Tuesday 28 September 2010

Wild Things... They Don't Tell Us!

Reg Presley is best known as The Troggs vocalist. In 1990, aged 50, he did something that changed his life forever. Most 50-year-old rock stars buy a big motorbike, take lots of drugs and go around sleeping with young models (Maybe Reg does those things too! I don't know!), but Reg walked into a Crop Circle. The famous first pictogram at East Field, Wiltshire. The book's title is a reference to The Troggs' 1965 smash hit Wild Thing.

This is a sweet story by an aimiable-sounding character. It shows an innocent yet deep and profound wisdom. Itr contains a lot of new information to me about White Powder Gold and a mysterious mass-premonition about a major fire at a chemical plant. Reg, and many other people, saw it on a news flash at 1pm when the fire happened at 5pm!

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