Thursday 9 July 2015

Area 51 Extension

The Groom Lake Test Facility, usually known by its nickname "Area 51", is a highly secret military base and research centre in a remote desert region of Nevada USA. Since 1955 it has been used to build and test the latest American warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft, and, as I have heard from many sources, other classified projects as well; see background articles below for more information. Since I became interested in Area 51 I've come across several people claiming that the secret base has been scaled back in recent years. The facility was constantly expanding from its humble beginnings as a set of temporary buildings and an airstrip, into one of the largest military bases in the world with a series of huge and highly developed constructions including two full-size concrete runways; one of them is the longest on Earth. Judging by the number of people known to work there, there must be a sizeable basement infrastructure too. Nobody knows for certain what is going on down there, but there's good reason to think that it may be related to UFO's, esoteric science or the New World Order, as I explain in the background articles. Since the 1990's some pundits have claimed that many of the projects being carried out at Area 51 have been moved to other locations; one place nominated is the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, a former chemical and biological warfare testing site. The future, they say, will consist of operations at the Groom Lake site being steadily reduced and the institution eventually closed. Based on the latest evidence, this is not a point of view I share. The base has not been scaled back at all and there's every indication that operations there are running normally. Area 51 is as busy as it's ever been; maybe more so in fact.

There have been several major building projects there in the last few years. These have been spotted by the Terraserver satellites and published on this military journalism website: The Janet terminal at the base has been renovated, meaning that even more personnel need to be flown in on the covert shuttle services from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The hangars at Area 51 are larger than those of most airfields and two new ones have recently been built. They are among the most significant developments in the facility's sixty year history. The first one was completed in 2007. This is at the south end of the apron and is shielded from the rest of the base by an earth berm, probably for either safety or security reasons. The second hangar was started in 2011 and is nearing a state of completion today. The hangar almost finished today is the most interesting for several reasons. Firstly it is huge, even by Area 51 standards, 225 feet across; and it's also very tall, 90 feet. This means it could accommodate something as big as a Boeing 747 airliner. Most modern stealth aircraft are quite flat in profile, lacking a tail and other vertical control surfaces. Either the machine destined to live at the new hangar has a large tail, or there's another explanation. It could be a two-stage spacecraft like the Virgin Galactic. A larger aircraft with a small spaceplane attached to it. The larger first stage carries the spaceplane to a certain altitude and speed before it detaches and continues flying alone. The height of the hangar could indicate that there's a crane or hoist designed to lift the secondary stage on to the top of the mothership. Far more unusual is its location in the base's geography. It sits way off the main estate right at the end of the near runway, over three miles away from the rest of the establishment. There could be several reasons why the architects chose to site the hangar so remotely. It could be that it is dealing with something extra-secret; even more so than what goes on in the rest of the secret base. The distance means that the new hangar is out of sight from the main flightline. It also gives whatever is in the hangar quick and easy access to the runway without any delaying and obtrusive taxiing around; making it vulnerable to being spotted by people on the ground or spy satellites flying over. It can get in and out speedily and clandestinely. This leads the article's author, Tyler Rogoway, to speculate that this is some kind of strategic strike aircraft rather than a spyplane. There may be a safety element too. Many aviation experts have wondered whether the next generation of military aircraft might use an entirely new type of propulsion system. I'm not necessarily talking about free energy or antigravitics for the purposes of this article, although I take that subject very seriously; but how about an experimental jet engine that uses a very volatile fuel that needs special handling? If anything goes wrong and there's a fire or explosion it could be very serious; and you wouldn't want it spreading to the rest of the base infrastructure. I don't suspect that this new hangar is specifically related to any UFO or NWO matters, but I could be wrong. Recently high quality panoramic ground photographs have been published on the Dreamland Resort website and they clearly show both new hangars. These were taken from Tikaboo Peak which is just twenty-six miles away, as close as you can get to the Area 51 on public land. The previous top viewing spot was "Freedom Ridge" which was even closer, but that's now been acquired by the government. The new 2014 hangar is on the far left, see: What are both these new hangars for and what will the technology within them be used for? We don't know yet, but I'll keep my eye on this issue and provide any updates if and when they emerge.