Wednesday 7 June 2023

David Grusch- a Reply to Steven Cambian

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I must say, I feel somewhat more well-disposed towards Steven Cambian now than I did when I wrote the background links below. In a video last month he revealed that the reason for his social media activities is because during a period of his life when he suffered serious emotional illness, he gained comfort and hope from the UFO Conspirasphere. This has led him to feel betrayed badly by the lies and greed of the "UFO grifters", as he sees them. This makes me sympathize with him and it cools a lot of my anger at him. This does not make his very dark, misanthropic and cynical vision of UFOlogy correct; it just explains why he believes in it. Source: Steven is one of the principle figures in a virtual cottage industry of YouTubers, Twitterati and bloggers whose entire contribution to the discourse is to orbit UFOlogy poking holes in it from a distance, pontificating over the characters of everybody else in it, usually unfairly. These pundits are, strangely, separate from the classical skeptics. A lot of them have a fundamental belief in UFO's; but they just consider mainstream UFOlogy a diversion and deformation of that. They reject and pour scorn upon everything proposed by any UFOlogist. They do it instinctively and fanatically, feeding off each other's approval and competing over who can be the biggest denier. When David Grusch went public the other day, Cambian set up an upcoming livestream literally within minutes. I decided to watch it, seeing as I find his material strangely irresistible, in fact he is my favourite internet antagonist. I think I just like to test my theories against opposition and Steven's is the harshest of all. Obviously, and very predictably, Steven has taken a very negative line. In fact he calls this "the biggest UFO circle-jerk I've ever seen!" He says that it has a number of "red flags". As usual, he is wrong. It isn't possible to unpick every point he and his guests make in this almost three-hour video, but I'll address some of them, prioritizing the issues I have not addressed before in previous publications. Source:
Steven Cambian thinks that if David Grusch really did know about classified UFO projects, for which he could provide no hard evidence, then he wouldn't even be able to mention their existence anyway. Not true; as I explain in my own coverage, see link above, it is possible that his appearance in the media was approved of as a part of a willing Disclosure agenda. He has operated completely by the book, within the constraints of the Gillibrand Amendment and has had his statements filtered by the Defence Office of Prepublication and Security Review; a standard procedure for insiders writing memoirs, or even fiction, about their secret world. Cambian misrepresents Leslie Kean when she explains why this is not suspicious. As for ambiguity over the Inspector General calling Grusch's complaint "urgent and credible", why would they call a simple personal grievance against office bullying by those terms? Cambian wonders if Grusch's sources are nobody more credible Richard Doty etc who is a known and confessed disinformer. This is not likely considering the circles Grusch moved in; unless Grusch is himself carrying out a psyop. Many of the back-slappers are already shouting this, of course, like they do about everything. However, if this is a psyop, then what is its purpose? How does telling people aliens exist cover something else up? This is one conundrum the back-slappers can never solve. No doubt Richard D Hall is polishing his magic wand as we speak... Petericus Hyattica! The Pentagon rebuttal was penned by Susan Gough, who is an infamous gatekeeper. The reason these information release bombshells appear to be coordinated is very simple; it's because they are. I've said before, there is something theatrical to what has been going on since 2017; actors enter and exit, scenes start and finish etc. This is because what we are looking at is a play, but not a fake one; a real one. The White Hats have chosen this method to break the news about UFO reality to the public, by slow acclimatization steps. I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it, but this is their strategy. There is nothing nefarious about this and it is not being done to hobble Dr Steven Greer's knees-up in Washington DC. The person Eric Davis mentions might be a completely different one, the resemblance to Grusch may be coincidental. Steven and his guests are mistaken about most of their other criticisms of the David Grusch case too, and I have covered those issues previously. However, there is one exception. After he left government service, Grusch became an estate agent in his native Colorado. He was formerly registered on the official list as a qualified and licensed estate agent yet now no longer is. He shows up on Google, but the link is dead, see: This means his entry must have recently been removed. Why? That is a legitimate question. I'm glad I watched The US has retrieved craft of NON-HUMAN origin?, but I am relieved to have got it over with. I find Cambian's bitter and derisive attitude very draining. The David Grusch story is a brand new one and still developing so probably I'll have to update my own information about it very soon. I'll try to do so honestly and professionally; will Cambian do the same?
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