Friday 2 June 2023


I was Tweeted two days ago with amazing news; NASA were holding a full length public meeting about UFO's. It is no surprise to me that NASA have been investigating UFO's; after all they announced it themselves last year. They have already published the first information about their new team making an "independent study" on UAP. NASA's head, Senator Bill Nelson, also made some very radical statements about UFO's, see: My Twitter follower asked me if I would do a hard-hitting emergency livestream like I have in the past. I replied I would watch meeting and decide. However, the event is nearly four hours long so I couldn't watch it all in one go; not least because I was busy preparing this year's St Theo celebrations. Its duration is quite a contrast to the recent US Senate briefing which was obviously rushed, see: Unfortunately this epic press conference was something of a shaggy dog story. It reinvented the wheel yet again by repeating the DoD's already established methodology for research and reporting incidents. There were no interviews with witnesses, no declassification of confidential radio transmissions, no attempt to address the genuine anomalies revealed on space mission footage. Although some astronauts were present, they were all of a skeptical bent. On three occasions the speakers specifically stated that there was no evidence that any of the UAP's reported were of extraterrestrial origin; at 1.33, 2.02 and 3.06. This is another example of the kind of contradictory hinting we saw in the leaked 2021 UAPTF report, see: I wish I could be at these hearings because when somebody asked me that question, whether there any evidence that UFO's are ET, my reply would be: "In a word... yes. I say yes because of the process of elimination that you yourselves (government officials) have admitted. The intelligence that constructed these artefacts must be non-human because it is not Russian, Chinese etc or built by a private non-state actor; and seeing as there is no other animal species we know of on earth capable of such a feat, and that no humans to our knowledge live permanently outside the domains of the earth, this is by far the most likely solution. What's more I have a series of positive evidential packages I'd like to present..." and then I would bring on the witnesses and forensic reports etc which are volumous. Now, if only somebody uttered those words, the meeting would suddenly become enormously interesting.
To be honest there were a couple of bright moments. At 2.36 somebody asks the speaker: "What are we looking for then?" and she is clearly perturbed by the question. The team received a lot of personal insults on social media which, of course, I do not endorse. Despite that, I understand why many people feel frustrated with this kind of dawdling and plodding in circles. As is so often the case, the public question and answer session was the most interesting segment; especially at 2.51 when some people specifically question the agency's honesty and transparency when it comes to UFO's, exactly the questions I'd like to ask too. The panel all titter childishly then the chairman, Dan Evans, "restates his commitment" to NASA's public accountability. He claims there has never been an occasion, to his knowledge, in which a live TV feed from the Shuttle or ISS has been taken down deliberately to hide something from public view. Another panellist said: "It's in the nature of scientists to question authority..." This is simply false. Scientists have bills to pay like everybody else and there are numerous examples of video livestreams failing at convenient times. It's worth listening to my recent HPANWO Radio interview with Darcy Weir for more about this, see: Source: I don't think this occasion, despite its length and detail, is worth a HPANWO TV livestream or HPANWO Radio broadcast. I do hope for, and look forward to, a time when such an action on my part is indeed necessary.
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