Thursday 30 June 2022

Probe 2022 Report by Neil Geddes Ward

Neil Geddess Ward has produced his own reportage of the Probe International Conference 2022, see:
Along with some commentary by myself, the video features Paul Wright, Tony Topping, Frank Willis, Guy Needler and Steve Mera. It's a brief yet informative insight into what the Probe conferences are like. Hope to see you at future ones!
See here for my own Probe reportage:

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Roe vs Wade

Several people have asked me what I think of the Roe vs Wade scandal. I am not American so it is not my direct business, but such a landmark legal ruling could have significant reverberations for the rights of the unborn in other countries, as this article explains: Obviously people wanted my opinion because I am known to be a staunch pro-lifer (the answer to that question is: yes I would) and so I thought I'd better write a post about it. In a way I see the loss of Roe as a bit of a storm in a teacup. The right to have abortions will not be affected in most parts of the United States following this ruling. The worst that could happen, from a pro-abortion position, is that a few women might have to travel some distance to have the procedure. Roe vs Wade was passed into law by the US Supreme Court in 1973 following a suit by an anonymous female Texan. "Jane Roe", or "John Doe" for a male, is an American legal term used when a person's name in unknown or cannot be revealed. She claimed to have had a baby in 1970 as a result of being gang-raped. Many years later she reversed this claim and asserted that this had been a lie. SCOTUS repealed Roe vs Wade on June the 4th 2022 on the grounds that the right to terminate a pregnancy was not deeply rooted in America's history or tradition and was not considered a right when the Due Process clause was ratified in 1868. News of this case was leaked prematurely to the media. This programme provides a good commentary:
The response from the pro-abortion community, which is most people to a greater or lesser degree, has been outrage. Like a lot of leftwing tantrums, this one has been more amusing than anything else. It has mostly involved people running around on the streets waving crudely made rainbow coloured placards and screaming in fury. Also some celebrities have made insipid public statements. One group of women has organized a "sex strike". This idea goes right back to the dawn of second-wave feminism; I think the first example was some time in the 1960's. However, only a tiny minority of women will go along with it, even among the proportion of women who self-identify as feminists, which is currently about eight percent and shrinking. Seeing as the remaining hardcore tend to be extremely unappealing, in both appearance and personality, we chaps are not particularly bothered. (It is a chilling revelation of how deep the pathology of feminism goes that making oneself as ugly as possible is considered an act of feminine rebellion. This is why they deliberately put on weight, shave their hair or dye it unnatural colours, overuse piercing jewellery and wear stupid clothes etc.) You have to realize that the United States of America is not a singular country; it is a federation. It consists of fifty separate semi-independent nations which have a lot of political autonomy. Roe vs Wade asserted that all women in all the states had a right to terminate their pregnancies. Its repeal merely means that the federal authorities can no longer dictate that and the issue is left up to the individual states to decide. Seeing as only fourteen of the fifty states have outlawed abortion, there is nothing to prevent a woman having one if she's willing to make the journey. It is rather like women of Ireland crossing the Irish Sea to have abortions in Liverpool and Holyhead; before the repeal of the Eighth, see below. There are thirteen US states in which the right to abortion is enshrined in state law. Intellectually, I think most of the people protesting know this deep down. I suspect their outburst is really because this is a symbolic victory for people who, for the most part, are conservative white males (ugh!), and this demographic cannot ever be allowed to enjoy any victory. This is why the same people rioted over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Obviously, as somebody who asserts the human right to life from conception and not just birth, the striking down of Roe doesn't really have any effect that I would like to see. It is a symbolic triumph; that's the most I can say about it. After a while, the "pro-choice" brigade will calm down and things will continue as normal.
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Thursday 23 June 2022

Happy Referendum Day 2022!

Today it is six years since the British people did one of the bravest and most decent things they have ever done, vote to leave the European Union. Against the wishes of the entire establishment and pressure from large numbers of our countrymen whose willpower was shackled by Project Fear, we voted Leave. I feel so proud of that! Since then, as I predicted, none of the portents of doom wailed by the Remoaners have come true. All the current problems related to Northern Ireland and fishing etc are acts of sabotage, obstacles created deliberately by Brussels to impede our path to freedom. It will not work. I look forward to celebrating many future Referendum Days in the years to come. This is only the third one post-Brexit. For the first time since that wonderful day, we can see a nation not weighed down by the coronavirus hoax. No doubt the Deep State have a new crisis lined up to replace the old, but all of them so far have backfired; why shouldn't any future ones?
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Wednesday 22 June 2022

More Orator Pages


A few days ago I published two images from the old and shiort-lived CMR magazine The Orator, see: Now I'm pleased to say that I've obtained three more. These include the cover of issue one. The second page includes our radio schedule and the third an article by the late Alex, a wonderful friend of the station.
See here for more information:
And: (coming soon).

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Bored of The Rings

The image above is a publicity still from Amazon's new upcoming series The Lord of the Rings- The Rings of Power. It shows the character Disa, a dwarf princess from the underground dwarfish city of Khazad-Dum. She will be played by an actress called Sophia Nomvete, one of a number of non-white thespians in this latest Tolkienian prequel. It also features figures from previous films and books in a transformed role. Galadriel is a warrior in armour for example, a feminist icon. I am not the only person who finds this repulsive. Many others do, but few will speak out about it. A huge amount of moral blackmail has been dumped onto us to keep us smiling and pretending not to notice. Those who refuse to be silent, like me, will naturally be accused of racism. If we hate the new LOTR, it must be because we hate black people, full stop. You might argue that Middle Earth is not the real world and its inhabitants are therefore strange creatures so why should they only be portrayed as one race from the real human world? It is because JRR Tolkien was inspired by indigenous northern European mythology when he wrote his fiction; Anglo-Saxon (he was a professor of Old English at Oxford), Celtic, Norse etc; it really is that simple. He intended his works to be a neo-mythology for white British people. To object to having non-white people in the film adaptations is not racist, it is just a desire for authenticity and respect. I'd add that exceptions would be the characters who are obviously meant to be non-white in the story, like the Haradrim. Apart from that it should be white people and only white people, like in Peter Jackson's films. I would say exactly the same thing if somebody remade Zulu and had white people playing the Zulus, in fact I would walk out of such a travesty.
I know very well that almost all old and adored franchises have been infected with wokery. I despise that, see the links below; but with Tolkien it opens a deeper and more painful wound. I've often called Tolkien's oeuvre the keep of the fortress. They can have Star Wars and Doctor Who if they want. That's sad, but we can get over it; but they are NOT having Tolkien! Why has this happened now? It's obvious; Christopher Tolkien is dead. He finally passed away in 2020 at the age of ninety-five. Since his father died in 1973, Christopher has managed the Middle Earth franchise in a loyal and devoted manner which is exactly what his father wanted. He was extremely territorial and defensive when it came to leasing rights. The cultural Marxist vandals have been circling him for a while now like a flock of rainbow striped vultures; and no doubt they gave a great cheer when Christopher drew his last breath, sadly without appointing a trustworthy successor. This video is an excellent analysis of this horrible situation: Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, has also made a video on this subject that makes an excellent point. The whole purpose of Tolkien is that it allows us to immerse ourselves completely in an imaginary world that was created with the most extraordinary detail and forget the issues of the real world. Political correctness breaks the spell. It drags us back to so-called reality, making us think all the time of issues from the world we left behind for a while, see: The good news is that Amazon's toxic sludge is not canon; it is really just glorified fan fiction. I will not be watching The Lord of the Rings- The Rings of Power. I intend actively to boycott it. It's not that bad. At the end of the day, we still have Tolkien's original books; we have Jackson's magnificent adaptations. They can't take those away from us!
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Monday 20 June 2022

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 54

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 54 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 54 includes an article in my column entitled The Dyfed Phenomenon.
Also you will find in Issue 54: A military pilot ordered to fire on a UFO!, policeman sees aliens in a crop circle, black helicopters and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 53:

Saturday 18 June 2022

Bases Conference Promo 2

With just three weeks to go, Miles Johnston has released a second promotional video for the upcoming Bases 2022 International Conference and Workshops. This includes short video intros from some of the speakers including myself.
See here for the video:
The line-up of speakers is as follows, in alphabetical order:
Andrea Foulkes
Ben Emlyn Jones
Bob Brown
Colin Woolford
Gloria Moss
Harry Rhodes
Karen Dodd (co-organizer)
Kerry Cassidy
Kerry Murray
Maria Wheatley
Martin Colborne
Matthew Williams
Michael Shrimpton
Mike Emery
Sandi Adams
Valentina Zharkova

Some of those names will be familiar to you; others are speaking at Bases for the first time. The keynote speaker of the whole conference is Prof. Valentina Zharkova. She is a Ukrainian scientist who is currently a senior lecturer at Northumbria University Newcastle. She will be talking about the sun's energy and its influence on the solar system. Tickets are available here: Hope to see you there!
See here for the first promo:
See here for my interview with Miles on the HPANWO Show:

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Dover Clown's Day Off

I've recently been in a debate with somebody on the internet (Yes, I know!) about the strange case of the Dover Demon. In this debate I have discovered a perfect example of the "clown's day off" fallacy. The Dover Demon is a strange creature reported by four people in three separate sightings on two nights in April 1977. They took place in the small and isolated town of Dover in Massachusetts USA. The being is described as four legged with very thin legs and prehensile paws on all four limbs. Its head was bulbous and had huge eyes that glowed green or orange. It had no other facial features. Despite its slight similarity to a grey alien, no spacecraft was reported in the vicinity at the time. The fact that it was seen near a river on all three occasions has led some researchers to suggest it might be an aquatic cryptid instead of an extraterrestrial. Or it might possibly be a "puckwudgee", an etheric being from Amerindian folklore. Skeptics mostly claim that the witnesses all saw a foal from a local farm, even though it was the wrong season, or a baby moose, although there are no wild moose in that region. This video is a good summary: However, it was on another more slapdash video that I had the debate. A YouTuber called "Richard Delmuth" wrote a very skeptical comment; which, needless to say, I took him to task for in a reply. He asserts that the witnesses all conspired to hoax their encounters. He is so certain of this that at the end of the comment he puts it: "Case CLOSED: HOAX!" (his emphasis). He correctly points out that all the witnesses were teenagers and attended the same school. No surprise there; Dover is a small place, a village by British standards, and it only has a single school. But then he goes on to add: "I think there are clues in Bartlett's sketch indicating the 'sighting' was a hoax. In the brief written description he provides he stated the skin colour of the thing was of a colour like purple. Curiously, he misspelled a simple word like 'purple' as 'PROPle'; an odd 'mistake' to make for a seventeen year old about to graduate high school!... Was he insinuating by misspelling the word that a PROP or model of the creature thing was used to sketch it from? Both Bartlett and Baxter made well delineated drawings of the thing... Baxter may have made the clay prop/model for them both to draw the images of the thing from." With those words he commits a classic case of the clown's day off fallacy. Source:
I call it the clown's day off fallacy because, theoretically, one could hypothesize that the Loch Ness Monster phenomenon was a total hoax perpetrated by a clown with a day off from the circus. You might ask "What clown? What circus?" but according to the fallacy, the skeptic does not need to answer this. He has made an alternative non-cryptid suggestion, and it doesn't matter how unlikely or absurd the alternative is; in fact it doesn't even matter if there is absolutely zero evidence that it ever occurred. All that matters is that it does not involve dinosaurs in a Scottish lake and therefore it wins by default, according to some principle I fail to understand. When using this fallacy, debunking becomes nothing more than a feat of the imagination. I explain more in my recent talk at SUFON, see the background link below; the relevant part starts around fifty-nine minutes in. Mr Delmuth has no evidence a prop was constructed. All he is going on is Bartlett's typo and the fact that Baxter happens to be an artist. That's a pretty flimsy correlation upon which to build your case; yet Delmuth ends his comment with the absolute certainty that his accusation is correct... I look forward to continuing our wrangle!
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Monday 13 June 2022

The Orator


Ten years ago Critical Mass Radio began and it was the original platform for the HPANWO Show, which today resides on its independent eponymous station, see links column. I am planning a special programme to mark the occasion, see:, and synchronistically at this very moment two images came to my attention, the ones you see above. Along with his radio station, Paul, the producer of CMR, also published an accompanying print journal called The Orator. It only ran for a handful of issues, but a friend of mine still has a copy and took some photographs of the pages. It was something I'd completely forgotten. As you can see one is an article by me, a review of the book AD- After Disclosure by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel. This was years before I started writing for other journals, like Neon Nettle and UFO Truth. It's interesting to read the article now, a decade after I penned it. I have changed my mind about the ET Disclosure subject considerably since then, see the background link below. The second image is an article by the Revd. George, host of The Prisoner Show, who sadly died not long after the first CMR conference. It gives me a strange feeling to look at these pictures. So much has happened in the last ten years; and most of it unexpected. What does the decade to come have in store for planet earth and the universe beyond?

Friday 10 June 2022

OLM Angel

Several times in my life I have had hypnagogic or hypnapompic experiences, see the background links below. These are occurrences when I am half asleep, either waking up or falling asleep; usually when I'm taking a light nap or have dropped off when I'm in a normally awake situation in daytime. Occasionally these feelings are connected to sleep paralysis, which I've had all my life and still get about once a fortnight. Last month I attended the Outer Limits Magazine conference in Hull. While one of the speakers was on stage I started to feel drowsy. This was not because the speaker was boring, it was just because I had not slept well the previous night and the room was very warm and cosy. I was also feeling unwell because I was wearing very uncomfortable clothes; see here for details: I slipped into a hypnagogic state as I was sitting in the audience watching the speaker. As with the incident on the train which I describe in the background links, I suddenly saw a strange manifestation. A cloud of mist quickly formed on my left, where there was an empty seat. Out of that miasma a humanoid figure emerged. It became recognizable as a young woman with blonde hair. She was wearing what looked like a white dress. She smiled sweetly at me and raised her hand to touch me briefly on my left shoulder, as if in a supportive or comforting way. She had very pallid skin. I distinctly felt her touch me. Then I snapped out of the hypnagogia and awoke fully. The apparition immediately vanished.
In my HPANWO TV reportage of my mission to Hull, I suggested that this might be an angel. Angels are usually associated with the church because they are described several times in the bible and are depicted a lot in religious art; however the term could be applied to any benevolent supernatural being. "Angel" has Greek roots and comes from a word that simply means "messenger". Jews and Muslims also accept the concept, as do some other unrelated religions like Sikhism and Baha'i. They also have become a popular concept in New Age circles. My books Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure and its two sequels features a character who is described by another character as an angel, see: If the being I saw was an angel, or whatever other word you want to use, why did she come and interact with me at that moment? Was it because I was afraid and uncomfortable? As you'll see in the video above, my trip to the OLM conference was under rather unusual circumstances. I put myself in an awkward and risky position. It's possible she was there all the time and only got the chance to communicate with me when I was in my altered state of consciousness. Maybe they surround as all continuously, invisible to us most of the time, like in the film City of Angels, There are many reported encounters with angelic beings, for example see: A friend of mine who I've known for a long time in the Truth movement wondered if the being I saw was Ayem, our mutual friend who passed away a couple of years ago, see: She didn't look like Ayem, but sometimes spirits take on different forms in our perception. Another good friend of mine had a far more prosaic explanation that surprised me when I heard it because she's definitely not a skeptic: the Covid mask I was wearing had reduced the efficiency of my lungs and as a result I suffered a hypoxic hallucination. Even if that were true, the effect may have merely been the mechanism for my altered state of consciousness, an alternative to hypnagogia. Either way, I can't prove or disprove what happened to me. However, if it was real, all I can say to my heavenly interloper is... thank you!
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Monday 6 June 2022

Anti-Boris Rebels Lose Vote

See here for essential background:
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has survived a vote of no confidence. A significant faction of his own party has risen up to demand his resignation following "partygate". In the end they lost 148 votes to 211. 180 votes would have been needed to pass the no confidence motion and force his removal. Source: Does this mean Boris is now safe? Maybe; however winning this vote doesn't ensure his survival. Theresa May also won her no confidence vote, by an even bigger margin, yet she was still ousted a few months later. The Sue Gray report into Boris' lockdown shindigs was absolutely catastrophic. It exposed the PM as a barefaced hypocrite and a liar. The Tories will be worried that the electorate will bear a grudge at the next election; and who can blame us? In fact there are two by-elections coming up in a couple of weeks which might be used as a colliery canary. I expect Boris' enemies in the Conservative Party will regroup and attack again. I feel fairly indifferent and divided over this issue. There is no way I can bring myself to root for Boris, but the only result of his downfall would be that he is replaced by somebody even worse. It's a long shot, but I can only hope that this experience causes him to understand the blunder that he made. He has betrayed us, dropping out of populism and embracing the mainstream. It was a devil's bargain and the devil never pays up. Is it forlorn to ask if he can possibly claw his way back to where he used to be?
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Sunday 5 June 2022

Bases Conference 2022 Promo

I have done a promotional video with Miles Johnston for the upcoming Bases 2022 International Conference and Workshops:
In this light-hearted interview, we talk about the upcoming event and give a preview of all the speakers. See here for details and tickets:
See here for Miles on HPANWO Radio:

Friday 3 June 2022

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Nocturnal Frequency Radio 5

I have been featured on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio show:
Subjects discussed include: the UAP hearings in the US Congress, the secret space programme, what would happen if the truth came out? and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Nocturnal Frequency Radio: