Friday, 28 April 2017

"Marine A" Update

In 2013 I reported on the case of "Marine A", a serviceman in the Royal Marines who had killed an injured prisoner-of-war in Afghanistan and was originally prosecuted for murder, see: Now he has been released from prison and his name has been revealed as Alexander Blackman, a sergeant before his discharge from the service. When I wrote the first article I didn't know what the outcome of this case would be; now I must say that I'm pleased he has been released. His wife fought a legal campaign assisted by a newspaper and the spy novelist Frederick Forsyth (see: Source: It turned out Blackman was suffering from a mental illness at the time. That's hardly surprising seeing as mental problems are an epidemic in the military land forces. Having had to take care of injured soldiers at my hospital, and process the remains of those who have been killed in this continuous 21st century super-war, I can understand why. The authorities have a very strange attitude to killing other human beings that is rife with double standards and hypocrisy. I realize the difference between shooting somebody in peacetime lying on a city street and shooting somebody injured on a battlefield just after a long fire-fight in which he almost killed you. However the government wanted to put Sgt. Blackman on trial for murder at the same time they themselves ruthlessly plan the cold-blooded extermination of millions of innocent people for the sake of Israeli imperialism and oil company profits. They arrange the sales of armaments to brutal regimes such as Saudi Arabia where the targeting of Yemeni schoolchildren is official military strategy. They deal death, injury, grief and misery in multiple digits, as they sit at a mahogany table in a suit. They never have to put on a tin hat and pick up a rifle and go to fight themselves... nor clean up the mess afterwards, like I had to. As I said in the background article, what right do they have to judge Blackman? Remember that the very same legal system declared that Tony Blair was innocent at the Chilcot Inquiry, see: Our society also permits the termination of pregnancy as a normal and regular clinical practice. Kill a newborn baby and that's murder, but kill it five minutes earlier in the womb and that's medicine. I'll have to write a separate article on the morality of abortion; the point for now is that society has a strangely contradictory and kaleidoscopic view on the ethics of taking human life. I hope Alexander Blackman will have a bright future now, back home with his family.

Monday, 24 April 2017

French Election- First Round

France has taken the first step to selecting its new president and it looks like the 2016 Effect has spilled over into the following year. There were four candidates. Three of them, Emmanuel Macron, Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Melenchon, are exactly what you would expect; the usual boring, suited, political zombies, just like the incumbent Francois Hollande. However the fourth candidate is the French equivalent of Donald Trump, a maverick non-establishment outsider Marine Le Pen. I tried to get into the Oxford Union to see her when she spoke there: She is the daughter of one of France's most senior and long-served statesmen Jean-Marie Le Pen. Unfairly branded as "fascists!" (Where have I heard that one before?), the Le Pens have worked hard to assert France's national sovereignty, regain control of her economy, financial system and borders; and free the country from the tyrannical grip of the hated continental oppressor, the embryonic New World Order dictatorship, the European Union. Jean-Marie spoke openly about his suspicions that the Charlie Hebdo massacre was a staged event. A few days later he was almost killed when his house burnt down in an "accidental fire", see: The French electoral system is much more complicated than the British one. There is a first round in which any number of candidates can stand; if none of them gain a majority the top two move on to the second round held two weeks later. I'm pleased to say that Marine Le Pen has achieved that. She will now face Macron head-to-head on the 7th of May. Macron currently has a two point lead on Le Pen, but hopefully that will change as the voters of the losing candidates are forced to switch alliances. Marine Le Pen will face an enormous struggle. Firstly, the media are completely against her. There are also signs of ballot rigging, as we saw with Brexit and Trump. The two million expatriate French voters have all been sent two postal voting slips each due to an "administrative error"; the authorities know they are likely to be pro-EU and "anti-Frexit". Also she will probably have to overcome the hurdle that blew her father's 2002 presidential run a few years ago. When he got through to the second round the left, centrists and conservatives all united to back his rival Jacques Chirac simply to keep Le Pen Senior out of office. There are already calls from President Hollande to try that again, see: The good thing is because Marine Le Pen is female I have the perfect rejoinder if a lefty SJW attacks me with: "Ben, how can you support this EVIL NAZI Marine Le Pen!? You know she want to murder all black people and put all homosexuals into labour camps!?" I will reply with fake tears in my eyes: "But she might become France's first 'woman president!' And you're against her!?... You MISOGYNIST!... SEXIST!... RAPIST!... I'm well-and-truly triggered right now, I thought you should know! (sniff)"

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Reclaiming Perceptions

I have been interviewed on the Reclaiming Perceptions programme with Jo Lomax, part of the Conscious Consumer Network, see:
Jo is a good friend I've known for a long time. Subjects discussed include: encounters with ghosts and orbs, the death of Princess Diana, the future of UFO's and much much more.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

General Election... SNAP!

The Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday that she was calling for a snap general election. Modern political terminology often sounds juvenile and playful, as if it were some kind of children's card game. Like the card game, it is repetitive and predictable. Even though this is a major U-turn by the Prime Minister; or perhaps especially so. She gave a brief speech outside Number Ten in front of the world's press, see: As with Cameron and the EU, she has not given much notice; just over six weeks. Despite all her flannel, even her admirable acceptance of Brexit and her due diligence at triggering Article 50 while ignoring the Remoaner saboteurs, I suspect her real reason for calling this general election is to authenticate her own leadership. She is an unelected head of government; put into office by her own party after Cameron resigned and not the British people. Also she wants to strike while her enemy is down. The Conservatives' principle rival is the Labour Party and has been for the last century. At the moment Labour is in disarray, catastrophically split and reeling from two major internal battles within the last year. It currently trails in the polls by twenty-one points, almost half as popular as the Tories (then again, the polls have been so wrong before!), see background links for details. She believes she can easily win a general election right now and wants to get one in before Labour can recover. Unlike in the United States of America where there is a strict time schedule and succession procedure, see:, UK general elections can happen at any time and governments can hold as many as they like; however there must be a maximum of one every five years. However, May needed a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons to bring the next expected one in 2020 forward to this summer. This was achieved today, see:

Despite what I said at the top, on a personal level this is a highly unusual election for me. The reason is, for the first time in all the years since I became a conspiracy theorist, I am seriously thinking of voting. My good friend and fellow anti-NWO fighter Ian R Crane has warned people always to vote in elections, see: This is part of a long running disagreement Ian and I have had, whether voting in elections is worth doing considering there is a shadow government behind the scenes. It's a debate I've also had with Thomas G Clark, "Another Angry Voice", see: Since 2016, with Brexit and Trump etc, there have been distinct signs that this shadow government's grip on society is weakening; so today is voting as pointless as it used to be? If not then should I also vote? If so then who shall I vote for? This is a question I've never had to consider before. As soon as I was old enough to vote I voted Labour, basically because of family tradition. This was 1997 and I helped elect Tony Blair into government... No, I'm not proud of myself for that either. After that I became a conspiracy theorist and so boycotted all elections since until now. My deliberations over this issue will have to be discussed in a follow-up article, see: (coming soon)

Monday, 17 April 2017

Strange Underground Noises in Derby

A few weeks ago the emergency services were called to Tennant Street in Derby, UK because members of the public heard a repetitive knocking and banging sound coming from beneath their feet. They could hear it emanating from below the pavement when they stood near manhole covers. The fire brigade managed to open one of the manholes where the noise was coming from the most but could see nothing untoward, or so they reported. They lacked the equipment and skills to carry out a more thorough investigation, and strangely no specialist unit appears to have attended in their wake. This response is made more suspicious because a passer-by told the local press that these noises have been recurring for quite a while, see: However a private inquiry was carried out by a local historian and paranormal researcher, Richard Felix. He discovered a network of mysterious tunnels under the street in 2009. Could there be a connection? Source: I wonder if there might be a cryptozoological link as well, see: Richard Felix was a speaker at the recent Paraforce UK 2016 where I also spoke, see: (Apologies HPANWO Voice hasn't been updated for a few days. I've not had time)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 11

See here for essential background: Tino has made a new video with me about my being banned from a conference, see: (Interesting the URL has the letters "NWO" at the end).
In the meantime things have gone from bad to worse for Larry Warren as new emerging evidence is making him look frankly more suspicious, rather than less, as I was hoping. Thanks to a Facebook friend (Yes, I still have a few of those left) called Malky. Malky has discovered a good old classic 1940's ration book with Larry's handwriting on it, see illustrations above. I challenged Larry on this matter and he told me he'd only borrowed Jim Penniston's time machine; he had intended to return it, but forgot. Anyway this handwriting needs to be verified. Anybody got £600 spare? 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Roswell 70

I've organized an event to mark the seventieth anniversary of the Roswell Incident. I was planning to attend one of the events that somebody else might have organized, but it seems nobody is doing one in this country (at the time of writing). There was a big conference in 2007 for the sixtieth; I think it was up north somewhere. I couldn't go, but saw the videos of it, now deleted. It was very impressive; it was organized by the UFOlogist Sam Willey who was only sixteen years old at the time. There is an event in Roswell itself to celebrate seven decades since the crashing of a flying disk on a ranch, see:; but none at all arranged in Britain... until now. I decided on World Disclosure Day, July the 8th, which falls on a Saturday this year, as luck would have it. It is not going to be an elaborate affair. I looked for several function rooms in my hometown of Oxford to book for the afternoon and eventually found one available in a pub called... I kid you not... The White House. This is at 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford, OX1-4PD. The room was very cheap to hire so I'm not charging an entry fee (You can give me a voluntary contribution on the day if you like, or if you can). There is car parking at the venue, but if it's full you can always drop your vehicle at the Redbridge Park and Ride a mile down the road. From there you can walk or catch the number 300 bus to the venue. The venue is also less than a mile from Oxford railway station and Oxford coach station. There will be four speakers, Colin Woolford, Tony Topping, Miles Johnston and myself. I hope there will be an active discussion after the speakers on Roswell, UFO's and Disclosure issues. This is a part business and part social gathering. I've set up a Facebook event page, see:, and also the illustration above is a poster for it. Hope to see you there!