Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Goodbye to another "Friend"

I have lost another friendship, the fifth or sixth in the last two years. This is more that I did for the entire twenty years before, that I have been in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy Theory community. How many more will follow? My former friend, I'll call him "Person 1", is somebody I worked closely with on several occasions, somebody I really thought was sincerely dedicated to the mission of the Truth movement. What's more he has been directly affected by the evil of the Illuminati in his own life. One evening we were talking on the telephone when he told me about an argument he had had with somebody else in the Conspirasphere, somebody who was, and still is, a close friend of mine; I'll called him "Person 2". Person 1 was furious with Person 2 and gave me a long detailed narrative of everything he had allegedly done wrong. Then Person 1 told me that Person 2 had committed a horrific misdemeanour; one that, if true, would definitely lead to an immediate criminal prosecution. I asked Person 1 why such a prosecution had not taken place. He didn't answer the question and ended the conversation politely, but a couple of weeks later I noticed that he had unfriended me on Facebook. Clearly he wanted nothing more to do with me and was removing me from the project we had both worked on. I sent him the following message:
Hi (Person 1). I notice you've unfriended me. I'm guessing this is because I disagree with you about (Person 2); I can't think of any other reason. So be it. I refuse to condemn a man who has never been convicted in a court of law, never been charged, never even been questioned by the police. Never been ruled against in any private Common Law community tribunal. (If there is so much evidence against him, why is that?) Admit it! (Person 2) has had NO DUE PROCESS of any kind has he? I DON'T CARE about your personal squabble with (Person 2)! I'm trying to stop the fucking New World Order before it destroys the fucking world! If a condition of your friendship is that I take your side against (Person 2) in a personal tiff, then I decline. Goodbye forever. Ben.
I saw the tick in the box indicating that he had seen the message, but he didn't respond. After a few hours I blocked him. I don't often become so enraged; I am a naturally calm person, but I did this time.

This is where the Conspirasphere is today, it is tearing itself apart and eating itself alive. What was once a community of aware, mutually supportive and dedicated people determined to create a better world is now a collection of sectarian cabals engaged in obsessive internecine bitching, mostly over petty and meaningless personal disputes that are irrelevant to the world at large. This is why I was so concerned when I heard 2016 might be a myth, see:, because it is virtually all we have left. Possibly there is an answer to the question in the title of my Dreaming Saucers speech, see: Seeing as the Truth movement has failed so completely what other hope is there? I feel very angry at people like Person 1 who have abandoned this vital quest to indulge themselves is these pointless spats. They don't have the excuse of ignorance that an outsider would and therefore know exactly what is at stake when they made the decision to do it. Sadly, I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps we, as a species, deserve the New World Order. Maybe it's a part of human nature, a natural and inevitable stage of our social evolutionary journey. We can no more escape it than a worker bee can flee the hive.

Monday, 13 August 2018

The Sky King

A very peculiar event happened a few days ago, on August the 10th 2018, in which an aircraft was stolen. It was not a hijack; the Horizon Air Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 airliner was parked and empty. It was at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington State USA. Suddenly its engines started; it rolled out to the runway and took to the air. Air traffic control made radio contact with the aircraft while the US Air Force scrambled two F15 fighter jets to intercept it, fearing that this was the prelude to a terrorist attack. The person who had stolen it was actually a member of staff at the airport, a ground service controller called Richard Russell. He had boarded the unattended aircraft and flown it out of the airport, even though he had no pilot qualifications or training. He told the air traffic controllers that he had learned all about aviation from playing flight simulation computer games. His manner was affable and devoid of anger. He cracks many jokes. He even apologized to the ATC crew and said: "I hope this doesn't ruin your day." He cooperated with them in a gentlemanly manner as they directed him away from the airways surrounding the airport so that he didn't risk colliding with other aircraft taking off or landing. He even sounded jovial. He was clearly enjoying his experience and announced his intention to fly to the Olympic Mountains and view them from the air. He took his stolen charge out to sea over the Puget Sound, a network of river estuaries, inlets and islands on the north-western US Pacific coast, and performed a series of aerobatics; looping, diving and swooping low over the water. He carefully avoided built-up areas. Local people filmed him from nearby shores. He stated how he felt regret that his loved ones will be distressed and that he had "a few screws loose", but never knew it until that moment. He also told the controllers that he had not thought about landing and he declined ATC's attempts to guide him to an airport. His flight ended an hour after he took off when the aircraft crashed into a wooded and sparsely inhabited island called Ketron Island. Source:

From the pictures released of the crash site and the location, a semi-inhabited small island, it is clear that the flight ended in a nosedive and the pilot was careful not to harm anybody else during his suicide. There was indeed only one fatality, Richard Russell himself. He was described as a quiet and popular member of staff and his colleagues called him "Rich" or "Beebo". The public reaction to his death has been extraordinary. I have not seen such mass grieving since the death of Stephen Hawking. Russell has been christened "the Sky King" and numerous affectionate memes have emerged online. Some musicians have already composed tribute songs, see: He has become a true folk hero. Why has this incident touched so many hearts? It's impossible to know what Richard Russell's true motives were. There's no evidence at the moment that he plotted in advance to steal the aircraft. It looks like a spontaneous and opportunist action. It is also obvious that he meant no harm to anybody but himself. He was careful not to threaten populated areas and kept his antics well out to sea. He sounds like a sensitive man. At one point he asked ATC to guide him to the location of another news story where a female killer whale had carried her dead calf for seventeen days, see: When I read a news story like that it's easy to understand why somebody might also read it and give up on the idea of living at all. Maybe it was the very nondescript nature of his life that killed him. A lot of his mourners have projected that onto his identify whether it is correct or not. For them, his action is a hymn to the human spirit. Did Richard Russell sacrifice the rest of his life for just a few moments of genuine excitement, ecstasy and meaning? Why is it that life in our society is so devoid of those things? Why has the normal, the everyday, the eternal sameness become the only objective that anybody is allowed to strive for? Society gives us such a small, pointless, constricted and uniform existence and we're told that there is no way out; from cradle to grave, that is our one and only destiny we can expect. This is the difference between humanity and the machine. Whether it truly applies to the Sky King or not, so many of his fans understand this and feel it with him. One of the most poignant comments I've seen made about Richard Russell is: "Some say he went up there to die, but we know he went up there finally to live." This shows that the human spirit is not yet dead. It can still break the chains of ordinariness and be free. Fly in peace, Sky King.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Barcodes for Homeless People

The number of homeless people in Oxford has increased enormously in the last few years for various reasons that I detail in the background links below. It's very sad to see so many people sitting on street corners and sleeping in shop doorways in the city centre. The University has come up with an idea to help them. All homeless people in the city will be registered on an electronic database and will be issued with an identity card displaying QR-tags, a form of barcode. Then when a passer-by wants to give them some money they can do it using their mobile phone. They scan the barcode and send the person some funds which will be put into an account controlled by the person's case worker who makes sure it is spent on food, rent, passport fees or utility bills and not drugs or alcohol etc. The donor will be able to access the database of the person they've just donated to and learn all about him or her (usually him), how they became homeless, what their last job was etc. Source: This sounds benevolent at first glance; however there are major problems with it. It means that to be homeless means living in a miniature cashless society. This could be a trial run to expand the scheme into other areas, including people who are not homeless; such as the unemployed, immigrants, probationers, drug addicts, the mentally ill etc. After that, why not just say: "What the hell, let's just put everybody on the scheme and be done with it?" This is not the first time that homeless people have been used in pilot schemes for Orwellian social systems. In fact in the United States a local authority offered to insert microchips into the bodies of homeless people. This was said to be for their own good. It would allow shelter workers to scan the people and know about the care they had received; when they had last slept in a shelter, been given a meal, been given medical or dental checkups etc, see: I know that there are good intentions behind these ideas, but when it comes to Big Brother we have to deal with capabilities, not professed intents. We must ask ourselves how this technology could be abused or weaponized. As for the homeless in Oxford; why don't the University simply pay to give them a bed for the night? It's something they could easily afford... many time over.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 37

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: censorship on social media, mysterious daytime darkness in Russia, update on the Alexandria sarcophagus and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Nazi UFO Model Update

The ban by Revell on the Haunebu flying saucer appears to have been lifted. The kit will be available again on the 15th of October and can be pre-ordered now, see: You too can now build your own scale model of a Vril-powered antigravity Nazi UFO. I am glad that common sense has prevailed over political correctness. Hopefully it will make the model-building community, as well as the industry, think over the possibility that this vehicle was real and it continues to be developed in secret. I have been interviewed about this subject on the Paranormal Peep Show, see:

Monday, 6 August 2018

Right-Wing Conspiracy

Neil Sanders is an expert on mind control who has lectured widely and has written a series of interesting books on the subject. He has also been a guest on HPANWO Radio, see: He has more recently spoken on radio interviews and written in his blog about Brexit and Trump and who he believes is behind them and why, for example: and: and: Donald Trump was a New York businessman who came out of the blue to be elected President of the United States. With every corner of the mainstream media opposing him and despite running against one of the most powerful women in the world, he triumphed. For some people in the Truth Movement, including me, it looked as though things had gone badly wrong for the New World Order at a very fundamental level. I even wondered if we might be looking at the defeat of the New World Order agenda in our lifetimes! This is the great hope; I came out with phrases like "Brexit-Trump", "springtime in Narnia", and "the 2016 effect", see: Naturally, at the back of my mind, there has always been a whisper of caution. Could this simply be another trick? What if Trump and Brexit are just a craftier and more subtle twist in the machinations of the globalist elite? Neil says yes. That is exactly what is going on. He dismisses the notion that Trump is a wildcard and not a government insider; on the contrary, he says Trump is in fact a placeman for a powerful network of super-rich plutocrats centred around somebody called Robert Mercer, a computer scientist and financier from New Mexico USA. Mercer is the single biggest individual donor in the entire 2016 US Presidential Election. He used his skill in the world of computing to influence the internet using a data analysis and strategic communications firm called Cambridge Analytica. Neil says this is a psychological warfare outfit and its methodology is similar to the CIA, MI5, GCHQ and other organizations which have been proven to have meddled in foreign democratic processes, especially in South America. Mercer was helped by a now notorious individual called Steve Bannon, the company's vice-president; and they used a number of underhand schemes to influence public opinion in favour of Trump's campaign. The media organization Breibart was essential to this and Steve Bannon soon became editor-in-chief of it. It was subsidized by Mercer. Robert Mercer also used Cambridge Analytica to engineer the Leave vote during the Brexit referendum and worked closely with Nigel Farage. Fear of Islam and Muslims was a tactic they used and they have been helped by Rebel Media, which is another part of Mercer's network and includes Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. (I have been concerned about this myself for a long time and have written before about how the "counter-Jihad" has a place in the future civil war being planned and also furthering the interests of Israel, see: The scale of this network is huge and it contains numerous names familiar to and respected by those in both the Alt-Right and the Conspirasphere, such as Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern, James O'Keefe, Dr Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin. Laura Loomer and many many more. Even the slogans "drain the swamp!", "make America great again!" "build the wall!", "fake news" and "deep state" come from Mercer and Bannon's public relations consultants.

This is disturbing news. If Neil is right then it means the possibilities an entire sector of the Truth Movement were hoping for are wrong; we have been chasing a mirage. Is this the case though? Neil describes himself as apolitical. He is neutral over the subject of Brexit and does not vote in UK elections. He describes the situation with this analogy: "Voting in the US Election/UK Election/EU referendum was like being a child choosing a boarding school. It doesn't matter what you want, it doesn't matter which option that you decide on; the only certainty is you are going to get screwed by an older person who is richer than you." He says he is equally opposed to left-wing authorities too and he only opposes the right because we have a right-wing government. He said: "I can't wait for Corbyn to get him so I can have a go at him as well!" The only reason he is exposing this right-wing conspiracy is because it is the only one he has found so far. Despite his professed neutrality, Neil uses a lot of left-wing buzz-words in his speech such as "Nazi", "far right", "white supremacist", "white privilege" etc. He sees politics as primarily a clash between the interests of rich and poor people which is a distinctly Marxian worldview. It is true that the Illuminati have used the right in politics to advance the New World Order, but they have also used the left. Neil explores the way Muslims and Islam are portrayed as the biggest threat to civilization and says: "Before Muslims it was people on benefits, and before them it was black people, and before them it was the Irish." However there is a left-wing equivalent of this which is that white heterosexual men are responsible for everything bad in the world, past and present, and destroying them is the solution to all the world's problems; yet Neil fails to address this. In fact in one of his interviews he says: "If you're worried about white genocide, just go and have children with another white person; problem solved!" But he ignores the noble work of one of the people he lists as part of the Mercer-Bannon network, Lauren Southern. She has made a documentary film called Farmlands about the very real genocide of South Africa's white population, see: The global community is looking the other way and pretending this atrocity is not happening. If this right-wing network truly is all-powerful, can't it do something about that? Here is another example of left-wing global interventionism, see: Neil also uses the phrase "Muslim ban" to refer to Executive Order 13769, the Trump administration's policy for reducing access to the United States by possible terrorists. If it is a ban on Muslims then why is Pakistan not on the list of prohibited nations, why not India, Bangladesh, Malaysia? Over three-quarters of the world's Muslims live in those four countries. Neil has unfortunately just repeated fake news. Neil also mentions "men's rights activists" in a pejorative context. This is no doubt because Dr Jordan B Peterson is on the Mercer-Bannon hit-list. However Dr Jordan Peterson has been somebody I have studied closely and I have found his insights inspiring and uplifting. I discuss him in detail on this HPANWO Show, see: I must ask Neil, was Dr Peterson therefore inserted into the public space to do some kind of damage? Was his persecution by his employers, faculty and students at Toronto University some sort of act to bring him to the attention of "Nazis!"? When he had eggs thrown at him, had labels like "racist!", "misogynist!" etc hurled at him by hecklers in his lectures, was this all set up by Steve Bannon? "Think you can handle it, Jordy? Don't worry, mate; we'll pay you compensation." What Dr Jordan Peterson has done is teach people that they don't have to hate. Women don't have to hate men to be free. Black people don't have to hate white people to be free. White men don't have to hate themselves to be free. This revelation has given millions of people across the world a new lease of life. I cannot accept that the richness, depth and complexity of Dr Peterson's work are just the machinations of a billionaire conservative plot to enslave the world. The same goes for many other "problematic pseudo-intellectuals!" I've been following. Honestly, how far has Dr Peterson's work advanced the white male redneck ruling class hegemony? From what I can see, not one inch; in fact it has done the opposite. This is why I question Neil's middle-of-the-road persona. Could Neil Sanders be a closet pinko? If he is, I won't hold it against him. There is good on the left. I myself support some leftist principles, such as a fully-funded National Health Service, see here for details: Neil can come out to me if he likes and I'll be understanding. Also why does Neil not mention several other people, such as Stefan Molyneux, Carl Benjamin ("Sargon of Akkad" on YouTube), Rin Michaelis, Dave Cullen and a few others? These are very influential centrist, anti-feminist, anti-cultural Marxist and conservative spokespeople; why are they not being funded by Richard Mercer? Neil also dismisses the QAnon phenomenon as a hoax perpetrated by trolls on 4-Chan. Again, this doesn't fit with what I've discovered, see: and: Neil also doesn't explain all the details of Richard Mercer's donation. Yes, Mercer donated to the 2016 US Presidential Election, yes he donated over thirteen million dollars-US and that was a record-breaking amount... but most of it went not to Donald Trump, but to Ted Cruz, Trump's rival in the primaries. Mercer originally backed Cruz and then switched to Trump. Obviously I am biased over this issue; I want Neil Sanders to be wrong... because if he is not wrong then probably, to put it politely, we're fucked, see: However, this does not automatically mean that any of my criticism or questioning of Neil's research is to be therefore instantly disregarded because of my feelings on the matter. I have endeavoured to remain objective here. I am able and prepared to face the truth however much it hurts; but I think Neil has missed something. I don't dispute that he is factually correct about the activities of Richard Mercer and his associates, but perhaps there is another explanation for it than the one he has proposed. To answer that will take further research. For the time being, in my view, what Neil has published so far is not conclusive.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Buzz Aldrin confesses to Moon Landing Hoax?

The conspirasphere has been buzzing because of Buzz Aldrin. Edward E Aldrin Jr. is a NASA astronaut who is one of a two-man crew who supposedly landed on the moon on July the 20th 1969 with the Apollo 11 mission, the first to claim a manned landing on the moon. Aldrin and his fellow spaceman, Neil Armstrong, then supposedly walked on the moon's surface wearing space suits. It is one of the greatest moments in human history. The fuss comes from an interview he did last year with an eight year old girl called Zoey. What he says in this discussion has been assessed by some people as a confession that the moon landings were faked and he did not walk on the moon. The actual dialogue runs thus:
Zoey: Why has nobody been to the moon in such a long time?
Aldrin: (Laughs) That's not an eight year old's question; that's my question. I want to know, but I think I know. Because we didn't go there and that's the way it happened; and if it didn't happen it's nice to know why it didn't happen, so in the future, if we want to keep doing something we need to know why something stopped in the past that we wanted to keep it going (sic). Money is a good thing."

Zoey's question is a very pertinent one. In fact any science fiction or space fan from the 1960's who could see into the future to the present day would gasp in dismay. Progress was so swift in the first decade of space exploration. The first rocket flew into space in October 1957, this was followed by the first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, in April 1961, and then the Apollo missions sent men to the moon and they began just seven years after that. If that rate of advancement had continued we would have had everything that was predicted at the time, a permanent moon base by the 1980's, missions to the outer planets by the 1990's and the ability to take a holiday on Mars by 2018. Yet since the Apollo missions, we have not travelled one single time above low earth orbit. Instead we have such comparative trivialities as the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. Why is the true continuation of space exploration so damn boring? As for Aldrin, I don't think what he says counts as a confession, especially if you watch the entire interview and put the comment into that context, see: Aldrin's manner is strange; he speaks slowly and uncertainly, sometimes tripping over his words. He is eighty-eight years old and has perhaps become afflicted by dementia, which is sadly very common among people of his age group. During the last few years there have been some strange reports about Aldrin's activities, see: Despite this not being a confession, the fact that it was even perceived as one, even mistakenly, has caused such a pressure of conversation that it has forced the mainstream media to cover it in a damage control operation. This Morning hosted a brief debate on the subject and invited on a fake moon landing researcher called Martin Kenny. This is somebody I've never heard of before, which is strange because I thought I knew everybody in this field personally. He makes some valid points but then stumbles in a frustrating manner when the pro-Apollo guest replies to him. He then describes the moon as a "luminary" and continues with some other incomprehensible statements, see: Why was Marcus Allen not in his place, or Mary Bennett, or Andrew Johnson, or myself? In December we will be at the half-century anniversary of Apollo 8, the first manned lunar mission. This will represent a massive informational choke-point for NASA and they will be prepared with more tricks to prevent the truth coming out.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sarcophagus Update 2

Following the opening of the mysterious sarcophagus in Alexandria last week and the revelation of what lay inside, I assumed that all the remaining research would centre purely on identifying the three bodies found in it. However, somebody has informed me there is another twist in the tale; and it comes from a very interesting vlogger who has raised some pertinent questions. The reason that commentators, including me, thought that the sarcophagus had been contaminated by sewage was because of the malodorous fluid that filled the artefact. The stench it gave off was so bad that the excavation was suspended until the archaeologists could obtain the right personal protective equipment. However nobody detected any bad smells at all until the lid was lifted. If the antiquity had been contaminated by a dodgy drain then why was there no sewage outside the sarcophagus, soaking the soil around it and giving off an odour as soon as the digging had started? This means that perhaps the liquid was not sewage at all and was something put inside the casket before it was sealed. What followed sounds very amateurish and reckless. The fluid was pumped out so the skeletons could be removed and a small sample was taken for analysis. After that the remaining fluid was disposed of by pouring it out into the street like carwash suds. The excavators literally decanted the foul slurry into plastic bottles and just dumped it in the gutter. In the news report you can hear a loud argument break out as local residents confront the team and protest their actions. Who can blame them? Their children probably play in that street. Nothing is known about the liquid except that it has a terrible smell, which is a warning sign of toxin. If a mysterious disease suddenly emerges in Alexandria then it may not be caused by a pharaoh's curse, but instead by a bunch of irresponsible fools who contaminated the neighbourhood around the dig with God-knows-what poison or pathogen. There are plans to remove the main body of the sarcophagus, once a stronger crane is brought it. So far there are no inscriptions anywhere visible on the stone box and nothing inside to identify the three interred individuals. If the bodies had any clothing or other belongings buried with them then these have not survived the passage of time. Source:

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Army on Standby for Brexit

It has been reported that the Ministry of Defence is "dusting off" contingency plans to deal with national crises as the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit grows. Army vehicles may be deployed to deliver food and medical supplies to people in vulnerable locations. The military operations that were intended to maintain the infrastructure in the event of a nuclear attack, hurricane or meteor impact will have to be hastily adapted so that the country can survive the Armageddon that Brexit will unleash! Source: When I first heard this story I could hardly believe it was not a spoof. Then I joked on social media that the army would be pretty useless against Godzilla when he rises from the oceans. Surely even the most blinkered and die-hard Europhile will have the wherewithal to see through this preposterous charade. The phrase "Project Fear" has taken on an extreme new meaning with this most transparent piece of theatre. Ever since the EU Referendum was suggested the call has gone out that if it leaves the European Union, Britain cannot survive economically. The very same prophesies of doom were no doubt shouted from street corners in the American colonies, Ireland, India and many other nations occupied by foreign powers before they achieved their independence and became very successful sovereign states. I expect there are those in Catalonia who are equally terrified; terrified into submission by the unknown and of change, and government propaganda of course, see: This article is another example: Notice the future tense, how it says "will" not "could be"? Do you not think the airline industry will want a solution? EU-based carriers will not take kindly to regulations preventing them arranging the budget flights that they have previously enjoyed and will join forces with anybody who wants to find a solution. The only serious economic threats to an independent Britain are those engineered deliberately as acts of sabotage by pro-EU zealots in government and their remoaner accomplices. The British people showed enormous courage in 2016 by voting to leave the oppressive continental dictatorship that we were tricked into joining by lies and gradualism. We must now pluck up more courage so as not to be intimidated into giving up our hard won freedom by heartless, brainless, gutless politicians who live off finders fees from Brussels.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on The Ghostly Hour Podcast

We discuss the Larry Warren controversy and present the other side of the story to that presented on the programme by previous guests. See here for background:

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Paranormal Peep Show 3

I have been interviewed again on the Paranormal Peep Show by Neil Geddes Ward and Andrew Chaplin. We discuss Nazi flying saucers, Hitler's escape to Antarctica, Operation High Jump and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Paranormal Peep Show:

Friday, 27 July 2018

Medical Cannabis Legalized

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that, for the first time, medical cannabis will become legal for doctors to prescribe in "exceptional circumstances" in the UK. The decision was made after the Chief Medical Officer reviewed the cases of two young boys suffering from severe epilepsy. It will become a fully licensed drug in October. Source: The concession is very slight and strictly limited to rare cases of epilepsy; it also excludes Northern Ireland. Cannabis remains a Class B drug. However it is a step in the right direction. It will hopefully be the thin end of a wedge and it also will change the legal landscape to reduce the prosecutions and disciplinary actions against doctors who have used it illegally in the past. My mother's doctor advised her to obtain cannabis privately to treat her multiple sclerosis, but he insisted that their conversation was strictly off the record. This could be a first stage toward further legalizations in which it can be used more widely and easily to treat more conditions. For instance, the number of anecdotal cases in which THC and CBD has had excellent results with cancer patients has been rising exponentially and this includes people I know personally. The legalization of medical cannabis will therefore not be welcomed by the cancer industry. We must be prepared for a backlash from them.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Heatwave Horror

The illustration above is a photograph of a newspaper headline from yesterday. If I had seen this as a child I would have been mortified. In Britain the weather is a national obsession. Every extreme weather event generates front page headlines for days on end and it's become normal journalism to have a TV reporter broadcast from a beach with their trousers rolled up wading in the sea, or trudging through snow up to their knees. At the moment, late July, the northern hemisphere is in the apex of summer and heatwaves have broken out in multiple places; Europe, Japan, North America, Scandinavia and almost everywhere else. Wildfires have destroyed entire towns in Greece and the home counties farmland in the UK has been dubbed "the Surrey savannah". Democracy Now! have warned that hot weather has been linked to a rise in suicides, see:, although this could be the result of the kind of heatwave porn in the media, like that I photographed above. There have been portents of doom involving the Lake District being plundered for fresh water, failed harvests, livestock being given winter feed now and every other kind of biblical catastrophe imaginable. As somebody whose job involves being outdoors, I have noticed dry gardens and parks, dead grass, lowering river levels and effects on my own health. I have had sunburn a few times and also fainted yesterday while digging a vegetable patch. Luckily I recovered after going indoors and having a glass of water, but I had to stop work and go straight home. The vlogger "Slaxxxer" lives in rural Oxfordshire and has recorded the effects of the heatwave on the countryside, see: It looks likely that this weather might surpass the great drought of 1976. All this has made me wonder if man-made climate change is real after all... Bear with me.

When the weather gets like this for as long as it has I sometimes find it hard to imagine that it will ever change. I know intellectually that it cannot last forever, no heatwave ever can in a dynamic weather system; however it feels as if it is eternal. I can see it going on forever, and maybe it will even get hotter and hotter until we simply burn up. This was the plot of the science fiction film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, where the Van Allen radiation belts around the earth catch fire and threaten to roast the planet alive, see: This film frightened me when I saw it as a small boy, and combine it with the media coverage of the heatwave and you have the perfect ingredients for childhood nightmares. The heatwave has distracted people from other things, such as Brexit, see: It has given the media the pretext they need to bury it. So what did I mean when I said man-made climate change might be real after all? I've been saying for years that climate change caused by human carbon dioxide emissions is a hoax concocted for the New World Order, for example see: Am I now admitting that I was wrong?... No. However there are other ways to warm up the planet. HAARP for example; and also selective chemtrailing, more at night and less in the day. This provides more daytime sunlight exposure and less of a nighttime heat-sink. Heatwaves are caused by wind direction and levels of atmospheric pressure; well, both those things can be generated and controlled using existing and patented weather warfare technology. This is also technically man-made climate change; and I believe in it. We should have guessed they would try something like this. With the rise in people doubting anthropogenic global warming and the failure of earlier predictions to come true, combined with the importance of the AGW theory for geopolitical goals of authoritarianism and internationalism; at some point somebody was bound to suggest artificially raising the earth's temperature by means of covert geoengineering in order to blame AGW and deceptively prove the "climate change deniers!" wrong. An environmental false-flag. I suggested this a few years ago, see background links below. Also Kev Baker has independently come to this realization, see: Just look at this chilling article from the BBC: It's difficult to think straight when there is so much heat in the environment; it makes ordinary life a struggle. Combine this with fear and it makes a cocktail of compliance. In these conditions we become more suggestible and easier to persuade. As tough as it is, we need to be on our guard. We must keep our thoughts in order. We need to expose this racket for what it is and thereby save the earth from destruction by the real threat that faces it.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Project Camelot 2

I have been interviewed again on Project Camelot by Kerry Cassidy, see:
We discuss the strange case of Helen Duncan and the Witchcraft Trial as well as many other related subjects. Later in the show I am joined on the air by Margaret Hahn, Helen's granddaughter. See here for my HPANWO Radio interview with Margaret:
See here for my previous appearance on Project Camelot:

Monday, 23 July 2018

TR3B to be Declassified?

Some friends have informed me that a document has been released by the government of the United States of America which may be a sign that they are declassifying the TR3B. The TR3B is an alleged air and spacecraft with a revolutionary propulsion system developed in secret at Area 51. Insider witnesses such as Edgar Fouche claim to have been involved with the project, see: Many unidentified flying object sightings involve black flying triangular shaped artefacts and some of these fit the descriptions of the TR3B's structure and performance. This possibility is based on an announcement that appeared on Twitter, on an account called "United States Space Force", see: It is designed in the style of official government Twitter pages. It was created quite recently, only a month ago, at the time President Trump announced the creation of a "US space force", see: The Tweet includes a link to a Patents.Google page which details the spacecraft. Again, this has an authentic feel; it includes citations and footnotes, see: However this Patents.Google page doesn't appear to be a declassified document; it was published openly by the US Patent Office in 2006. There are many existing discussions about it in the conspirasphere dating from quite a long time ago, for example: Whether this Tweet, direct link:, is a genuine prelude to Disclosure will depend on the authenticity of the account from which it came and, if so, whether the Trump administration is willing to tell us more. Watch this space for updates (pun intended).

Friday, 20 July 2018

Sarcophagus Update

See here for essential background: After much speculation, as well as fears of the plague and pharaoh's curses, the sarcophagus has been opened. This was done much sooner than expected. A crane and other heavy-lifting equipment were brought to the building site to remove the fifteen ton lid. A crowd of onlookers surrounded the sixteen foot pit which had been dug around the artefact. The first person to look inside was Prof. Mostafa Waziri of the Egyptian Council of Antiquities. He immediately dropped down dead with a beetle crawling out of his mouth... Only kidding! What he actually saw was very disappointing. It seems that the scene was not as undisturbed as had previously been thought. Even though the sarcophagus had not been exhumed and opened physically, it has been in the path of some outflow from a dodgy drain and the inside was filled with decomposing sewage. However beneath this fetid slurry were the skeletons of three people. Unfortunately if there were any other items that might identify them then these have not survived. The skeletons have been taken to the National Restoration Museum in Alexandria for further examination. The research team have already stated that one of the skulls has been damaged in a way that indicates that the person was shot in the head by an arrow. No more information is available right now... Or should I say, that's all the information they're willing to let the people know at present. Source:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on Unite Planet 2

I have been interviewed again by the Unite Planet film-makers:
Subjects discussed include: the Nottinghamshire Roswell, real zombies, Helen Duncan and much much more. See here for my previous interviews with Unite Planet:

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Romanov Execution Centenary

A hundred years ago today, in the early hours of the morning, the presence of the Habsburg Illuminati bloodline in Russia came to an end. Nicholas Romanov, the former Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was executed along with his entire family. It was a grisly scene in the cellar of Ipatiev House in Russia, where the Church of the Blood in Yekaterinburg now stands. It is dedicated to Nicholas and his family who are Russian Orthodox saints. Nicholas, his wife Alexandra and their five children, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei; also a handful of their private staff, were all shot and killed. The youngest girl, Anastasia, survived the shooting because she had the Romanov family jewels sewn into her clothing and this acted as body armour. So she was beaten to death with a stick. The youngest victim, former Prince Alexei, was only thirteen.
Tsar Nicholas II was the last emperor of the Romanov dynasty which had ruled the Russian Empire for over three hundred years. He was forced to abdicate in March 1917 following the Russian Revolution. At first he and his family were kept under house arrest in one of their palaces which were, of course, very comfortable. The "dual power" system at the time, consisting of the union of the soviets and Alexander Kerensky's provisional government, treated the royal prisoners very well; but after the Bolshevik Revolution in October everything changed. The Russian Civil War broke out and so the Tsar's family were moved several times to keep them out of enemy hands. Eventually they were incarcerated in Ipatiev House which was known as "the place of special purpose". In July 1918 the White Army was advancing on Yekaterinburg and this could have resulted in the Romanovs being liberated, which would have been a huge morale boost to the enemy; so Lenin ordered that the Romanovs be executed. After the family were all dead they were taken out of the city and an attempt was made to destroy their bodies; the Bolsheviks wanted the Whites to find absolutely no trace at all of the royal prisoners. The corpses were dismembered, soaked in acid and burned. The remains were then thrown down a flooded mine shaft. The skeletons of the couple and their three oldest children were found in 1979 and they were eventually buried in 1998. The remains of Anastasia and Alexei were found in 2007. The whole family now lies in a crypt at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St Petersburg. To certify the identification of Alexei it was necessary to compare his DNA to that of his closest living relative, Prince Philip.

The cold-blooded and pragmatic disposal of the Romanov family still haunts the Russian people today a century after it was done; in fact the full exhumation of the bodies was only politically correct after Mikhail Gorbachev took over as Soviet leader and initiated his Glasnost and Perestroika reforms. Before that the authorities, after the first discovery in 1979, had ordered the evidence thrown back into the mine shaft where they'd been recovered. The full story is told best by Frankin Schaffner's film Nicholas and Alexandra, which includes a brilliant performance by the Doctor Who actor Tom Baker as Rasputin. see: The answer you will give to the question of why the Romanovs were killed will depend on your point of view. If you are a Marxist you will say that it was necessary as a tactic in the war, and that the Romanovs were brutal tyrants and so deserved it anyway. If you are an American right-winger you'll probably say that it was an evil thing done by communists because communists are naturally evil per se. What sense does it make to me, a conspiracy theorist? The Romanovs were part of the Illuminati, in fact at the time they were one of the most powerful families in the world, at least among those in the public arena. It also is indisputable that the Russian Revolution was intended and in line with those behind the New World Order; as has been discovered by people like Anthony Sutton and G Edward Griffin, see the background links above and below. The answer lies in the nature of the Illuminati itself. Despite the enormous privilege of being a part of the elite global bloodlines in terms of material wealth, status and political power, the benefits do not necessarily include loyalty. If your own death is required for the wellbeing or advancement of the "Great Work of Ages" then you will be discarded without a qualm. In his book They Cast no Shadows Brian Desborough describes a disturbing scene at a Satanic ritual in which a long term operative within the Satanic network who had carried out numerous ceremonies for the elite was himself seized, bound and placed on the altar by his fellow black magicians. They then killed him with the same fervour that they did their usual innocent victims, see: Joining the Illuminati is something of a Faustian bargain. To adapt slightly a quote from the Gospels: "You will gain the world but lose your soul". The Illuminati will give you riches beyond your wildest dreams and everything that goes with it. You will eat every day from golden plates and never again drive anything cheaper than a Rolls Royce. However, in return... you never say "no". Whatever order you are given by your superior within the network, you will carry out immediately and to the letter; regardless of what it is. Another good illustration of this dilemma is the film The Brotherhood of the Bell, see: As the example of the Romanovs has shown, if it is required of you, you will give up your life. Tsar Nicholas II was a part of the global elite, but he and his loved ones were thrown to the wolves without a moment of hesitation or regret because the necessity of the cause required it. Those who are tempted by a lust for money, success, status and power, and approach the Illuminati in the hope that it will deliver it to them, should consider this carefully before their initiation.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Apparently we ARE Alone!

Some very very clever people at Oxford University... and there are a lot of clever people there... have announced that humans are alone in the universe. Earth is the only planet with any intelligent life for as far as it is possible to see. This perfectly and extremely sensible claim was made by three scientists, Anders Sandberg, Eric Drexler and Toby Ord at the Future of Humanity Institute... Personally I think Sandberg Drexler and Ord sounds more like a firm of solicitors. The names also look German; I wonder what Michael Shrimpton would say. Their conclusion comes from Fermi's paradox, a proposal made by the famous physicist Enrico Fermi. In a lecture at the Los Alamos National Laboratory once, he asked why we have never been visited by extraterrestrials seeing as the universe is infinite in size and does definitely have the ability to develop intelligent life; the earth being a case in point. The Drake Equation, that I refer to in the background link above, was put together by some of the world's leading experts in astronomy, biology, cosmology and statistics. The SETI proponent Jill Tarter calls it: "a wonderful way to organize our ignorance", but is that fair now we know that most stars have planets and that a large proportion of those planets are in the "Goldilocks zone", the region of space where they could have an earth-like environment? This trio of Gerry mentalmen from Oxford say "yes". The problem is that biologists still are not sure how likely the process of life is to begin wherever the correct habitat occurs. It could be that every earth-like planet inexorably generates life in one form or another as a natural part of its evolution; or it could be a fluke. With only one example to work with, the earth, it's impossible to declare the odds. Based on this new study by Sandberg Drexler and Ord, the odds are between 39 and 85 percent that earth is either the only planet in the universe with life, or that life exists out there but it is so far away we will never be able to contact it. Source: And:

The odds proposed by Sandberg Drexler and Ord are very wide-ranged. The three scientists also fail to take into account the issues I myself raise in my SETI and UFO's talk, see above background link. The answer to the Fermi paradox is simple, extraterrestrials are visiting us. That's what UFO's are. It astonishes me when I listen to Carl Sagan waxing lyrical about the promises of SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence yet he completely dismissed the UFO phenomenon for his entire career. We humans only built the first aeroplane in 1903 yet by 1950 the British Interplanetary Society had finished a practical design for a spacecraft that could reach the nearest stars within a few years. It could be built today and it would work. It is a bizarre illogic that concludes that the universe is teaming with life, much of it far more technologically advanced than humanity, while humanity has designed basic interstellar space travel within just half a century, and could therefore go and visit the aliens... yet on no account can the aliens ever come to visit us! All evidence that suggests that they have is to be instantaneously dismissed without any consideration as the falsehoods of shysters and fools. There is a mental blindfold in academia when it comes to UFO's. Bryce Zabel suggests Carl Sagan's denial is far more than mere ignorance; he thinks Sagan was an insider who knew UFO's were real and was an active agent of the Truth Embargo, see: Either way, this cultural hurdle has to be overcome. In my lecture I also refer to the work of Dr Chandra Wickramasinghe and Prof. Fred Hoyle who have found out that space, far from being a cold inanimate vacuum, is actually filled with organic material. It's like a rainforest up there! I am convinced that our three Oxford German friends are talking nonsense. Thanks to the Russian oligarch Yuri Milner, there is more money and publicity being dedicated to SETI research than ever before. As I say in the East Anglia talk, the inevitable success of the project will have a good knock-on effect for UFOlogy and this will quickly bring Disclosure, I expect. In the links below you will see some of the recent hopeful developments.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Alexandria Sarcophagus

Construction workers on a building site in Alexandria, Egypt have made an incredible discovery, a black granite sarcophagus six feet high and ten feet long. It was buried in the late fourth century BC at the start of the Ptolomaic period when Egypt was ruled by a Hellenistic, Greek-style, kingdom until its annexation by Rome after the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC. An alabaster carving of somebody's head was buried next to the sarcophagus and this indicates that this was a high dignitary of the city. Unfortunately the sculpture has deteriorated to the point that it has no recognizable features so it will be impossible to identify the deceased until the coffin is opened; although it looks masculine with short hair. The grave has been left completely undisturbed since its burial almost two and a half thousand years ago. Source:

There will no doubt be some excited speculation about who the mysterious dead nobleman is and the possibility is open that this could be the long lost tomb of Alexander the Great. It is a huge mystery what happened to the famous Greek conqueror after his death in 323 BC at the tender age of thirty-two. Alexander the Great was a prince of Macedonia and was taught by the famous philosopher Aristotle. In just a few short years he managed to create an empire that spanned the majority of the known world. It covered Egypt, Turkey much of the Middle East and even what is today Pakistan. This empire did not last long, but it was extremely influential; for instance the city itself, Alexandria, is named after Alexander. The prince died of a fever in Mesopotamia, aggravated by a long-term drink-problem, and his body was embalmed by Egyptian mummy-makers. There was an argument among his relatives and political successors about where Alexander should be buried; eventually a tomb was constructed in Alexandria and this was maintained as a sacred site and venerated for six hundred years. What happened next is not well-understood, but in the fourth century AD Alexandria, like the rest of the Roman Empire, underwent a religious reformation under the Emperor Constantine. Christianity rose to dominance very quickly and this revolution involved the desecration of pagan places of worship. According to the previous religion, this included the Tomb of Alexander the Great. It is completely possible that Alexander's body was removed from the tomb by pagan rebels to save it from destruction. The fleeing pagans would have had to go underground and save as much as they could before the Christians wiped them out. When things had calmed down they may well have interred the prince somewhere else secretly. There are numerous rumours about where this second tomb might be and over a hundred and forty attempts to find it. It has become one of the biggest mysteries in history, similar to the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. Could that quest soon be over? It will be a few weeks before the sarcophagus can be opened. The exhumation must be carried out under strictly controlled conditions to preserve the evidence inside. This will have to be done at the building site because the sarcophagus is too heavy to move. Inside the coffin, based on funeral conventions of the Ptolemaic Egyptian culture, we will probably find the deceased's valuable possessions, such as jewellery; and hopefully some written material explaining who the person was, a clay tablet or stone inscription. There might even be a portrait of the deceased on the mummy's wrapping. I saw a body like this in a museum. We will have to wait and see; I will post an update if the results are interesting.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 36

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: 'Oumuamua speeds up, Nazi flying saucer model, Brexit goes wrong and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

UFO Down in Samara

On Saturday the England football team achieved a magnificent victory in the 2018 World Cup, beating Sweden 2-0 and advancing to the semi-finals of the tournament. This took place in Samara, a fine city in the steppes of southern Russia. It is a city with an extreme climate; boiling hot in summer, freezing cold in winter. It also played an important role in the pioneers of space exploration and was formerly a closed city. However its connection with outer space took an ironic twist the Thursday before the big match. Eighty miles away from Samara, just after midnight on the 5th of July, there was an aerial explosion that lit up the night sky above the villages of Bostandyk and Karasu in western Kazakhstan. Amateur witness footage shows a brightly-lit object descend in a straight line and hit the ground in a second burst of light. The impact caused a huge grass fire that took four hours to bring under control. Many nearby residents flocked to the scene and saw an object that they describe as spherical and about ten feet in diameter. Some say a second smaller artefact landed close by. The main object was partly buried in the ground and there are some photographs that are purported to be of it. They show a metallic surface, although one witness claimed that it felt non-metallic and soft like fabric. It is black in colour, possibly due to scorching from entering the earth's atmosphere at high speed. There is what looks like a hatch, similar to those on the Soyuz capsules that provide transport to and from the International Space Station; it is circular, has no hinges and is secured around the circumference by nuts and bolts. However this hatch is only about ten inches across; too small to admit an astronaut. In the middle of the hatch is what looks like a pipe protruding; it splits off towards both sides and ends in a screw and nut connecter. Source: Based on the evidence so far presented, this is definitely a man-made spacecraft from earth. It is probably some kind of satellite. The fabric-like texture a witness describes could be the ablative heat shield that was partly burned off. The incident happened quite close to the Baikonur Space Centre, the world's biggest space launch and recovery facility. However, no space agency has reported losing any rockets. The authorities in Kazakhstan and Russia have not commented which leads me to wonder if this crash involves some kind of classified mission; perhaps it is a spy satellite.