Friday 9 June 2023

David Grusch- a Reply to the Basement Office

Steven Greenstreet, whose assessment of UFO's is almost as bad as his judgement of hairdressers, has recently come back from his tent on Skinwalker Ranch and returned to his old favourite pastime of aping the UFO skeppers in his New York Post vlog, "The Basement Office". He's never going to be a Mick West, but ten-out-of-ten for effort. Like Steven Cambian did, see:, he has come up with his own set of "red flags", five of them in fact. As with Cambian, he is mistaken on all counts. See here for details:
1. As Leslie Kean explained, and as have I, the government has yet to declassify said evidence, but the fact they have passively allowed/put Grusch out there is a hopeful sign they intend to. Naturally, Grusch can't just spread a stack of documents on the table like playing cards; there is a process that must be followed. If this process is not happening then the onus (revenge is sweet!) is on the skeptics to explain why somebody with his kind of background would commit professional and social suicide in such an elaborate way. It also doesn't matter if he were personally in a need-to-know situation for the project himself; it's the validity of what he's talking about that counts; and until that is properly debunked it must remain open to being true.
2. Yes, he did everything by the book, testified to Congress and worked with DOPSR. Greenstreet interprets this in a very simplistic and ungenerous way that assumes the DoD has no intention of publishing any evidence itself; it just casually rubberstamped Grusch's folly because... why not? As I've said, Grusch may well be the herald of willing Disclosure. It also begs the question: if Grusch is a fantasist, why did he go to DOPSR at all? Everything he's talking about has just come off the top of his head, hasn't it? Does he also need to get DOPSR to clear his shopping lists?
3. He may be in an exclusivity contract with News Nation, or maybe our Steve is on a blacklist. Probably the latter because Grusch apparently did do an interview with Le Parisien in which, according to a translation, he mentions the "Italian Roswell" covered in Roberto Pinotti's dramatically titled The Fascist UFO Files, see: Grusch says the salvaged object and bodies were transferred to the United States in 1945 following the end of World War II. Elizondo has also alluded to this case. Source: That being said, Grusch might just not like Steven very much.
4. He's unfair to Kean and Blumenthal. Leslie Kean made a call on a dilemma she faced over the AATIP vs AAWSAP conundrum. If she had been a hundred percent straightforward, would the New York Times have even touched her testimony? Was she morally right or wrong? Either way, let's face it, it worked.
5. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the David Grusch story has yet to reach the headlines, but this is probably because the Truth Embargo has not gone away and can still influence Fleet Street. It has been forced to share power, that's all... for now anyway.
There are actually more signs of a clash between the political and military establishment which is eerily reminiscent of Objectgate, see: Biden's diversity hired press officer Karine Jean-Pierre only commented once to say: "I would refer that question to the Department of Defence." Source: So now the political executive has no official jurisdiction over the military; is that it? Or is it simply that the DoD is operating temporarily outside the authority of the White House over this matter? Call it mutiny if you like, but maybe it's necessary right now. As I've said in my skeptic lecture, see:, skeptics are not the emotional blank canvases they claim to be. They have a desire for aliens not to exist; or probably more commonly, they don't necessarily care if aliens exist or not, but they don't want the government to have lied about that vital fact to us. Unfortunately it doesn't matter what we desire or do not desire; what matters is facts and evidence. If the evidence leads to the fact that aliens are visiting us, they are, and the skeppers simply have to face up to it. As I was writing this article, a video was published of an emergency panel discussion at Contact in the Desert, which was in progress when the news broke, see: Isn't that the perfect place to be?
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