Monday 27 May 2024

The Prisoner Review with David Yorkshire

I have been interviewed on David Yorkshire's YouTube, see:
We review the classic esoteric 1960's TV series The Prisoner, see:

Saturday 25 May 2024

Squarespace UFO Ad

Every so often something appears in mainstream entertainment that reveals just how far a recent concept has advanced into culture and collective psychology. Squarespace is one of the world's most popular web design and hosting services. It is worth over a billion dollars and has advertised at major sporting events and cinema awards. Therefore when they produced a new TV advert with an alien theme I was astounded. This is no ordinary advert either; it is directed by Martin Scorsese who is a famous feature film creator, best known for such classics as The Colour of Money, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. I doubt if he'd be cheap to hire. This advert is one of those almost like a mini-movie. It has a title, Hello Down There. It is one minute thirty-six seconds long and begins with a series of shots from TV news reports about UFO's. They begin with a dated one showing a young boy in a 1940's lounge watching a science fiction film followed by some news spots through the ages from Walter Kronkite's 1966 programme to recent clips of crop circles followed by the hearings in Mexico and the United States. It features the gimbal UAP footage. The second scene is a busy city street where people are walking along looking at their mobile phones while flying saucers swoop low overhead like in an alien invasion film. The people don't notice because they are totally engrossed with their phones. One woman chuckles at a video of a cat playing with toilet paper, others are having a picnic in a park beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. An elderly couple are sitting in an American diner reading about recipes; and only their dog outside takes notice of the ET spacecraft. In China some business executives in a boardroom are totally focused on their computer displays. The aliens are baffled by the indifference of humanity to their presence. They even extend a tool that knocks on the window of the boardroom, but to no avail. They gesture in frustration until the idea occurs to them to build their own Squarespace website which then appears on the humans' devices and therefore finally alerts them to the extraterrestrial presence. It's a simple page that shows them waving and the words "Hello down there." Finally the humans' reverie is broken and they look up to notice the aliens. The final shot is of the director himself in a chauffeur driven car. The ad ends with the slogan "A website makes it real". Source:
There are all kinds of commentary we could make about this TV advert, about how the population are distracted and fed disinformation using modern portable media, but I shall stick to the UFOlogical elements for the purposes of this article. The idea of alien contact and the post-2017 advancements in the subject are obviously far more engrained than I thought. A major IT giant has decided it is so popular that it can form the basis of a major marketing campaign. This is not the only example I've found; see others in the links below. This is a very good thing. Nobody can pretend that UFO's and aliens are confined to the realm of lunacy and frivolity. This has come at a time when Stephen Spielberg has just announced that he is making a new UFO movie. He has done so before, of course, with his masterpieces Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET- The Extraterrestrial, but that was early in his career; and he stated in 1997 that he had lost his interest in UFO's and would never make another movie about them. He has since changed his mind. Contrary to normal marketing practice, the film has been given a release date even before the title has been revealed, August 15, 2026. Source: Has somebody had a word in his ear and told him this particular iron will be hot to strike at the time?
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Friday 24 May 2024

GB News vs Ofcom

The Office of Communications is taking action against GB News... again. The national media and communications regulation agency has decided that the station broke the rules of due impartiality when they had a live telephone Q and A programme with the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Their accusations are:
"While some of the audience's questions provided some challenge to, and criticism of, the Government's policies and performance, audience members were not able to challenge the Prime Minister's responses and the presenter did not do this to any meaningful extent. The Prime Minister was able to set out future policies that his Government planned to implement, if re-elected in the forthcoming UK General Election. Neither the audience nor the presenter challenged or otherwise referred to significant alternative views on these. The Prime Minister criticised aspects of the Labour Party's policies and performance. While politicians are of course able to do this in programmes, broadcasters must ensure that due impartiality is preserved. Neither the Labour Party's views or positions on those issues, or any other significant views on those issues were included in the programme or given due weight; and GB News did not, and was not able to, include a reference in the programme to an agreed future programme in which an appropriately wide range of significant views on the major matter would be presented and given due weight. We also took into account that, during the course of our investigation, GB News said it had purposefully not been aware of the questions which audience members would ask the Prime Minister; made an editorial decision that the presenter would not intervene or challenge views expressed; and that there were no other editorial means for alternative views to be included in the programme... We have therefore recorded a breach of Rules 5.11 and 5.12 of the Broadcasting Code against GB News." Source:
Ofcom will now begin the process of statuary sanction which can take up to sixty working days. What could they do to GB News? They could fine them; they can impose a penalty of up to a quarter of a million pounds. Seeing as they're acted against GB News twice before it is likely that any financial penalty will be very high. However, this time they may decide to go one step further and revoke the platform's licence, like they did to RT, see: Israel has also just done this to Al Jazeera. If that happens GB News will no longer appear on a terrestrial TV station or DAB radio; it will become an internet only news channel. This is not the end of the world, after all RT has survived being an online service, for example see:; however it will reduce GB News' profile in the public eye... And that is the real objective of course. I hope the Jeeb will learn a lesson from this. A few months ago Ofcom attacked the channel over the supposed "misogyny" of Lawrence Fox, Calvin Robinson and Dan Wooton. The channel's management responded by grovelling, taking the knee, apologizing over and over again; and throwing the supposed nasty miscreants under the bus, see: Where did it get them? Did they really think that Ofcom would leave them alone after that? We've seen the same ridiculous false conciliation from Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party (They should never have changed their name!). The party's leader Richard Tice dropped about half of its candidates in the recent election because Hate Not Hope told them to... I'm not kidding, see: What does Tice think he's going to achieve with all this backstabbing? You cannot be an anti-establishment political party while trying to pacify the establishment. Hate Not Hope responded by gloating over how they now control Reform, and they're right to. They did not thank Tice for his collaboration and leave him alone to find another victim; they simply drew up another list of targets and handed them over to him again. Source: I'm not a fan of Winston Churchill; I consider him a grossly overrated fake hero, but he did once say something very true: "Appeasement is feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat you last." We must stop apologizing. We must not attempt to win the approval of our enemies. We must simply tell them to take a running jump!
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Thursday 23 May 2024

Bases Conference 2023 Promo

A discussion between myself and Miles Johnston of the Bases Project promoting the upcoming Bases 2024 Conference, see:
The conference will take place on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of June. The venue is Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5ES and starts at 9.30 AM. Tickets cost £76.55. The speakers are: Deborah Hatswell, Sayed Mahmoud Noah, Sandi Adams, Julie Phelps and many more. Details:

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 22

I have been on the Paranormal Peep Show again. This programme features an interview with Mark and Liz Froud, known as The Crafty Nihilist.

Monday 20 May 2024

Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 12

I have been interviewed again by Rin Michaelis on her YouTube livestream:
Subjects discussed include: Israel vs Hamas, propaganda in war, the US and UK political spectrums and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Rin's channel:
See here for Rin's channel:
And her Twitter:

Sunday 19 May 2024

Big Traffic Warden is Watching You


(Apparently traffic wardens in Oxford are now called "Civil Enforcement Officers"... Doubleplus ungood!) A while ago I reported on Oxford's new Local Traffic Neighbourhoods, see: The council appear so determined to proceed with its fifteen minute city agenda that I was surprised to walk up Divinity Road in St Clements on Friday and find the bollards gone. I walk up that road at least every day or two for work and for over a year the solid bollards I mentioned in the background link above have been there. I wondered what on earth had happened. There is no sign of vandalism, in fact it's clear the bollard removal was planned; the sockets have been removed and the holes filled in. Then I spotted the dead tree of CCTV cameras set up on two nearby lampposts. It turns out that the LTN's are still there but the control method has changed. The lack of bollards means that emergency vehicles and dustcarts etc can pass through to do their public service unhindered, but any unauthorized private vehicle will be spotted by the CCTV, its number-plate will be photographed and the owner will receive a fine; in a manner similar to a speed-camera. This is called "automatic number plate recognition" and three of the LTN's have had this introduced as an experiment; Divinity Road, Magdalen Road and James Street. I actually consider this worse than the bollards. The presence of a tangible, visible physical barrier is somehow more honest, more respectful. The ANPR system induces a change in human behaviour by a psychological rather than physical constraint. I've noticed the acceptance of universal surveillance by the state, in all its forms, has changed us. We have evolved new mindsets and actions because we now always assume we are being monitored. Oxford has been singled out as the first place to test this new form of society on a national and even international scale. There is hope; I see a lot of people in Oxford fighting back; and this was obvious in the recent elections, see: There is still hope that we can halt this runaway train to Orwell Central.