Friday 30 June 2023

Farage Bankcancelled

There is currently no neologism for the kind of abuse Nigel Farage has just suffered; something equivalent to "shadowbanned" or "doxed" which captures the feeling of life in our new modern censorship culture. Therefore I have just coined one: bankcancelled; it might catch on. Remember, you heard it on HPANWO first. Things were looking up for Nigel. He had just been voted "best news presenter" at the coveted Television and Radio Industries Club awards. His rivals included household names from Sky News and the BBC; but Nigel appears on GB News. It was a major kick in the teeth for the mainstream media. This could have led to a spiteful lust for revenge. Firstly, he was heckled as he made his acceptance speech, see: The very next day, his bank shut all his accounts. You may think this is against the law, but it is not. Any bank has the right to withdraw financial services to any of their customers and they don't need to give a reason. However, according to their mission statements, the only time they usually do this is if the customer is very prodigal and runs up catastrophic debts. The only other contingency is for criminal matters; if, for example, the customer deposits stolen cash. Nigel is not the first person this has happened to. A few years ago a young woman from Leeds called Laura Towler also had her bank account summarily terminated and the bank gave her no explanation. She was pregnant at the time and had no way to pay her bills. Her "crime" was to be a member of a so-called "far right" organization. Source: Whatever your opinion of Laura's beliefs, you hopefully agree that we are entering a sinister age where an expectant mother can be robbed of the ability to pay or buy in an instant just because the bank feels like it. Now they've done the same to Nigel.
Not only has Nigel Farage lost his existing bank accounts, it appears he is on some kind of blacklist because he has been turned down from opening an account at other banks. This is a shocking escalation in the Deep State's backlash against dissident media voices. As Nigel explains, this is all the more devastating today in our increasingly cashless society (another reason to oppose that society). It is obvious that in the case of Nigel's bank, just like with Laura Towler's, somebody high up in the government has ordered the bank to do this. There is a term they use "PEP- politically exposed person", which could mean almost anything. It could be down to the usual nonsense spouted by Chris Bryant about Nigel being a Russian agent, as if that's at all original. In true fascist style, Nigel's family have also been targeted. Source: Is the plan eventually for all people who disagree with establishment opinions to be made outlaws? This persecution of citizens for their beliefs has to stop. We need some kind of free speech law that treats politics the same way it does religion. If you can't sack somebody from their job for being a Hindu then you shouldn't be able to sack somebody for doubting climate change either. As for banks; the pro-censors always say "But they're private companies, they can do what they like!" (Not Ashers Bakery though, see: So are water providers, but they cannot lawfully cut off the water supply to your home. Private companies cannot dictate, especially when they provide life's essentials. Financial services should be considered the same. I wish Nigel all the best and will continue to defend him.
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Anonymous said...

Farage employed a convicted money launderer George Cottrell, he was also friends with another person indicted for money laundering, Steve Bannon. There are accusations that Farage may have been doing the same with payments received from Arron Banks and potentially others during the Brexit campaign in breech of parliamentary rules (Farage denies this but if found to be lying...).

Banks tend to remove high value customers if they are breaking the law rather than political reasons.

I expect the truth will come out and this is nothing to do with politics and all to do with money laundering (perhaps the Russian sanctions mean his funds have been scrutinized a little more than normal).

It's ironic someone who has done so much to make the UK unlivable for refugees may now find himself one.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Well if you really think that, why are you posting your accusations on an internet platform and not calling the police? Do you realize that posting your complaint publicly first could jeopardize a prosecution? I'm not going to take action myself, but I strongly urge you to delete your comments right now and call the police. I'm certainly not going to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation with you, understand? If you don't delete your comment, then I have to ask the question... Why not?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the bank(s) and the police and possibly even parliament are already involved Ben. No need to delete my comment as it doesn't prejudice anything as they have been made by many others MP's, journalists, CH4 news amongst a few and are factually correct. Maybe look into the 'donations' from Russian state TV 'RT' to Nigel, which could well be a breech of sanctions at this point too. Things are coming home to roost for Farage. If you seriously think this is about political affiliations then why didn't he speak up when the same happened in 2009 to Tommy Robinson? Quite the reverse Farage applauded the banks actions using anti- terrorist legislation.

Coutts, Farage's bank was fined £8.75m by the Financial Services Authority for not taking adequate measures to prevent money laundering.

It's customer due diligence not a witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing the point. Banks can close accounts if they 'suspect' criminal activity such as money laundering.

The accusations aren't being made by Anon, they are being made by others across many platforms and not being refuted by Nigel Farage.

"I'm certainly not going to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation with you, understand?"

There is no criminal case opened that has been made public (and no certainty in the future) so nothing to prejudice and no need to delete anything, but then strictly speaking as the owner of the blog moderator you are the publisher not Anon regardless.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I don't have time to reply to your comments right now. I have good answers though so I'll have to give you them later.