Monday, 26 September 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Christopher Everard Show 2

I have been interviewed on the Christopher Everard Show on Truth Frequency Radio. See:
My fellow guest is James Fetzer and subjects discussed include: faking the moon landings, paranormal experiences with EVP, UFO's, crop circles and much much more. See here for my previous appearance on the Christopher Everard Show:

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Another Good Mural in Oxford

A new mural has appeared on the side of a corner shop in Oxford. It can be found on a wall overlooking the junction of Magdalen Road and Catherine Street. I don't know who made it, but it might be possible to find out. Oxford and its environs has a great tradition in folk art, see background links below, and there will be official planning permission on record. The graffito depicts a lion sitting in a field of plants with circular blue blooms. In the background to the left on the peak of a hill is a dome-shaped building or rotunda. There are three brightly-lit windows on the facade. Above that is a yellow circle with a black outline; and there are lines underneath that are either movement trails or black liquid drips. Inside the circle are the letters SYD; this could be the artist's signature. Is the lion a depiction of Aslan? Aslan is a great lion who is the central character of The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of books by the Oxford-based author CS Lewis. This seven-book series is aimed at older children and young adults, but can be enjoyed by more mature readers as well. It contains some deeply intellectual and esoteric themes. The background structure reminds me of a scene in the prequel, The Magician's Nephew where the protagonists encounter an enchanted orchard on top of a hill surrounded by a high circular wall. As I say in the background links below, I love non-conformist public art. It brightens up the street and gets people thinking. I hope this particular masterpiece is left alone and not whitewashed like all the others I have endeavoured to preserve.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tasers on St Helena

The dark side of St Helena's new international age is already manifesting despite the fact that the airport has still not yet fully opened, see background links below for more details. The St Helena Government has announced that the island's police are receiving training in how to use tasers, a supposedly "non-lethal" weapon. St Helena is part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; and it has a unified police force consisting of just seventy officers. There are sixty-three on St Helena and six on Ascension Island. Tristan da Cunha has just one full-time officer with three special reserve assistants. Small and isolated settlements tend to have very low crime rates and St Helena seems to be no exception according to the UK Government's foreign travel advice page; this is despite worrying levels of poverty there. So why are tasers deemed necessary? The St Helena Government has reassured us that this weapon will not be routinely carried by officers on duty, but the option will be there to issue it with permission of a senior officer. However, the very fact this policing method has been introduced must sound strange to the Saints, I imagine. Tasers are far from "non-lethal" in practice. Only a few weeks ago the former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson was killed by one, see: He is just one of over a hundred people who have died under the electrodes of police tasers since its invention. It has also been revealed that the St Helena police are training with standard firearms too. Source: and: What's going on? Are the authorities on the island tacitly preparing for a change in society in which levels of antisocial and unlawful behaviour are predicted to rise?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Richplanet Show about David Icke

Richard D Hall has produced a programme in his Richplanet TV series about David Icke and the notion that the ruling classes of the world are not really human and are in fact shape-shifting reptilians. He invites onto the show his regular collaborator Andrew Johnson, one of the few people in the conspirasphere he appears to trust, and they discuss David Icke together, see: David Icke is one of the most prominent figures in the Truth movement. He was originally a famous TV sports journalist until the early 1990's when he had a spiritual emergence crisis which turned his former life upside down. By the late 1990's he had reestablished himself as an author and lecturer on conspiratorial and spiritual matters. Richard and Andrew speak appreciatively about David's early years; and indeed what David said and did in those days was instrumental in my own process of becoming conspiratorially-aware. It was in 1999 and 2000 that David's pathway changed yet again when he first spoke openly about what he believed was the true nature of the Illuminati elite in his book The Biggest Secret. His ideas came from multiple sources, but the most important was a woman who goes by several names, but is most often known as Arizona Wilder. She approached David and told him that she was the subject of a mind control programme and a Satanic "mother goddess" who served the British Royal family. However there were major flaws in her testimony and I was active on the original David Icke Forum when the argument blew up between Ivan Fraser and his friends and the rest of the membership. I didn't believe Ivan at the time, but on reflection I think he was right, see: Ivan wrote for Dave Starbuck's Truthseeker website and Dave Starbuck has always resented David Icke because Icke has never credited him for first introducing him to conspiratorial ideas in 1993. The "man from Hull with the blue plastic bags" was Dave Starbuck, see: I think it's only fair that David should name Dave as his source, but he doesn't do that. The same can be said for Bill Cooper, who also never got on with David because David drew on a lot of his work anonymously. The good news is that I think David has come round and denounced his previous association with Arizona Wilder; but it's difficult to be sure because, as always, he changes his mind quietly and never admits it openly. You can't buy Revelations of a Mother Goddess on his website any more and you can only watch it on old second hand VHS tapes or online, see: By this stage in the programme Richard and Andrew were already hinting that the whole reptilian angle was a piece of disinformation. There's no doubt that there is a lot of disinformation when it comes to this subject, like there is many others, but does this mean the reptilians do not exist?

In the late 1990's David worked closely with a man called Brian Desborough. It was Brian who introduced him to Arizona Wilder. Richard and Andrew are suspicious of Desborough, however there is more to Brian Desborough than simply an enabler of David Icke. He is a researcher in his own right who deals with free energy, covert technology and secret science, a lot of the same areas of interest as myself, Richard and Andrew. He has written two excellent books, Blueprint for a Better World and They Cast No Shadows, and some blog articles, see: Another source of David's information on the reptilian agenda comes from Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman from South Africa who contacted David while he was on tour there are they recorded two long interviews, see: This introduces an important point: the reptilians are not a new idea; in fact the concept of reptilians in human form is a perennial one. It can be found all over the world in different cultures and dates back to ancient times. David is not even the first person to address the issue in the modern world. Cathy O'Brien says she saw the President of Mexico, Miguel de la Madrid, shape-shift in front of her. She dismissed this as another hallucination from her mind control, but was it? Richard criticized David's skills in interviewing and Richard and Andrew also make the point that Credo can turn off the charm at times, like he recently did to Michael Tellinger; but this does not discredit Credo's information necessarily. Another interesting thing about Credo Mutwa is that he says he underwent an alien abduction in 1959 that was very similar to that of Antonio Villas Boas two years earlier, see: Credo Mutwa has been around a long time. I've read some of his books, some of which he wrote in the 1960's. Lyall Watson carried out an interview with Credo for his 1982 book Lightning Bird, which was about the adventures of Adrian Boshier, a British man who went native in traditional African cultures. The legends of the Archons is very similar to that of the reptilians. Researchers like John Lash talk about it in much more detail than Icke. The idea of reptilians is far deeper and more complex than Richard and Andrew relate in the above episode of Richplanet TV. I recently hosted the REPCON conference in which a series of speakers discussed the subject for an entire day. Also listen to this HPANWO Radio interview with Chris Turner, organizer of REPCON and director of the film Don't Mention the Reptilians, see: A legitimate concern Richard and Andrew have is how reptilians are such a huge red pill to swallow that it might stick in some people's throats when it's mixed with other subjects. They play a clip from a recent BBC interview with David Icke on the This Week political TV talk show. The host, Andrew Neil, asks David about his views on 9/11 and other conspiracies, then manages to slip in the lizards in the hope of discrediting all the other things David talks about, see: I do realize how difficult this situation can be and you have to be sensitive when presenting alternative information to somebody who has never been exposed to it before. However, David did not raise the subject of the reptilians, Andrew Neil did. David was asked a direct question and he gave a direct answer. Was he supposed to lie and say "no"? The facts cannot be put aside for the sake of popularity. If the reptilians are real, then they're real. I understand Richard and Andrew's misgivings and if I were in a conversation with somebody about 9/11 I would not volunteer any information about the lizards; but if somebody asks me directly, I shall answer honestly. Then Richard and Andrew bring up a subject about which I completely share their reservations; David Icke's attitude to 9/11. David has been informed about the work of Dr Judy Wood. Andrew talked face-to-face about it with David at a one-to-one meeting in 2008. However David does not appear to have taken on board the seriousness of the situation and has instead fallen into 9/11 populism. He was on The Richie Allen Show and he said: "All we need to agree on about 9/11 is that it was created on purpose to provide the excuse for what has followed. That's all we need to agree on. We don't need to agree on whether this substance brought the towers down, or these energy weapons. That might be interesting, but we don't need to agree on that; we don't need to argue over it. We don't need to come into conflict over it, like children... Let's move on!" This is a big mistake. Knowing how 9/11 was carried out is essential to uncovering who did it and why. If we are led up a blind alley into false narratives about rigging the buildings with explosives or using thermite, then we'll become confused and doubtful. When we see these fables disproved we may even be drawn back into the official story... That's the idea I think. David must understand the need for clarity over the mechanism of the attacks and he must speak out against falsehood. It's not enough simply to agree it was an inside job and that's that. See Richard and Andrew's other dialogues on Richplanet TV for more details, and my own background links below. Ironically The Biggest Secret has an excellent chapter on the death of Princess Diana in which David shows a lot of respect for the need for evidence. The biggest piece of disinformation about the reptilians, in my view, comes from something not mentioned in the programme, but it's from a suspicious person who Richard has alerted us to before over the crop circle matter; Jon Ronson. In 2001 Ronson produced an utterly abysmal documentary about David Icke called The Lizards and the Jews which specifically avoided any of David's serious ideas and focused of a gaggle of foolish young people, the type who are today known as "social justice warriors", and their campaign to destroy David's reputation in Canada because they think when David says "lizards secretly rule the world", he's using code and he really means "Jews secretly rule the world". This is not true, yet Ronson dedicated the entire fifty-minute programme to that most stupid of questions, see: I think David means well, yet he has allowed himself to be misled, perhaps by collaborating with the wrong kind of people. In fact The People's Voice debacle is a sad example of how those who pretend to be his comrades in reality plan his downfall. Richard and Andrew have always operated independently, as do I. Perhaps David should just stick to his own thing from now on. However, there is a case to answer when it comes to the reptilians and David was right to bring that up. Thanks to Richard D Hall and Andrew Johnson for a most interesting discussion.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Obama in Antarctica

It seems there's something strange going on in Antarctica. The great south polar continent has always been a land of secrets, but this year the level of covert activities has broken through the pre-existing ceiling. There is no solid proof here, but there is a series of coincidences that is long enough to be noteworthy. In February a historic meeting took place between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church. This meeting was arranged "as a matter of urgency" and took place in Havana, Cuba. This is the first time the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches have had any formal communication for over nine hundred and fifty years. This meeting was ostensibly to address the crisis caused by the persecution of Christians, of all denominations and sects, in the Middle East and across the world by "Mohammedans"- ISIS. However after this meeting, Patriarch Kirill did not take further action to protect his people; he instead jumped on a ship and headed for the last place on earth you'd expect, Antarctica. He landed at the Russian research base of Bellingshausen on King George Island just off the coast of the continent. He gave a mass in the famous Temple of the Holy Trinity, the most southerly Russian Orthodox church in the world. He then blessed the land and sea and visited a local penguin colony. He said: "Antarctica is the only place where there are no weapons, military activities or scientific researches aimed at creating new means of people’s destruction. That is some kind of an image of ideal mankind and a sign that people can live without borders, weapons, hostile rivalry; that people can feel as members of a single family." That sounds a bit Agenda 21 to me. Also what he said about military activity at the South Pole is either hopelessly naive or a lie. The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia is not just a religious leader, he is very powerful politically as well. He is more on the level of the Pope than the Archbishop of Canterbury in authoritarian terms. At the moment he is highly supportive of President Vladimir Putin, calling him a "miracle of God". The visit of such a prominent figure in Russian society to the nation's south polar outpost is highly symbolic. Source:

There is no direct evidence that Barack Obama visited Antarctica, but it has been reported in an Argentine newspaper in March that the US President was in the middle of a state visit to Argentina in March of this year when he made an "unscheduled" visit to the south of the country, see: Was there time for him to cross the Drake Passage and visit Antarctica and be back again before too many people became suspicious? Patagonia is also rumoured to be a Nazi stronghold in the post-war years and there was a transport system between there and the German occupied Antarctic territory of New Swabia. Oddly enough just before World War II there was a scramble for presence on the Earth's southern continent. In the case of Germany I believe it was a refuge for Hitler and his henchmen after the end of the war. One of the priorities of the German Antarctic Expedition of 1938-39 was to generate accurate maps of the icecaps and mountains. What is the purpose of this new governmental focus on Antarctica? Is it because the Elite are planning a third world war? Source: I don't believe the earth is hollow, but there may well be large underground cavities we have yet to explore, especially under Antarctica, like Lake Vostok, see: At the same time Obama was allegedly in Antarctica, his Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, James Robert Clapper, paid a visit to Australia. The purpose of this visit is unknown, but it has been confirmed by the US Embassy in Australia, see: A lot of people in places of geopolitical power have been south of the equator lately. It seems an odd synchronicity that this information has come my way just a few days after I found out that the man I call "Jack of the Antarctic" has died, see: Thanks very much to my partner Susan (Ustane) for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Creepy Clowns Return

In 2014 several places experienced a very odd phenomenon; humanoid figures were spotted wandering the streets that looked rather like circus clowns. This began in Northampton, England and quickly spread. See background links at the bottom for details. A clown is a comic performer, usually male, wearing grotesque and colourful clothing, also distinctive makeup which exaggerate the facial features. They're usually associated with the circus and perform slapstick comedy acts. Psychologists theorize that clowns represent something very deep in our subconscious collective minds. Clowns can sometimes be malevolent adversaries as well as humourous protagonists; good examples of evil clowns are Pennywise in Stephen King's horror story It; as well as the Joker in the Batman franchise and Mr Jelly from the TV sitcom Psychoville. They go much further back in history than I thought; they can be found in the ancient world, in fact their origins are shrouded in mystery. In Jungian psychology clowns might represent an archetype, maybe that of the "trickster". What is fascinating is that people experiencing altered states of consciousness sometimes encounter beings that look and behave like clowns. Dr Rick Strassman is a research psychiatrist who in the early 1990's carried out an experiment that involved giving doses of the powerful psychedelic drug DMT to human volunteers. Over twenty years earlier Dr Sanislav Grof did the same with LSD, see: He reports that his subjects sometimes saw clowns. I strongly recommend Dr Strassman's book DMT- the Spirit Molecule for more details. Now the clowns are back, this time the outbreak is centred on the United States of America and began in South Carolina. In this new reemergence the clowns are exhibiting far more malevolent behaviour than previously. The first report came on the 30th of August from the town of Greenville in which a clown tried to lure a group of children into some woods. Since then more clowns have been spotted in Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky. In London, Kentucky a witnessed photographed a clown and published the picture on social media to warn others. Source: What's going on here? If this is a prank by students (Why do students always get the blame for this sort of thing?) then it is widespread and elaborate. It could be an unorganized meme, but then I'm surprised we've had no media interviews with the perpetrators. The connection to children in the South Carolina case is very worrying. Folklore is replete with tales of unearthly creatures who demand the lives of children. The fear of "blood libel" carried out by Jews against Christians was shown to be ungrounded, but could it have been inspired by a real primeval dread? The Cailleach of Irish mythology is a good example. It is described as a vicious old hag that snatched babies from cribs. This will most likely turn out to be a trick carried out by a group of completely normal humans, but it's too soon to rule out other possibilities. If beings from other worlds are appearing in our universe more often than they used to, why is this? Could it once again be a result of operations at CERN? See: The skeptic paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford has just written a book about bad clowns, see:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Nessie Photo

A new photograph has emerged purporting to be the Loch Ness Monster. The legendary beastie is said to lurk in the opaque waters of Britain's largest lake. It has been seen by people since ancient times, but after a major road was laid along the shores of Loch Ness in the early 20th century, the rate of sightings dramatically increased. There are numerous photographs and pieces of film footage of the Monster, some more credible than others. This latest one was taken by a man familiar with Scottish traditions because he works at a distillery warehouse, so he spends his occupational existence alongside barrels of whiskey. Ian Bremner is also a keen amateur photographer. He says he took a series of shots of Loch Ness and saw nothing unusual, but when he returned to his home in Invergordon and examined the photoes in more detail he spotted something strange. There was what looked like a lithe, grey serpentine creature slithering through the water. The picture has gone viral, see: Of course a storm of controversy has raged since the picture was published on Sunday. To be honest, I am dubious myself. Mr Bremner claims he never noticed the creature at the time he took the shot, however the image published has the alleged Nessie as its centrepiece. This means it must have been cropped from a larger image. Do we know that it was taken at Loch Ness at all? All we can see is a stretch of water. That could be in any lake, river or sea. There's no way to be sure without Mr Bremner showing us the original photograph. For all I can tell, he might have gone down to the harbour at Invergordon and taken it there. The front part of the subject looks like a seal to me. In fact this could easily be a picture of three seals swimming along and jumping out of the water. Despite my misgivings I'm sure the Loch Ness Monster exists. It's popularly portrayed as an aquatic reptile, but I think it's more likely to be some kind of fish. See background links below for more details. What counts in this case is the same as what counts for UFOlogy and ghost hunting. If Mr Bremner is presenting this as a photo of Nessie when he knows it is not then he is doing cryptozoology a great disservice. The signal to noise ratio is bad enough as it is without any extra noise. There's another problem. When writing this article I wanted to illustrate it with the picture in question, but when I tried to save it from Google Images it wouldn't work. Is it copyright protected? If so this might indicate the owner is carefully guarding his usage rights. Has he made a financial arrangement of some kind with the distributors?