Monday 22 July 2024

RDH Trial- Day One

The trial of Richard D Hall has begun; see the link below for background. Day one is over. It was held at the Royal Courts of Justice again and this time the court had made more of an effort to accommodate the large volume of visitors. A second courtroom had been set up with a cloud video platform, a type of CCTV, so the people who were unable to fit into the main courtroom have somewhere else to watch. Richard was represented by a barrister this time; and, as it happened, he turned out to be a right Perry Mason! Mr Price was once again acting for the claimant. There was a different judge this time, a Mrs Justice Steyn. The court officials were "robed" this time, wearing the traditional suits, gowns and wigs. Mr Price began by giving an overview of Mr Hibbert and his daughter's experience since the alleged bomb attack in 2017. I found it unfair that the prosecution is allowed to bring up evidence to support their cause, but Richard is forbidden by the summary judgement. What's more the claimant has himself criticised the Kerslake Report, the official story of the Manchester Arena attack, so why can't Richard? Richard's public views about the incident were described with words like "insulting" and "upsetting", but being insulting is not a crime. Mr Price stated that it doesn't matter whether Richard believes sincerely that the Manchester Arena event was staged; what matters is the damage it does to the people on the receiving end. The prosecution's opening statement was primarily emotional, not factual. Mr Oakley, Richard's barrister said pretty much all the things that I have said before, that this whole case against Richard had the ulterior motive of censorship. Martin Hibbert was called as a witness and most of the rest of the day covered the defence's cross-examination of him. Mr Hibbert acted as if he were still filming with the BBC instead of giving testimony in a courtroom. He spoke of his emotional trauma and fear for his daughter's safety, but at the same time he has sought publicity and is quite happy to appear in major media roles; documentaries, news stories, interviews etc. Nearly all the material Richard has used as evidence to criticize him is in the public domain, much of it published by Mr Hibbert himself. The only exception was when Richard went to Eve Hibbert's home. However, even this is not what it has been portrayed as. Richard did this in July 2019 while Mr Hibbert only found out about it two years later, in the summer of 2021. It was the visits by the police and not Richard that drew the neighbours' attention towards Eve. Mr Oakley also pointed out that, by his own admission, it is not Richard who has caused all of Mr Hibbert's trouble. His injury and mental trauma has. Hibbert gives contradictory dates about when he first heard of Richard as well as vague and uncertain statements about what effect Richard is having on him and his family. Hibbert includes a lot of rhetoric about his dislike generally of conspiracy theories. This makes the barrister question his motives. He brings no evidence at all to the table that supports his claim that Richard has harassed him.
Mr Hibbert generally seems very unsure of himself and what exactly he thinks Richard has done wrong. He can't remember the specific videos in which Richard is supposed to have caused him and his daughter so much emotional hurt. Doesn't he remember? I have really been harassed and I know off by heart every word said to me by "Team Droike" and where they said it, see: Why did Mr Hibbert drag this issue into court? There is a simple statutory commission grievance procedure for breaches of data protection. Mr Hibbert then made the unusual step of criticizing his own legal team for not telling him this. What is really going on here? The trial has begun well for Richard. His barrister did an excellent job. Of course there are up to three more days left to go and the prosecution will get the chance to strike back, but so far so good. I'll be going to London tomorrow for day two.
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RDH Lawsuit Mini-Portal

I have decided to put links to all my publications on the subject of Richard D Hall's lawsuit into a mini-portal where readers can access them easily and systematically. This subject does not need a main site full portal because there will probably only be a handful of posts about it and many of them.

Sunday 21 July 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones and the Crafty Nihilist 2

I have been featured on a livestream by the Crafty Nihilist:
This was an unplanned contribution. I happened to be watching and they invited me on. It went well considering I was ad-libbing and we discussed consciousness, past lives and Lord of the Rings.
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Saturday 20 July 2024

Lotus Eaters on Chemtrails

A couple of months ago I reported on how Podcast of the Lotus Eaters had started tackling more conspiratorial subjects, see: I am pleased to report that they have taken the next step by examining geoengineering. They were inspired by the Dubai flood story which sounds to me like either a rainmaking programme gone wrong or an act of environmental terrorism, see: Josh is joined in the show by regular guest panellist Godfrey Bloom and a young man called Lewis; and they reveal that recently there was an atmospheric aerosol test that was not revealed to the public until afterwards. They also speak as a truism something that has never been admitted formally, that the Lynmouth disaster was caused by an RAF cloud seeding experiment, see: The irrepressible Godfrey is famous for saying what he thinks and not caring what anybody says, so I found it quite moving to hear him talk about his life in the country and how he and his wife once saw chemtrails forming behind high flying aeroplanes covering the English rural sky in a white blanket. As the Eaters rightly say, chemtrails do not only poison the sky, but the ground too. Clifford Carnicom and Sophia Smallstorm have addressed that too, see: It appears the Met Office is very much involved, receiving massive donations from billionaires via a geoengineering lobby group. Along with chemtrails, geoengineers plan to move their interventions above the atmosphere by putting mirrors in space. Bill Gates has his finger in this pie of course. Incredibly there are currently 327 projects underway in the United Kingdom on geoengineering. These are supposedly only "hypothetical" projects; but then why so many and why are they being given so much money? I've spoken before about the Oxford Martin School, see: Source:’t-question-the-clouds:1. One wonders, with this new found awareness of all matters tin foil hat related, where will the Eaters go next? Be sure, when they do you will hear about it first on HPANWO Voice.
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Thursday 18 July 2024

The Book of Mormon

I don't often go to the theatre, but I did the other day because I was in London for a social event. We went to the Prince of Wales Theatre in the West End to see The Book of Mormon. This of course refers to a famous book that is claimed to be a missing third testament of the bible. It was published in 1830 by a failed American farmer called Joseph Smith. He claims that the book is based on a golden book shown to him by an angel in 1823. It refers to some previously unreported biblical figures who were followers of Jesus. They fled persecution by crossing the Atlantic Ocean and settling in North America. During the course of his life Smith's movement grew to the point where he established a religious commune. After his death the "Latter Day Saints" continued their evangelical mission and today there are over seventeen million of them. They have many communities around the world, most famously in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. The city was founded by LDS members who considered themselves refugees from persecution in other places. In areas where a lot of "Mormons" live they are rather notorious for their door-to-door preaching. The show begins with a song about how they ring doorbells and try to persuade the person who answers to join their church and be "baptized". The story covers two of these preachers who are sent to a remote community in Africa as missionaries. However, everything goes hilariously wrong and the two men end up compromising their message to make it more comprehensive to the people, and end up distorting it so much that it effectively becomes an entirely new religion. The play is a very irreverent parody of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has some elements that are politically incorrect and I wouldn't be surprised if the show has been accused of "racism!" The acting, costumes and scenery are very good. Live theatre has become more technically sophisticated in recent years, with clever special effects, probably because of the influence of cinema. None of the cast are famous actors although one or two looked familiar, as if they had minor TV or film roles. It is a very funny musical and its possible offensive nature adds to that humour. The script is full of swearing and it's only suitable for adults. This is to be expected because it is co-written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame. It is really about how religious cults can emerge and, if I were in a cynical mood, I would say Joseph Smith decided to invent the story about the gold plates because he needed a new career after his farm went bankrupt. In the same way, did L Ron Hubbard create Scientology for the same reason, dissatisfaction with his literary career? The show is well worth seeing. It's at The Prince of Wales Theatre in Covent Garden, which is clean and comfortable, see:

Wednesday 17 July 2024

A New WOW! Signal?

A few months ago I reported on a rather strange pair of videos by Prof. Simon Holland, see: I have wondered since then if this would lead anywhere and it has. The good professor has released another duo to follow up his first two; the second has a very clickbaity title, even by his standards: PROOF? - Alien Signal. What surprised me the most, and embarrassed me a bit, was that it was something I had already heard of and even previously covered, but whose significance I hadn't fully understood. I actually added it onto the end of another article on a distantly related subject just as an aside. The two new videos by Holland mostly just recap what was said in those back in April, but then cite an article published in Nature magazine almost three years ago. What happened was that on the 29th of April (not the 1st!) 2019 the Parkes Murriyang Observatory picked up a narrowband signal from the star Proxima Centauri, famous for being the nearest star to the earth, apart from the sun of course. It was christened Breakthrough Listen Candidate One, BCL1. This was excitedly listed as a "technosignature", possibly generated by an artificial radio source. You can see it clearly as a solid yellow line standing out from the background noise in the waterfall graph illustrated above, and in the source document. This was not done with the drama of a Hollywood movie like Contact; it was all very calm and low-key. The astronomical team went about learning more and more about this strange transmission. It took over a year. They had to control for the usual interference problems generated by our own planet and eliminate natural phenomena that can create radio signals like stellar flares and coronal mass ejections etc. They also had to discern a drift rate from the candidate that was independent of that resulting from the earth's orbit, as explained in Simon's April videos. This revealed that the source was orbiting the star and didn't come directly from the star. This meant that it was probably coming from a planet. It does not, however, correspond to Proxima's known planets, most famously "earth's twin" Proxima b. They also then found that BCL1 was mixed with a number of other similar signals. You may not understand everything in the Nature article and, indeed, I certainly don't; but you don't have to. What is clear is that this is exactly the kind of result the SETI movement has been looking for since its inception in the early 1960's. What more can be learned? The article makes some suggestions including new computer technology to perform data analysis and more joint observations using numerous separate observatories. So far this has not been big mainstream news; and that might be because of an unhappy realization I have come to myself, along with others, that most people are not terribly curious and take very little interest of what lies beyond page one. Who controls what goes onto page one? The media moguls of course; and until they decide to publicize this story it ain't gonna be a story. Source: and: See here for the nature article: and my own contemporary reference:
What I don't get is the sensationalism with which Holland raised the subject in April. He was acting all furtively, talking about a secret insider he called "the source of the information" and making out he was a whistleblower of some kind. He also reckoned that there might be "pictures" in the transmission. Well, the Nature article says nothing that extreme at all. Or does his insider know something that was not published? In that case it brings me back to my previous question: how can something like that be suppressed in a worldwide network of astronomy teams? As I've said before, the conspiracy would be too top-heavy. Astronomy is the world's only truly democratic science and nothing can be covered up in it. Hopefully we'll learn more soon. However, from even the distance of the nearest star, our perception is limited by distance. Hopefully the new methods will work. Prof. Holland is doing a Q and A livestream soon. I'll be sure to watch and, if necessary, report back to you.
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Monday 15 July 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 14

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her video channel:
This is an alt-tech exclusive and is not suitable for YouTube. Subjects discussed include: BRICS stands up to the dollar, is slavery coming back?, a possible future trade war and much much more.
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