Friday 30 December 2011

2012- the Race to the Line

Something strange is afoot in the South Seas! Two nations in the central Pacific Ocean have changed their clocks and calendars meaning that when they were originally going to be the last in the world to see New Years Day they will now be among the first. See:

This occurrence is all to do with the International Date Line, a line on the world map that bisects the entire Eastern Hemisphere of the globe to decide when one day begins and another ends. Usually it runs neatly along the 180th Meridian, directly opposite Greenwich, but it warps here and there to take account of geography. At the Bering Straits for instance, and also when it passes through the nation of Kiribati. Kiribati is huge in area, over a million square miles, but it is almost entirely ocean and its land surface consists of a few small islands. Until 1995 the Date Line passed straight through the middle of the Kiribati islands. Because the western side of the Date Line is always a whole day ahead this meant that the country had two dates. The practical effect of this is if you visited the western side you moved into “tomorrow” and if you passed back east again you’d return to “yesterday”. It was this that caused confusion for Kayleigh in Chapter 4 of my novel Rockall, see: Kiribati overcame this problem in 1995 by giving the whole country the same date, unilaterally moving the Date Line 650 miles east.

This has now been done again in Samoa and Tokelau. As you see from the map below those two countries have jumped to the Western side of the Date Line, this means that they’ve missed out the 30th of December altogether. The story is that this is to bring the islands into a better political and economic relationship with Japan, China and other countries in that region, but their position in relation to the Date Line has been one they’ve been dallying over for almost 120 years; why has it been done now, just in time for New Years Day 2012? Is that date itself significant to those countries? Do they want to be among the first, runners up after Kiribati in fact, to see in the big year?

HPANWO-readers will be familiar with my views on the 2012 phenomenon, see: As you can see, I am well aware that the Mayan Calendar doesn’t synchronize to our modern Gregorian one at all; in fact the Mayan Calendar is centuries older. So January the 1st 2012 is no red letter day in the Mayan Calendar at all, but maybe it is in effect in the modern world. You see although the Big Day as far as the Mayans go is December the 12st 2012, this fixation in the mass human consciousness on the Gregorian year in which this big changeover will take place still has significance; culturally, psychologically, spiritually, and therefore maybe practically. Either way Samoa and Tokelau are now in pole position when before they’d have been stragglers coming in way behind the pack.

Sunday 25 December 2011

How Come "Woo-Woo's" never see Santa Claus?

Obviously this is an apt time of year to raise this subject: I've been reading books full of reports of encounters with UFO's, ghosts, lake monsters and other cryptids, fairies, elves, gnomes, green men, blue men, pink men, moving castles in the sky etc etc etc for many years. Skeptometrists respond by saying these things are all just delusion or fraud; lies or pies-in-the-skies. But one thing is missing: How come there are no reports from paranormal witnesses... not a single one... of anyone seeing Santa Claus? (Unless any readers have heard of one; do let me know.)

The Skeppist theory is that we tend to encounter supernatural phenomena that we have been culturally programmed with and this explains a lot of these encounters in mundane terms For instance, a recent article in UFO Matrix magazine (See: attempts to explain a famous UFO close encounter in Scotland in that a similar craft that the witness encountered was broadcast on the sci-fi Tv series Doctor Who the evening before!

However people do not encounter things that necessarily fit in with their belief system or culture. If this were a valid argument then surely we'd see at least a handful of Santas flying over the head of a man out walking his dog at night on Cannock Chase; maybe not many, but a few. Of course every adult knows that Santa is not real, but then doesn't every adult also know that UFO's and ghosts are not real? Despite claims to the contrary, I think that in our culture UFO's/ghosts etc and Santa occupy a very similar status; and if you admit that then you have to admit that this makes it more likely that there is some reality to UFO/ghost etc sightings otherwise Santa would be seen as well, and he's not.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Debunking 9/11 Myths in Blackwells

I was walking through Blackwells bookshop in Oxford this afternoon, doing a bit of Christmas shopping, and I came across a display shelf that consisted of stagger-patterned placements of two books: The 9/11 Commission Report and Debunking 9/11 Myths by David Dunbar and Brad Regan. The latter is subtitled Why Conspiracy Theories can’t Stand up to the Facts. (I wish I’d taken a photo of the display!) I looked up and down through the Politics section and could not find one single book by David Ray Griffin, Dr Judy Wood, David Icke or anybody else supporting the 9/11 Conspiracy. Of course you can order those books from the counter if you like but I couldn’t see them stocked at Blackwells Oxford and they’re certainly not included in the very grand 9/11 display at there. So this Oxford bookshop, in the heart of Academia, is somewhat biased I should say!

I’ve bought a copy of the Debunking… book and I plan to review it; I don’t expect my critique to be favourable any more than was my one of the film Screw Loose Change, see: I’ve written a similar review of the infamous Project for the New American Century’s Strategies… pamphlet:

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Men's Moisturizing Cream

I seem to have a bit of a fixation on advertizing today; this is my third HPANWO Voice article on the subject in two days! This poster was on a railway station platform promoting Bulldog men’s moisturizer. Of course moisturizers have been manufactured and advertized since time immemorial, but in the past these products were always aimed at women. For this reason you’ll see them contained in very feminine-looking bottles with feminine-themed marketing and advertizing. But not anymore! Maybe because of David Beckham and similar fashion icons it’s recently become quite trendy for men to look “Metro-sexual”: well-groomed, smartly-dressed and youthful with a smooth unblemished complexion; hence these new moisturizers.

But how new are they? I went into a chemists shop to check and actually the list of ingredients is almost the same for both the male and female moisturizers. They’re both the same stuff! What we are looking at here is very crafty rebranding that has used the sinister and morally dubious psychological tricks developed by Edward L Bernays, see: (Especially the first episode from about 5.50)

There is nothing illegal about this practice at all, and I think few people would feel offended or under attack by such mind-games, but I do. Mental sovereignty should be something held sacred by society, but instead it’s wantonly, contemptuously and thoughtlessly exploited every day as a normal part of business.

Lynx 2012 "Noah's Yacht" advert

How many of you have seen this?:

The latest fragrance in the Lynx for Men range is called 2012, funnily enough as we’re about to enter that year. In the above TV advertisement, which is being broadcast regularly at the time of writing, the producers have alluded to the various transformational and apocalyptic ideas connected to that year. These have now entered the mainstream, but in a very distorted and negative way thanks to the blockbuster film by Roland Emmerich 2012. This advert jumps on that bandwagon and blends in a more familiar and engrained catastrophe myth, Noah’s Ark from the Book of Genesis.

I find this ad very tacky; it has many of the themes promoted in the “Lad Mag” genre, Loaded, FHM and Nuts etc, which I’m sure is a form of mind-control; but that’s a story that deserves a longer article of its own, however I incorporate it into my novel Rockall. See: This is the relevant passage:
“Kayleigh.” Mrs Ford put down the rolling pin and came around the table to face her daughter, brushing the flour off her hands. “Watching TV and reading magazines like Sorted M@n is not the way to find out what men are thinking. It’ll only tell you what they’re supposed to be thinking. Even when lads talk together, they’re not saying what they really think; they’re just saying things that make them sound cool and sophisticated to their mates. And that means regurgitating the kind of crap you find in Sorted M@n.
Kayleigh hesitated. “Why?”
She took out two teacups and switched on the kettle. “When I was a girl I took sociology in my last year of school. I was a wee bit plump in those days and was a member of Pound-Shedders. I decided to do a paper on the diet industry for my O-grade, thinking it would be something I could easily research. I found out that Scottish women spend two and a quarter billion pounds a year on slimming products! Somebody is getting very rich on women wanting to lose weight. I managed to find out who they were too. Pound-Shedders is run by a company called Michaelson Enterprises while a cartel called Cameron Skeyn owns the firm that produces Trim-Shakes and Calorectify pills. ‘Fine’ I thought and added it to my essay as a note of interest. Then one day I was checking through a catalogue, looking for a good deal on a new dress, when I happened to glance at an advert for a fashion and beauty magazine. I didn’t really pay much attention till I saw the names of the magazine’s publishers… Michaelson Enterprises and Cameron Skeyn!” She handed a steaming teacup to her daughter....

... Mrs Ford sat down on a stool and took a sip from her teacup. “I’m sure that this fraud is just the tip of the iceberg. As I said before, there’s Sorted M@n and other lad mags too. They’re just another side to the one coin that says: ‘If you want to be a real man then get a six-pack stomach, drive a big, fast car and only fancy the girls we tell you to fancy’.”
There was a pause as Kayleigh digested this new information. “Mum… Surely there’s some mistake. All this can’t be true.”
“I’m afraid it is, Sweetie. It’s not just about money either. It’s about making us think a certain way so the people in power can control us.”
“But it couldn’t possibly work! People would suss it!”
“Some do. I did, didn’t I?...

I go into more details about the truth about 2012 in this article: I don’t think I’ll be building “Noah’s Yacht” as a “babe magnet” next year!

Benylin and Sleep-Paralysis

Have you seen this advert on TV? It’s being broadcast regularly at the moment:

This is not an advertisement and I’m not promoting this product; on the contrary I find Benylin, and all cough medicines, absolutely useless. They have never had any effect on me at all and I don't bother taking them nowadays. The reason this one interests me is that the creator of this advert has knowingly or unknowingly made a parody of sleep-paralysis and attacks by the various monsters encountered during these experiences. In a way it’s just like the Nightmare painting by Henry Fuseli, see below.

This phenomenon is explained by Skeptics as a hallucination caused by a sleep-disorder, but I have reason to think otherwise as I describe in these two articles:

Saturday 17 December 2011

Christopher Hitchens Dies

Christopher Hitchens 13th of April 1949 - 15th of December 2011.

Background articles:

I’m sorry to announce that Christopher Hitchens has died. This follows months of battling against oesophageal cancer. He has faced his fate with all the hard-bitten wit, lack of self-pity and style that he always lived his life. I've never felt such strong emotions about the passing of a stranger. Rest in Peace, Hitch.

Christopher Hitchens was born in 1949 and graduated from Balliol Collage, Oxford in 1970. He spent many years as a Marxist, writing for various Leftist journals. His Left-wing sentiments cooled to Liberalism with maturity and he eventually became a columnist with Vanity Fair, the role for which he is best known. In later life he found a new niche for himself: as one of the world’s greatest polemicists and disputants; in fact some say he has virtually redefined what Schopenhauer called “the Art of Controversy” for all time. He has done a lot of his own lectures, but his favourite activity by far involved not so much talking to an audience as debating with somebody else on a dual platform in front of them. In this role he was absolutely unbeatable! He left opponent after opponent flummoxed and red-faced with his persuasive, poetic wit and razor-sharp intellect.

I’ve become enthralled by Hitchens in the last few years and watched hundreds of hours of his videos. I’ve read two of his books, including his autobiography Hitch 22. He’s somebody I’ve come to feel great affection for and have even started dividing other people up into two groups: Those who like him and those who don’t. I’ve found by doing this that all the most sensible people end up in the Like group and all the most foolish end up in the Dislike one, regardless of their personal opinions on the views Hitchens holds. Even if you totally disagree with him (and Hitchens himself has made sure that you will, but I’ll come to that point in a minute) it’s amazing to watch him and read his works. He’s so intellectual, so stylish, so knowledgeable and such a... yes!... a genius! He’s one of the most thought-provoking and entertaining characters I know of. He’s also the grandmaster and world champion of the most exciting spectator sport there is!

In Hitch 22, he describes how he can’t bear to lose a debate, and at the same time it’s obvious he loves debating. For this reason I must say I do question his sincerity. I wonder how much of what he preaches he really believes. He's also stated some very contradictory sentiments about the Military and what I call “The Military Religion” (See: At one moment praising a solider he knew in true Poppy-and-Flags fashion; the next he is scorning Scott Ritter’s own appeal to his status within Military Religion in their debate, see: Hitchens is a man who lives for the debate. Debate is an art form to him; a great game, one of which he is the virtually invincible. It’s not a means for him, but an ends in itself. His opinions seem tailor-made to ensure that he can get a wrangle out of anybody. He’s a Left-wing Liberal who supports the war and he’s an atheist who opposes abortion. All his positions are perfect to make him the universal contrarian.

As I said above, lot of people, even his most constant and dedicated opponents, will be dismayed at his death. There will of course be a few Bible-Belters who will be dancing on his grave, relishing him being impaled on the Devil’s toasting-fork. If this were to occur then Hitchens would no doubt face it as bravely as he’s faced everything else and think of some rip-roaring satirical joke to tell the Devil as he gets his muffins ready. For example, Hitchens was once asked: “What if you’re wrong and there really is a God?” He replied that when he stands before the Almighty at the end of his life he’ll say: “Sir, you provide no evidence of your existence and yet you criticize us when we don’t believe you exist? I hoped you would at least admire my honesty.”

CS Lewis has a quote that sums up Christopher Hitchens and his relationship to the people he deals with: "A noble friend is the best gift in the world; a noble enemy, the next best."

Wednesday 14 December 2011

My Interview on Critical Mass Radio

On Wednesday next week, the 21st of December, I will be a guest on Paul Giovanni’s Critical Mass show on Manchester Radio Online, see: This show has been archived and can be downloaded; see:

I’ve been interviewed by Paul before on his Awakened People show; this one has been recorded and can be downloaded, see:

First Man to the South Pole

A hundred years ago today, on the 14th of December 1912, at 3pm the first man ever (at least the first in recent recorded history) stepped onto the South Pole of Planet Earth. He was called Roald Amundsen, the leader of a Norwegian expedition that bore his name. This wasn't only an expedition, it was a race! Another team, led by an Englishman called Captain Robert Scott, was on the way to the Pole too. Both groups of men travelled speedily through an environment colder and more desolate than any have ever experienced before. Amundsen beat Scott by 5 weeks, which is quite close in terms of the time-scales of the expeditions. Amundsen returned home in triumph while Scott's men, already on their last legs, attempted to escape to their base camp, but cold, exhaustion and hunger stopped them and they sadly perished.

Since then Captain Scott's expedition has become more famous by far than Amundsen's. Surveys show time and time again that more people can name Scott, the loser of the race than Amundsen, the winner. This is interesting in terms of how we judge social values. It seems that a very heroic failure can in a sense be a victory. Scott kept a record of his travels and it reveals a story of immense human courage and dignity. I have a copy of the published diary and there's not one hint of self-pity or bitterness anywhere in the pages. Lawrence Oates, a member of the team who was too sick to walk, committed suicide so that his comrades would not be burdened with carrying him.

I take heart from this observation; it flies in the face of a lot of the propaganda we've been fed about the benefits of practical, ruthless nihilism and social Darwinism, see:

Sunday 11 December 2011

Strange Googe Earth Images in Gobi Desert

My friend and fellow researcher Nick Pope has had a new article published in The Sun. See:

What are these strange objects? The runways could be just that: old abandoned airfields. Why they're so long I don't know. Area 51 has an extra long runways too for some reason. As for the rest of it, I don't know. Could it be some mad artists showing off to the crew of the International Space Station, which of course includes a few of his fellow Chinamen now!

(Addemdum Febuary 2012: Background article:

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Reginald Gill- Cancer Therapist in Trouble

A friend of mine has received a mysterious letter from an organization called the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. Now there’s an Orwellian name for you! Also I’m sure many HPANWO-readers will notice that its symbol is the Vesica Pisces, or Illuminati all-seeing eye; see the header on their website:

It concerns something they purchased from a conference stall in 2009. My friend bought a machine that infuses bubbles of ozone into water to cleanse and energize it. This makes it far healthier to drink, so many people have told me, as well as improving the flavour. The letter has asked my friend for information because the MHRA is prosecuting the designer and seller of the device, a Mr Reginald Gill; see: and: . The letter has reassured my friend that they will remain anonymous, just like the Gestapo and KGB used to do when they wanted you to denounce your neighbours so they could be “disappeared”.

These news stories, from the BBC, the same BBC that has vilified “Climate Change deniers” and “9/11 Conspiracy nuts”, see: and: , seems to be the main source of this investigation. It would be dishonest for me to say that the charges against Mr Gill are definitely false, but I advise everybody to be extremely suspicious of the BBC and MHRA's statements. Mr Gill may well be one of many alternative medical experts who’ve been attacked and defamed by the authorities. There are many others like Wilhelm Reich, Gaston Naessens, and Royal Raymond Rife. See here for more details:

Monday 21 November 2011

New UFO Disclosure Petition


Following the success of the recent UFO Disclosure Petition, a second one is to be launched on December the 1st. When I say "success" of the first, I mean that the Obama Administration was forced by sheer weight of numbers to make an official response to it rather than to shove the whole thing in the "loony-mail" drawer like they usually do. I'm going to sign it and I recomend you, dear HPANWO-readers, do to. Although I've said many times that I personally doubt that willing Disclosure can ever take place, it's still a political principle that we ask them.

My own thoughts on the Obama Administration ever carrying out Disclosure are summed up here!:

(Update 1/12/11:) Signed it! I'm "Ben E-No.112"

House of Lords debate School Fingerprinting

The House of Lords is currently debating the fingerprinting of schoolchildren. See: I like the way they say: "We feel positive about the idea of asking the children's parents before they're fingerprinted." What has this world come to where what should be a truism needs to be debated!?

See here for background:

(Thanks to my friend Bev for bringing this to my attention.)

Thursday 17 November 2011

CCTV in Oxford Taxicabs

Oxford City Council has announced plans to put CCTV in every licenced taxicab in the city. This CCTV system would also have sound recording capabilities, to record the conversations of the passengers. The Oxford Mail has written an article where two writers debate the issue. See: You can guess what my views are on this subject! In fact I've put a comment in the box. I'm "Free Oxford". Here's my comment:

I've heard the arguments in favour of sound recording in taxies, and there are undeniable advantages of course... but isn't there always? Whenever the Government want to introduce some Big Brother policy they can't possibly come to us and say: "We want to erode your civil liberties because we don't want you to be free; we want to be able to control every aspect of your life." No, they have to put some bait on the hook! To sweeten the pill, hand us our shackles in pretty wrapping paper, so that we accept, and even champion, this War on Human Freedom. We are ragaled with optimistic stories lauded about the advantages of tagging prisoners, inserting microchips into the arms of asylum-seekers or taking our children's fingerprints at school (This happened to my daughter!) Look up "problem-reaction-solution" and you'll see what I mean. We're heading for a Big Brother State, tip-toeing, a tiny bit at a time. Individual policies like CCTV in taxies may seem harmless on its own, even beneficial, but look at the bigger pricture. If we're not careful, in a few years we'll be living in a world like Orwell's "1984" and we'll look back and wonder: "How on earth did this happen!?"

Saturday 12 November 2011

Poppy-Burners are Shills

With Remembrance Sunday tomorrow the news is awash with the prospect of another “protest” by supposed “Muslim extremist” groups which will involve the burning of Remembrance poppies, see: . Surely I’m not the only one who feels suspicious about what’s going on here! All these goons do is turn up with their robes and beards, looking like virtual caricatures of “nasty, evil Muslims”, making sure that TV cameras are around of course, to burn poppies or do something equally distasteful like picket soldiers’ funerals. This is not even clever propaganda; it’s blatant and transparent! I mean, look at this!: . See here for more details about the background to this subject:

Thursday 3 November 2011

Jimmy Savile Dies

HPANWO is very sad to report the death of the former-Hospital Porter Jimmy Savile, see:

See here for background:

After hanging up his gas-spanner Jimmy Savile enjoyed a long and fruitful civilian life in showbusiness and charity work. He was a well-known face on screen and stage and even took up running marathons in his 60's!

Rest in Pride and Dignity, Brother Porter Jimmy.

Monday 31 October 2011

Dr Judy Wood in Brighton

I’ve just experienced one of the best weekends I’ve had in years! I went to Brighton to see a live lecture by Dr Judy Wood, the famous 9/11 researcher. See: Her ideas are controversial, within the 9/11 Truth Movement, let alone outside it and she’s been denounced by many people who really should know better and recognize an ally when they see one. Her ideas are complex, but essential to understand in solving the mystery of not only who did really 9/11, but how it was done. Judy’s lecture is up online already. See:

After the show one of the organizers invited me to sleep the night at her house and when we walked in I was amazed to see that her husband had set up a radio station in the kitchen! There were about half a dozen people there, including Judy and they were in the middle of broadcasting. I was given a beer and then just sat quietly and listened. Here’s the radio show that was going on: As you can hear the host interviews Dr Judy Wood and later on Andrew Johnson and Freeman join the show. See: and:

With all the problems I’ve been having at work lately, this was just what I needed, to spend some time in the company of sympathetic, non-Conformist people. The people there gave me a lot of support and advice and I appreciate that very much. I caught up with several old friends and made lots of new ones. Judy Wood is a very sweet and interesting lady who’s great company.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Flu Fighter!

This year the Government is promoting the flu vaccine with this “Flu Fighter” lego character. Is this meant to resonate with the term “Foo Fighter”, a World War expression that meant a UFO?

On the reverse of the flyer the Government aims to tackle some of the “myths” concerning the flu vaccine: That it is dangerous, ineffective etc. I can only relate my own experience with the vaccine. I took it two years running in the early 1990’s and I was as sick as a dog for a week; the flu that the vaccine is meant to prevent would have given me less malaise. It reminds me of my Swine Flu Diary, see:

The vaccine is recommended, but not compulsory for NHS staff… yet! So as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve opted to give it a miss and take my chances with the flu.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Big B-rubber is Watching You!

Forget roadside checks and coin-tests! Treadcam, the latest technology means that the police can examine your tyres automatically without even stopping you! This article in a recent Metro shows how the system works. An electronic reader, similar to a fingerprint lens, is placed across the road and as a car drives over it the reader scans the car’s tyres which a roadside camera snaps its number-plate. If the tyres are badly-fitted, punctured, overfilled or bald the computer in the reader automatically alerts the nearest patrol car and the car is intercepted. Here’s the online version of the article:

This is just one more example of something “convenient” and “sensible” being used as the thin end of a wedge whose other end is total Big Brother surveillance.

Germany's Climategate


Germany has had its own Climategate! The German government has been caught red-handed spying on its own citizens with Big Brother-style electronic surveillance. Once again, we have to thank hackers for this. Like Gary McKinnon and James Delingpole, hackers are often very useful and use their skills in a quest for truth and justice. They’re not all destructive.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Naomi Campbell's All-Seeing Island

The British supermodel Naomi Campbell has has a new house built on her private island retreat off the coast of Turkey. See: The house was designed by the architect Luis de Garrido and is eco-friendly, being completely energy and water-efficient and independent. The most interesting aspect of it though from a HPANWO-esque point of view is that from above it looks exactly like the Eye of Horus symbol. Make of that what thou wilt!

Friday 14 October 2011

Bhutan Royal Wedding

There has been a royal wedding in Bhutan, one of the happiest nations on Earth. See:

If you wonder what I mean by that, see:

Tuesday 4 October 2011

My Interview in Wales on Sunday

Here it is:

This is similar to the article where I'm featured in The Sun, see: It definitely has a tongue-in-cheek feel, but the reporter has reproduced my words and the meaning of them accurately. He got in touch with me because he saw my Welsh-sounding name and righly guessed that I am a Welsh boy, even though I've lived in England my whole adult life. Strange how he doesn't mention that I'm a Porter and that I only "work in hospital". That's like saying that the Prime Minister "works for the Government"!

However the comments are more scathing and that's what I expected of course. However I do have a supporter! Thanks "Ingenious"!

Actually the Irish Independent did a follow-up article featuring me after The Sun's story and there they called me "retarded". And this is after they didn't even speak to me! This Ian O'Doherty could have called me or written to me for my imput, but no! I could have at least explained that I was not an "organizer" or Weird 11. See:

Thursday 29 September 2011

Advert inspired by Charlie Veitch

I came across this remarkable ad poster on Sunday. It's a heartwarming image that shows two young women affectionately embracing a Traffic Warden. This is a very powerful and subversive statement about the nature of the people in authority and how reacting to them differently can change their own behaviour.

The people behind this idea are the Love Police, Charlie Veitch and Danny Shine. Charlie has become infamous recently for his views on 9/11, see: . I think Charlie has been very foolish over 9/11, but credit where credit is due. And it could be that whoever designed this advertisement got his idea from watching the Love Police in action. Here's an example of their work:

Friday 23 September 2011

Red Arrows London Olympic Campaign

There's a rumour going round that the Red Arrows will be banned from flying one of their famous displays over the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. This may be just an urban myth, but it's being taken so seriously that a campaign and pettition has been started:

I've signed on to it. Unlike most of the other signatories this is not from any patriotic fervour on my part; I'm just curious about what's going on. Not to have the Red Arrows at such a major historical British landmark event like the Olympics is virtually unthinkable for many. As Ross Hemsworth said: "They're flown in for the opening of a crisp-packet!" Could it be that the sky above London on the opening or closing ceremony will need to be clear for... other things!?

See Ian R CRane talking about a false-flag alien invasion:

Wednesday 21 September 2011

My Interview in The Sun

See Part 5 of my HPANWO TV reportage of the Weird 11 conference:

My interview with The Sun was published in the end. I actually doubted if it would because I thought I did't sound crazy enough for them! It's in today's paper on Page 28 and here's the online version:

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but then again is that just because my expectations could not be undercut? The reporter, David Lowe, did represent my views fairly accurately. As I said in my video, the only bad publicity is no publicity and it's encouraging that the media is at least covering events like Weird. I had nothing to lose by speaking to them.
(Edit 2017: I've changed my mind on that point totally since)

Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell was a long-serving police officer with South Yorkshire Police. But then when he spoke openly about his views that 9/11 was an inside job he was discharged from the force! He's going through an industrial tribunal and needs support, both moral and fincancial. You can donate to his cause here:

Friday 16 September 2011

Four Trapped Miners


Tragically one of the four men trapped underground in a coal mine near Swansea has died. Condolences to his loved-ones.

I'm interested to see how this event is portrayed by the media in comparison to when a similar tragedy befalls a soldier in Afghanistan. See here for background:

There's a HPANWO Forum thread discussing non-Military memorials too:

The only reason fewer miners get injured and killed nowadays is because most of the coal mines in Wales are now closed down.

(Addendum- 19/9/11: All four men perished in the mine. Very sorry to hear that.)

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Accident at French Nuclear Power Station


The media outside France is keeping very quiet about this. The BBC has barely mentioned it, however it's big news in France. Is there really no danger of a leak?

Friday 9 September 2011

9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip

The BBC have broadcast their TV show 9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip, see:
See here for background:

It was broadcast on BBC3 late at night, not on prime time BBC1 or 2, so Charlie may not receive the fame and fortune he so manifestly craves.

I could have done a full review of this programme, but can't. It's almost physically painful to watch such dire television! It was even worse than this one I spoke of before: No new information, all the cliche debunkers that have all been comprehensively counter-debunked years ago, a cast of very amateurish 9/11 Truthers and, most importantly of all: lashings and lashings of sickly sweet moral blackmail! The BBC are Bastards!

Sunday 4 September 2011

Another "Climate Change Denier" Persecuted!


Background article:

So this guy has quit his job as editor of Remote Sensing has resigned? Why? Did somebody say: "Eh, Wolfgang, how do you feel like resigning today?" I don't think so! This makes a joke out of the idiotic ravings of people like George Monbiot who feel satisfied that Man-Made Climate Change has been proved true due to an open and honest scientific debate. No doubt George will be publishing a video showing Dr Wagner in a classroom being blown up when his teacher presses a button!

Have I got Morgellons?

I think I’m becoming a bit of a hypochondriac. I’ve started to be scared that I might have Morgellons Disease. The reason for me thinking this is that I have a very long and thin single hair growing out of my forehead about half an inch above my right eyebrow. It’s extremely fine and in fact I don’t think it’s even visible in the photo. I’ve cut it once already but it grown back surprisingly quickly. Within a month or two it’s over an inch long! I’ve also been getting red spots on my shoulders and forearms.

I’m being daft really. Morgellons is actually something very different; a condition most doctors don’t even accept exists. See: It’s been largely denounced as hysteria by much of mainstream medicine. The official line is that the “particles” are just cotton fibres from dressings that have become embedded in scabs, but as you can see this doesn’t match the patients’ experience.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

BBC Conspiracy Piles

Last night at 10pm the BBC officially stopped producing TV shows and started producing haemorrhoids! This very painful and unsightly pile is so beyond compare that the complete review I had been planning to write has been cancelled:

The biggest reason for my decision to bin the full review is that the show contains virtually no new information at all, no material that has not been discussed before and found to be extremely questionable to say the least. I’m sure the programme actually contained scenes that were put in the original Conspiracy Files TV show that was broadcast a few years ago. I lost count of the number of times the pejorative phrase “conspiracy theory” was mentioned, but it was at least 3 times in the intro. Believers in the official story are never called by that name, although technically they are. There were the standard traumatized witnesses saying: “These eeeeeeeeevil conspiracy theorists just don’t care about the 9/11 victims or the pain they’re causing the relatives...” I’d answer by asking the person why it’s necessary to cover up a murder in order to show respect for the victims of that crime.

The only difference between this and other disfiguring anal disorders I’ve suffered is that they had a little bit in it about the Bin Laden “killing”. They even produced a real CIA agent to convince us that the Bin Laden killing was true! I cover this story here: It might have also helped to interview a member of the special forces team which carried out the assassination, but unfortunately they’ve been killed in an air crash... purely by coincidence I’m sure. OW! I need to get some Preparation H! If I lie down could one of you put them in for me?

Sunday 21 August 2011

Street-Cleaning Computer Game

I was wandering through town the other day when I ended up in the local “Game” store. I was browsing the shelves and stopped in amazement when I saw the game in the photo above for sale. This is a computer game based on a street-cleaning machine, tucked in there right next to mainstream Conformist games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Age of Empires. Here’s its website: This program, by Excalibur Games, puts the user in control of a virtual street-cleaning vehicle. The conformist reaction to this is to laugh scornfully: “Who’d be interested in playing that!?” I hear. I find it always amusing to ask a Conformist why he thinks nobody would be interested in playing that and he’ll stutter and fluster for a couple of seconds then come out with classic lines like: “Well… that’s just the way things are, Mate.” or “Look, it just is, OK?” These are not answers, they’re non-answers! They are fire-escapes for your mind when uncomfortable concepts appear in your brain.

I’m delighted that there is a market for games about street-cleaning. It seems that gamers want to learn about what the Conformist mind dismisses as a menial and worthless occupation. Hospital Portering is regarded in much the same way; I’ve even been told at one point: “Ben, don’t tell ‘em we’re Porters!” See: Perhaps I should get together with a games designer and write a new game based on Hospital Portering; if that sells well I’ll know for sure that nonConformism is beginning to take hold en masse!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

BNP Youth- the Shop Window

See here for background:

Many of its critics claim that the BNP is attempting to give the public a very false image of itself; not that this is unusual for any political party, but the BNP has come under especially harsh accusations of deceit. The other day I discovered an actual example of this myself. Do you remember a few months ago I wrote about a video I saw featuring the supposed “leader of the BNP’s youth section”, Kieran Trent? Here it is: . See especially the video linked on the article; this one: It gives the impression that the BNP has a large and dedicated youth contingent led by a committed and long-serving young member. But this is Kieran Trent again, as he appears in an independent TV documentary, one that was made at about the same time: . Here we see a very different person to the eloquent and confident youth who stood up in front of all those boys and girls and explained how he liked V for Vendetta and that the English Defence League is an MI5 front. We see a far younger-looking and less mature person, a teenage boy who looks confused, fearful and very bitter. It turns out at the end that far from being head of any supposed youth section he wasn’t even a party member and chose not to join at all. This means that the BNPTV speech he gave was contrived and totally fictional!

I’m not an obsessive anti-BNP campaigner any more than I am a BNP supporter; I don’t consider the BNP any worse than Labour, Conservative or Liberal. What I’m informing you of is that political parties create shop-window personas of themselves to sell to the public, and we have to watch out for them.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

BBC Reporter sees UFO

A UFO was seen in the early hours of last Wednesday by Mike Sewell, a BBC reporter. This famous voice from the sports broadcasts of Radio 5 Live speaks to his colleagues on the air about seeing a UFO in Hertfordshire near Stanstead Airport. See: Timothy Good is on the air at the time! Is it just my imagination or do they usher him away a bit quickly!

Friday 29 July 2011

Fake Muslim Posters

This is the story covering the placing of posters and stickers imposing Sharia Law in areas of Britain. See: Thanks to "Georgia" on the HPANWO Forum for spotting this: Anjem Choudry's supposed Islam4UK organization is never long out of the headlines. Last year the publicly burned Remembrance Poppies in the street. They even heckle the funerals of dead soldiers. But I think that their whole outfit is a fraud and everything they do is a scam, a Government psy-op. see: Don't fall for it!