Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Mind Set Podcast Programme 361

I have been featured on Programme 361 of the Mind Set Podcast.
Subjects discussed include: Remote viewing aliens, Trump on internet censorship, storing Area 51 and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast:

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Storm Area 51 Update- Govt Respond

Clearly the internet meme of Storm Area 51 that I covered a few days ago has had an unusually large impact. It has led to one of the few ever official government responses on the matter of Area 51. A public relations officer for the US Air Force has stated that the base " an open training range for the US Air Force and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces. The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.". Source: As I said in the background article above, "Storm Area 51" should not be taken seriously. Certainly nobody should attempt penetrate the base the way it has suggested they do. The official government response is interesting for the omissions and disinformation in it. Area 51 may host training programmes, but far more than that goes on there. Even if you don't believe in UFO's, you must surely realize that there are secret aviation research projects there, including the next generation of spy-planes and possibly aerospace hybrids. As I also asked, can Area 51 honestly be described as an American asset? Perhaps the legitimate role for the US Air Force is not to defend the base, but to help us conquer it. Since #StormArea51 burst onto the scene, a colossal meme fest has broken out. Some of them are truly hilarious and the illustration above is one of my favourites. This video is another great example: The character in it may even be our secret weapon, because when they see her the cammodudes will be laughing too much to shoot straight. I've a feeling I'll be posting more updates on this matter. In the meantime I have covered it in my latest UFO Disclosure film on HPANWO TV:

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Girl's Body found in Vatican

A thirty-six year old mystery might be about to come to tragic solution. In June 1983 a fifteen year old girl from Rome called Emanuela Orlandi left her home to have a music lesson. She was learning to play the flute. She vanished and has never been seen since. There have been numerous theories surrounding her disappearance related to papal assassinations and the Mafia. The grave of a dead godfather was exhumed by the police in 2012 in the hope of finding some of Emanuela's remains. Now a pair of tombs are being excavated in the famous Teutonic Cemetery next to St Peter's Basilica, following an anonymous tip-off. There are signs that the tombs have been opened several times. The grave is an ossuary, designed to hold only bones. In the 15th century when the cemetery was established it was traditional to place bodies in a separate charnel house before burial. There they would be left until all their flesh had decayed, leaving only a skeleton. This would take a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the season. Then the bones would be put into a permanent grave, taking up less space than a complete corpse. If the bones found are confirmed to be Emanuela's then it will bring closure for her brother Pietro who has been searching for his lost sister every day since she went missing. Source: The question that then should be asked is: How did she end up there? In any normal institution there would be a massive lockdown by the police and the immediate arrest of everybody in it. However, this rule doesn't apply to the global institutions of power. The people studying the grave are called by the media "investigators"; it doesn't say who they represent. The Vatican City is not officially part of Italy and is in fact the world's smallest sovereign nation; therefore a murder there is the responsibility, or lack of it, of their own legal authorities. It is perhaps significant that this case has come to light just after the arrest of Jeffery Epstein, see: We have another crack in the dike holding back the tide of truth. Only a few more cracks are needed before the dike completely bursts. When that day comes I suspect many more bones will be found in that cemetery that should not be there, and even that will be just the start.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Storm Area 51

An internet meme has been circulating over the last few days called "storm Area 51- they can't stop all of us" or #StormArea51. So far over half a million people have signed up. The highly secretive military base in Nevada USA is used for the government's most highly classified aviation projects. Until the mid-1990's the authorities would not even acknowledge its existence. The CIA's spy planes were developed there and it is also a repository for foreign technology so that the government can study it in private. Some of the technology is reputed to be very foreign indeed; debris from flying saucer crashes. There is no proof that salvaged UFO wrecks are kept there, but it is the kind of place that the government would keep such artefacts, should they be found. It's not the only one of such theorized locations, but it is the most famous. Occasionally trespassers attempt to breach the boundaries of the base, but they are always quickly arrested by the security guards, known as "cammodudes". These men are armed and authorized to use deadly force, so I do not recommend any such incursions. However, the meme creators hope to amass so many people that they will overwhelm the perimeter defence forces by sheer weight of numbers. The hope is they can then break into the base and "see them aliens". Source:

I have signed up for it because I love the idea. It resembles a scene in my Roswell trilogy books, see:, although I don't know whether the organizer of the event has read the books. Storm Area 51 is however just an appealing notion. It has no chance of success. Even if all six hundred thousand people turn up, their plan is simply to run towards the base very quickly. They have also told everybody in advance what they plan to do and when they plan to do it... including Area 51 security. There is nothing said in the arrangements about weapons and I assume they would prefer people involved to carry out the invasion unarmed. This is futile because the base is protected by very heavy military hardware including the aforementioned cammodudes, helicopter gunships and fighter jets. Only an organized team with similar firepower could succeed in capturing the base. Also it would have to be plotted in secret so as not to alert the security forces and therefore catch them unawares. I am not opposed to such subversive violent action in principle. Considering the abusive actions of the government against the people of the world for so long it could be classified as the lawful use of force; indeed this is how I portray it in the Roswell novels. In fact according to an elderly ex-CIA witness, President Dwight Eisenhower wanted to do exactly that, see: You might argue that it makes no sense that an American president would choose to invade an American base, but it's not. There is a revealing comment made by the lawyer who represented Robert Frost and his colleagues, a class action lawsuit by some men who had served at Area 51 and become ill as a result: "I don't know (if there are aliens at Area 51). My clients never saw any; but it wouldn't surprise me. You must realize that place is a legal black hole. It operates above Congressional oversight, above executive oversight; hell, even the US President himself cannot enter it without permission. One is forced to consider whether it is even part of the United States at all, and might instead be an enclave of some kind of 'super-government'." (My emphasis). These are astounding words, but they are potentially accurate. It is possible to travel close to Area 51 by driving up to its boundary on the Groom Lake Road. There are even tourist buses that go there these days. Seeing as we don't currently have the means to force our way into the base, the best thing to do is use information to make more and more people aware of the base and government secrecy in general. The late great Anthony J Hilder used to hold peaceful protests by the warning signs at Groom Lake. These were filmed and did a lot of good in alerting the public, see: and:

Friday, 12 July 2019

Scientist plan to Open Portal

The title of this article is not quite as dramatic as it sounds, and how I thought it sounded before I looked into the subject in detail. However it is not factually inaccurate; and its implications are pretty incredible and not without risk. The idea that there is more then one universe within a "multiverse", is one that I have addressed many times on HPANWO, see background links at the bottom, and it has been accepted by mainstream cosmology. A parallel universe is a place with three spatial dimensions, like our own, or less that can be reached by travelling through the fourth spatial dimension. Higher spatial dimensions are invisible and impossible to conceive mentally, but they do exist. It would be a huge waste of hyperspace if ours was the only universe leading off from them; in fact parallel universes are currently a necessary part of the theoretical model that explains how physics works. There are a vast number of parallel universes; possibly they are infinite. Some are very similar to our own; in fact they would be superficially indistinguishable if we ever visited one. Others may be slightly different, such as the Netherlands winning the recent World Cup instead of the USA. Some will be totally different; they may not even contain any matter and just be fields of energy. Parallel universes are a common plot of science fiction, for example Doctor Who and the excellent film Sliding Doors, see: Now, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee USA plan to carry out an experiment that might reveal the presence of at least one parallel universe. The experiment was designed by Dr Leah Broussard in response to a strange observation during nuclear studies. An atomic nucleus releases neutrons during nuclear reactions and these can be captured and stored for a short time before they break down and annihilate themselves. It turns out that neutrons kept in some places decay faster than those kept elsewhere. This should not be possible. One incredible explanation is that the long-life neutrons transform into other particles in a "mirror world", in other words: a parallel universe. Now Dr Broussard wants to examine this particular property of neutrons in a controlled experiment that, if successful, will reveal the presence of this mirror world. Oak Ridge has a nuclear reactor that will fire a beam of neutrons down a fifty-foot tunnel at a neutron-proof barrier. If some of the particles manage to make it to the far side of this wall then it will be because they entered the mirror world briefly, becoming what are called "mirror neutrons", and then reappeared in our own world as normal neutrons on the other side of the wall. The experiment will take only about a day to run and Dr Broussard wants to start as soon as possible. She says: "It all comes down to, are we able to shine neutrons through a wall? We should see no neutrons according to conventional physics theory. If some of them show up anyway, that would suggest that conventional physics is wrong, and the mirror world is real." Her project is being backed up by other similar ones in laboratories in Switzerland and Russia. Source:

I wonder what effect it will have if Dr Leah Broussard is successful. Proof of the long theorized parallel universes would be extraordinarily interesting, but also alarming. It might have effects on our own universe that we cannot predict. Suppose the stream of mirror neutrons passing through hyperspace from our own world is detected in the mirror world by somebody, or something. It could be interpreted as a form of communication. We might end up having a message sent back to us in the form of a stream of normal neutrons. What will any interdimensional intelligence have to say to us? Will they be friendly? Will they be truthful? This is the same conundrum when dealing with communication with beings in space, but far greater because we're talking about totally different dimensions, see: Could the mirror neutron experiment make some entities in the worlds beyond aware of our presence, entities that have the ability to enter our universe from the outside? They may decide to pay us a visit... In my view this kind of activity is already going on anyway. Some of it has been caused by CERN in the form of the "Unidentified Lying Object", see: and the Mandela Effect, see: I suspect that the Illuminati are deliberately picking at the walls of spacetime in an attempt to cause a breakdown of our cosmos. They hope it will mutate into a universe more to their liking and more suitable for the New World Order. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is run by the US Department of Energy, an organization managing nuclear weapons research. It is run by UT-Battelle that has been involved in top level UFO investigations, see: Could this new experiment be a part of that agenda? Maybe. I'm still curious to see what it finds out. The unveiling of hyperdimensional reality may not be only a bad thing. It may have unexpected benefits. We may be able to talk to our loved ones who have died, in the same way psychic mediums do. We could also develop a communications system that is not bound by the limitations of electromagnetic waves. This would allow us to speak in real-time with beings in far distant galaxies when today we have to wait millions of years for a single exchange of greetings because our transmissions travel only at the speed of light. I'll be sure to post an update when the results of the experiment are published.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested

Moments which give me both satisfaction and frustration are conspiracy theories that are proven true. Other examples I've given are Jimmy Savile, see: and Hillsborough, see: Suddenly all the laughter and scorn we receives stops and we are left with nodding heads... but never thanks or apologies. We who are banded as "loonies!" and "stupid!" have warned for many years about how rich and important people are often involved in child abuse. We maintain that this abuse is institutional and run through huge cartels of organized crime. We are not afraid to name names if we believe evidence is forthcoming and the name Jeffrey Epstein is one of them that has been tabled by many people and organizations such as We Are Change long before it was vilified in the public arena. The American financier was convicted in 2008 of soliciting underage girls for sexual purposes after a fourteen year old complained to the police that she went to Epstein's house to give him a "massage". He served thirteen months in an open prison; one wonders if he had been less powerful he would have received a harsher sentence. Now he has been arrested again on a far more serious charge, of running a "vast network" of sex slaves that included young girls. He also allegedly paid some of the girls to recruit other girls. Source: The key phrase on the charge sheet is: "...conspired with others including employees and associates..." This certainly means that the police investigation is not yet over. Jeffrey Epstein had a typically elitist circle of friends that includes Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Maybe the police will turn their eyes upon them. Could this be "the Storm" that QAnon talks about? The day when all the sealed indictments against the Deep State are finally opened and the miscreants arrested? Obviously I hope so. Interestingly Q disappeared for about two weeks and made no posts at all, but returned just as news of Epstein's arrest broke. (For more details on the QAnon controversy, see the background links below.) This video has just been released based on Q-drops posted on the main QAnon aggregators:

Of all the names the public is most heavily speculating about who may be among Jeffery Epstein's collaborators is US President Donald Trump. This is obviously inevitable with all the hatred in the media and intelligentsia for the president; the feverish attempts to ruin him. However, is there genuine evidence for it? The boy who cried "wolf!" might be right this time. One of the supposedly suspicious elements of Epstein's case relating to Trump surrounds Alexander Acosta who is the incumbent Secretary of Labour, an important position in the US Executive governmental branch. In 2008 he was the attorney for the US District Court which prosecuted Epstein for his aforementioned crimes. A plea bargaining situation emerged in which the federal case against Epstein would be dropped in exchange for a number of names not being mentioned in court. Four of these names were young women, who were teenagers back in the 1990's, who had been paid by Epstein not only as prostitutes, but as "talent scouts" to find other teenage girls to join Epstein's underage harem. The accusation is that some of the "other names" included the rich and famous, such as... Donald Trump. When Acosta was invited to a lucrative position in Trump's administration after he became president, this was seen as payment for services rendered. However, Acosta's appointment to the office of Secretary of Labour actually went through all the normal channels. Trump did not recruit him to the job through some kind of nepotistic back office handshake; the US Senate interviewed and approved him in the usual way. There was also a news story released today in The Washington Post reminding people of an incident where Trump praised Epstein. Trump said: "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy... He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side." The article is accompanied by a photo of the two men posing with a pair of attractive young women, see the illustration below. However it is clear from the photo that Trump is considerably younger in it than he is today. Indeed, the article dates from 2002 when nobody knew what a pervert Epstein was. It is also obvious that the two ladies who are with them are adults, over thirty years old I would guess from appearances. It is hardly a sexual aberration for older men to enjoy the company of younger women, and those who have to means to do so are not committing an offence when the women are above the age of consent. Trump's "younger side" comment has been interpreted as gloating, in the same way Jimmy Savile did in his book. I suspect it was a warning. Trump was trying to get the word out, even if only subconsciously, in the only way he could back then without getting shot. What's more Trump did know Jeffery Epstein in the literal sense, but they were not close friends socially. Source: The Post article makes a big deal out of Epstein's visits to Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida USA. What it does not mention is that Epstein gatecrashed on a "bring-a-friend" ticket and Trump threw Epstein out because he was flirting with the teenage daughter of a friend of his. There is a photo going round the Internet showing Trump Joe Bidening a young girl with Jeffery Epstein in the foreground... Beware! It is fake. Epstein has a private mansion in the US Virgin Islands, known as "Paedo Island" and the private jet he used to ferry guests there is known as the "Lolita Express" for obvious reasons. Accurate flight logs have been kept of that aircraft and not once did Donald Trump board that plane. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, took twenty six flights on it. Strangely enough he travelled without his US Secret Service bodyguards. This is odd because, as a former US President, he is entitled to their protection for life... I wonder if the socialists and feminists ranting about Trump at the moment will ever turn their attention on the Clinton family. Trump did fly twice with the Epstein fleet, but it was on a different aircraft and it was to New York, not Epstein's creepy mansion. Epstein simply offered him a lift. Another strange impediment to the notion that Trump was a loyal sidekick of a paedophile ring is the fact that Trump cooperated fully with the 2018 Epstein investigations by the FBI. He dealt with the police and with Bradley Edwards, the solicitor representing the victims. This was despite the fact he was president by then. Source: The closest anybody has come to a connection between Trump and Epstein is a lawsuit taken out against both of them by a woman who claimed both men had sexually abused her in 1994 when she was thirteen years old. The civil case was launched on three separate occasions, April, June and September 2016. The first time it was dismissed by the judge and with the two others, the summonses were never served to the defendants. Of course during 2016 Donald Trump was in the middle of his presidential campaign and we all know how much effort the authorities were putting in to derailing that. This alone makes the timing of the lawsuits rather... convenient, shall we say? Because of "MeToo" culture there is a popular idea that women are incapable of lying when they report sexual offences committed by white heterosexual males; but they are and they sometimes do. I'm reminded of the Brett Kavanaugh situation, see: It is frustrating that the very same people who champion "MeToo" seem to lose interest when sexual abuse allegations are made in which the attacker happens to be leftwing.

What will happen next? It is far too soon to tell for sure. However, the fact that the published charges include the possibility of an organized conspiracy means there will hopefully be other arrests. Famous names are listed as part of Jeffery Epstein's social circles such as the aforementioned Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, see: This just might be "The Storm" long promised by Q, perhaps finally here. I'm trying to stay rational, but of course I'm only human and want so badly for the truth to come out. As I've said many times, the full scale and severity of what is being done to children is THE biggest secret; not the UFO's, not 9/11, not even the reptilians. We will see people weeping in the streets across the world when the day of full revelation comes. But come it must. I've seen that the anti-2016 contingent in the Truth movement have already published their opinions about Trump and Epstein being as thick as thieves; indeed some of them have contacted me directly, asking me to comment. I am well aware that there is literally nothing I can say in response to the "Can't you see it, Ben...!?" brigade that will meet with their approval other than total assent. Just one word defending President Trump will be interpreted by them as bias. The same goes for silence on my part. Source: Of course I have a bias; everybody does. I feel very dubious about those who claim not to have a bias. In fact they tend to be the most biased people of all. However, I think I have made an attempt to be objective. The reason I have not talked in detail about Pizzagate is that I'm not totally sure about it. I do believe we have reason to be hopeful about what has just been revealed in the Epstein case. Where it leads, we don't yet know; but this evil surely cannot last forever. As Gandalf in Lord of the Rings said: "There are forces for good at work in the world, Frodo, as well as those of evil." You might think it's just a story, but JRR Tolkien was in touch with very deep spiritual forces. I still hang on to the dream that the present era truly is "springtime in Narnia".

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth 16

I have been interviewed again on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include: False flag Iran attack, Palestinians' lawyer suicide, the next Prime Minister and much much more. See here for Caroline's channel:
See here for my previous appearance on Seeking the Truth: