Friday, 30 October 2020

Jeremy Corbyn Suspended

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader, has had his party membership suspended by the current leader, Keir Starmer. He has had the whip removed in Parliament, meaning he is technically an independent MP. This is due to the anti-Semitism row that has been tearing thorough the party for almost five years. Many claim it is a direct result of Corbyn's leadership, seeing as he was elected at about the same time it all kicked off. Several Labour MP's and other Labour officials have made comments that have been branded anti-Semitic such as Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone. However, as I said at the time, all Naz Shah did was Tweet a satirical joke about Israel. All Ken Livingstone did was mention something said by a historian, Lenni Brenner, about an attempted pact made between German Jews and Adolf Hitler. I must remind you exactly what anti-Semitism means; it is defined as "hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews and Judaism" (Source: Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Britannica). As I said at the time, Livingstone and Shah very obviously do not qualify under this definition, see: Jeremy Corbyn actually launched the Chakrabarti Inquiry to try and get to the bottom of the issue and it concluded that the party was not overrun with anti-Semites, but that there was a "toxic atmosphere" and occasionally "ignorant attitudes" in the Party community. There was another fuss in 2018 over a mural in east London that supposedly had anti-Semitic themes. The artwork was obliterated just three weeks after being created and Corbyn spoke out against that. However I was at a loss to pick up the anti-Semitic themes in the painting. It depicts no references at all to Jews or Judaism, see: In February 2019 the party split with the "gang of seven" resigning and setting up a new party, the deceptively-named "Independent Group for Change". It became one of the shortest-lived government parties in UK electoral history, disbanding the following December. The EHRC, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, launched its own investigation the same year which was published in April. It said there was "no evidence that anti-Semitism complaints were treated any differently than other forms of complaint, or of current or former staff being motivated by anti-Semitic intent." When Sir Keir Starmer was elected the new leader that same month he said he would tackle anti-Semitism by "tear(ing) out this poison by its roots!" He set up a new complaints procedure to deal with reports of anti-Semitic harassment from members. The latest row broke out when a couple of weeks ago the EHRC published a new report finding that the party was responsible for "unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination". They also said that some complaints were suppressed by senior party figures. Starmer has now suspended Jeremy Corbyn pending an investigation. He said it was "a day of shame for the Labour Party." The response has been a mixture of cheers and boos. Jewish welfare groups have praised Starmer, saying "He has done more in four days that Corbyn did in four years!" Corbyn's supporters on the left of the party, which as I said is a huge contingent, are furious and regard this as some kind of witch hunt. Source:
I am honestly surprised at all this business because Labour is the British political party most associated with anti-racism and equality. It has long been affiliated to "anti-fascist" lobby groups and think tanks. Its rank-and-file members are generally far to the left of the centre-left leadership and Parliamentary party. Are these really the people in all of British politics who are mostly likely to hate Jews? Corbyn himself marched against the National Front with the Anti-Nazi League through Southall in 1975. This just doesn't make sense. When you look into the origins of the problem you find an answer. Firstly, it is because when Corbyn became leader in 2015 a large number of people supporting the Palestinian cause saw him as a vital ally because he is a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and had reached the grand status of Leader of the Opposition. Many of them joined the Labour Party specifically because of that. The other factor was that in July 2017 the Labour Party National Executive Committee formally adopted the "working definition" of anti-Semitism proposed by the IHRA, International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. This differs considerably from the original academic definition in a number of ways. According to the IHRA, one does not have to go as far as expressing hostility or prejudice towards Jews and Judaism to be anti-Semitic. One merely needs to fulfil a number of far milder, hazier and more subtle criteria such as: "Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations." Does this count even if the individual or group concerned says that itself? Apparently. Also: "Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, eg: by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour." This can been applied to any and all disagreement with the policies of Israel. For example, if you believe the Israel Defence Forces have been too heavy-handed when they drops bombs or incendiaries on innocent people in Israel's neighbouring countries or occupied territories, does that qualify? Does this therefore mean that Israel is a nation totally ring-fenced from criticism? If it is not, then could the IHRA please tell us exactly how one can criticize Israel without being an anti-Semite. Here's another: "Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis." That depends if it is fair to draw those comparisons. If it is unfair then that unfairness can be exposed by respecting the free speech of those who draw it; along with their opponents. I am frankly sick and tired of continuously hearing that we're not permitted to talk about, or even think about, certain subjects because any associated controversy has been completely settled by higher authorities. Source: I think we can now understand the inevitable collision between these two factors that was bound to rear its ugly head at some point. Many people in Labour who express viewpoints that used to be acceptable have now found those same viewpoints verboten by the new NEC policy (In fact I know somebody who once interviewed me who was a former Labour Party member who was expelled, although he might not want me to identify him right now). These people are not anti-Semites. None of them hate Jews or want to do any harm to Jews. Many of them would defend Jews from the very hatred they have been falsely accused of. Most of the people affected by this change are people who think the Israeli state is carrying out unjust and unlawful policies and wish to say so publicly. All other countries can be evaluated openly and without consequences, so why should Israel be an exception? It is only by addressing this question can peace return to the Labour Party. I'm not a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn; I would never vote for him, but I think he is innocent and I call for all charges against him to be dropped.
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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 63

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: Water on the moon, the word "post-truth", UFO's drop out of the media and much much more.
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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Alien Invasion to Save the Economy

Paul Krugman is a famous economist who writes a column in the New York Times. This newspaper has become renowned for its coverage of UFO's however a few years earlier in 2011 Krugman made a statement that was surprisingly appropriate. He was on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS programme and was moaning about the Obama administration's economic policies. At the time, the world was trying to recover from the 2008 stock market crash. (I find it interesting that economists were honest enough to call it a "slump" while the media always referred to it as a "recession".) Krugman saw the solution in fiscal stimulus; this is where the government stimulates the economy directly through monetary policy, adjusting interest rates or taxes etc, or increasing their own costs and consumption, which has a positive effect on industry and services. He then said something extraordinary: "If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive build-up to counter the space alien threat, and inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that; this slump would be over in eighteen months." Source: It's astonishing to hear an established media pundit, not to mention Nobel Prize winner too, talking in such terms. There was no hint of humour or frivolity in his tone either. Technically, he is correct. An alien invasion would probably result in an international state of emergency. As with the two world wars, all the usual domestic financial and political activity would be suspended as humanity united behind a single cause. Elections would be cancelled, the private sector could be hyper-regulated and the state could use the threat of the enemy to justify all kinds of impositions it otherwise couldn't get away with. This is the basis of stories such as War of the Worlds and Independence Day. The problem is that once the government have that power, they are far less eager to give it up than they are to accept it; which is the whole objective. As I've asked many time before, if nasty aliens don't happen to come our way, would the government carry out a false flag; a fake alien invasion? Could they do that? Would they do that? See the background links for details of that question. However, the way things are, it may not be required. When you think about it, nearly every aspect of the alien invasion scenario, as well as global war, is already being implemented as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. In the end, little green men or bombs falling from the sky have been rejected in favour of something far less dramatic and obtrusive; a very ordinary virus; but maybe it will be equally effective.
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Monday, 26 October 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 422

I have been featured on Programme 422 of the Mind Set Podcast.
See here for the show:
Subjects discussed include: James Randi dies, UFO-themed cults, last US election debate and much much more.
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Saturday, 24 October 2020

James Randi Dies

 James Randi
August 7th 1928 to 20th of October 2020
The world's most prominent skeptic, James Randi, has died at the age of 92. James Randi, or "The Amazing Randi", real name Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, was born on August 7th 1928 in Toronto, Canada and was found to have a very high IQ as a small child. He was drawn to stage magic and used to play truant from school to watch conjurors performing in theatres. As soon as he was old enough Randi began performing himself in nightclubs and music halls and eventually toured internationally. His speciality was escapology, like his hero Harry Houdini, see: He burst out of bank vaults, milk churns and locked rooms. He even escaped from chains while hanging upside-down over Niagara Falls. All through his career he was asked if he had any supernatural powers and he always said "no". In those days some illusionists did pretend to be truly paranormal and this angered Randi who was a skeptic from birth. Eventually his skeptic activism took centre stage in place of his magical career. He was described as the "scourge of psychics, frauds, quacks and pseudo-scientists." He set up the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge in which he promised to offer a million dollars US to anybody who could prove real supernatural or psychic phenomena in a properly controlled scientific test. He has stated many times that nobody has ever passed even the preliminary stages of the Challenge. He began the challenge in 1964 and first put up one thousand dollars of his own savings. This increased over the years as donors, most of them anonymous, added more to the pot. He first made his name internationally as a skeptic in 1972 when he publicly denounced Uri Geller as a fraud. Geller sued Randi and a long legal battle ensued. In 1976 Randi was among the first people to be asked to join a new skeptic organization called the Committee for the Scientific Investigation into Claims Of the Paranormal. Its acronym CSICOP is pronounced "psi cop". This is probably a pun, suggesting the organization is intended to be the policemen of paranormal investigation; although its founder Paul Kurtz denied this. Randi set up his own organization in 1996, the James Randi Educational Foundation.
James Randi's death was not unexpected at his advanced age. The JREF website says this was due to "age-related causes". Source: Sometimes very old people do die from no obvious cause. A tribute biographical feature length documentary about him was made by Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom when it became clear his time on earth was coming to an end. It is called An Honest Liar and follows Randi's career and personal life, past and present: There's no doubt that some of the targets of Randi's ire deserved it, like Peter Popoff. However, he also persecuted people I consider honest and harmless. He always rejected the idea of an afterlife, claiming that there was no evidence for it. Presumably if he was wrong, as I suspect he is, he now knows it. He was quite content in life to be accepted as a bitter enemy of people like me, therefore he would not expect us to grieve. However I did meet him briefly at the TAM London conference and he came across as civil, see: I would be a hypocrite if I stated any sentiments of sorrow at James Randi's passing, however I will not be so cruel as to dance on his grave. The Amazing Randi had loved ones, friends and family; and his partner Deyvi Pe┼ła aka "Jose Alvarez". They all have my deepest condolences.
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Friday, 23 October 2020

A Third Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr President,
You are approaching the end of your first of two possible terms as President of the United States. You have done many good things over the last four years, but not everything you have promised. The wall has not yet been built; bad people have not yet been locked up. Because of this, some people have lost faith in you. Some have even disavowed you as an enemy mole. I have not because I believe you have done as much as you can in the political atmosphere you have had to breathe. Never forget that you have given millions of people all over the globe a hope, optimism and motivation that they have not enjoyed for generations. This will persist no matter what happens next. When you first said "drain the swamp!", you had no idea how deep and rancid the swamp really was. Now you have found out; and it is a testament to your courage and dedication that you have not backed off. Most people flee when encountered with that horrific reality. You have continued on your noble mission to challenge the evils of the Illuminati. In little over a week, the process that has been called an "election" will take place. You know that this election is nothing of the sort. It is a falsified charade under the guise of a democratic exercise. I know that you're aware of this because you have said so yourself publicly. The Deep State wants Vice-President Biden to be the next President of the United States. They want to replace you, and replace you right now! They are so desperate that they dare not even allow you another four years in the White House! You know that Biden is unfit for that office both in terms of his health and also, more importantly, because he serves a foreign occupier which seeks the destruction of the USA. You know that in the upcoming fake election it will be claimed that Biden has won. In this inevitable scenario, such a sham must be declared null-and-void. You will be acting within the law to refuse to leave office. With Judge Barrett on the Supreme Court you will be in a strong position both to protect your position, the safety of yourself and your family; but also investigate and expose the electoral fraudsters and the crooked cabal behind them. However, if that fails you must go further. I cannot be too explicit in order to safeguard you legally; but, if necessary, you must use your influence in the Department of Defence to defend your lawful office by force. Hopefully none of the above will be necessary. I am going to repeat what I've said in my previous correspondence with you: release all the information the state has gathered on the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects. There is still time to do this before November the 3rd. As I've explained, this can only do enormous good and will instantly disarm every one of your opponents in one fell swoop. You lead a single nation, but you are a moral and spiritual inspiration to the whole world. During the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong people were wearing your trademark hat and chanting "MAGA!". What happens in the next few weeks will determine the future of the whole earth for decades or even centuries to come. I will support and help you in any way I can, and I am not the only one.
From a fellow lightworker on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
Ben Emlyn-Jones

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Tree felled for HS2

This is going to be a very sad HPANWO Voice article. For over two hundred and fifty years the Cubbington pear tree has loomed over the Warwickshire countryside and provided fine fruit for local villagers. It was actually voted Tree of the Year in 2015 by the Woodland Trust. On Tuesday that proud ancient tree was felled and taken apart in just ninety minutes by workmen bearing saws and mechanical diggers as part of the construction of HS2, see here for details: The campaigners trying to save the tree could only look on and weep. I can imagine the horror with which JRR Tolkien would have responded. Lord of the Rings has many scenes with the destruction of trees, more in the books than in the films, which was for him the ultimate act of barbarism. Cubbington villager John Taylor said: "It's one of the saddest days of my life. The tree has meant so much to people around here and to see it reduced to twigs in a matter of minutes is just heart-breaking." However, the forces behind the creation of HS2 regard the feelings of ordinary English country-dwellers with as much contempt as they do the natural world. These things are in the way and simply have to be moved. Source: As for the workmen carrying out the demolition, what did they think as their saws ripped apart the wooden body that has stood there since their ancestors walked the land? Although of course in this day and age many of them would not have had ancestors in this land. One of the reasons why corporations like foreign workers is because they lack that emotional attachment to the country and its people. I suppose they would say: "We're just doing our job." So much evil has been done by people using that excuse. In one of Doris Lessing's books, The Good Terrorist, one of the characters laments: "People did this! People!" If I had been one of them I would have refused, even if it meant dismissal. At moments like this I feel the weight of the New World Order on my shoulders more heavily than at any other time. I've always known this would not be easy an easy quest, right from the very day I started HPANWO; but right now the hill we have to climb looks so steep and high that I don't see how we can make it.
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