Sunday 4 June 2023

More Fake Wine

See here for essential background:
I have come across some more fake wine. It is on the shelves in several branches of The Cooperative supermarket. Despite the fact I use that term, I am not accusing the manufacturer of doing anything against the law. However, in my opinion, it is trying to mislead the customer. The bottle is in the shape of a wine bottle and the label looks like that of a wine bottle. I suspected what it was when I first saw the price. I was looking for a bottle of my favourite tipple, red wine. These days, the cheapest bottle you can find will be about five pounds. This bottle of Willow and Stone... whatever it is, is just £4.45. That is one red flag, another is the alcohol content. Proper wine should be about be about ten to eleven percent alcohol. What I've found here is some kind of alcopop. I don't object to it being sold, but I do object to how it is designed and marketed in a way that could lead the customer into thinking it is something it is not. Sadly that is all to common a practice in all areas of society these days.
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