Friday, 19 October 2018

Worst Troll Attack Ever

There are some crimes that are so heinous that the moment somebody is accused of them, regardless of the circumstances, most other people will bolt from them as if they've been diagnosed with the plague. Few will even suggest the possibility that the accused might be innocent, even if the evidence says that they are, because they are afraid of being contaminated by the scourge of the accusation. The worst of these crimes is probably paedophilia, which is why Miles Johnston's detractors chose it, see: Just one notch up from that is racism and its associated bigotry. This has been used to smear me before, see the background links; but never so badly as it has this week. Somebody posting from an account called "Jay Deavin" wrote anti-Semitic and homophobic abuse against Peter Robbins on the Facebook post for my article Peter Robbins on The Fenton Files: It was more than two days before I knew the comment was there. I was not online much because I was busy with other things and by the time I got to log in, it had scrolled over the horizon of my Facebook feed, like so much inevitably does for almost all Facebook users. A few people saw it and did not alert me because they wanted it to be there for as long as possible for the purpose of their attack against me. I know this because somebody who wrote to me after it went public and let it slip that they had screen-captured the comment soon after it had been made. Why didn't they warn me then? When somebody else did tell me, naturally I deleted the comment and blocked the account immediately. I posted the above tableau on Facebook and in all the comments boxes of the post. I don't know what the trolls are saying about me because I have them all blocked of course; but my best guess, based on people's responses, is that they are trying to convince as many people as possible that I wrote that comment myself. A number of people have unfriended or blocked me. I don't know exactly how many. Four at least that I'm aware of and probably others I have not noticed yet. These people have disowned me without a second thought. They have immediately believed the word of the trolls as Gospel and not asked to hear my side of the story. I'm terrified by the prospect that these people could actually be called up for jury service! It's a sad fact, but the trolls know that they swim in a sea in which weakness and indifference are a bottomless trench, and they are diving deep to suck up every drop they can. I'm pleased to say that at the same time, many other people posted comments and sent me messages of support. I'm extremely grateful for that. This is without a doubt the worst troll attack I've heard of since the troll crisis began two and a half years ago.

Peter Robbins himself refers to the incident in this radio show: Somebody wrote to me and suggested I apologize to Peter personally... Alright; sorry, Peter... Actually Peter is Jewish, but he has not seen the comment himself; he can't have because I've blocked him too. My timeline visibility is strictly friends-only. This was not something I wanted to do. I was originally having a rational and civilized private debate with him on Skype about Larry Warren, but then I saw he had unfriended me. I wrote to him and asked why, and he didn't reply. I always block people who do that. My statements against Peter have always been ones based on evidence and logic, for example see: Despite our differences, I would never initiate a personal attack against Peter Robbins, especially with such a low punch as anti-Semitism. Like most people, I have thousands of accounts on my friends list and most of them are people I have never met or spoken to face-to-face. It's inevitable that some of those accounts will be bots, sock-puppets, clones or spies for the trolls. I can always delete every account I'm not sure of, but that will mean casting off thousands of innocent people as collateral damage. That's not fair. "Jay Deavin" was one of these. I have been contacted by two people who have had dealings with this account and, based on what they've told me, I am about fifty percent sure that this account is a front for the anti-Larry Warren trolls, and I think I can guess which member. I can't prove this, but there's an even chance I'd say. This would make the anti-Semitic and homophobic assault on Peter Robbins a false-flag operation, a mini-9/11. Do you really think they wouldn't stoop to that level? Also, as somebody with the average number of Facebook friends, I cannot police all their activity unless I give up work and sleep to monitor my feed twenty-four-seven. This situation means that I cannot guarantee that this will not happen again. All I can do is what I have just done; delete and block as soon as possible. If that's not enough for some people, then there's nothing more I can do except say goodbye.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones at Truth Seekers North East 4

I am pleased to tell you that I will be speaking again at Truth Seekers North East. The event will take place at Ray Gray Community Centre, Stotts Road, Walkergate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE6 4UH. It will be on Saturday the 17th of November and it starts at 1 PM and lasts until 6 PM. There are two other very interesting speakers, Mark Cocking and Richard Wright. It will cost only £5. My lecture will be entitled the BBC and Mind Control- A Peak into Where your Licence Fee Goes. I will be examining one of the world's biggest media platforms. The BBC claims to be a vehicle to entertain and educate the people, but in reality it is a mind control operation designed to demoralize, confuse and mislead us. The signs are all there, with the recent sexual abuse scandal involving some of its biggest stars, the content of its broadcasts and even in the architecture of its headquarters.
See here for a HPANWO TV video of my previous talk at Truth Seekers North East:
On this tour I will also be going to David Icke's live show in Newcastle, so if you're going too I'll see you there. See:

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Seeking the Truth

I have been interviewed on the Seeking the Truth Show with Caroline Stephens, see:
Subjects discussed include Brexit, the persecution of Melanie Shaw, lawful rebellion with the British constitution, English common law and much much more. Seeking the Truth is part of the Right Unity alternative social network, see:

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Robert Dean Dies

I'm sorry to report that Robert O Dean has died. Bob Dean was one of the most interesting and amiable figures in the UFOlogical and exopolitical community. He was an eloquent and gentlemanly individual with a genuinely warm and good-natured manner. He worked for NATO for twenty-eight years, retiring as a US Army Command Sergeant Major, one of the highest non-commissioned ranks. He was granted Cosmic Top Secret clearance; the highest level in the NATO classified information structure. This gave him access to "The Assessment", a document about UFO's which he bravely chose to speak out about. He was eighty-nine years old and will be sadly missed by his family, his wife Marcia, and his many friends. Rest in Peace, Bob. Project Camelot has made a tribute programme for him:

Monday, 15 October 2018

Would it be Better if Brexit is Stopped?

Bear with me!... I know some people are just going to read the title and post abusive comments straight away like: "Ben has sold out!... Ben is a traitor!" etc. For those of you who are willing to read on before passing judgement, I'll explain what I mean. The European Union is on its last legs. There is a word with the suffix "-exit" for almost every country... sorry, member state... in the evil continental empire. In Italy, Germany, France and most of Eastern Europe, the people are rising up in revolt, voting for politicians who seek national independence. Pretty soon there will hopefully be nothing left to Leave. At the same time the Brexit process is being sabotaged. Theresa May is sitting there complaining how difficult it is to get a deal while deliberately throwing spanners into the works. The Chequers model is a sham, Brexit-in-name-only. If things carry on along that line we will most likely end up with some kind of half-Brexit, Brexit Lite or I Can't Believe it's Not Brexit. That would be worse than no Brexit at all because it would leave the poison in the wound. The Remoaners are desperate for a second referendum on a final deal and at the Labour Party conference Kier Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, did not rule out that one of the options would be a reversal of Article 50, in other words, Brexit being cancelled. The good news is that a reversal is something Remoaners are absolutely gagging for, but in order to implement it I can't see how they can do so without being up front about their motives. There is no line that any spin doctor could come up with to conceal them. What's more, some of them are panicking so much that they won't care. They are going to have to say: "We are stopping Brexit and keeping Britain in the EU. We are doing it because we are left-wing and we are in power. We don't care if it's not fair. We don't care if it is not true. We don't care about the 2016 referendum because the bulk of Leave voters are white working class male heterosexuals. We hate that demographic group and wish to disenfranchise them." Honesty like that would destroy them. It would be a black pill that even the most apolitical mainstream normie could not avoid swallowing. The other nations would look upon it and see the true colours of oppressor in Brussels. Already the blue flagged tyrant is losing its grip on the European mainland; a betrayal of Brexit would be a kick while they are down... I hope. This article is just a thought experiment. The reality may play out very differently in the future and hopefully it will.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 39

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version: (coming soon).
Subjects discussed include: barcodes for the homeless, Planet X found, the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Friday, 12 October 2018

Peter Robbins on The Fenton Files

The Peter Robbins Anti-Larry Warren Grand Radio Tour continues. His latest stop-off is The Fenton Files on KCOR. The relevant section is between 53.55 and 1.16.27: He repeats a lot of the same points he's made in previous interviews, for example: He talks in more detail about how he first met Larry Warren and the history behind their book Left At East Gate. He then claims he found out that Larry had lied to him "with evidence that you could bring into a court of law". However, as I said in my review of his appearance on previous radio programmes, he has never called the police or taken out a private suite against his former co-author. This is strange seeing that he accuses Larry of committing serious acts of criminal fraud. He then says that there is a "loyal cadre of individuals in the UK" who "look the other way". This includes me of course. This is an extremely dishonest and underhand thing indeed for Peter to say. I have produced a multitude of publicly available material in written, audio and video forms explaining exactly why I think Peter is wrong. Some of it is linked below; anybody can see it and critique it at any time. He then gives another precognitive review of Capel Green, an act that has become virtually a cliché, and he advises people who see the film to "come to your own best decisions". This is strange considering that it is obvious Peter is terrified of the thought of people doing that, just like Nick Pope, Col. Halt and all the trolls. It's pretty clear that Peter Robbins has made a decision to pursue his conflict with Larry Warren and escalate it, even though he originally said he wanted to put it behind him.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Oliver Marshall Dies

I'm sad to report that the film-maker and UFOlogist Oliver Marshall has died. Ollie directed the groundbreaking and sophisticated feature-length thriller and drama Street Eyes that was nominated for a Bases Project Film Festival Award® in 2015, see: He was also a guest on the HPANWO Show, see: He attended one of the live lectures by David Icke at the Brixton Academy. I was there too, but never saw him. You can see Olly in this documentary enthusiastically greeting David backstage: I talked to him a lot privately as well and we planned to meet up soon, but sadly we never did. Rest in peace, Olly. I also pass on my condolences to his family. He had a wife and two children, aged just two years old and one month. There will hopefully be a memorial screening of Street Eyes soon.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Planet X Found

Astronomers have found a new planet that might be a candidate for the hypothetical Planet X, also known as "planet 9", "Wormwood", "Nemesis" and many other names. It has long been theorized that another large object exists beyond Neptune, the most distant of the large major planets, because of wobbles in its orbit that can only be due to interference by a gravitational field. A large number of planets have been found in that region of space such as Pluto, Eris, Makemake and Sedna. These and numerous other smaller planets are known as the Kuiper Belt. However until now it was thought that no other large or medium-sized planets were there, but a new one has been discovered, 2015 TG387, tagged as "the Goblin"; it has no official name yet. Source: See here for the Kev Baker Show about it: There is a lot of online speculation that this might be the dreaded Nibiru, see background links for details, but its orbit has been worked out and there's no way it could be Nibiru. It never comes closer to the sun that sixty-five astronomical units, that's sixty-five times as far from the sun as the earth is. At its aphelion, its furthest distance, it is 2,300 AU or 0.03 light-years, about 220 billion miles. This is an almost unimaginable distance. It poses no threat at all to the earth. If it had not been almost at its perihelion, its closest point of approach, then it would not have been visible from earth again for another thirty-four thousand years, the time its orbital period takes. It is thought to be about 190 miles in diameter, but we can't know for sure without seeing it closer. We don't know much more about it except that it will be an extremely cold place probably without life. Hopefully the New Horizons Kuiper Belt exploration spacecraft can pay it a visit. If there is a Planet X out there that could threaten the survival of the earth then it is probably a large comet or interstellar object like 'Oumuamua. Something that regularly enters the inner solar system or might pass through it as a freak event; but no such object has been detected which means it is either non-existent or a long way away, so far that it will not come close to the earth for many centuries at least. There are numerous videos online supposedly showing Nibiru, for example see: but if Nibiru was really there it would be obvious to everybody; it would look bigger in the sky than the full moon does. Some people are concerned by reports that the Hubble Space Telescope has broken down, see:, but I don't think this is because of any kind of cover-up. Such a cover-up is not possible.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Starship Troopers

That great YouTuber Sargon of Akkad has announced that he is stopping his usual YouTube output to concentrate on other projects: Personally I will miss his livestreams, "this Week in Stupid" and "Thinkery". However he is not quitting altogether. He is taking a break from his usual focus on news and current affairs, and then he is going to produce more content of a different kind. He mentions his "Starship Troopers video" and I'm curious to see what that is like, but I also thought I would get in there first. This subject has come up a number of times over the last few months so I decided to reread the book. I first read the book after watching Paul Vehoeven's exceptional 1997 adaptation that I consider one of my favourite films, see: As soon as I read the book I realized that the movie is not just an adaptation, it is a spoof. The book is a science fiction novel by one of the greats of sci-fi, Robert A Heinlein. It is set in our own universe seven hundred years in the future in which there is an interplanetary war between the earth and some hostile insectoid or arachnid beings that are occupying and destroying various planets and they are heading for earth. The central character is a young man called Johnny Rico who lives in what is today Argentina. He decides to fight in the war to defend the earth, so he joins the "Mobile Infantry", a force whose job it is to land on the planets occupied by the "bugs" and exterminate them. The style of warfare is similar to marines in the real world, being sent into an enemy country from the sea or air. The landing spacecraft are even called "boats". The Mobile Infantry is equipped with futuristic military technology such as powered exoskeletons, something that has been invented recently for real, see: Also they have hand-portable nuclear weapons and dogs with enhanced intelligence. These dogs can even talk; and this concept comes up in some of Heinlein's other stories. The organizational details of the Mobile Infantry and other armed forces are thoroughly described as is Johnny's training course and the culture of this futuristic military. It is full of anecdotes about life on board spaceships or at training camps. This was probably inspired by Robert Heinlein's own service in the US Navy and his enrolment at the Annapolis US Naval Academy. It is slightly reminiscent of my own much shorter and less successful military career. Johnny's parents are initially opposed to his choice of career and try to talk him out of it, but eventually they support him and his father even joins up too. His mother is killed when the aliens attack the earth. In the end, the Mobile Infantry assaults the "bugs'" home planet and is almost completely wiped out, but later on Johnny and his comrades capture a "queen brain" arachnid that is said to be the intelligence behind the species. Interspersed with scenes of Johnny's adult career are flashbacks to a time when he was at school and particularly classes by a Mr Dubois, a teacher he loved who inspired him to join the Mobile Infantry. The plot of the film is slightly different with two of the minor characters playing bigger roles and the combining of Mr Dubois and Johnny's commanding officer Lieutenant Rasczak.

When Starship Troopers was published in 1959 it polarized readers and critics alike. Some long-time fans of Heinlein's other works feel confused by its themes, including myself. It is primarily a philosophical novel and has been accused of being fascist propaganda. It promotes military service as the grandest, most glamorous and glorious calling a young man can achieve. It would qualify as what I call "the military religion". At the same time it is strangely thin on deep political discourse. It is even anti-political in some ways. It makes it clear that the role of a military man is not to think about politics, but to accept that he serves a noble cause; in other words, the state is always right, and that violence is inevitable and necessary in that service. His job is simply to deliver the violence. The problem with that attitude is that if he thoughtlessly accepts that the state is noble then if the state happens not to be noble he will fail to understand that. He will then become what Henry Kissinger called a "dumb stupid animal to be used as a tool in foreign policy." However the narrative of Starship Troopers does not address this conundrum. Each chapter of the book begins with a famous quote by a real famous person and one of them is extraordinarily ironic. It is one of the most famous things said by Thomas Jefferson, a founding father of the United States of America and its third president: "Sometimes the tree of liberty has to be watered by the blood of patriots." However there is no place for patriots in the world of Starship Troopers. All nations states have been absorbed into the "Terran Federation", a one-world government that strangely has the same name as the New World Order in Blakes 7, see: Oddly enough it began in Aberdeen, Scotland; I don't know why the author chose that place. There is no description in the book about any national rebellion against the Terran Federation, perhaps because the world is full of passive remoaners, but maybe also because all nationalist opposition has been brutally crushed. It is to this political entity that Johnny Rico and his fellow soldiers dedicate their lives without question. Their society is divided into two classes, "citizens" and "civilians". Citizens are veterans, people who have served the Terran Federation in the armed forces; they are entitled to vote and hold political office. Civilians are those who have not served in the military. It doesn't matter what your job is as a civilian. You could be a fireman or ambulance man... or a hospital porter of course!... who saves lives; you are considered inferior to a citizen, even if that citizen had a really cushy billet in some administration corps back on earth and never even had to suffer their boots being scuffed. The ethics of this system is never questioned. It is odd because the bugs in the story are like real insects, they are socially organized into different physical forms and it is as if humanity is going the same way. In a few more millennia humans may be like the Eloi and Morlocks of HG Wells' The Time Machine. There are passages in the book about the importance of spanking children and capital punishment; these are both a common part of life in the setting of Starship Troopers. At the end of the story Johnny is commissioned as an officer and there is a scene describing the various starships he has flown on. One of them is called "Vercingetorix" which is so contradictory it makes me wonder what Heinlein is really trying to say. Vercingetorix was a king of the Gauls in the first century BC in what is today France. He tried to stop his country being taken over by that real Terran Federation of the past, the Illuminati-occupied Roman Empire. He is very similar to Boudica. Vercingetorix would be outraged at the concept of the Terran Federation and would be on the frontline of an armed insurgence to stop it. Therefore I can't help wondering if Starship Troopers is actually a satire, a far more subtle one than the film of it, but a satire nonetheless. Firstly it is because some of it is so kitschy and excessive, but also because of Robert Heinlein's other books. I have read four of his novels and all the other three are very different in theme and tone. Friday especially is totally unlike Starship Troopers. This could be because it was written in 1982, twenty-three years after Starship Troopers. Heinlein could have changed his views as he matured, as people do. Starship Troopers is definitely not a book I enjoyed. Compared to Heinlein's other works it is ignorant, amateurish and shallow. The author is right that conflict is inevitable, and sometimes that conflict ends up as violent when dealing with an intractable and unreasonable opponent. There is a true place for great warriors in the world. There is such a thing as a war with a just cause, such as the aforementioned Boudica and Vercingetorix rebellions; but what is noble about being an armoured pawn for a world dictatorship that you cannot question through action, voice or thought?

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Another UFO Crash in Antarctica

In April 2015 I reported on a possible UFO crash in Antarctica, see: Now another of these alleged events has occurred. The alert comes from Courtney Brown's Farsight Institute in which he analyzes the Google Earth image of Antarctica you can see above. It shows a row of twenty-two X-shaped structures arranged in a row about a mile long. Brown claims that these are supports holding a fabric cover designed to keep the ice and snow off an object that was buried in the ice cap until being dug up by government scientists. This operation began in 2013 and the object is still there; it is too big to move. Brown is certain that it is an alien spacecraft. His report includes detailed sessions from a team of four remote viewers. Source: I take the idea of remote viewing very seriously and indeed so do the CIA, see: However, remote viewing varies in quality. I don't have enough information on the team yet to verify their reports. There is no additional evidence either. The Google Earth image is not detailed enough to tell for sure what it depicts. The location of the supposed crashed UFO is next to Kohnen Station, a German base located on the continent at the grid reference 75 0'46.98 S, 0 4'52.71 E. The website for the base is active. It includes blogs by the twenty scientists who live there carrying out work on climatology, biology, geophysics and glaciology. This work appears to have been carrying on as normal during the last six years, see: We need to be wary; it was only a few months ago that this over-hyped story was published in the mainstream media, see: At the same time, Antarctica is very much an "out of sight, out of mind" location, see the background links below. It is certainly possible that secret operations of all kinds go on there. I will keep an eye on this story for more information.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Jo Cox Square

The city of Brussels is the capital of the European Union and it has chosen to honour the memory of one of its most dedicated political loyalists by renaming a location after her. Place Jo Cox, translates from the French as "Jo Cox Square". Jo Cox MP was the member in the House of Commons for the constituency of Batley and Spen, but before she entered parliament she lived in Brussels. Jo Cox Square is near the Ancienne Belgique concert venue in the heart of the city which Ms Cox regularly visited. Appropriately there are some Orwellian CCTV cameras above the sign. There was a grand unveiling ceremony involving the mayor of Brussels, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Cox' family who have always been very vocal and media friendly. Source: Jo Cox Square is just one and a quarter miles from the European Parliament. Jo Cox MP was supposedly shot dead in 2016 just a few days before the Brexit referendum. A man called Thomas Mair was convicted of her murder, but there are numerous anomalies relating to the case that make me question outcome of the trial; see: Since that HPANWO Radio show was broadcast there have been updates that are covered in this episode of Richplanet TV: I have a feeling that at some point Jo Cox will be posthumously awarded the Charlemagne Prize, also known as the Kalergi Prize. This award is named after Richard Count von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the so-called "father of the European Union" and its first winner. It is given to people who have served the cause of creating a singular continental superstate in Europe. Other laureates include Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Pope Francis.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Chris Everard Show 5

I have been interviewed again on the Chris Everard Show on Truth Frequency Radio, see:
Subjects discussed include: the Bullingdon Club, Nazi gold, psychological child abuse and much much more.
See here for Christopher's interview on HPANWO Radio:
See here for my previous appearance on the Chris Everard Show:

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Dubai Iceberg

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the most ambitious urban planning project in history. It is a kind of Milton Keynes writ large. Apparently a quarter of all the building cranes in the world can be found in Dubai and it has even created artificial islands in the shapes of palm trees and maps of the world. It's a showcase of Middle Eastern oil-soaked opulence. It is home to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, 2,717 feet tall, and also many others that are enormous, modern, elegant and unusual shapes. However, like much of the Middle East, Dubai has a hot dry desert climate. There is no surface fresh water. Therefore Dubai's water supply has to come from the sea. The UAE has twelve desalination facilities that supply all the country's drinking water, as well as water for industry, irrigation and hygiene. This is expensive and causes many environmental problems, see background links below. However a company in the UAE has come up with an incredible plan. The National Advisor Bureau Ltd wants to tow an iceberg from the Southern Ocean to the Persian Gulf which will be melted down for water. Unlike the Arctic, most Antarctic icebergs are made of fresh water instead of frozen seawater. They will send some ships to Antarctic waters, take an iceberg and move it to the UAE. This can be one up to seven thousand feet across and weighing up to one hundred million tons. This contains enough water to supply all of the needs of Dubai for five years. There are some major problems with this proposal. Firstly, as soon as the iceberg leaves the cold South Polar Region and enters the balmy waters of the Gulf, it will melt. The company will be in a race against time to tug the iceberg the seven thousand miles to its destination before it vanishes like an ice cube in a hot bath. The founder estimates that a maximum of thirty percent of the ice could melt during the journey and that will still make it worthwhile. But once you get the iceberg to Dubai where will you store it? It will need to be kept in a chilled location before it is mined for drinking water. If it is really seven thousand feet long you'd need a huge refrigerated pen. Would running that be any less expensive and energy consuming than simply sticking to the desalination plants? If the water operation is successful, the company even suggested bringing more and more icebergs to Dubai in order to create a microclimate where it will rain. I'm not sure that would work, or even be desirable if it did. It might have unintended side effects on the local wildlife. Also it would need to be a regular supply of icebergs. Could the company really manage that? This sounds to me like a publicity stunt that will never actually happen. What's more, for reasons I have addressed many times before, for example see the background links below, the means exists to desalinate seawater in plants powered by free energy, making their capacity virtually limitless. It simply needs to be declassified.  

Friday, 28 September 2018

Watch The Lake Drain

The remarkable feature film The Lake Drain is now available to watch:
This film combines surreal science fiction with drama, comedy and documentary scenes relating to CERN, deep underground military bases, psychic warfare, electromagnetic weapons, archons and mind control in a unique and imaginative style. It is not easy to follow and you might need to see it more than once to understand it, but it is well worth the effort. There are no sound-bite answers when it comes to these subjects. The Lake Drain was nominated for a Bases Project Film Festival Award® in 2015. See here for more details:
See here for my HPANWO Radio interview with the director Jerry Griffin:

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison

This HPANWO book review is of The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison, see:
This book was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook who I'll simply call "John". That is not his real name; his real name is Paul Armstrong. I've known John for a while online and have even met him once. One of his characteristics is that he enjoys generating drama. Unfortunately quite a few people like to do that, but unlike most of them, John does not seem to be motivated by any malice. For him it is more something playful, therefore I tolerate and even humour him. John describes himself as a "recovering woo" or "woo-lite"; which sounds to me like he means he is moving away from the conspirasphere over to the skeptic side of things. This does happen occasionally, in fact both sides make converts from the other, see here for more details: John posted a link to the above title because he thought I might be concerned that I was not the only author to write a fictionalization about the Roswell Incident. As it happens I am already aware that I am not. In fact Bryce Zabel has announced that he is writing his own "what if?" alternate history of Roswell, see: I don't have a problem with this. I believe Bryce and I can both do this without either of us displacing the other. If John's intention was to make me worried then it didn't work. There is plenty of space for many people to write original works on this theme. It's not exactly a shoulder-jostling market. Nevertheless I was curious, so I ordered the book. It turned out to be very different indeed from my own. It is a fast-paced techno-thriller about a race between the good guys and a gang of international criminals to recover a special mineral with extraordinary properties that can be used as a deadly weapon. The race begins a hundred years ago during the Russian Civil War where the White and Red armies fight each other while trying to track down the remains of the Tunguska meteorite, to 1947 in Roswell where a young girl witnesses the crash of a mysterious craft she has never seen before. It ends in the present day where the girl, now an old lady, helps the two heroes on their mission across the world from New Zealand, to Easter Island, to central Australia. I've tried to avoid spoilers, but cannot completely; so stop reading now if you plan to read the book... because the Roswell incident in the setting is not caused by anything ET. In fact, if anything, it seems to be more inspired by Annie Jacobson's theories about Roswell. I did enjoy the book as a bit of light entertainment though, so I appreciate John for recommending it to me; but I don't consider Boyd Morrison to be a rival. His field of topics lies so far away from mine.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Nick Pope on the ADX Files

Nick Pope has been interviewed on The ADX Files radio show with Alyson Dunlop, see:
Not the Burnley and England goalkeeper I'm afraid! I mean of course the Nick Pope, the one and only Nick Pope, the UFO expert extraordinaire bar none. This comes just a few days after Peter Robbins was on the same show, see: There's an interesting connection here because it was following an interview I did with Peter in the old CMR days when he was sticking up for Larry Warren, see:, that I asked Nick Pope if he wanted to be a guest on the HPANWO Show too so that I could hear his side of the story. I intended to conduct the interview in a polite and professional manner; after all I am pro-unconditional free speech. He declined, telling me that he was too busy with other things at that moment. Obviously since then his workload must have eased significantly because he was only too pleased to be on the ADX Files.

In the background links I provide more information on "the man from the ministry" or "Britain's Fox Mulder" and the many other names he travels under. His Royal Popeness occupies a unique position being one of the few official government UFOlogists in the world and the pundit everybody in the media has on speed-dial whenever a UFO story is passed over the news desk. He begins the interview by taking about the Phoenix Lights, the Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Programme and the To The Stars Academy. He makes some good points about the subjects. Nevertheless he does it with typical Papal caution, dropping tacit disclaimers every few sentences. It would be nice if there could be the congressional hearings he talks about; indeed this is what Stephen Bassett has called for, see: But would other people be allowed to testify along with Pope? Like the people who testified at the Citizen Hearing? This would be the bombshell I'd like to see. Nick then points out another opinion he shares with Steve Bassett, that things would have been a lot better for UFO-related matters if Hilary Clinton had won the 2016 election and become the US President. According to Bassett she was "the Disclosure President" and her defeat was a massive setback for the advocacy process. However, Nick leaves the door ajar for President Trump. I personally have swung it wide open, which is where I clash with Steve, see: Nick then delves into the area of SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. He believes that the upcoming switch-on of the Square Kilometre Array, a huge radio telescope operating from two sites in Australia and South Africa, might provide a breakthrough for the discovery of intelligent life out there in the universe. As I describe here:, that revelation would have a knock-on bonus effect for UFOlogy. Nick then moves on to his speciality, the declassification of the British Ministry of Defence UFO files. Nick does not believe there is anything revolutionary among them because if there was they would have told him, wouldn't they? After all, he ran the MoD's Secretariat AS-2A, the UFO desk. Personally, if I had a "saucer in a hangar", to use his catchphrase, Nick Pope, the public face of the UFO phenomenon who is always on television, would be the last person on earth I would tell. He subsequently quotes another of his clichés: "We can't rule it out."

After forty-eight minutes, the subject of Larry Warren comes up. Alyson introduces it by calling it "the Warren fraud" which is hardly unbiased and also legally inaccurate. We are still waiting patiently for Larry to be convicted of fraud by any description. As I've said before, see the background links, I find it very strange that Nick Pope is shoving in his twopence-worth on this matter. I had assumed that it would be far beneath his usual list of priorities. Nick then claims that the "Larry Warren fraud" has been exposed over a year ago, despite the fact that researchers including myself have comprehensively disputed that there was any fraud at all, see: Despite this, he uses the word "fraud" twice while opening his case. Interestingly, just before this matter is tabled Nick confirms that government files relating to the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident of 1980 were improperly destroyed. He claims that this was not a conspiracy and was just an inadvertent confusion over file names. As reason for this he cites John Alexander, a man who has curious connections to the 9/11 attacks, see: He claims "most of (Warren's testimony) was made up" and the rest was stolen from other people. If by "other people" he means Adrian Bustinza, I've explained why I don't think this is true, see: He reckons "Warren lies effortlessly... If he told you it was a sunny day we would all instinctively reach for our umbrellas!... How can you tell Warren is lying? His lips are moving!" He really thinks that rhetoric like that can replace rational argument. Sadly, for too many people, it often does. Nick then repeats a truly stupid accusation that the film Capel Green is trying to "rebrand" the Rendlesham Forest incident when this is simply false. He calls Capel Green "shameful!" and in doing so joins Col. Halt, Peter Robbins and dozens of others in presenting a precognitive review... Perhaps he would be so kind as to give me a tip for the 2.30 at Doncaster. He then accuses Gary Heseltine of knowingly promoting a false story or presenting one that he ought to know was false after "three and a half seconds of checking!" However this is a gross misrepresentation of Gary's research project into this case which has run parallel to my own and has reached many of the same conclusions: He compares Larry's case to the Roswell Slides when I detail in the background links below how that is totally unfair. He says the UFO community will be furious when they find out that Gary and others, which includes myself of course, are trying to con them. However, a full house at the recent UFO Truth Magazine conference in Holmfirth would suggest otherwise, see here for details: (coming soon). Pope's defamation reaches a new nadir when he states that Gary has a "problem with women", in other words: misogyny. In this day and age such an accusation is only one notch up from paedophilia or terrorism; and I consider this a slanderous attack on Gary's character. No doubt Pope includes me in this, being the other principle Larry Warren researcher. He says that Gary is only out to "make a buck" off the UFO community and I suppose he thinks that is original... He also then adds Larry to the list of women-haters along with reiterating the nasty slur Col. Halt mentioned in 2014, that Larry is a drug addict. He also calls him an alcoholic. Like Peter Robbins, he passes judgement on Larry's living arrangements with Sacha Christie, when he was not there and so does not know a thing about what really went on. And surely there is no need for me to discredit the memorabilia and threats again. They are a lie and I've explained why so many times in my Larry Warren research project. In the last part of his interview Nick states which UFO events he thinks are truly unexplained and then Alyson asks if humans are ready for ET contact. He answers "yes and no." He then gives his own view of how Disclosure would affect the world and human society. I feel quite horrified by Nick Pope's conduct during this interview. What he said about Larry Warren is merely what he has repeated before, or rather what Sacha Christie has repeated before. However I have never heard him smear Gary Heseltine on such a vicious personal level. He clearly means me too when he says "and others" several times. I would like to think that the UFO community would recoil from Pope in the same way I feel like doing as a result of his wickedness, but I've discovered to my dismay that this community suffers from endemic indifference, see here for details: Clearly Sacha Christie is not a government disinformer. She is simply motivated by a personal grudge. However she may have inadvertently hit the right note, the one that the government want to amplify. I think this explains the interference of Nick Pope.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

QAnon on Roswell and Apollo

Over the last few months I have covered the QAnon phenomenon, posts on the 4-Chan and 8-Chan boards allegedly coming from an insider in the Trump administration who predicts the ultimate defeat of the New World Order. See the background links for more information. "Q", whoever he or she is... or they are, has spoken in detail about the inner politics of the US Government and its relationship with other states; yet a few days ago they answered two questions on a more unusual subject, the conspiracy theories of outer space. This is of course the staple for HPANWO, yet this is the first time I'm aware of that Q has referred to it. Indeed, the "Q-tuber" Dustin Nemos says in his commentary that it's not an issue that interests him because he is "so focused on evil on the ground", see: However, as I've said many times, lies in the sky and evil on the ground are intimately connected. The two Q-drops can be seen above. The first begins with a question from an 8-Chan poster: "Q, are we alone? Roswell?" Roswell naturally refers to the Roswell incident in which an extraterrestrial artefact crashed on the earth's surface at Roswell, New Mexico USA in July of 1947 and was secretly salvaged by the government. The cover-up endured to this day. If Roswell were a real flying saucer, which I think it is, then it represents decisive proof that earth is not the only living planet in the universe; also that other life has travelled to the earth already. The reply is typical of QAnon, very brief and suggestive: "No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. Q." This probably means Q is confirming the Roswell incident. "Highest classification" is the level secrets about UFO's are kept at, "higher than the H-bomb" to quote Wilbert Smith. Does this mean Q has access to that secrecy level, or have they just consulted with those who do? "Consider the vastness of space" is the same argument made by proponents of both UFOlogy and SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, see: Then the subject of the moon landings comes up: "Q, did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programmes? Is this why the space force was created?" That is a whole list of questions. QAnon answers: "False, moon landings are real. Programmes exist that are outside the public domain." The first sentence seems unequivocal; as far as Q is concerned, the Apollo moon landings happened as they were portrayed by the mainstream. However, that does not tally with what I have learned, see: Dustin also wonders if this is a bit of intentional disinformation by Q. As for the secret space programme, Q confirms it. That would then beg the question why the United States would risk letting NASA do the job with its crude rockets and therefore the considerable chance of failure and disaster. This was right in the middle of the Cold War. Wouldn't it be better to use the secret space programme and fake the tricky bits?

These rather contradictory statements from QAnon will on doubt add confidence to the tendency who believes the entire Q phenomenon is just a hoax, a massive larp by the channers. It would not be the first time; the chans are notorious for their shitposting and trolling. My good friend and fellow radio show host Kev Baker is absolutely convinced that QAnon is a scam, for example see: and: However, there is another side to this confusing story. This debate is very interesting: Dustin Nemos has made other videos on this subject. I've also had private conversations with several people about this matter. These pieces of information appear to negate some of the concerns people like Kev and Unirock raise. The way I see it, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the good news is that this day is not far off. The recurring point Q makes is that the destruction of the Deep State is imminent. Therefore whether this outcome occurs will inevitably either completely vindicate or completely discredit QAnon in the very near future.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Sunspot Observatory Update

There has been a press release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation relating to the closure of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico USA. The reason the FBI placed the entire facility under lockdown and ousted all the personnel from the observatory and local post office is because a member of staff was suspected of downloading child pornography using Sunspot's wireless network. They then distributed it to others on the same service. The staff member was a cleaner, of course. Unlike hospitals which have porters to blame everything bad on, the observatory has to make do with second best. The individual concerned has not yet been arrested or charged. Source: This might be true, and of course if the person is guilty then they have committed an appalling crime; but it still sounds to me rather like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It's odd that they have not been arrested or charged; surely there's evidence isn't there? The abuse of workplace internet for criminal activity is not an unusual offence and it has happened many times in the NHS, and indeed once at my hospital... and despite what I said above, the culprit was unfortunately a porter. However the procedure when that happened was very different. The head porter ordered the porter off duty and suspended him, and the police then arrested him at his home. No helicopters were necessary; the hospital was not closed and evacuated. Nearby post offices continued operating normally. Therefore I wonder if this latest news is just a smokescreen, the equivalent of the Roswell weather balloon or the Bentwaters lighthouse.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Peter Robbins on The ADX Files

Peter Robbins has been interviewed on The ADX Files radio show with Alyson Dunlop, see: He repeated a lot of the same points he made in previous interviews, for example: However his discussion about Larry Warren was his longest yet and he and Alyson raise some additional points. The first part of the programme is about 9/11 of which we have just passed the seventeenth anniversary. Peter is a native New Yorker and so it has hurt him very badly. This is something he and Larry still share. Despite claims to the contrary, Larry did visit Ground Zero personally and I'll say more about that in the future. Peter then explains in a tone of great authority that Larry was given a place to stay when he was homeless by Sacha Christie and her family, and he abused their hospitality and kindness. This is what inspired Sacha to revise the material in Left at East Gate. However, Peter did not live with Sacha at the same time; he is merely relaying Sacha's family's side of the story. Larry describes the situation very differently. How can we judge? Of course Peter has experience of Larry through his own independent relationship with him, as he explains in intricate detail, and considerable extent, in his "War and Peace" statement, see: However, again Larry's side of the story is totally different and if we automatically believe Peter or Larry we are making a call on a personal interaction we are not a part of. It's impossible to do that correctly or fairly. Peter says that "(Larry) lied easily, convincingly, in written form and to your face; in spoken form etc. Larry is brilliant at what he does, which is confabulate, exaggerate, make things up, and I bought it." However all the actual evidence of Larry's supposed deception does not stand up to scrutiny, as I have detailed in my research project on the subject, see:; also see background links below. Peter also claims that Ronnie Dugdale has backed up Sacha's conclusion about Larry through his own research; however I have not seen this. The first I heard Dugdale even mention this subject was in the comments boxes of Sacha's blog.

After half an hour of the show, Peter then settles down into his list of objections. He complains about the fact that Larry Warren insisted on sending his manuscript for Left at East Gate in handwritten form when Peter asked him to type it double-spaced. I don't see why that is relevant to the authenticity of Larry's story, but it does inadvertently address a separate point. Larry has enormous trouble using a typewriter or a computer word processor application. He even needs instructions to log into his email. Yet despite this, his detractors are convinced that he is some kind of genius at producing faked photographs of himself with John Lennon and other rock stars. Tino has made a video with Larry countering the smears regarding Larry's relationship with the music industry, see: Alyson then compares people who support Larry to members of a religious cult, which is ironic seeing as the opposition to the attacks on Larry has been completely based in logic and reason; at least from the two principle investigators, Gary Heseltine and myself. Peter then brings up Capel Green, the upcoming documentary, and claims it will "contaminate" the Rendlesham Forest Incident. How does he know? He has never seen the film; nobody has. I think his statement counts as yet another precognitive review. Peter says that just because Larry knew where the landing site in the field it does not prove he was there. He mentions Adrian Bustinza and it is Sacha's assertion that Bustinza saw the UFO and Larry merely purloined his story. However, there are distinct differences between the accounts of the two airmen, especially when it comes to the debriefing. I think the two stories sound like separate accounts of two witnesses who experienced the same incident. The differences in how they were treated afterwards might be because of their difference in rank. See here for important details: Since that interview we now know that there is a new witness who supports Larry's testimony, Steve Longero, who spoke at the recent UFO Truth Magazine Conference, see here for the HPANWO TV reportage: (coming soon). Just before the halfway break, Alyson says that she thinks Gary Heseltine is proofreading Larry's social media contributions. I'm not sure exactly what point she is trying to make here. Is that a bad thing? Larry's writing, especially when he's using a keyboard, is full of mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. It's possible he's asked somebody to correct them; maybe it's Gary or maybe somebody else. I don't think it's relevant unless the editor is changing the meaning of Larry's text and I've not heard him complain about that. The next topic of conversation is Larry's alleged hawking of counterfeit rock-and-roll memorabilia. We are still waiting for Larry to be arrested and questioned over that very serious alleged offence. Like all the other accusations of criminal activity made by his opponents, Larry has never been questioned, let alone prosecuted, for any of them. If even some of these allegations were true, Larry would be in jail by now. One new piece of information Peter tables is that one of the fake items Larry traded was an autograph of the punk-rock singer songwriter Helen Wheels. This is a personal affront because she is Peter's sister and she died in 2000 aged just fifty-one. Has Peter been to the police about this? If not, why not? Do people think Larry has some kind of immunity from prosecution as if he were a defecting spy? It's time to get real! Peter claims that auction houses cover up frauds like this because they're afraid of a scandal; they pay off the victims etc. I doubt that this is possible with fraud on this scale. These are surely criminal matters involving a huge amount of money. Peter reckons one deal netted Larry £19,000. The Crown Prosecution Service could never let Sotheby's or Christie's (an ironic name!) etc take the law into their own hands, any more than they could in the case of any other kind of fraud, such as banking embezzlement etc. How come Bernie Madoff didn't try that, simply using his vast fortune to reimburse the people he robbed and walk free? No way. I repeat: Larry would have been imprisoned years ago if one word of this is true. Something does not add up with what Peter and others are saying. As if often the case, there's a Newtonian-type reaction in social issues. Because Larry's story is being supported by further evidence, including new documents, a polygraph test and additional witnesses; the opposition undergoes a distillation process. They have shrunk in number over the last two years, but the remaining stalwarts have become more vocal and dedicated. Nothing can change this situation. The hardcore trolls will never change their position no matter what evidence is put before them. We can only present the rational truth to people willing to listen. I'm pleased to relate that this is happening; the current estimated release date for Capel Green in next spring. Peter ends the interview by talking about his new book, a UFO anthology of incidents other than Rendlesham Forest. He says he wants to move on and leave Rendlesham behind, but he is showing no signs of doing so at the moment.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Solar Observatory Shutdown

The National Solar Observatory is in New Mexico USA, in a town appropriately named Sunspot. Since 1952 it has played a major role in advancing our knowledge of the sun. It observes the sun throughout daylight hours, studying radiation, light and other properties of our local star. On September the 6th something strange happened. The Federal Bureau of Investigation forced the institute to close. They literally swooped down on the establishment in a helicopter and took the place over. All the staff were evacuated, even those in the nearby post office. Nothing at all was said for over a week and then the observatory's management, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, released a statement saying that they had decided to close the facility as a precautionary measure to deal with a "security issue" and that the observatory reopened today. They reported "criminal activity" and a "suspect" being at large on the site. Source: However, the need for the FBI to become involved would indicate very serious criminal activity indeed, probably involving far more than a suspect-singular. Normally the local police would have handled such matters.

There is a massive amount of material online speculating on the real cause of this incident, everything from Nibiru to Chinese spies. There have been some worrying claims that the US government is trying to cover up an impending catastrophe caused by a massive solar flare or a similar cosmic apocalypse to prevent public panic. There are rumours that the National Solar Observatory spotted the rogue planet Nibiru; however, as I explain in the background links, Nibiru does not exist. In fact as I've said many times, cover-ups cannot happen in astronomy. It is the one truly democratic science. There are hundreds of solar observatories in the world and most of them are still operating normally. It would be necessary to shut all of them down, as well as silence the millions of amateur hobbyists, to suppress this kind of upcoming doom. That would be impossible, see background links below. Nevertheless, Secure Team Ten reports that live webcams went down in other observatories at the same time, see: It is certainly possible that the National Solar Observatory saw something it shouldn't have, but if so it was something closer to home. This could be a UFO-related phenomenon or possibly an issue connected with the nearby White Stands and Holloman Air Force Base military reservations. I have a feeling there is a lot more to find out about this, and indeed I have done a HPANWO TV livestream about the subject, see: