Friday, 20 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 15

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: Strange photographs of ghosts and winged humanoids, new UFO footage from Chile, SETI analysis of Tabby's Star and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Is Larry Warren a Fraud? Part 4

Sacha Christie is currently making a big song and dance about a conversation on my Facebook feed that was intended to be humourous. (Incidentally, I wonder who on my friends list is Sacha's sock-puppet. She always seems to know what I'm doing on Facebook even though I've blocked all her overt accounts.) The joke is that the face Andrew Burlington and I spotted is actually Nick Pope. Although there is something vaguely Papal about that reflected visage, it is far too indistinct to make a formal identification and I do not really accuse Nick Pope in any way of being the photographer. This was just a joke and I joined in with it for fun. Goodness knows, the Larry Warren controversy is such a grim subject that if I didn't have a laugh about it occasionally I'd end up crying. Sacha has taken this very obvious banter and twisted it into a serious suggestion (She does this kind of thing a lot and I'll be saying more about that later).

Sacha also reckons that Larry is the face behind the camera and gives other supposed examples of Larry making screenovers of his A10 photo, and others where he met famous people, although she does not give a reason for why this automatically makes them fraudulent. The A10 photo, in this case, is the close-up of the bottom UFO, see above. In this case the reflection is far less distinct than in the last photo I addressed. Despite this, Sacha claims to be able to identify the person taking the photo; she says it is Larry Warren. I don't know why she thinks that when she also claims that we could not nominate Nick Pope from the previous photo, even in jest. Larry's distinguishing features, apparently, are a chain on his wrist and the top of his head... No, I can't recognize Larry from that either. She mirrors the photograph, see below, and says you can see more easily that way; I don't know why. For some reason the forehead is clearer in the mirrored photo, but it still could be anyone as far as I can judge. What's more this image appears to have been tampered with. There is a large black blotch in the centre, just below the left side of the camera. This looks like airbrushing to me. I don't know why this has been done. There are no clear answers yet; only more questions. I will return to this subject later. Source: and:
Many thanks to a friend for the image analysis; somebody who wishes to remain anonymous.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The End of Whistleblower Hunting?

The Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning has had her sentence commuted by the executive order of outgoing US president Barack Obama. She will be released in May this year. Originally she had been due for parole in 2045; it's unlikely she would have lived that long because of the deterioration in her mental and physical health. She is only "she" and not "he" because she went on hunger strike to force the government to give her sex change treatment. Bradley Manning had been a solider serving in Iraq and had approached Wikileaks to expose an attempted cover-up by the US government. In 2007 a helicopter crew had shot dead twelve journalists in Baghdad, mistaking them for terrorists. The government tried to suppress all information about their deadly blunder. Thanks to Manning they failed. However he was brutally punished for his disobedience by the vengeful authorities, being put in jail for what was in practice a life sentence. Murderers receive more leniency; let that be a warning to anybody else contemplating doing the same! I am suspicious that Obama waited until the very end of his presidency before issuing the commutation, no doubt motivated by political considerations. He will now be remembered as "the president who freed Chelsea Manning!"; he's not going to wait a few days and let Donald Trump get that accolade. This is not a pardon and Manning will still have this offence on her criminal record. However that can be quibbled over later; the main thing is she will soon be free... as she should have always been. Source: The White House deny it, but it's likely this decision was finalized after an announcement made by Julian Assange a few days earlier. Assange has been under siege in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since August 2012, see: Like Manning, his health is suffering as a result. He has little sunlight and fresh air and it's beginning to show in his appearance. He has always called for the release of Chelsea Manning and has offered to hand himself over to the law if the US government frees Manning. This is a calculated risk of course, but the original charges of sexual assault in Sweden that he was accused of have been legally discredited so his position is now much stronger. However, there's a bit of a "prisoner's dilemma" here. I hope Assange won't trust the US government at its word and hand himself over now. He should wait until Manning is physically outside the prison gates before stepping out of the embassy. Source: What will this mean for Edward Snowden and other insiders who have spoken out? Who knows, but if Trump lives up to what he's promised to be, the freeing of Chelsea Manning could just be the start of an ongoing process. If the heat is turned off them all then does this mean the end of the age of whistleblower persecution?

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Brexit will be Rock 'ard!

The Prime Minister Theresa May has broken all the doubts and speculations on Britain leaving the European Union in one fell swoop with a speech she gave this morning, see: Out means out. Not half-in-half-out, not "Brexit Lite", not "micro-Brexit", not "I Can't Believe It's Not Brexit"... Out. The United Kingdom will cease to be part of the European common market in any way. Instead we'll have to scrape along by doing what we used to do for centuries beforehand, including the period when we were the most prosperous and successful nation on earth; set up our own bilateral trade deals with individual states, absent some bureaucratic overarching third party regulator. The final deal will have to be passed by Parliament, but based on last year's little experiment this should not be a problem, see here for details: The Prime Minister's speech will dash the last hopes of the "Remoaners" and hopefully this means we will no longer have to endure their dictatorial whinging about "second referendums!" and "We're the 48%" and "people's challenges!" David Lammy and Gina Miller etc will have to find another hobby horse to occupy their very excessive free time. This speech means the path to Article 50 should now be a downhill run. Wouldn't it be great if it could be triggered before the 23rd of June, when we celebrate UK Independence Day for the first time?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Enemy Within Radio 25

I have been interviewed again on Enemy Within Radio with Thomas Barnes and Chester. This show is part of the Truth Frequency Radio network, see:
I am featured for the whole programme and subjects discussed include: smart cities and the end of property and privacy, Trump and mainstream fake news, Obama's legacy and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on Enemy Within Radio, see:

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Is Larry Warren a Fraud? Part 3

The saga of Larry Warren and his accusers is moving faster than I expected. We already have enough material for a new episode to peruse, and Part 3 began before Part 2 was even over. As soon as I posted Part 2 I was contacted by my good friend Andrew Burlington, known online as "Victor Nevada". He had noticed something about the photograph Sacha Christie posted on her last blog article; the one she says was on Larry's laptop, see: As I said in my previous article, Sacha explains this as coffee cup rings and I reply with my own assessment of that possibility. Andrew has a lot of experience in image analysis, in fact he has on ongoing project to examine the "Alien Interview" video, see here for details: and: I really should have approached him before I published Part 2! He says that the image is actually a screenover; it's made by somebody photographing a monitor display with a camera. The white marks are caused by ambient reflection coming off the monitor screen. He says that the reflection is actually that of the photographer. Once he'd pointed this out to me it clicked. In fact, as is often the case when your brain picks out a recognizable pattern, I can no longer perceive it as random. Compare the image above to the copy below with my annotations. You can clearly see a human face, a person wearing oval-shaped spectacles holding a camera close to the screen. Their hands are clenched as they hold the camera and the curve of their knuckles is plainly visible. You can even see the mouse cursor in the bottom right. The circular mark I noticed is the camera lens. Why would Sacha use an image of the photograph created in such a deficient way? If she has a file of the photo on Larry's laptop then simply copy and post it. If it doesn't have a compatible interface then a technician at a computer shop will do it for her in three minutes flat. There's no need to take a photo of the open file on the screen and then make a new file, full of reflections and of much poorer quality, and post that instead; making up excuses about "coffee cup rings". Why? It is especially bizarre because, as I say in Part 2, Sacha already has used another far better quality copy of the alleged "real original" that she obtained from Barry Greenwood. In fact the quality is so poor on her reproduction of the "second fake" on Larry's laptop, that it could instead be the one with the UFO's; the one Larry claims is the real original. The UFO's could merely be hidden by the low resolution.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Stonehenge Tunnel

The A303 is one of the main thoroughfares across the English West Country. It is a famous road because at West Amesbury it passes just three hundred feet from the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, the most famous Neolithic monument in the world. The A303 is also renowned for being very congested, and indeed it has been running at over-capacity for several decades. Over twenty thousand vehicles a day pass through the primeval hallowed landscape. This generates a lot of noise which disturbs the peace of the sacred site. The ground vibrations, especially from large vehicles like lorries and coaches, might cause damage in the long run. It also makes it less accessible for tourists. Several solutions have been suggested, including rerouting the A303 or making it wider; but in the late 1980's it was proposed that the road could be moved into a tunnel. Building tunnels is a major engineering challenge; to make a hole in the subterranean world where none exists naturally. It is difficult and extremely expensive. It is highly unusual for a tunnel to be constructed to overcome anything other than an insurmountable geographic obstacle like a wide river or a mountain range. There has been a long planning and consultation session and a few days ago the tunnel was finally approved. Source: The plan chosen was one of several originally tabled. The winner is, predictably, the cheapest and simplest model. A 1.8 mile long bored tunnel will roughly follow the existing route of the A303, passing in a straight line directly underneath the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stonehenge. I don't know exactly how deep it will be, but it is planned to be of standard depth for a tunnel of its size, about fifty feet in diameter. If it is the same depth as the Seattle dig, see background links below, then its roof will be about fifty feet below ground level. To visualize that; the central lintel stones of the monument are about seventeen feet high. The project will cost about 1.4 billion pounds. However there is a campaign group that wants a different plan, a 3.7 mile long tunnel that will be deeper than standard and will divert completely around the Stonehenge complex. This will, of course, be much more difficult and more expensive to build and run, but the campaigners say it is necessary. The two entrances to the tunnel, which interestingly are termed "portals", would be too close to the site and would have to be dug through subsoil containing an array of archaeological treasures from which we could learn a lot about the people who built Stonehenge and the even more primordial cultures who came before them and made Salisbury Plain their home. There are some springs in the area which drew in a large population during the millennia before Stonehenge and they would have to be drained and channelled away to build the tunnel. The western portal of the tunnel is intended to emerge exactly where the sun rises on the winter solstice and so the artificial mound created together the tunnel lighting would ruin the view of the rising sun on the 21st of December. Is that a coincidence I wonder? See:

This is not the only current threat to the environment around Stonehenge. As I've reported before, the Ministry of Defence's plan to expand the barracks at Larkhill threaten to breach the Stonehenge "sun gap" which will spoil the natural view of the rising sun of the summer solstice on the 21st of June, see: For us to accept that both the natural solstice views are in peril because of modern development pushes coincidence theory beyond its limits, in my view. See here for more information: I wonder if the rising moon will be obscured too by future "building proposals". As Maria Wheatley recently said on HPANWO Radio, Stonehenge may well have begun as a moon-worshiping temple before it became a sun-worshiping one, see: It's almost as if this kind of damage is being done on purpose; deliberately in order to disrupt human enjoyment of ancient sacred sites. It is spiritual vandalism. What's more, a tunnel impaling Mother Earth directly beneath this ancient spiritual centre could have a devastating effect on the ley lines and energy grid of the planet. Again, maybe this is precisely why it is being done. Maybe the Illuminati plan to use the tunnel for satanic rituals. Performing them in the tunnel might get down much deeper into the aetheric body of the planet than ones committed on the surface. Check to see if it's "closed for maintenance" at Halloween or Beltane. Work on the tunnel could begin as early as 2020. I hope that is enough time for us to appeal and stop it before then. I know, it feels as if everything is being thrown at us at once because the "HS2" railway is due to be built round about then and that is something very similar. I have not yet discussed that in detail and I must do so soon. We must stop these dark elitists from wrecking the natural, traditional and spiritual universe of Britain and the human heritage it has treasured from time immemorial.
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