Wednesday 12 August 2015

Fallen Angel found in London

Angels are benevolent supernatural beings from religious mythology. In Judaism, Christianity and Islam they often agents of God's will on Earth, punishing sinners and assisting virtuous people, consoling them in their suffering or bringing them divine messages. Similar beings also appear in spiritual traditions from other parts of the world and these are sometimes interpreted by Western thinkers as angels. The word "angel" comes from the Greek ἄγγελος meaning "messenger". Angelic intervention is a regular occurrence in these mythologies; for example, when God expels Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden He placed angels at the gates with magical swords to dissuade them from trying to get back in (Genesis 3:24). Another occasion comes just before God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone as punishment for their vice, He sends a pair of angels into the city to warn Lot and his family so they can escape beforehand (Genesis 19:4-5). There is no physical description of these angels in the Bible, but presumably in the latter circumstances they looked like ordinary humans; how else could they travel through the streets of the doomed city without drawing attention? In artwork angels are often depicted as humanoids with bird's wings sprouting from their shoulders or back, for instance in the stained glass windows of churches. That's interesting because winged humanoids are a renowned field of paranormal phenomena, for example yesterday I wrote a post about gremlins, see: See also the background links at the bottom. However some modern popular images of angels are more pedestrian, these include the black-suited entities in the film City of Angels, see:

A few days ago I saw an astonishing news story. It claimed that an angel had fallen from the sky in London. The incident happened at 1.50 PM on Monday the 27th of July. The supposed heavenly being was found lying dead or unconscious inside a scramble net enclosure. "Undercover police officers" in suits and sunglasses, resembling the Hollywood men-in-black, surrounded the creature and removed it, but somebody managed to photograph it first, see: In this context "fallen" is meant literally, not as in "fallen from grace" as Satan was. The angel resembles an elderly man with long white hair and its wings were plucked of all feathers. In this way they look uncannily like those of an oven-ready chicken from a butchers shop. Another article had been released a few days earlier claiming that the angel was actually the work of Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, a pair of shock artists from China. The duo are known for their controversial style and extreme mediums. They've used live animals, human body fat and aborted foetuses in their previous exhibitions. I have no reason to disbelieve the latter news story, but my conspira-dar is still not completely silent. There is no reference to the angel on Yuan and Yu's own website. According to the article the artists claim that the angel is a sculpture meant "to highlight the tension and transition between the supernatural and the mundane. The angel, a transcendent being, has become powerless, unable to carry out God’s will, or to help those who believe in His existence". A conceptual pessimistic work obviously. Luckily this one is only made from fibreglass, steel mesh and silica gel. Nevertheless it was still described by some people as "too realistic", see: Please refer to my linked article above, Gremlins, and ask the question: if a winged humanoid variety of cryptid, one that lived permanently in the Earth's atmosphere at a very high altitude and so was unknown to conventional science, fell to ground level; would the government cover it up? Even if the first news story is indeed a joke in the novelty section of a newspaper, the very fact that the concept of government concealing mysteries like this occurred to the author is still remarkable. While I was preparing the article about gremlins I came across a link whose very title is for me the ultimate in clickbait: I intend to write an entire dedicated article on this subject in the near future, but for now suffice to say that the authorities of this world do include large unknown animals, especially primates, on the list of secrets that are "bigger than big" and whose maintenance is quintessential to the current world order, and the new one planned. Another vital question to which I don't yet have an answer is: If there are benevolent supernatural entities which it's convenient to call angels, that interact with our planet in the upper atmosphere; then could the purpose of chemtrails be to attack them and suppress their influence? If so then I'm pleased to say that it doesn't seem to be working. People have often reported very joyous encounters with loving and supportive spiritual beings. The briefest Googling will deliver hundred of web pages, for example: I recall one story which I can't find online about a woman walking through the streets of London alone at night. She had to pass through a subway and felt very vulnerable. There was a group of drunk and aggressive-looking men ahead of her. Then she suddenly found that she was no longer alone. Beside her was walking a beautiful woman in a black gown with long brown hair. She led the lost woman past the men and they seemed not to notice her. When they reached the far end of the subway the mystical woman turned and waved at her charge, then disappeared into thin air. Interestingly there is an area of London called Angel. It's not uncommon for people to see angelic beings beside deathbeds, of themselves or somebody else. Many also sense that they have a "guardian angel" watching over them. People of all religions, and even none, describe such experiences. The Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, a place I've visited, regards angels almost as unseen members of the community, see background links below. In JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the Gandalf character says: "There are forces for good as well as evil at work in this world, Frodo." I know there's no such thing as a messiah to sit around waiting for, and that we humans are masters of our own destiny; it is up to we, ourselves, to create a better world. However I'm not so conceited that I don't feel a sense of happiness when I hear how entities from beyond this world are aware of us, care about our wellbeing and are willing to intervene in our favour when the circumstances are right.

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