Saturday 10 June 2023

Las Vegas Aliens

A very strange news story has started doing the rounds; it was shared to me by a friend on SMS. In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada USA the police received an emergency call from some residents reporting intruders in their back garden. There were two of them and on the phonecall they were described as "eight feet tall" with "big eyes" and "not human". What is strange is that UFO's were reported over the city that evening. Officers attended and had a good laugh about it. They take bodycam footage of their visit, but their coverage of the garden is not published because it's on private property. By then the intruders had gone anyway. Source: Despite this, the family did capture some of their own video of this supposed CE3. My friend and fellow researcher Darcy Weir has done an analysis of it. There does appear to be some kind of figure there, but it's difficult to see any details. The people present sound genuinely alarmed. They are speaking in Spanish and somebody has translated it as: "They are there!" and "Come away!" The translator said their dialect indicates they're from a South American country and not US Latino. This could mean they are visitors and actually do not live at that address. Source: See here for Darcy's most recent appearance on the HPANWO Show: Could this be some kind of prank? If so then it might be a very expensive one if they get a fine for wasting police time. Despite this there are suspicious elements to the case. One of the family, a teenage boy, has made a YouTube video, see: It seems he has a vested interest because he is making alien and paranormal NFT's under the revealing franchise "Alien Society 51". Is this police report an attempt at some kind of viral marketing? The circle on the ground could have been made by the family. The incident took place on Mayday, so it's strange it took over five weeks to reach the media. This could be because the David Grusch story has made this other story more trendworthy, see: That's all the information I have right now; I'll let you know more if I hear more. However, this story does remind me of KT Frankovich, see:

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