Friday 24 December 2010

The Israeli Roswell

"The Israeli Roswell." I claim my place in history as the one who first coined that phrase.

Friday 17 December 2010

Zecharia Sitchin Dies

Zecharia Sitchin 1920-2010

Official site:

Zecharia Sitchin has died. He passed away on the 9th of October shortly after publishing his fourteenth book; he was 90 years old. Originally from Azerbaijan, he lived his adult life in the United States dedicating his time to writing; he was a very influential, but very controversial historian. He has influenced many other researchers like David Icke, Emmanuel Vielokovsky and Erich von Daniken.

He postulated that the Sumerian culture of ancient Iraq originated from an extraterrestrial civilization that lived on a planet called Nibiru which orbited the sun on an elliptical orbit every 3600 years which was why astronomers had yet to discover it. He believed that the intelligent inhabitants of Nibiru, the Annunaki, genetically-engineered the modern human species from Homo Erectus as a slave race. The central theme of his theories can be found in the Earth’s Chronicles series of 7 books that he published between 1976 and 2007. I find a lot of his work dubious, especially since Nibiru is now known not to exist, despite claims to the contrary from some of the Truth community; See: . However Sitchin cut through a lot of the Giggle Factor and helped many truth-seekers clarify their thoughts, whether we agreed with him 100% or not. He observed many of the interesting trends, archetypes and synchronous plots found in mythology across the world that other less-imaginative historians missed out. He gave us a great gift and his passing is to be regretted. Rest in Peace, Zecharia Sitchin.

Friday 26 November 2010

North Korea is Very Bad Indeed!


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I see that North Korea has launched an artillery bombardment from North Korea onto South Korea. North Korean shells from North Korea have damaged many houses and killed dozens of people. The enemy of North Korea is looming threatening a new war by North Korea.

Personally I wonder if that attack really did come from North Korea. I'd like to see evidence... and I expect something as bit more substantial than a fake torpedo!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Prince William gets Engaged

The Reptile Prince, the occult Sun King, born on the Summer Solstice, has announced that he's to get married next year to his girlfriend Kate Middleton. Apprently he "popped the question" while the couple were on holiday in Kenya.

Popped the question!? What is this, a mini-series by Catherine Cookson? The Reptile Prince will marry whatever mind-controlled concubine he's told to! As for Kate, I have only one message to her: If you have to cross the River Seine at any time, use a bridge, not a tunnel!

The happy couple are going to live near the Air Sea Rescue centre where William is serving as an RAF hellicopter pilot. It's on Anglesey of all places! Strange, that island was a sacred place to the Iron Age Celtic people of Britain in the immediate pre-Illuminati era. (Background article: And: )Another "coincidence"!?

Sunday 7 November 2010


The Government have announced plans to make people who have been unemployed for over a year do unpaid community service. They’ll be brought in to do litter-removal, gardening or serving charities for up to 30 hours a week. Those who refuse will lose their Job-Seekers Allowance. See:

The practical and ethical problems I have with this proposal are so numerous and vast that I hardly know where to start! Firstly it is so disappointing that the modern Con-Dem Government resurrect the ancient and condescending Thatcherite myth that unemployment is caused by laziness and if only people “got on their bike” the millions on the dole would soon be off it. It’s not! The level of unemployment is directly proportional to the economy; people don’t suddenly just become lazy when we get a recession. The Government are also effectively saying: “We can’t afford to give you a proper job, so can we just pretend we’re giving you a job and not pay you? Then it would look as if you were working; that’s what matters.” I’m also concerned by what happened when a system was tried out in America in the 80’s called “WorkFare”. A group of 20 long-term unemployed people were given unpaid jobs cleaning the streets in a city. However the city’s sanitation services had to make 20 of its properly-employed staff redundant to create vacancies for the unpaid WorkFare crews. As a result unemployment shot up as more and more working people were replaced by these unpaid… I’m going to say it... slaves!

So don’t give me any nonsense about Slavery being abolished 200 years ago! It’s alive and well and coming back. What will they think of next? The return of the Workhouse?... Shhh! I shouldn’t give them ideas!

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Monday 1 November 2010

Printer Cartridge Bomber

First we had the Shoe Bomber, then the Baby-Bottle Bomber, then the Underpants Bomber… and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the air, the Printer Cartridge Bomber! However was this just another load of media BS? Is the Pope a paedophile-enabler? Read on.

As I’ve often said, it’s the initial news stories that are the most important; they’re the ones which get released before the news services have settled down into the cover-story. EG: . I heard when the incident hit the headlines that a device had been found on board a cargo plane in a printer’s toner cartridge that consisted of “white powder” and “wires sticking out”. I expected them to come out with another anthrax plot line, after the monumental cock-up of the last one. Then later broadcasts adapted it into a “bomb designed to explode in the air.” The plot was that they would be detonated while the aircraft was flying over major Western cities like London and New York bring the aircraft down into the streets. However the alternative media, like Russia Today and (See links) has been saying that at the time this supposedly-deadly cargo had been stowed on board the plane nobody knew exactly what route the plane was going to take. Also what if it had been delayed? Seems a pretty poor plot really. However the lurid scare-fests were all over the weekend’s media.

I’m not surprised that the finger is pointing at Yemen again. This happened with the Y-Fronts Bomber at Christmas. The American interest in the area is suspicious. There are several theories why, from the usual economic and geopolitical ones to stories about a Stargate in the cityport of Aden.

Saturday 23 October 2010

Thank Goodness for Wikileaks!


I am personally delighted by this Wikileaks scandal. I can't supress a frisson of satisfaction at Hilary Clinton's squirming! This issue is a testimony to the wonderful freedom of the Internet! Let's have some more!

Wednesday 13 October 2010

My First Ageless Birthday!

Today is my first Ageless Birthday. See here fore background to becoming Ageless: .

As I say in the linked article, there's no reason why Ageless people should stop celebrating their birthdays. The only difference is that our birthdays don't have numbers.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Norman Wisdom Dies

Norman Wisdom
Feburary 1915 to October 2010

Norman Wisdom, the great non-Conformist comedian and actor who seemed immortal, has finally left this world. He remained active and lucid right up until the last year of his life after his retirement at the age of 90. (The only black mark agianst him was that he appeared in Casualty in 1998!) His main character was Norman Pitkin, the star of over 30 films. Pitkin combined the Masculine and Heroic with compassion and sensitivity in a way the modern Illuminati-engineered cultural regime is trying to stamp out. Rest in Peace, Norman

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Wild Things... They Don't Tell Us!

Reg Presley is best known as The Troggs vocalist. In 1990, aged 50, he did something that changed his life forever. Most 50-year-old rock stars buy a big motorbike, take lots of drugs and go around sleeping with young models (Maybe Reg does those things too! I don't know!), but Reg walked into a Crop Circle. The famous first pictogram at East Field, Wiltshire. The book's title is a reference to The Troggs' 1965 smash hit Wild Thing.

This is a sweet story by an aimiable-sounding character. It shows an innocent yet deep and profound wisdom. Itr contains a lot of new information to me about White Powder Gold and a mysterious mass-premonition about a major fire at a chemical plant. Reg, and many other people, saw it on a news flash at 1pm when the fire happened at 5pm!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

The World's First Recorded Sounds


These are sounds recorded by the French scientist Eduard Leon-Scott de Martinville. They were made in 1859 a full 20 years before sound recording was officially invented by Thomas Edison. The amazing thing is that these recorded sounds were not recorded for the purposes of letting people hear them played back; the objective was simply to see what the sound waves looked like when scratched onto paper. There was no way to play them back at the time and the inventor of the “phonautograph” didn’t intend to do so. But then in 2008 somebody had the bright idea of designing a computer program that could adapt the etchings on the phonautograph logs into a soundtrack! As a result we can now hear the recordings made!

You can hear a recognizable yet indistinct man’s voice, de Martinville himself, singing a musical major scale and then chanting the famous French folk song Au Clair de La Lune. There are also other recordings, of a train in New York and a speeded-up version of the song. Listening to these soundtracks gives me a very strange feeling. We’re hearing sounds that were first emitted as audio waves over 150 years ago, long before we were supposed to be able to hear them. It’s a kind of audio-fossil.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Gurkha Beheads a Taliban


A lot of the media have been in uproar over the actions of a member of the British Gurkha Rifles regiment in Afghanistan. He apprently cut off the head of a Taliban suspect. Surely shooting his guts out would have been far more humane!

Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. Once you've made the decision to invade a country and blow people up so some oil company can build a pipeline through their village then it's hypocritical to shilly-shally about it. Either go in there and mow the subhuman scum down like cockroaches or decide that such a war is imoral and go home!

Monday 13 September 2010

Burn a Koran Day

On Saturday it was September the 11th 2010, the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The Revd Terry Jones (After he finished Monty Python!) says we should all burn Korans on every September the 11th. This sounds to me like another provocation tactic like those Danish cartoons. Also it serves to refucus the public on the "real" issues involved: The Muslims did the 9/11 attacks and it was not a govt conspiracy... just in case we've forgotten!
It it really sacrilege to burn the Koran? Well, yes. But only because it's sacrilege to burn any book. Books are objects of beauty and wonder, the hallmark of civilization. To burn books is the cypher of barbarism and tyanny.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Oxford Skeptics in The Pub 7/9/10

Background articles:

On Tuesday night I went to my first Oxford Skeptics in the Pub ( Itr's run by a bloke called Andy. The speaker was the "Skeptical activist" Simon Perry, see: . He spends his time reporting psychics and alternative medicine practitioners to Trading Standards.
I went undercover this time (The only time I'll be able to do this because Droike, a long-term HPANWO Forum member, is about to shop me to them ), and luckily nobody was there from the London ones who'd recognize me. I asked a question at the Q&A session. I firstly "congratulated" Simon for infiltrating psychic surgeries and Spiritualist Churches, but said: "Have you ever thought about infiltrating the Arthur Findlay College or Canol Hafarn y Coed, where these psychics train?" He replied: "I might well do, and I'll sue them if I'm not psychic by the end of the course." Sadly he missed the sarcasm and irony of my question. He was supposed to say "Why?" then I'd have said: "Because I want to know when they pull students to one side and say: 'Look, this is all a load of crap really, but this is what you have to do.'; and then lead them to the secret passageway from the meditation room to the secret classroom where they teach you cold reading!"

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Piranhas are NOT Dangerous!

Well, not very. They have been known to attack humans and can give a swimmer a nasty bite, but the idea that they will come at you in droves and reduce you to a skeleton in ten minutes is a complete myth. There are thousands of other fish species that deserve a dangerous reputation more than the piranha

This film is currently in the cinemas: . I've not seen it and have no intention to because it looks rubbish. It's actually the most recent in a whole series of remakes, varying in obscurity, of an original horror B-movie from 1978 by Joe Dante (Explorers, Universal Soldier etc).

The myth of Piranha's nature dates back to the 1940's when Theodore Roosevent mentions them in a speech. It was just a brief aside, an anecdote, however one of the people listening to the speech was an author called Willard Price. The idea of the Piranha being a horrific man-eater captured his imagination and he incorporated them into his 1949 book Amazon Adventure in which there's a scene where they attack an aligator and strip its entire body in minutes leaving only a pile of bones that the author compares to dinosaur fossils. Then more stories and TV shows followed on from Price's vision and in 1978 the first horror movie of the Piranha franchise was produced. The piranha myth had gone viral!

Piranhas are actually quite timid fish that school together only for protection and hunt in small groups. They rarely attack anything bigger than themselves and prefer carrion; in fact they're known as "aquatic vultures". I saw one in an aquarium once as a child and was awed by the sign on the side which said: "DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND IN THE WATER. I had this image that if I put my hand in only bones would come out! No, the truth is that it might just bite me; they have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, and this was the reason for the sign.

I wonder how many other concepts that everyone assumes is real are not. Ian R Crane talks about the "pseudo-myths"; notions that are generally thought of as true, yet not observed to be true. They are false, but are not labelled with the word "myth" and all it's negative connotations.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Credo Mutwa Attacked!

The lovely and wonderful old Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa has been attacked. He was tricked into travelling to Swaziland where some thugs tortured him. They then stole his precious Necklace of Mysteries, one of the few remaining sacred artifacts of the Zulu people that hasn't already been plundered for the black market or western museums. Please join me in sending thoughts of healing to Credo and the wish to have his necklace returned.

See here for details:

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Starchild Skull DNA Test Results

The results on Lloyd Pye's "Starchild" Skull are now complete. Lloyd has taken a lot of stick from critics, including those who should know better. Hopefully this will vindicate him.


(Related article:

Saturday 17 July 2010

Roman Polanski NOT to be Extradited


Roman Polanski, the film director of such meaningful films as Rosemary’s Baby, will not be extradited to the US to face charges of having sex with an underage girl in 1977. No, it seems European nations are far more interested in handing over UFO-hackers like Gary McKinnon, see: . When you think about it, Polanski might have technically done wrong, but his “victim” was a streetwise teenage girl, not some little toddler with a teddy-bear. So it’s not fair to call him a “paedophile” and categorize him with the likes of Gary Glitter.

As I’ve said before, maybe there’s a reason why the authorities are coming down on him so hard now!:

Thursday 8 July 2010

Big Brother- When the Rules go Out the Window!

A friend of mine works at a hotel and has told me something very interesting and very relevant to HPANWO. His hotel, like most workplaces… and everywhere else… has installed a CCTV system for security purposes. But recently he was pulled up by management. His boss called him into the office and reprimanded him for putting his feet up on a chair while he was sitting at reception. My friend apologized, but it was only later that he asked himself the question: How did the boss know? The incident took place when the boss was not in the building. My friend did a bit of investigating and discovered that the boss had seen him on the hotel’s CCTV recording. My friend was furious and made a formal grievance. Those cameras are intended for security purposes only, not so that the management can spy on the staff. The recorded data from the CCTV is supposed to be strictly controlled and not open to anyone to access it, no matter how high their position. Luckily my friend’s grievance was sustained and the boss was himself given a bollocking, but I wonder how much more this kind of thing is going on. I know for a fact that there is one institution not far from where I live where security guards’ locations are monitored while they’re on patrol by making them swipe their ID badges through the electronic door locks. Such door locks are now almost as commonplace as CCTV; my hospital has them. Again we see the same thing: the door locks, like the CCTV was installed allegedly for “purely security” purposes and has been expanded into its Big Brother role without so much as a nod!

This for me is a sign of endemic corruption and it proves the point I’ve always made: that the Big Brother infrastructure will not be hurled at us violently, it will be delivered in an attractive, decorated parcel that we will open without hesitation or a morsel of fear. When even the rules and ethical guidelines accompanying Big Brother that are meant to protect us go out the window, nobody can pretend any more that the innocent have nothing to fear.

Thursday 24 June 2010

RIP Subway

Background article:

Related news story:

This is all that’s left of the London Road Subway in Headington. Builders have filled it in with concrete and are now building a new pedestrian walkway on top of it:

The council went ahead and bowed to pressures of the national government (apparently the redevelopment was engineered with London commuters in mind) and filled in this pedestrian thoroughfare, art gallery and vital piece of local culture. But rest assured I still have all the photos I took of the subway’s glorious street art and I reproduce it here on HPANWO! RIP Subway. The originals may one day be uncovered by future archaeologists. I hope those descendants of ours will raise their hands in shock and disbelief at our stupidity in the same way they do today at the desecration of the Aztec sacred sites and idols by the Conquistadors:

(Addendum- 4/7/10): The local press is covering this subject again and has interviewed me: