Monday 26 June 2023

Sizzle not Fizzle

Things are moving so quickly so read on to see what the title of this article means. The David Grusch issue has not gone away. It has momentum and also seems to have triggered some other parallel  processes into action. Firstly, Senator Marco Rubio has confirmed that the Senate Intelligence Committee has endorsed the original statement by the IC Inspector General that the allegations by Grusch are "urgent and credible." Now, if that committee is involved, nobody can pretend anymore that this is just about the office bullying accusation. The House Oversight Committee has also agreed to hold hearings. These will probably take place sometime later next month. One of the members is the brilliant Tim Burchett. Hopefully Grusch will be testifying publicly. Source:
It doesn't end there. Douglas Murray once said: "You know you're in a serious situation when Canada becomes interesting." It seems he's right and this is not the first time, see: Now there has been a development in the form of a letter from a member of the Canadian House of Commons to the Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, reproduced below. The MP, Larry Maguire, requests that Minister Anand take the same serious stand on the UAP research subject that her counterparts in the US have done. This is partly because he anticipates greater transparency south of the border very soon and doesn't want his own country unprepared for that. Any public Disclosure of UFO information in the States must be emulated by their allies, including Canada.
It doesn't end there. As I've said before in the background links below, I suspect AARO is being set up as the new Project Blue Book, a shop window display that makes the US government look like it is interested and publicly investigating UFO's when it is instead trying to bury the secrets deeper with a confidence trick. It takes us back to our old friend the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It appears that Congress means business over the Gillibrand amendment. There may have been some individuals or groups in the military industrial complex who had pinned their hopes on the legislature lacking the balls to enforce it. They have hoped in vain. The project is being driven forward by such champions as the aforementioned Kirstin Gillibrand and Tim Burchett. It compels anybody in the government involved in special access programmes on UFO's to divulge their information to AARO within sixty days. The AARO director, currently Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, would then have to inform all the relevant congressional committees. However, the "safe harbour" clauses, those exonerating anybody from punishment as a result of breaking security oaths that contradict the amendment, are not currently specific enough to protect anybody from a civilian contractor, only those in direct government service. That needs to be worked on. Source: At the start of the year Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel had a debate over whether 2023 would be a year where things would "sizzle" or "fizzle". Bryce said the former and Ross the latter. It looks like Bryce was right. I look forward to posting more updates soon.

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