Sunday, 12 July 2020

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 43

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 43 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 43 includes an article in my column entitled UFO's in the Lockdown.

Also you will find in Issue 43: a tribute to Ann Druffel and Bob Oechsler, the history of UFO's at the Pentagon, astronaut UFO reports disappear and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 42:

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Ken and Karen Update

The lawyers Mark and Patricia McClosky have experienced further harassment from the angry mob that entered their private estate last month. Threats have continued against the couple. People have returned to gather outside their Palazzo style mansion in St Louis, Missouri USA expressing intent to kill them and burn down the house. Others shout that they just want to steal the house. When the couple's dog barked at the intruders the mob threatened to kill it. The police have taken no action at all against the rioters, yet that have instead raided the McCloskys' house and confiscated their weapons, the assault rifle and pistol that they used to defend their property. Source: No charges so far have been filed against the McCloskys and Missouri does have an open-carry policy on firearms; however one public prosecutor is trying to charge them for "exhibiting a weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner in the presence of one or more persons.". However, are people not permitted to warn others of their intention to use lawful force in self-defence? It is true that Mr McClosky held the rifle in a levelled position and Mrs McClosky had her trigger finger on. That was bad "firearms etiquette" and there was a risk that somebody might have been shot by accident, but it is a small risk and the lawyers were being provoked. Threats against the couple have continued, yet there have been no attempts to address this by the authorities. This double-standard of treatment under the law is repeated over and over; there are dozens of examples from around the world. It appears that the 2020 riots are another Kristallnacht in which the state passively supports criminal activity through its inaction. That is very revealing. At least now everybody can see that double-standard for what it is. The McCloskys have been advised by a security company to abandon their home, but they have refused. They are currently trying to have their weapons returned to them.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Happy World Disclosure Day 2020!

July the 8th is World ET Disclosure Day, and was awarded that status by Steve Becklow and Geoffrey West of the Paradigm Research Group in 2010, making this the tenth one. This is because it was on July the 8th 1947 that General Roger Ramey held a press conference in his office in Fort Worth, Texas where he put on display some wooden sticks and some loose, crumpled pieces of aluminium foil and told the world's media that this is what Major Jesse Marcel of the Roswell Army Air Force Base had mistaken for a UFO. He was lying. Today, 73 years later, the Government are still lying. However many believe that this is the day that the decision was made to institute what Stephen Bassett calls the "Truth Embargo." Reporters were descending like locusts on Fort Worth and New Mexico and the Government was considering whether to continue with the original "Flying Disk" story, and so come clean that UFO's exist, or cover it up; they opted for the latter. Personally I suspect that this decision was made many years earlier when the Government had to deal with similar incidents to Roswell before July of 1947 and they had a contingency plan already in place that simply broke down to begin with, see:; but the day of the scene in Gen. Ramey's office is still a fitting and symbolic historic moment that illustrates the subject well. Therefore every July the 8th is now designated World Disclosure Day. This is of course just six days after World UFO Day because the 2nd of July was the date of the Kenneth Arnold sighting, see: The date of World Disclosure Day will remain every July the 8th until Disclosure happens; then the day will automatically transfer to that date.

This Disclosure Day is different. The atmosphere in the world towards UFO's has changed. The media is reporting it differently, see background links for details. Does this mean Disclosure with a capital D is happening? I've always had my doubts that such a thing is even possible, although there is a part of me that is always saying: "What if...?" Either way, regardless of where this is leading, the government have definitely changed their tactics. After a very stagnant 2018, a year that was so full of hope following the initial December 2017 AATIP publications, see:, in 2019 the pace increased. Since then 2020 has been roaring and charging through its first half. At the same time voices of caution have been raised. Is everything as it seems with AATIP and TTSA? See: What will happen in the second half of this year and beyond? Nobody knows and can realistically predict; but it will be exciting to find out. I really feel we are on a roll now. There is an avalanche of developments that surely must continue into 2021. Will next year's World Disclosure Day be on a different date to July the 8th?
See here for the 2020 World Disclosure Day HPANWO TV livestreams: (coming soon).

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

More David Icke Libel

I don't know what adjectives I have used that could be in any way original. I've said: "ridiculous!", "defamatory!", "stupid!" so many times on this subject before. What this is about is that once more there has been a libellous attack against David Icke. It includes a deliberate attempt to sabotage his livelihood, done in the usual cowardly manner, eschewing direct confrontation while calling in air-strikes from the authorities. The self-styled Campaign Against Antisemitism has "written to" the mainstream bookseller Waterstones about David Icke and the company have immediately taken all David's titles off stock. I doubt if they even questioned or lifted a finger in protest. "You don't want to be a racist do you!?" are the words that make almost everybody kneel... in some cases literally these days. The triumphant article uses a lot of rhetoric like "hate preacher", "incite hatred", "crank", "Jew-hater". The supposed justification for what the CAA has done is that David's views are classified as antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism. Source: This is totally false. David states unequivocally that Jews are neither the instigators nor the culprits of the New World Order. He explains why in great detail. In the background links below I provide more information. I don't know if David intends to inform his solicitor about this article, but I shall be advising him strongly to do so.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Ben and Colin Bases Chats 4

Colin Woolford and I have once again produced a dialogue with Miles Johnston on the Bases Project YouTube channel, see:
(See here for the preview: (video removed.)
We discuss recent events in the world of UFO's the paranormal, politics and esoterica; and much much more.
See here for my previous discussion with Colin and Miles:

Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 406

I have been featured on Programme 406 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: White male actors out of work, is this the collapse of civilization?, fourteen years are Lowes and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Heroism of "Ken and Karen"

The internet is ablaze right now because a house is not. The house in question is the home of a middle-aged couple from St Louis, Missouri USA who have been nicknamed "Ken and Karen". Yesterday Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters invaded a gated community in the city where the mayor lives. They wanted the mayor to resign after she publicly revealed the identities of some of the alleged perpetrators of last week's riots. On their way to the mayor's house they congregated outside the home of one of her neighbours, the aforementioned couple. Ken and Karen, real names Mark and Patty McClosky, promptly appeared on their doorstep armed with an assault rifle and a pistol, something which is perfectly legal in their location. This has been portrayed by the mainstream media in the predictable way with headlines like: "Upper Class WHITE people threaten Peaceful Protesters with Guns!" Actually Mr and Mrs McClosky were not threatening anybody. They were announcing their intention to use lawful force should any intruder put them or their property at risk. The location was not a public street, but a private condominium; so the protesters were already trespassers just for being on the road outside. Based on the recent actions of BLM and Antifa it was perfectly reasonable for the McCloskys to be concerned. They are clearly wealthy and live in a big house, obviously a symbol of "white privilege!" which is why so little sympathy is being shown towards them by the mainstream. Their house is actually a Grade 2 listed building. It's a classic Midwestern Palazzo style mansion built in 1888 and was in bad condition when they moved in. The McCloskys have spent a lot of money over thirty-two years restoring it, and I dare say an awful lot of love. It is an architectural work of art. The couple would surely have seen the footage of burning buildings across the country and were determined not to let their precious home suffer the same fate. No shots were fired in the incident and nobody was hurt. Source:

Some brilliant memes have emerged as a result of this incident, see: It's odd that in the insanity of the post-modern world, "Clown World", sometimes acting in accordance with that insanity is necessary for survival. In classic socio-economic terms, from Marx to Keynes to Rand, Ken and Karen are rich and upper class, the exact opposite to me. Yet nowadays they and I are both considered equally privileged members of the ruling elite. I see this as ludicrous, but when the new class war resorts to widespread racial hatred, violence and destruction then I might be forced to regard the McCloskys with a sense of class solidarity, whether I want to or not. Unless we can find a way to calm down this tsunami of fanaticism and reintroduce a bit of healthy logic and ethics, then the alternative for us all might be our demise. I can only hope that things don't get quite that bad. One thing's for sure. The saga of Ken and Karen ends the debate about gun rights, in my opinion. If the Missouri couple had not been armed then we may well have seen a pile of smoking rubble where their beautiful home once stood.