curled twice. The team thought it might be contamination from the ship itself and so swept the decks to see if there were any more similar items; they could find none. Analysis showed that the wire is an alloy consisting mostly of platinum and manganese. This alloy is manufactured by humans for use in some laboratory equipment, however not in the relative composition found in the specimen. Source: No doubt further tests will have to be done to see if the wire really does have an extraterrestrial origin. Wires are not formed by natural processes, so it will have to be artificial. If it is then Prof Loeb might have the smoking gun he is looking for. It seems I was wrong about the futile nature of Loeb's expedition. I'll watch it with more interest from now on.
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Friday 16 June 2023

Substack Exclusive Notice 16/6/23

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Thursday 15 June 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones live at the EAUFO Group 4

I will be speaking at a meeting of the East Anglia UFO Group on Monday the 16th of October. The venue is The White Hart Hotel, High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8-8JP. The event starts at 7 PM and costs £5, payable on the door. My lecture is entitled: "The Theory of Permanent Disclosure. Why UFO's are REAL and soon everybody will know it." See here for more information:
See here for the HPANWO TV video of my previous appearance at EAUFO:

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Life With Ghosts

It feels nice to be able finally to write something not about David Grusch; I've definitely got "Grusch fatigue", see: I've just watched a film called Life With Ghosts. It was originally called Living With Ghosts, but they changed it for some reason; possibly because it's also the title of an album by the controversial rock band My Chemical Romance. The film is a documentary that reminds me of a very much of an excellent article from Nexus magazine a few years ago about a new method of bereavement counselling called "continuing bonds". The documentary is based on the work of an author called Ethel Beardsworth who practices a form of clairvoyance called "automatic writing". She literally sits down with a pen and paper and writes messages to spirits who then reply through her by making her write down their messages. She has suffered two major bereavements in her life; her husband Harold and one of her sons. Her son, Kevin, died in 2000 very suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of forty-six. He had a heart attack while playing racquetball. The film also focuses on Kevin's widow, Karen; and their two daughters, Jessica and Stefanie, who were young girls at the time. Karen originally takes a very dim view of her mother's assertions, but slowly changes her mind when she agrees to take part in a research project to test the value of continuing bonds. There are a number of interviews with some interesting talking heads, including Joe Dispenza who was in What The Bleep Do We Know?. See here for the trailer:
Conventional bereavement counselling focuses on the need for "closure", that means essentially saying a mental goodbye to the person who has died. Different people have different beliefs about death and what happens afterwards, if anything. Atheo-skeptics of course see death as the permanent end of ones existence. Religious concepts vary, but most accept there is an afterlife of various descriptions; but that it is off-limits to living people and there can be no communication across the borders of death. A person suffering grief can have no contact with their loved one until the moment of their own death; therefore there is also a requirement for closure. As one of the experts in the interviews says: "We are not a society prepared to deal with grief." Continuing bonds is very different. It focuses on a person continuing their relationship with the person they have lost, regardless of whether they believe their loved one is still extant in spirit or whether they're materialists and just see it as a mental exercise. The film examines the evidence for death survival in a positive and open-minded way. It is very moving and inspiring to see the change come over the subjects, especially Karen, as they recover from the emotional pain they have carried for over twenty years. Ethel also manages to convince some of the old ladies who live near her to give it a try. It's a lovely film and I wish it would be put on general release, but unfortunately it is only being shown currently in a series of limited online screenings. However, if you sign up to their mailing list, the producers will send you an invitation when a screening is due to take place. The price is reasonable and I'm glad I choose to join one. See here for details:
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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Grusch Headlines

The David Grusch story has finally broken into the headlines of the mainstream media, but not in the way I had hoped. It is on a front page feature in today's Daily Star. It reads: "UFO crash hushed up by the Pope". The illustration shows a flying saucer lying grounded in a forest and a picture of the Hollywood alien ET- the Extraterrestrial wearing a mitre. It seems that a chain does indeed break at its weakest link. The actual story is reasonably factual, told in the house style of the British tabloids, with a reading age of ten. Strangely, it includes two extra illustrations that are UFO photographs unrelated to the case in question. One is the 1963 Charlton incident and the other the McMinnville encounters. As I've covered before, Grusch believes the crash-retrieval incident reported in Roberto Pinotti's "Fascist UFO Files" article is correct and Mussolini's "RS/33" group was assisted by Pope Pius XII. This is not the first time the Vatican has been accused of being involved in the UFO cover-up as well as many other conspiracies. There is an editorial on page six that has an odd tone. It is very jocular, as the daily redtops tend to be, but also seems to accept the reality of physical proof of UFO's without question, as if it has already been confirmed independently. It only acts all shocked about the Papacy being involved. The Vatican has yet to respond to a request for a comment. I suppose this is progress of sorts. At least the article gives the basic facts and names sources where readers... if you can call them that, will find more information. I just would like to see the story covered with greater seriousness in a more intellectual journal.
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Monday 12 June 2023

Gary Heseltine Bases Interview

I have interviewed Gary Heseltine for The Bases Project, see:
We discuss Gary's new book, Non-Human- The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents, 42 Years of Denial, see: Video directed by Miles Johnston.
Gary was also a speaker at the recent Bases UFO Special conference, see:
See here for a HPANWO Radio audio reportage of the event.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Sunday 11 June 2023

The Lost Century- Review

Dr Stephen Greer has released his second feature film this year: The Lost Century- and How to Reclaim It. This is literally just three month since his previous release UFO Endgame to Disclosure which I review here: Even though it is having a big screen premier this weekend at the National Press Club in Washington DC, a part of The Disclosure Project's big "Historic Disclosure" conference, it was released onto home media a few days before. It has reached number one in the ITunes charts, apparently. As standard, it is not cheap; £9.99 on Amazon and a similar price elsewhere. There is no rental option. Everything connected to Greer seems to be overpriced. Joining the Historic Disclosure webinar is a whopping £78. That would be steep for a real life seat, in my view. I won't tell you what they cost. This film was stylistically very different to Greer's previous works. The centrepiece is Dr Greer himself, as usual; but this time he is not walking round in his customary manner, looking as if his scrotum is about to burst out of his trousers. His physical presence is surprisingly low-key. He is presenting a live lecture wearing a casual unmatched jacket and slacks; his shirt is brown and he has no tie.
The opening act is a series of heartrending scenes of environmental destruction and some interviews with some understandably troubled conservation campaigners. Whether or not you believe in anthropogenic climate change, you cannot deny that the natural world is in bad shape right now because of human activity. At first you might mistake this for a normal environmental video, but pretty soon it becomes clear these campaigners are totally different to most others. They are supporters of Steven Greer's ideas. Most people in the green movement regard UFOlogy and its associated works as either a ridiculous fantasy or dangerous rightwing extremism. For the rest, it is absent even as a concept. The experts then go on to detail the free energy cover-up that regular HPANWO readers will be very familiar with, see the background links below. Greer has given a new name to UFO's, as if we need yet another change; AEPD- alternative energy propulsion vehicles. He thinks that many UFO's are manmade aircraft, although he accepts that some are still extraterrestrial. This is probably true, although in my view he overestimates the proportion that are manmade. He makes some new claims that I was not previously aware of. For example, Boeing designed a free energy propulsion system under a contract for the US Air Force, but when they asked permission from the Department of Defence to adapt it to their commercial fleet designs they were refused. The fact that a private company needs permission for that from their clients on an unrelated contract should tell us a lot. Greer stresses how important it is for any inventor who has a free energy design not to patent it and demand royalties; they must immediately publish it open source. They need to suppress their egos for the good of humanity... Yes, Dr Steven Greer really did just preach to you about suppressing your ego. Some viewers unfamiliar with the subject might be surprised at how old the free energy cover up is. It dates back well over a hundred years, hence the title of the documentary. Greer and his talking heads lament about the use of rockets. We're shown a series of rocket failures, which inevitably result in a fireball and disintegration of the vehicle, most thankfully being unmanned. However, of course some rockets have malfunctioned with a human crew aboard. This almost always results in death. There are very few exceptions; Apollo 13 is the only one I can think of. The irony is that rockets became obsolete several decades before we even started using them to get into space. As thrilling as a rocket launch is, it is superfluous. There are a few new exclusives, like some video I've never seen before allegedly of a test flight at Area 51. Generally speaking, I preferred this film to Endgame. I have fewer criticisms of it than I do normally of Greer's catalogue. It ends with some lovely animated enhanced reality scenes of a post-Disclosure world. I know some people in the community feel uncomfortable with that sort of thing; a bit like Karl Marx's warning about "writing recipe books for the cooks of the future", but it doesn't bother me. To be fair, I do exactly the same thing in my own novels, the Roswell trilogy. I personally think it was worth a tenner... just. However, I am usually more generous than most people about things like this. If you didn't enjoy Greer's previous output, you might still like this one. It is more heartfelt, I would say. Greer himself comes across as a more pleasant personality. It also has an array of interviews with people I find impressive. If you choose to watch it, it is streaming on all home media platforms now.
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Saturday 10 June 2023

Las Vegas Aliens

A very strange news story has started doing the rounds; it was shared to me by a friend on SMS. In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada USA the police received an emergency call from some residents reporting intruders in their back garden. There were two of them and on the phonecall they were described as "eight feet tall" with "big eyes" and "not human". What is strange is that UFO's were reported over the city that evening. Officers attended and had a good laugh about it. They take bodycam footage of their visit, but their coverage of the garden is not published because it's on private property. By then the intruders had gone anyway. Source: Despite this, the family did capture some of their own video of this supposed CE3. My friend and fellow researcher Darcy Weir has done an analysis of it. There does appear to be some kind of figure there, but it's difficult to see any details. The people present sound genuinely alarmed. They are speaking in Spanish and somebody has translated it as: "They are there!" and "Come away!" The translator said their dialect indicates they're from a South American country and not US Latino. This could mean they are visitors and actually do not live at that address. Source: See here for Darcy's most recent appearance on the HPANWO Show: Could this be some kind of prank? If so then it might be a very expensive one if they get a fine for wasting police time. Despite this there are suspicious elements to the case. One of the family, a teenage boy, has made a YouTube video, see: It seems he has a vested interest because he is making alien and paranormal NFT's under the revealing franchise "Alien Society 51". Is this police report an attempt at some kind of viral marketing? The circle on the ground could have been made by the family. The incident took place on Mayday, so it's strange it took over five weeks to reach the media. This could be because the David Grusch story has made this other story more trendworthy, see: That's all the information I have right now; I'll let you know more if I hear more. However, this story does remind me of KT Frankovich, see:

Friday 9 June 2023

David Grusch- a Reply to the Basement Office

Steven Greenstreet, whose assessment of UFO's is almost as bad as his judgement of hairdressers, has recently come back from his tent on Skinwalker Ranch and returned to his old favourite pastime of aping the UFO skeppers in his New York Post vlog, "The Basement Office". He's never going to be a Mick West, but ten-out-of-ten for effort. Like Steven Cambian did, see:, he has come up with his own set of "red flags", five of them in fact. As with Cambian, he is mistaken on all counts. See here for details:
1. As Leslie Kean explained, and as have I, the government has yet to declassify said evidence, but the fact they have passively allowed/put Grusch out there is a hopeful sign they intend to. Naturally, Grusch can't just spread a stack of documents on the table like playing cards; there is a process that must be followed. If this process is not happening then the onus (revenge is sweet!) is on the skeptics to explain why somebody with his kind of background would commit professional and social suicide in such an elaborate way. It also doesn't matter if he were personally in a need-to-know situation for the project himself; it's the validity of what he's talking about that counts; and until that is properly debunked it must remain open to being true.
2. Yes, he did everything by the book, testified to Congress and worked with DOPSR. Greenstreet interprets this in a very simplistic and ungenerous way that assumes the DoD has no intention of publishing any evidence itself; it just casually rubberstamped Grusch's folly because... why not? As I've said, Grusch may well be the herald of willing Disclosure. It also begs the question: if Grusch is a fantasist, why did he go to DOPSR at all? Everything he's talking about has just come off the top of his head, hasn't it? Does he also need to get DOPSR to clear his shopping lists?
3. He may be in an exclusivity contract with News Nation, or maybe our Steve is on a blacklist. Probably the latter because Grusch apparently did do an interview with Le Parisien in which, according to a translation, he mentions the "Italian Roswell" covered in Roberto Pinotti's dramatically titled The Fascist UFO Files, see: Grusch says the salvaged object and bodies were transferred to the United States in 1945 following the end of World War II. Elizondo has also alluded to this case. Source: That being said, Grusch might just not like Steven very much.
4. He's unfair to Kean and Blumenthal. Leslie Kean made a call on a dilemma she faced over the AATIP vs AAWSAP conundrum. If she had been a hundred percent straightforward, would the New York Times have even touched her testimony? Was she morally right or wrong? Either way, let's face it, it worked.
5. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the David Grusch story has yet to reach the headlines, but this is probably because the Truth Embargo has not gone away and can still influence Fleet Street. It has been forced to share power, that's all... for now anyway.
There are actually more signs of a clash between the political and military establishment which is eerily reminiscent of Objectgate, see: Biden's diversity hired press officer Karine Jean-Pierre only commented once to say: "I would refer that question to the Department of Defence." Source: So now the political executive has no official jurisdiction over the military; is that it? Or is it simply that the DoD is operating temporarily outside the authority of the White House over this matter? Call it mutiny if you like, but maybe it's necessary right now. As I've said in my skeptic lecture, see:, skeptics are not the emotional blank canvases they claim to be. They have a desire for aliens not to exist; or probably more commonly, they don't necessarily care if aliens exist or not, but they don't want the government to have lied about that vital fact to us. Unfortunately it doesn't matter what we desire or do not desire; what matters is facts and evidence. If the evidence leads to the fact that aliens are visiting us, they are, and the skeppers simply have to face up to it. As I was writing this article, a video was published of an emergency panel discussion at Contact in the Desert, which was in progress when the news broke, see: Isn't that the perfect place to be?
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Objectgate Mini-Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of Objectgate into a mini-portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. This subject does not need a main site full portal because there are only a handful of posts about it and I don't expect to add any more of them. Also most of them double up on the UFO Disclosure portal, see:
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David Grusch Mini-Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of David Grusch into a mini-portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. This subject does not need a main site full portal because there will probably only be a handful of posts about it and many of them double up on the UFO Disclosure portal, see:
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Wednesday 7 June 2023

David Grusch- a Reply to Steven Cambian

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I must say, I feel somewhat more well-disposed towards Steven Cambian now than I did when I wrote the background links below. In a video last month he revealed that the reason for his social media activities is because during a period of his life when he suffered serious emotional illness, he gained comfort and hope from the UFO Conspirasphere. This has led him to feel betrayed badly by the lies and greed of the "UFO grifters", as he sees them. This makes me sympathize with him and it cools a lot of my anger at him. This does not make his very dark, misanthropic and cynical vision of UFOlogy correct; it just explains why he believes in it. Source: Steven is one of the principle figures in a virtual cottage industry of YouTubers, Twitterati and bloggers whose entire contribution to the discourse is to orbit UFOlogy poking holes in it from a distance, pontificating over the characters of everybody else in it, usually unfairly. These pundits are, strangely, separate from the classical skeptics. A lot of them have a fundamental belief in UFO's; but they just consider mainstream UFOlogy a diversion and deformation of that. They reject and pour scorn upon everything proposed by any UFOlogist. They do it instinctively and fanatically, feeding off each other's approval and competing over who can be the biggest denier. When David Grusch went public the other day, Cambian set up an upcoming livestream literally within minutes. I decided to watch it, seeing as I find his material strangely irresistible, in fact he is my favourite internet antagonist. I think I just like to test my theories against opposition and Steven's is the harshest of all. Obviously, and very predictably, Steven has taken a very negative line. In fact he calls this "the biggest UFO circle-jerk I've ever seen!" He says that it has a number of "red flags". As usual, he is wrong. It isn't possible to unpick every point he and his guests make in this almost three-hour video, but I'll address some of them, prioritizing the issues I have not addressed before in previous publications. Source:
Steven Cambian thinks that if David Grusch really did know about classified UFO projects, for which he could provide no hard evidence, then he wouldn't even be able to mention their existence anyway. Not true; as I explain in my own coverage, see link above, it is possible that his appearance in the media was approved of as a part of a willing Disclosure agenda. He has operated completely by the book, within the constraints of the Gillibrand Amendment and has had his statements filtered by the Defence Office of Prepublication and Security Review; a standard procedure for insiders writing memoirs, or even fiction, about their secret world. Cambian misrepresents Leslie Kean when she explains why this is not suspicious. As for ambiguity over the Inspector General calling Grusch's complaint "urgent and credible", why would they call a simple personal grievance against office bullying by those terms? Cambian wonders if Grusch's sources are nobody more credible Richard Doty etc who is a known and confessed disinformer. This is not likely considering the circles Grusch moved in; unless Grusch is himself carrying out a psyop. Many of the back-slappers are already shouting this, of course, like they do about everything. However, if this is a psyop, then what is its purpose? How does telling people aliens exist cover something else up? This is one conundrum the back-slappers can never solve. No doubt Richard D Hall is polishing his magic wand as we speak... Petericus Hyattica! The Pentagon rebuttal was penned by Susan Gough, who is an infamous gatekeeper. The reason these information release bombshells appear to be coordinated is very simple; it's because they are. I've said before, there is something theatrical to what has been going on since 2017; actors enter and exit, scenes start and finish etc. This is because what we are looking at is a play, but not a fake one; a real one. The White Hats have chosen this method to break the news about UFO reality to the public, by slow acclimatization steps. I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it, but this is their strategy. There is nothing nefarious about this and it is not being done to hobble Dr Steven Greer's knees-up in Washington DC. The person Eric Davis mentions might be a completely different one, the resemblance to Grusch may be coincidental. Steven and his guests are mistaken about most of their other criticisms of the David Grusch case too, and I have covered those issues previously. However, there is one exception. After he left government service, Grusch became an estate agent in his native Colorado. He was formerly registered on the official list as a qualified and licensed estate agent yet now no longer is. He shows up on Google, but the link is dead, see: This means his entry must have recently been removed. Why? That is a legitimate question. I'm glad I watched The US has retrieved craft of NON-HUMAN origin?, but I am relieved to have got it over with. I find Cambian's bitter and derisive attitude very draining. The David Grusch story is a brand new one and still developing so probably I'll have to update my own information about it very soon. I'll try to do so honestly and professionally; will Cambian do the same?
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Tuesday 6 June 2023

Govt Official Confirms UFO's

One of the most astonishing news stories in the history of UFOlogy broke yesterday at 1 PM BST. It came from a familiar source, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, the authors of the famous December 2017 New York Times article, only this one is potentially much bigger. This time it is in The Debrief, a magazine specializing in science, technology and defence news. The central figure of this new revelation is David Charles Grusch, a decorated USAF veteran and intelligence officer in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. He says that the US government and its allies have decisive physical evidence of a non-human intelligence engaging humanity and the planet earth. Source: He has recently testified before Congress under oath in a closed hearing. Although he has been described as a "whistleblower" it is more accurate to call him an insider who is speaking publicly with permission of at least some of the military intelligence authorities. He has taken legal action against the government because of what he believes is AARO being manipulated and lied to behind the scenes about UFO reality; however, he is walking free on the streets of the United States. He has not divulged any classified evidence at all. He did an interview with Ross Coulthart in which he declares simply and without qualification that pretty much everything conspiratorial UFOlogists, like me, have theorized about for decades is real, see: If this is true then it could be the long sought after Disclosure moment, or at least trigger the process that leads to it in the near future. Ross is nobody's fool. Before reporting on UAP he used to expose Hell's Angels and quack doctors. He grills Grusch thoroughly, asking him to confirm the facts again and again. As I said, David Grusch has not handed over any classified material therefore no doubt the skeptics will say he is making all this up; but that is a pointless accusation unless you can answer the question: why would he? Why would a career government intelligence official tarnish his career like this? It is therefore almost certain that the evidence for what he claims exists. What will be the effects of this affair? Maybe it will open a floodgate of other testimony from people like Grusch. If so this will inevitably lead to open Congressional hearings and probably actions taken by other countries. AARO has released a brief rebuttal denying Grusch's claims, but it's very half-hearted and evasive. This is a developing story and I will post updates when necessary. To begin with, here is an initial HPANWO TV livestream:
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Sunday 4 June 2023

More Fake Wine

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I have come across some more fake wine. It is on the shelves in several branches of The Cooperative supermarket. Despite the fact I use that term, I am not accusing the manufacturer of doing anything against the law. However, in my opinion, it is trying to mislead the customer. The bottle is in the shape of a wine bottle and the label looks like that of a wine bottle. I suspected what it was when I first saw the price. I was looking for a bottle of my favourite tipple, red wine. These days, the cheapest bottle you can find will be about five pounds. This bottle of Willow and Stone... whatever it is, is just £4.45. That is one red flag, another is the alcohol content. Proper wine should be about be about ten to eleven percent alcohol. What I've found here is some kind of alcopop. I don't object to it being sold, but I do object to how it is designed and marketed in a way that could lead the customer into thinking it is something it is not. Sadly that is all to common a practice in all areas of society these days.
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Friday 2 June 2023


I was Tweeted two days ago with amazing news; NASA were holding a full length public meeting about UFO's. It is no surprise to me that NASA have been investigating UFO's; after all they announced it themselves last year. They have already published the first information about their new team making an "independent study" on UAP. NASA's head, Senator Bill Nelson, also made some very radical statements about UFO's, see: My Twitter follower asked me if I would do a hard-hitting emergency livestream like I have in the past. I replied I would watch meeting and decide. However, the event is nearly four hours long so I couldn't watch it all in one go; not least because I was busy preparing this year's St Theo celebrations. Its duration is quite a contrast to the recent US Senate briefing which was obviously rushed, see: Unfortunately this epic press conference was something of a shaggy dog story. It reinvented the wheel yet again by repeating the DoD's already established methodology for research and reporting incidents. There were no interviews with witnesses, no declassification of confidential radio transmissions, no attempt to address the genuine anomalies revealed on space mission footage. Although some astronauts were present, they were all of a skeptical bent. On three occasions the speakers specifically stated that there was no evidence that any of the UAP's reported were of extraterrestrial origin; at 1.33, 2.02 and 3.06. This is another example of the kind of contradictory hinting we saw in the leaked 2021 UAPTF report, see: I wish I could be at these hearings because when somebody asked me that question, whether there any evidence that UFO's are ET, my reply would be: "In a word... yes. I say yes because of the process of elimination that you yourselves (government officials) have admitted. The intelligence that constructed these artefacts must be non-human because it is not Russian, Chinese etc or built by a private non-state actor; and seeing as there is no other animal species we know of on earth capable of such a feat, and that no humans to our knowledge live permanently outside the domains of the earth, this is by far the most likely solution. What's more I have a series of positive evidential packages I'd like to present..." and then I would bring on the witnesses and forensic reports etc which are volumous. Now, if only somebody uttered those words, the meeting would suddenly become enormously interesting.
To be honest there were a couple of bright moments. At 2.36 somebody asks the speaker: "What are we looking for then?" and she is clearly perturbed by the question. The team received a lot of personal insults on social media which, of course, I do not endorse. Despite that, I understand why many people feel frustrated with this kind of dawdling and plodding in circles. As is so often the case, the public question and answer session was the most interesting segment; especially at 2.51 when some people specifically question the agency's honesty and transparency when it comes to UFO's, exactly the questions I'd like to ask too. The panel all titter childishly then the chairman, Dan Evans, "restates his commitment" to NASA's public accountability. He claims there has never been an occasion, to his knowledge, in which a live TV feed from the Shuttle or ISS has been taken down deliberately to hide something from public view. Another panellist said: "It's in the nature of scientists to question authority..." This is simply false. Scientists have bills to pay like everybody else and there are numerous examples of video livestreams failing at convenient times. It's worth listening to my recent HPANWO Radio interview with Darcy Weir for more about this, see: Source: I don't think this occasion, despite its length and detail, is worth a HPANWO TV livestream or HPANWO Radio broadcast. I do hope for, and look forward to, a time when such an action on my part is indeed necessary.
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