Sunday, 21 January 2018

Capel Green- Review by Col. Charles Halt

Col. Charles I Halt USAF (ret), former deputy base commander of the Woodbridge-Bentwaters airbase in 1980, and witness to the Rendlesham Forest UFO, has written a de facto review of the upcoming documentary Capel Green; see here for background: It took the form of an open letter to the director Dion Johnson, as reported by Sacha Christie who has come out of her very public retirement from UFOlogy... for the second or third time. There is a massive amount to unpack in her newest screed; most of it concerns matters that I have spoken about before so there is no need to repeat myself; simply study the Larry Warren database I have created in the links below. Col. Halt wrote his letter after Dion wrote to him asking him to comment on Larry's polygraph test. The colonel responded thus:
I hate to tell you but you are being had.  Suggest you read The Halt Perspective before getting egg on your face. For starters Mr Warren has lied about his involvement on the first night (the events unfolded over three nights). He was not present with us at the site the third night. There were no entities or a physical craft on the ground. The event on the first night occurred in the forest. The night I was out with a team what we witnessed was not at the site Mr Warren claims. Mr Warren was separated from the US Air Force as unsuitable/undesirable for the convenience of the government. In other words, kicked out. His testimony has changed through the years as he's learned details from real participants. He's asked several of his former associates to lie to support him (this is documented). Every serious researcher has written him off as a very convincing liar; even his mother made a comment to that effect. Talk to any other serious researcher (I can give you many names), other than Gary Heseltine who is using him and you'll get the truth. Even Peter Robbins who really wrote the book Left at the East Gate will verify the facts. Several years ago Mr Warren claimed to have passed a voice stress analysis. Guess what, I have documented proof he failed.  He may have passed a polygraph session but do your homework there are multiple ways to beat the test. You might ask Mr Robbins about his fraud activity and association with Operation Bullpen. Your case and problem. Do not use my name, memo or tape. By the way, the original whistleblowers were cops named J D Engles and Jim Penniston who told of the events to the authors of Sky Crash. Even though they didn't get the story right they started the ball rolling.
Chuck Halt

Again, a lot of what Col. Halt says here I have addressed before in the database. However he does posit some new positions. He claims that there are multiple ways to beat the polygraph test. It's true there are techniques that people such as intelligence officers and special forces soldiers are taught as part of their general resistance to interrogation training that can possibly slip through a poorly-conducted polygraph test, up to a certain point. However polygraph tests vary in quality and the one Larry took for the production is the best and most modern on offer. This was no backstage job with Jeremy Kyle. (The UFO community has been targeted over false claims about polygraph tests before, see: and: What's more it is extremely unlikely that Larry has ever had the training necessary that Col. Halt refers to. If polygraphs were that easy to beat then they would be evidentially useless and would never be brought in at all. It interests me that, once again, we see a pundit effectively reviewing Capel Green a long time before the film has been released and its full package of evidence tabled. This is a strange back-to-front world we're living in, where people review movies before they've hit the screens. Does this mean that straight after I have seen Capel Green I will walk out into the foyer and see a poster for it and say: "That looks an interesting film; I wonder what it's like."?

Sacha herself makes some additional new errors that I must address. Nobody, least of all Gary Heseltine, is trying to "repackage" the Rendlesham Forest Incident. This is similar to what Nick Pope suggested and I can assure you it is false. I would ask Col. Halt, Nick Pope and everybody else not to comment further on the content of Capel Green until they have watched it. Sacha also says something else at the end of her article that is most interesting: "No, we can't believe the police won't do anything about it either, but they say it isn't a direct threat and it wasn't sent to me. They use the lack of police action as some kind of proof of his innocence." This is the first time she has quoted the police response to her complaint. She has been saying for a long time that this was a direct threat against her. It was Gary, myself and other researchers who stated that Larry's declaration that if his family were in the audience and under threat by a general individual then he would jump off the stage and "put their windpipe through their spine!" was not a threat; it was a statement of intent to employ the lawful use of force. This means the police told Sacha the same thing we have all along, and now she has admitted it. Why is the lack of police action not proof of innocence? If it were otherwise would that not defeat the entire purpose of the police? Threats of violence against a specific person are a very serious matter and the police would be compelled to act under the law if Larry were not innocent. Like Peter Robbins, Sacha is wasting her time trying to resurrect this old chestnut yet again. Source:
See here for my complete detailed assessment of the Larry Warren controversy:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Was the Hawaiian Missile Alert Real?

A week ago there was a very frightening event on the islands of Hawaii. At the time I thought that it might be some kind of psychological operation to find out how people responded to the threat of a missile attack. I still consider this the most likely possibility, see here for details: Now more information has come to light that presents a different hypothesis: the missile attack was real. There are several websites claiming that a ballistic missile was launched at Hawaii, at that time, from a submarine belonging to the Deep State or Illuminati; or a rogue faction of the Chinese navy. Possibly the Deep State used China as a proxy. There is also a theory that an Israeli submarine carried out the attack; however Israel's submarines can only launch cruise missiles, not ballistic missiles. Cruise missiles fly like drones close to the surface and have a limited range; ballistic missiles are rockets that soar several hundred thousand feet up, right up into space, and can hit targets thousands of miles away. China does have submarines with this capability. There are no reliable sources for this information; however the Australian exopolitician Dr Michael E Salla takes the possibility seriously. Salla lives on Hawaii and so knows that there is no way that the text alert sent by the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency could be posted by accident. If that eventuality is therefore ruled out, what does it leave? Another possibility is that this was an attempted false flag attack carried out either by a Deep State vessel or a proxy; the US, Chinese, British or another navy with ballistic missile submarines. It is well known that the CIA has its own private military. It has been running spy-plane operations from Area 51 since the mid 1950's. Perhaps that is just the tip of the iceberg; if it has its own air force, why not its own navy? In 1987 a US Senator, for Hawaii ironically, Daniel Inouye, made that very suggestion and called it the "Dark Fleet", see: It is interesting that just three days after the Hawaii mistaken missile alert there was another one in Japan with an almost identical scenario, see: There was also a strange incident in Michigan USA where something that was reported as a "meteor" descended vertically down onto the land. It flared up very brightly, then went dark, see:

If this is a false flag attack then it is obviously meant to implicate North Korea. The inevitable result would be nuclear retaliation by the United States that would devastate Kim Jong Un's little country; but why now? Salla thinks it is to do with President Trump's recent move to rein in the corruption that is a source of organization and funding for the Deep State, as well as a contact point for its control of overt political structures. This could well include money from illegal drug cartels, as I've said before. Hopefully this represents a "counter-counter Trumpening", see: It does give us cause for optimism because if Trump and the Deep State are still at war it means they have not succeeded in hooking him in completely or permanently... although obviously I am not celebrating the prospect of nuclear missiles flying about the place. This brings up another question: Why have none of these false flag nuclear assaults worked? The missiles must have either malfunctioned or been shot down. Officially there is no "Star Wars" programme up and running capable of that; however there may be a covert one connected to the secret space programme. This is good because it means whoever is involved with the secret space programme, part of it anyway, is siding with the Trump administration over the Deep State. This is another reason why perhaps Steve Bassett was too hasty to dismiss Trump as the Disclosure President, see: Alternatively the saboteurs might be extraterrestrials. Salla notes a UFO sighting from a boat near Hawaii at the same time as the missile alert. Whether it was UFO's or humans involved in the secret space programme, all I can say is... Thank you guys! Sources: and: This is also very likely because UFO's have shown a distinct interest in human nuclear weapon capability many times. What's more they have interfered with them directly, as reported by Capt. Robert Salas, see:

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Gary Heseltine on Reclaiming Perceptions

The UFOlogist Gary Heseltine has been interviewed on the Reclaiming Perceptions show with Jo Lomax, see:
Near the start of the programme Jo and Gary raise the subject of the Larry Warren Hate Cult and the following discussion is one of the best analyses of this unfortunately affair that has ever been done. For hosting Gary on her show, Jo was subjected to the same insults and abuse that Gary, myself and others have for opposing the LWHC. I appreciate her very much for refusing to back down to the LWHC's bullying.
See here for my own interview on Reclaiming Perceptions:
See here for Jo's interview on the HPANWO Show:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Oya in conversation with Ben Emlyn-Jones 4

I have been interviewed again by the YouTube user "Oya", whose real name is Kathy. In this informal discussion we cover a multitude of subjects, including the upcoming royal wedding, 9/11, free energy, crop circles and much much more. The film is available on Kathy's channel "OYA 1100". The video quality is slightly blurry; apologies for that.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Fake Hawaii Missile Alert

Residents of Hawaii experienced a rude awakening Saturday morning as a round robin text was sent out to all their devices and online warning that the islands were about to suffer an attack by nuclear missile from North Korea. Hawaiians have been worried about the escalating tensions in the Far East seeing as Kim Jong Un has specifically mentioned the United States of America as one of his country's greatest enemies and has stated that he has missiles capable of striking it and would be willing use his full nuclear deterrent on America if he had to. The islands of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are by far the closet part of the United States to North Korea and would probably be hit first, as has happened in previous wars in the region. The people of Hawaii took the threat completely seriously. They hastened to whatever shelter they could. In hotels and public buildings people headed for the basements. Some people in the open streets forced their children down manholes. Along with the alarm was sadness. People called loved ones essentially to say goodbye. One woman had a tearful telephone conversation with her mother, a ninety-five year old lady who had survived the 1941 Pearl Harbour attack. She was too old to lower herself to the floor for protection. After this period of pandemonium it was revealed that the whole alert had been a "terrible mistake". The services sent out a second Tweet apologizing profusely and reassuring Hawaiians that there was no real missile threat. The state governor David Ige reported that a worker at the Hawaii emergency management services "pushed the wrong button" during a shift change. Source: You can just imagine it, can't you? "Morning Nigel. 'Ere, I've been meaning to ask you, what does this button do?" "A hell of a lot! Don't press it, Dave, whatever you do!" "Are you sure, Nigel?" "Yes, Dave. Now I'm off home. You have the shop!" "Righto. See ya, Nigel... Hmm... Maybe I'd better just press it to make sure..."
I don't think so. I strongly suspect this was done on purpose to gauge people's reactions. There were several incidents during the Cold War when I believe the same thing was done. This was, of course, an extremely cruel thing to do. It was also very dangerous; people could have been injured or killed in the panic. In this scenario some people might even commit suicide. This kind of psychological experiment does not only apply to nuclear attack; it has been played on people for other reasons as well; for example, alien invasion. In October 1938 a radio adaptation of HG Wells' War of the Worlds was broadcast. This is a story about a global invasion by hostile extraterrestrials. The style of the play was what today is called a "docudrama"; it was made to seem real. It does sound very real to me, see: Unfortunately a number of people thought it was real and they panicked. Some people jumped into their cars and fled for the hills. Others looted shops and rioted in the street. A number of people were injured by violence and car accidents. The blame was placed on the director Orson Welles. However I wonder if the purpose of the play was to see how the population would react if faced with the real eventuality of armed and dangerous UFO's. If the play was not produced for that purpose you can still bet psychological think tanks, such as the Tavistock Institute, would take a distinct interest in the response by the public. No doubt the authorities will play this heartless trick on us again as and when they think they need to.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

New Probe Website

The official website of the March Probe conference is now available, see: It is a simple, but elegant and friendly design. It only has a few pages, but all the necessary information is there. As you can see, I am the final speaker on Sunday. I am listed as "Ben Efflyn Jones", but it is me, I promise. And "ex politics" is actually "exopolitics". I feel very happy to be returning to Probe as a speaker and I'm really looking forward to the event. See here for more details:

Saturday, 13 January 2018

UFO videos by Mouthy Buddha

A YouTuber content creator has made two fascinating short documentaries about the recent surge in UFO-related news stories, see background links below. He has a brilliant username, "Mouthy Buddha". The first video gives a history of the involvement of Tom Delonge. Last year the rock star got together with a number of former government, intelligence and military industrial complex corporate insiders to set up a company called To The Stars that aims to be the medium for ET Disclosure (I missed out on covering this at the time because it coincided with the publication of Roswell Revealed, sorry). Here's an interesting interview with Tom Delonge on the Joe Rogan Experience: Two of the names on Delonge's list of collaborators are particularly interesting. Hal Puthoff, the CIA parapsychologist who tested Uri Geller in 1973 and, I believe, recruited him as a psychic spy. Another is a name regular readers will recognize, Luis Elizondo, the Pentagon official who ran the recently-declassified UFO research project; see background links below. The second video asks some more relevant questions about the UFO information released in December, the US Navy footage and the Pentagon aerial research project.

What Mouthy Buddha really suspects is going on is some kind of psychological operation similar to that perpetrated on Paul Bennewitz. As I've said before, I don't buy the line that the UFO phenomenon itself is a piece of engineered modern mythology designed by the intelligence services to launder their more down-to-earth secret operations. It's a very risky gambit to draw somebody's attention towards something with the ultimate objective of deflecting it away. It could backfire in any number of ways. I think what we are really facing is a very elaborate double-bluff; see here for details: According to Mouthy Buddha, Delonge is being exploited in the same way Bennewitz was. Unlike Pilkington, MB does not see this UFO disinformation as a distraction from non-UFO secrets, but rather fake UFO secrets being used as a smokescreen to protect the real secrets of UFO's. This is very worrying because if we are approaching a period in history when willing Disclosure is unavoidable, then the government might fall back to a fake Disclosure situation. This is something I myself have suspected. Bryce Zabel said at Exopolitics Leeds that if it turned out that the aliens were evil then we might have to forgive the government for the century of secrets they've kept from us and unite to save the planet. In that case might not somebody get the idea of telling us the aliens are evil even if they're not, in order to wriggle of that particular hook? That is just one example of possible deception waiting in the wings. The recent news stories Mouthy Buddha talks about makes him believe we are currently upstream of some further information being released; I agree. The question is, what will the objective of that revelation be? And can we trust the authorities not to control the revelation in a manner that deceives us for their benefit? I would say no.