Monday, 20 November 2017

My Videos on Zohar Stargate TV 2

The internet television channel Zohar Stargate TV have produced two videos for their channel called Archive UFO Crash Discovered in Nottinghamshire, see: And Why a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen, see: These are adapted from HPANWO TV productions. Please watch my channel page on Zohar Stargate TV for further updates:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

David Icke Hate Campaign

A while I ago I wrote about a resurgence in the organized ongoing attack on David Icke, including the absurd and slanderous assertion that he hates Jews, see: Unfortunately a few too many people are still falling for this line out of ignorance, cowardice or perhaps a combination of the two. Sadly this hall of shame now includes Manchester United FC who cancelled one of David's events to launch his new book. The Guar-ridian has, naturally, sympathized with the Premiership football club. It was actually that pompous rag that started the "Icke is anti-Semitic!" nonsense back in 1993, see: A local charity for the homeless was due to attend and accept a donation from David, but they pulled out... I hope they found a way to explain that to the homeless people! It doesn't matter because David went onto the street and distributed the money himself: Gilad Atzmon is a musician and critic of the Zionist regime in Israel, and he's of Jewish ancestry himself. He believes this outpouring of hate against David has not just happened spontaneously; it is highly organized, see: I wonder if this could explain the problems Dr Nick Kollerstrom and I have had with our live show, see:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Shamanic Freedom Radio 3

Opaquelens of Shamanic Freedom Radio, aka Niall Murphy, has made an audio recording of my speech at AwakeCon, see:
Thanks to Niall for doing that. There will be official videos coming soon. See here for background:
See here for my previous appearance on Shamanic Freedom Radio:

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dreaming Saucers- Poster 1

Above is a draft for the full and complete first poster. I've secured the dates at the venue and the speakers have confirmed. More promotional material will follow soon. The ticket prices are an estimate and I'm not taking any orders yet, but please do email me if you want to show you're interested; it will be a big help. Watch this space. See here for background:

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 27

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: sleep paralysis, new JFK files, new discovery in the Great Pyramid and much much more. We are joined on the air by Kev's fellow TFR host Scotty Lopez.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Monday, 13 November 2017

Dreaming Saucers- Draft Logo

Above is a design for the logo for next year's Dreaming Saucers conference. See here for background:

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Nick Kollerstrom and Ben Emlyn-Jones- New Venue

A few weeks ago I posted notice of my upcoming live dialogue with Dr Nick Kollerstrom at Wallsend, Tyne and Wear; see: However the hosts at the venue have ordered the event cancelled. Somebody has informed them of what an evil deranged violent Nazi psychopath Nick Kollerstrom is, and so to prevent him from eating the audiences' livers they have decided to ban him. By extension I am therefore banned too (Twice in the same year! This is becoming a worrying new habit, see: The good news is that the event will still go ahead on the same date, Sunday the 26th of Noivember, and the same time, mid-afternoon, somewhere in the area of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but at a different venue. To prevent further disruption the location of the venue will be kept secret and only divulged to people when they book tickets. Please call Maureen on 07986 575 607 for details of how to obtain tickets. Pre-booking is essential and nobody will be admitted on the door. Apologies for the unusual arrangements, but it is the only way to prevent the so-called "anti-fascists" from succeeding in their campaign of censorship.