Thursday, 22 June 2017

Will Donald Trump be Assassinated? Part 2

Last year, before he became President of the United States, I predicted that Donald Trump would die. He would be shot, have a heart attack, crash his plane; something like that, see: This didn't happen. Why? There are several schools of thoughts, but in my view it is the "2016 Effect", see: However the Empire has Struck Back. They are not going to go quietly and it is naive to think otherwise. I suspect there are preparations to make another attempt on Trump's life and the public is being prepared for the news in advance on a subliminal level. Three events, in particular, all within a week of each other, make for a sinister trend. Firstly the comedienne and TV personality Kathy Griffin posted a photograph of herself holding an effigy of a severed human head covered in blood that looked like President Trump. Apparently Trump's eleven year old son Barron was watching at the time and was horrified. This comes up on Third Rail Radio, see: Secondly a play performed at the Delacorte open-air theatre in Central Park, New York City, USA also seems to be a portent on Trump's death. The play was William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, one that has traditionally been adapted into contemporary political settings. The play tells the true story of the assassination of the famous Roman emperor in 44 BC. He was stabbed to death by a large group of what he thought were his closest friends and political allies who in fact were conspiring against him. In this adaptation Caesar is made to look exactly like Donald Trump and the stage design has American flags and resembles the White House press briefing room. Calpurnia also looks exactly like the First Lady Melania Trump. Symbolically the killers are all played by a cast of women and ethnic minorities, feeding the revenge fantasies of those who believe the falsehood that Trump is some kind of fascist. In one of the performances Brutus was a black woman. The climactic murder scene is far more gruesome than in other adaptations with very graphic special effects, more than is normally used in a live stage show. At the end Caesar/Trump lies dead in a pool of his own blood with his entrails visible. This production was funded by a public arts project at the cost of 17 million dollars of taxpayer's money. The journalist Laura Loomer protested one of the shows by jumping onto the stage, see: Thirdly there was a shooting at a baseball field on June the 14th in which a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on the players who were all Republican congressmen, see: Five people were injured, two of them seriously. If Trump does indeed end up being murdered, it must be placed on the record that this psychological preparation happened as well.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Infiltration of UFOlogy

A recent programme on the Fade to Black radio show with Jimmy Church has discussed the possibility that UFOlogy has been "infiltrated". Jimmy brings on a number of guests to talk to in a series of separate interviews in the three-hour broadcast. Unfortunately he deliberately avoids going into specific details. He refers to a period of time covering "the last three to four weeks." Individuals, organizations and entire networks have been attacked on social media. He wonders if there has been some kind of "mind control activation". However, reading between the lines, he is almost certainly referring to Peter Robbins' open letter about Larry Warren, see:, amongst other things. His guests include the Rendlesham Forest witness John Burroughs, UFO author Mike Bara, researcher Micah Hanks and the director of MUFON Jan Harzen.
You'll find the programme disappointing if you're expecting an in-depth discussion of case studies. However there are some interesting revelations. From about 47 minutes in Lee Speigel gives some interesting information concerning government's relationship to the UFO phenomenon. In particular at 51.22 he tells us how Nick Pope was ordered by the government to "talk down" UFO reports when they came into the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk. He used "spin and dirty tricks", apparently a quote from him. This was, allegedly, in order to cover up the government's own lack of knowledge and avoid embarrassment in the public eye and save their credibility rather than to suppress their own secret knowledge of UFO's. Nick's response to this is to say it was just standard MoD policy and there is nothing to be suspicious about. He also sent me a link to an article Lee wrote on the matter:

Nick Pope has been nominated more than anybody else as a possible government plant, somebody in the UFO community who is secretly working for the government to suppress information on UFO's and sabotage the efforts of those researching them; a "shill" in the parlance of the Conspirasphere. According to his official bio, Nick Pope joined the MoD in 1985, was appointed head of the UFO desk in 1991 and ran it until 1994. Due to those few years he became a celebrity by becoming the media's designated spokesman on UFO's; "Britain's Fox Mulder" as the press dubbed him. He retired in 2006 and is now a freelance journalist and author. He sometimes writes for the same journal that I do, Neon Nettle. The accusations go along the lines that Pope did not in fact retire and that his MoD job was just a cover for his real role in a very different UK state institution, one whose name also begins with the letter M. An argument has recently broken out in social media over this. Somebody has issued a challenge to find any evidence that Nick Pope really is a shill. It's a tricky situation because if Nick is in fact a shill he is hardly likely to publish his payslips. If he is not, how can he possibly prove himself innocent to everybody's satisfaction? My advice is to treat Nick Pope as you would anybody else, with caution if you don't trust him and openly if you do. It's important to strike a balance between the extremes of reckless naiveté and "shill fever", see here for details: I personally am wary of him for several reasons, the most recent being his support for Sacha Christie, see: However I have no proof he is not doing this for anything other than personal motives. Nevertheless it has to be said that there is a precedent for the kind of infiltration many of us suspect is going on right now. It involves a man in the USA who is very similar to Nick Pope. His name is Richard Doty, pictured above, and he was involved in the "Bennewitz Affair" in which he deliberately fell in with a UFO researcher in order to mislead and confuse him. This he did as part of his role for AFOSI- the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, see here for details: Doty is a former government agent, like Nick Pope; however Doty speaks openly today that he used to be an intelligence officer. Nick has made no such confession. Both men are also hot property on the UFO conference circuit and I one joked: "You can't have a UFO conference without Popey!" If UFOlogy is being infiltrated by the state authorities then why is this happening now? Is Disclosure imminent? Or is it not, yet there is the threat of it happening inadvertently? Perhaps somebody on this inside has just gone on the run with a video tape, like the Alien Interview, see: Could this be why we've seen other suspicious activity, like these "new MJ-12" documents, see: We'll have to wait and see. What Steve Murillo of the Los Angeles UFO and Paranormal Research Society says in the Fade to Black show at 144 mins 25 secs (2.22.53 on the YouTube podcast) is interesting when it comes to Disclosure and gels with a lot of my own views.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Evidence of Past Time Travel

A group of Australian quantum physicists have made a remarkable discovery. It's been well know in popular culture for a while that in the world of subatomic particles the laws of physics are very different to the ones we observe in the superatomic material world. There are such anomalies as superposition, an object being in more than one place simultaneously; and entanglement, two objects mirroring each other's movements instantly regardless of how far away they are separated (That could be the basis of a brilliant communications device. You could talk in real-time to an alien in a distant galaxy. It would have profound implications for SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence). The double-slit is the best known of these; this clip from the film What the Bleep do We Know explains it: Now a new factor has been added to the mystery; time. This new experiment in Australia shows that the point when the observer effect directs the wave collapse is not at the point in time when the measurement takes place; it happens beforehand. Source: This is incredible. It is the first ever evidence of time travel into the past. Time travel in science fiction is addressed as a singular subject when in fact it is too very different subjects indeed; time travel into the future and time travel into the past. Time travel into the future is comparatively easy. Literally all you have to do is travel very fast. In fact there is a man called Valery Polyakov who travelled a tenth of a millisecond into the future by living on board the Mir space station, predecessor of the International Space Station, for 437 days and 18 hours; over a year in space. He orbited the earth at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour continuously and as a result travelled into the future. This was calculated using Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. If you wanted to visit the distant future you could do so simply by building a spacecraft that could travel much faster than Mir. Backwards time travel is a different matter. It is declared to be impossible by most physicists, outside sci-fi authors' imagination. Even if there was a way to make it work, it would generate the "grandfather paradox" and other logical breakdowns. The best we can do is create the illusion of backwards time travel within the Many-Worlds hypothesis by visiting a world that is identical, or even closely resembles, earth's own past. However this new experiment throws that entire theoretical opus into the dustbin and, once again, forces the scientists to go back to square one. We have direct evidence of backwards time travel, albeit only in the informational sense and only in the realm of quantum physics. This doesn't yet mean you can go back and watch the premiere of Romeo and Juliet. However it does make one ponder the possibilities.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Anti-Muslim Attack

There has been an event in London that the police are treating as a terrorist incident. Just after midnight last night a man drove a van deliberately into a crowd of worshippers outside the Muslim Welfare House which is a short distance from the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque. They had just attended late night prayers at the mosque. Ten people were injured and one man died at the scene, but he was already receiving first aid before the attack and it's not known if his death was a direct result of the attack. The police arrested a single suspect. One witness claimed that the assailant said: "I want to kill all Muslims." Contrary to popular belief, right wing violence is a rare thing in Britain. Hate crimes perpetrated by white heterosexual males are definitely no higher than those perpetrated against WHM people by non-WHM's. The last time something like this happened and the police escalated it to the level of a terrorism offence was the case of Thomas Mair who is said to have murdered the MP Jo Cox. I don't believe this and explain why here: It is inevitable that a backlash would occur considering the heightened tensions of the last few months, for example see: The shock among Londoners about the Grenfell Tower fire, although unrelated to terrorism in itself, could have acted as a trigger. As I say in the link above, I'm in the process of assessing all the evidence, but so far I'm satisfied that this and the Manchester incident were not false flags. There are now quite enough real jihadist nut-jobs in the country to make staging fake terrorism unnecessary. The government have deliberately made this happen; they have not just allowed it to happen through liberal weakness. They knew exactly what they were doing and their psychological warfare operation is bearing results. Counterattacks on the Muslim community are also a part of this psychological warfare operation, even if they are not secretly directed by state operators. The man who carried out this crime may well have simply lost control of himself emotionally out of sheer outrage generated by the recent Islamist atrocities, both real and staged. I'm sure somebody will try to blame Tommy Robinson for this, but I don't think that's fair. Robinson has never advocated violence. However I do think his former organization, the English Defence League, was founded secretly by the deep state in order to play a role in the future European civil war they hope to generate, see background links below for details. It is vital for people on both sides of the community to keep a calm and rational head to prevent the outcome that they are being goaded on to produce.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

New UFO Files

As the seventieth anniversary of the Roswell UFO Incident looms closer and closer there is a heightened state of excitement in the UFO research community. I can feel it myself, see: It therefore seems remarkably apt that some sensational new evidence has come to light at this time. It takes the form of a supposedly secret US government document that belongs to a contact discovered by the American radio broadcaster Heather Wade, hostess of the Midnight in the Desert late night talk show. She obtained this document from somebody she identifies only as a "trusted source" who are two former military servicemen and have possessed the documents for a long time. She says: "At this time we can find no evidence of forgery."
You can download PDF's of the so-called "New MJ-12" documents here:
The first thing that strikes me about this forty-eight page file is that it is a very poor quality reproduction, as if it's a tenth to twelfth generation photocopy. Some of its text is completely illegible. Even David Rudiak will have trouble demystifying a lot of it. A repeating curse is that Heather Wade has only been given these crude copies, no originals. This was the case with the first MJ-12 documents too. These were revealed only as photographs sent anonymously to Jaime Shandera in 1984. If any real MJ-12 papers existed then they have never been found. This new document declares itself to be a product of the Defence Intelligence Agency; unfortunately the date cannot be discerned. It says that it is for the attention of the office of Majestic 12 and describes the role of Majic-12 in a similar way to the original MJ-12 documents do. It begins with "historical precedents" to the crash in New Mexico in July of 1947 and then a summary of it. It mentions the Aztec, New Mexico event and includes a detailed description of the crash-retrieval operation and even the transcript of a conversation between the human investigators and one of the EBE's inside the Aztec flying disk. Unlike in the testimony of "Victor" and his "Alien Interview", see:, this particular alien is very talkative and relates great details about themselves and their relationship with planet earth and its inhabitants. It seems to have more of an affinity with trees than with humans or any other intelligent animals. Its species used to visit earth regularly in the past and interact with the humans who lived in America before the arrival of European settlers. The creature chides Western civilization for the Holocaust, slavery and the mistreatment of black people, in a tone that sounds almost like a human left-wing radical. It claims that its peoples' current visit to earth is because it was summoned by a message sent to them by Nikola Tesla from Colorado USA in 1899. Their species refuses to interact openly with humanity because we are too aggressive and immoral. They fear that we would hang them all from the trees they value so much. They therefore wish to remain nothing more than a myth, like Santa Claus. The document ends with a summary briefing by MJ-12 that describes all the different kinds of extraterrestrial. There is also an appendix of alien symbols and a sample of their language script. That is the only truly original part of the docuement.

Several other researchers have already examined these documents. Kevin Randle is known for his very Fortean views on the UFO phenomenon and was instrumental in forewarning the UFOlogy community about the impending debacle of the Roswell Slides, see: He has written two articles on the subject of these new documents and done a radio interview. He is familiar with official US government paperwork and knows what signs to look for. As with the first MJ-12 release, the dating format is wrong. So are the time stamps. The US military does everything on the twenty-four hour clock in Universal Coordinated Time or Greenwich Mean Time, known as "zulu" and there is no colon between hours and minutes. For example: "0715z" means quarter past seven in the morning GMT. Also the document classification warning reads: "ULTRA TOP SECRET". "Ultra" was the codename for a real British intelligence operation during World War II and would probably not be reused by the US government afterwards for this reason. However Top Secret is the highest classification within the US government information structure and compartmentalization within it is not designated by a higher level, only with a codeword, for example "Top Secret- Skylark" or "Top Secret- Greenwood" etc. Catchphrases like "Above Top Secret" are a descriptive device used by UFO researchers, not government agencies. There are anomalies with the description of the Roswell incident too, such as Gen. Twining relieving Col. Blanchard of his command of the Roswell base. Of course the presence of Twining in the theatre of operations would have meant Blanchard would have to defer in real time into the natural chain of command on scene, but this is not the same thing as relieving him of his post. Randle's conclusion is that the documents are forgeries and that "this does nothing to further our knowledge and just confuses an already confused issue." Maybe that's the idea, Kevin. Source: and: Linda Moulton Howe has put together an article without any validity assessment of the documents; however she has included some useful side notes that add clarity, see: Stanton Friedman is currently in the middle of studying the documents. He said immediately: "I've never seen anything like this!" Nick Pope's assessment is far blunter; he says the new MJ-12 is "fake with a capital F!" He adds: "I suspect they've been hoaxed by someone on the fringes of the UFO community, playing an elaborate practical joke to see if they can put one over on the true believers." Stephen Bassett thinks this might be some kind of purposeful disinformation, or that they could be the real thing. Alternatively they could be a hoax by either a skeptic or, as Nick Pope said, somebody on the fringes of the UFO community. Nick Redfern is pretty sure they're fake and not government disinfo: "While I don't know who faked those new MJ-12 documents, there's not a chance this is disinformation by a government agency." Source: I have little doubt that these documents are bogus. Could they be deliberate disinformation purposely seeded into the media by government agencies? Quite possibly. The mainstream media has covered them extensively; the above article from the Express is just one of their many platforms. This is also the seventieth anniversary, as I said, and inevitably the profile of Roswell will rise up as a result. I partly disagree with Nick Pope though. Judging by their crudity and the transparency of their creator's blunders, I would say that if this is disinformation then it is targeted at the general public rather than UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists like me. This is an indicator I have spotted before, see: A hoaxer within the UFO/conspiracy movement would have made far more of an effort; they would realize that they had to. Indeed the original MJ-12 documents are a far more sophisticated forgery (If indeed they are not real) for this very reason. They were intended for consumption by knowledgeable enthusiasts. I'm sure there will be more information soon, in which case I will write an update.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


English is a very unusual language for many reasons, and one of those is its inflated vocabulary. There are over three quarters of a million words in the Oxford English Dictionary, by far the largest lexicon of any language on earth. A lot of those words are synonyms, terms that mean basically the same thing but with subtle differences. For example smell, as a noun, has many such synonyms; however scent, perfume, fragrance etc can only be used in relation to pleasant smells. Odour, whiff, stench, stink etc are always unpleasant; and there's even a synonym that can only be used to describe the smell of food, aroma. Languages influence each other when the speakers interact and no tongue has ever been more promiscuous than English. A large amount of our vocabulary comes from French as a result of the Norman Conquest of 1066. English before then was very different, to the point where Old English texts like Beowulf are completely incomprehensible to the modern Anglophone. In those days English was far more similar to continental Germanic languages. English is classified as Germanic in terms of its grammar (although there's intriguing evidence to suggest that it began as a second language for Celtic-speakers, see: This has led to the question of what English would be like without all those foreign influences; especially Norman, but also more recent jargon or loanwords from Latin, Greek and many others. "Anglish" is a constructed language, primarily created by an online community, which is based on English, but it has an entirely Anglo-Saxon vocabulary. This is achieved in four ways. 1. Always use a Saxon-derived existing alternative; for instance use sundry instead of various, whore instead of prostitute, and land instead of country. 2. Revive anachronistic Saxon words like moot, a word never used in modern English that means a meeting place, conference or gathering. 3. Inventing new words by adapting terms from other existing Germanic languages. Rike is based on the German Reich and it means a realm or nation state. 4. Invent compound words by amalgamating more than one Saxon word. Literature can be replaced by bookcraft; and geology can be replaced by stonelore. Once you get the hang of it, it's very easy to learn Anglish if you already speak English. You'll be able to work out new words from simply knowing the format. In fact I guessed before looking it up that rikecraft meant politics. Source:

The above website includes some Anglish translations of well-known English texts and ironically one of those is George Orwell's famous essay Politics and the English Language, see: I find Anglish very interesting and, of course, it's really just a bit of fun. It's completely harmless. However I've always had an aversion to linguistic engineering because of Orwell's influence on me, but even prior to that. I have yet to tell the full story of my rebellion against "Newspeak", and I must do so soon. French also has a language purity movement, but in this case it is far more serious and established. For some decades now there has been a backlash in France against franglais, the vast and increasing number of English loanwords entering the French vocabulary. Some of these are official such as le week-end and parking, but on a colloquial level it is far more extreme. Some French-speakers will even say things like Je vais driver downtown, "I'm going to drive downtown". So the French Language Academy in Paris demanded all media outlets try and put a stop to it. Most famously a popular TV sports commentator was told to stop using the term le goal and instead say le guardian for "goalkeeper". The author Miles Kingston wrote a series of humorous books in which he parodied franglais by creating an entire fictional language of his own which was a complete English-French hybrid. One of his books was called Let's Parler Franglais one more Temps! I can sympathize with the old conservative Francophone who tears his grey locks at the sound of franglais, but unfortunately languages do change naturally over time. Like the evolution of life, they form families, adapt, mutate, die out and interbreed. The idea that a centralized authority should wade in and force artificial changes to language repels me. Orwell warned that this action could be incredibly destructive and could even be used as a terrible psychological and cultural weapon. In his novel 1984 the people of the Big Brother state are forced to use "Newspeak", a degenerate language with as few words as possible to eliminate creative thought and prevent people talking, or even thinking, about resisting the state. Linguistic engineering is happening right now, mostly in the form of political correctness. New PC words and styles of speech have crept up on us in forms that we hardly notice, see: There are even terrible stories of people being sacked from their jobs, ending up in court and even being subjected to violent assaults, for refusing to speak according to the rules of PC. Since I wrote the above article this has famously happened to a Canadian academic called Jordan Peterson, see: So enjoy Anglish. I hope you find it as thought-provoking and entertaining as I do; but let's keep it as it is, just a bit of harmless fun. I would hate to live in a world where it was enforced by law or violence.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Another Offer to be on TV

I have received the following letter. The names have been changed, but "John Smith" and "Joe Bloggs" are good friends of mine and well-known UFO/conspiracy/paranormal researchers.

Hello Ben.
My name is Kevin, and I'm a documentary researcher from Surrey.  I was given your email address by John Smith. My team and I are currently working on a project about UFOlogy. We're particularly interested in what it means to "believe" and have faith, while operating in a rational scientific field. Attached to the project we have John Smith and Joe Bloggs, who have been incredibly helpful during the researching phase. We feel like we have a handle on our angle and subtext now, and that's thanks to them.
We are currently looking for events such as meet ups, research expeditions and sky-watches to attend at the end of August. I'd love to hear about anything you could think of that could be an interesting event to use to tell the story of modern UFOlogy. We're also looking out for people who have had eyewitness accounts of what they believe to be alien encounters. If you or anyone you know has had one of these, we would love to come and have a chat with them about that.
All the best,
Kevin MacDonald

I responded:

Hi Kevin.
Thanks for getting in touch. I'll be glad to help in any way I can with your project, providing that your intention is to portray the subject of UFOlogy respectfully, rationally and seriously. Forgive my reticence, but the way the media has covered this matter in the past has fallen far short in that regard, to put it mildly. There are some good events coming up in late August, in particular the Roaming Skies conference which John helps organize. I expect he's already told you about that. I'll find a few more for you.
Best wishes

This was the encouraging bit; Kevin wrote back. Few TV or film producers ever return correspondence once they realize that you're not satisfied with merely being an ingredient in the broth; you want to see the recipe book too.

Hey Ben.
Super, thanks for getting back to us. That is exactly what we are planning on doing, which is why John and Joe are happy working with us. You're all scientists and our intention is to use that misconception of your field as our niche on the subject.
The Roaming Skies conference sounds incredible and it coincides with our shooting week perfectly. I hadn't asked him so you've really helped us out here.
Thank you so much for getting back to us!

I'm inclined to believe him when he says he is planning on portraying the UFO subject respectfully. I'm happy to give him a chance. I know I have a rule never to work with the mainstream media; and indeed, if he had been connected in any way shape or form with the BBC or Channel 4 etc, I'd have binned his letter immediately. However not everybody in the media is like that and there are some growing platforms and outlets that are, in my view, not controlled. Vice is a good example and I was pleasantly surprised with how good their documentary on targeted individuals was, see: Maybe it's the 2016 effect still hanging on. It's worth entering into discussion with these people. Be cautious, but positive. I'll let you know what "Kevin" says next.