Sunday 28 December 2008

No Crib for a Bed in Oxford

Good grief! I had no idea this had happened! Now I look back and I can see that there were no tramps in Oxford this Christmas. I never asked why.
It's frightening that the council have taken on this new Big Brother power, the power to deport people from the city as if they're illegal immigrants of some kind. Nearly all the homeless are native Britons, yet they can be moved and banned from areas against their will. The council already put up no loitering laws on the Cowley Road to keep the homeless away from the park there. All this did was move them somewhere else. It does absolutely nothing to solve the actual cause of the problem of homelessness. As I've said many times before: ( and )It's bad enough that human beings are restricted from travelling around their home planet at will, but now we're even restricted within these artifical obscenties called "national borders".
What about me? Can they deport me as well? I have no official ID, no passport, no birth certificate. I also have no formal tenancy agreement on my home anymore, just a friendly word-of-mouth deal. I'm off the electoral register too. In truth, I can prove no links to the city any more than the tramps can.
Also, certain people in authority will use this as a foot in the door. Once they've made it acceptable to forcibly trasport the homeless then they can expand it to other groups, assylum-seekers, the elderly, disabled etc. We've got to stick together on this!
Pastor Neimoller could have written: "First they came for the homeless..."

Thursday 25 December 2008

The Christmas Truce

On Christmas Day 1914, the guns fell silent in the Great War and the soldiers of both sides walked out into No-Man's Land and had a celebration.

This story moves me like almost no other. The photoes of the two sides celebrating together is like nothing else I've ever seen. This happened after just a few months of war; the worst was yet to come: millions wiped out, sometimes a 1/4 of a million in just a few days, the first widespread use of chemical weapons, tanks, flame-throwers and other demonic technology. Of course at the end of the day, the two sides went back to their own trenches and continued fighting and went on to for nearly five more years, but I wonder... if they could have seen into the future, if they had glimpsed the horrors that were yet to come...

...would they have gone back?

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all HPANWO-readers the best of the fesitve season, Christmas, Solstice, Yule Tide; whatever you wish to call it have a good one!
And as a special treat, I've posted three new articles on the main site.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Mysterious Lights over the Midlands


This news story emerged on Friday: . The photograph I use to illustrate this article is not one of the event reported herein, but one taken during the most famous other “lights in the sky” case: the Phoenix Lights in March 1997; the descriptions of this new case sound very similar. The UFO flap of this past year appears to be still going strong! It also seems to be centred in the area of Birmingham, the Black Country and environs. I’ve sent emails to everyone I know in that area to see if they’ve seen anything. I’ll mention below if I get any replies (protecting my witnesses’ anonymity of course.)

Thursday 18 December 2008

Every Little Doesn't Help!

I went to see this movie at the cinema. I like the Indiana Jones series and this new film looked the most interesting yet. It had references to the crystal skulls, like the famous Mitchell-Hedges one, which are fascinating and enigmatic objects. The film also contained the scenario of Roswell, Area 51 and the crashed alien spacecraft. I was therefore delighted when I saw the Tescos advert in The Sun newspaper stating a special Christmas offer: the newly-released DVD of the film was available there at £6.99, half price! I hot-footed it down to Tescos to pick up a copy. I therefore was quite indignant when the cashier charged me the full retail price of £13.99. She explained to me that, yes, I could purchase the DVD at half price… if I spent £50 or more on groceries at the store first. They never mentioned that in the advert! So this “special deal” is no more than bait to get shoppers away from small local businesses and into the big corporate supermarket chains! You’ll be glad to know that I declined the offer and bought the movie at the full retail price.

Friday 28 November 2008

Reptilian Shape-shifter Spotting!

Yesterday Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited my hospital to officially open the West Wing, the new part of the hospital that was built 2 years ago. Here’s a official news story covering the event:

Security was very tight, much more so that during the Queen’s last visit to the hospital a few years ago. There were police everywhere and also some men trying very hard to look normal in normal clothes, but were about as convincing as Emily Howard’s lady impersonation in Little Britain. Why do undercover cops think nobody will rumble them? We could spot them a mile off!

Wednesday 19 November 2008

"NOW you're asking!?"

Something strange happened at the bank yesterday. I was just paying in a cheque, as you do, and the cashier asked me if I wanted to extend my overdraft limit. This is the first time I've ever been asked that, at least while I'm at the cash desk with a queue behind me! I've extended my overdraft before, but it's always been me asking them, not the other way round! It got me thinking.
I soon remembered that something happened a couple of weeks ago which may have "marked my card", so to speak. I received some backpay from a wages adjustment at work which allowed me to pay off my existing overdraft. This means I must be one of the few people in Oxford who is currently not in debt! It's necessary to understand a bit how the global financial system works to realize that people not in debt are intolerable to the modern economic system! (The brilliant movie Zeitgeist Addendum is a good introduction to this subject, in the first half of the film:

What with the current financial recession (Background: it's possible that I've been targeted for "fiscal reeducation"! I'll keep you informed of any further developments.

Interestingly I've had odd experiences with my bank before. A few years ago I wrote to them, three times, about my Chip + PIN card asking what information was stored on the chip, and what the chip's capabilites were. They never replied.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Stanton Friedman Suffers Ad Hominem Attack

(Background: and and and )

The brilliant UFO researcher and Roswell truth campaigner, Stanton Friedman, has once again had to face a personal attack from the Conformist Scientific Establishment as they feverishly try to cling onto their collapsing conventional "aliens don't exist" paradigm. See this page: This is typical; if they can't shoot the message then they go for the messenger! I know how you feel, Stan, because I've experienced the same thing. Good luck to you! Don't lose heart, you have friends behind you.

As for HPANWO-readers: are you going to believe the hype, or hear both sides of the story and make up your own mind? Here's Stanton Frieman's website:

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Near-Death Experience- Proved True?

Does this prove the reality of the Near-Death Experience? It may well in the eyes of some researchers. Many consider it already proved, like Peter Fenwick (Here’s an interview with him: Others like Susan Blackmore and Chris French (whom I’ve written about before. See: maintain the Skeptical stance. I suspect they will continue to do so because of the pressure of MBA. This new addition to the debate will not be the last word on the matter. The Materialistic Paradigm is so fundamental to Western society that I doubt if it could function without it! This is reason enough to keep the matter forever juggling in the air, no matter what evidence is discovered.

Ross Hemsworth of Now That’s Weird (Background: has actually been to William Hill and put on a bet that proof of LAD, Life-After-Death, will be discovered. He got good odds of 500-1, if I recall. I doubt if he will be allowed to collect now, but if you put the same bet on today the odds would probably not be as high.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Oxford Bans Christmas

Ironically the man in the picture is an Asian Muslim! And this is typical. I've spoken to Asian people all along Cowley Road, where the decorations are planned to be hung, and none of them object to Christmas being celebrated in this country! The idea that Muslims are offended by Christmas is a myth dreamt up by loony-left, politically correct councilers! The impression I've received from the non-Christian community in Oxford is that they object more to armchair do-gooders appointing themselves their defenders to boost their own self-righteous egoes. Many find it deeply patronizing! I'm not a Christian either, but I accept that I'm in a minority and it would be unfair of me to impose my own views on the prevailing religion of this country. At the same time, I don't like the idea of city bureaucrats speaking for me without my consent.

Saturday 1 November 2008

Obama or McCain?

The question is not “Who’s going to win?” With just days to go Obama now has a decisive lead. The question is: Which would be the best president of the United States? My answer is: Who gives a shit!?

Obama’s appeal comes from his liberal image, like Kennedy, he represents hope and change. But if you look at the people in his administration what change do you see? His National Security Adviser is Zbigiew Brzezinski, an arch-conservative hawk who believes in using aggressive military power and high technology to dominate the globe (See: There will be none of this promoted “Change” during Obama’s term of office. Or maybe I ought to rephrase: no change that his lords and masters in the Illuminati don’t want. If Obama were to disobey his lords and masters and try to excersise his Constitutional powers of office then all I can say to him is… avoid driving past any school book depositories!

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Portable Fingerprint Scanners on Trial in the UK

This is an elephant in the living room as far as Big Brother Conspiracy goes!

Take no comfort from Mr Wheeler’s reassurances about the data not being saved and how the officer will delete your fingerprints in front of you if you like. This is not the real problem; the most dangerous effect this procedure will have is psychological and sociological. In the same way that a “small-scale harmless” school library database (Background: is not so much the problem as the psychological effects the practice of continuous fingerprint checks will have on the population. We are being psychologically acclimatized to considering the Database State normal and everyday. This is especially serious with children, but the adult population are not immune. It’s slowly creeping up on us! The attitude that this "Papieren Bitte!" Identity Check Culture (Background: is normal and everyday.

If I’m stopped by the police and asked to give my fingerprint on this portable machine I will politely but firmly refuse and explain the officer exactly the same reasons as I do in this article.

Saturday 25 October 2008

Being Bullied? YOU are to blame!

Terrific! So the solution to being ridiculed is to change our ways to appease those who ridicule us! Why don't those doing the ridiculing be made to change their ways... you know like stop riducling people! Duh!

Something similar happened to me when I was at school. I was being bullied and had to attend a special needs class with the Orwellian name of "Education for Living". The tutor taking the class (who had the unlikely name of Miss Blow- no joke!) was almost falling over herself with suggestions of changes I could make to my lifestyle that would stop the bullies targeting me. At no point did she suggest that it was the bullies who needed to change their ways and stop bullying. This is Prime Conformsim. It wasn't the bullies fault it was mine! It's like the rapist saying "she was asking for it!"

Think of the message this gives out. Violence is fine. Violating people for merely being different is fine. Being different is NOT fine. If you're bullied because you're different YOU are the one at fault! You're to blame for not being a clone

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Gary McKinnon loses his Case

(Background: and

There's been some news from Gary McKinnon's legal team and it's bad I'm afraid:

Hacker Gary McKinnon to be extradited to US within days
Author: Ian GrantPosted: 18:02 13 Oct 2008Topics: Business Continuity
Self-confessed hacker Gary McKinnon's final appeal to be tried in Britain was turned down this afternoon. He is expected to be extradited to the US within days, where he faces charges that he was responsible for "the greatest military hack in history".
A statement from Gary McKinnon's lawyers, Kaim Todner, said, "The secretary of state has advised via the Treasury solicitors that despite Mr McKinnon's diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome [an autistic condition] she will now be making arrangements for his extradition based on her order for extradition of 4 July 2006.
"She has failed to make any request for repatriation to the US when other countries make similar requests on behalf of their citizens."
McKinnon's attorney, Karen Todner, said she has asked Secretary of State Jacqui Smith for permission to seek a judicial review of the decision to extradite McKinnon. Smith will give her decision tomorrow morning.
If granted, McKinnon will have 14 days to apply for the review, which will be held by the High Court. If he decides not to ask for the review he will have 10 days to prepare himself for extradition.
Todner described McKinnon as "devastated". "He has been suffering from depression for several months now," she said.
She added she was "optimistic" that Smith would grant permission for the judicial review.
McKinnon has failed in his appeal against extradition in every available court in the UK and Europe.

I've suggested on the FreeGary website that we picket the airport when they try to fly him out; either that or form a human shield around his house.

Monday 20 October 2008

19 More British UFO Files Released

The Ministry of Defence has declassified another wave of UFO files. You can download them from the National Archives here: . There are 19 in this batch and they cover the period between 1986 and 1992.

As always these make interesting reading, although they lack any significant overall analysis or conclusion. However such analysis may well exist, but remains classified. I saw Nick Pope on GMTV this morning. He’s a man I met at the Now That’s Weird Conference in June where I talked to him extensively and reviewed his speech here: . He had a tough time with Jon Stapleton and Fiona Philips; Fiona said “Well I don’t believe a word of it, but I suppose we should keep an open mind.” Nick replied: “I’m not saying for certain that we’re being visited by aliens, only that some UFO’s cannot be explained away by down-to-Earth means; they exhibit speeds, manoeuverability and behavior that no man-made aircraft could.” The newly-released reports include several close encounters with commercial aircraft in Kent and Northern Ireland. The Kent incident is particularly alarming because it was reported by an airliner flying low over Lydd that nearly collided with a “brown missile”.

Related links:
BBC News spot:

Saturday 18 October 2008

Big Brother is in Trouble!


Things are looking bad for the government’s Big Brother agenda! The House of Lords has voted decisively to reject the proposed increase of the internment period from 28 to 42 days. If this law had passed it would have meant that the police would have been able to arrest you and hold you without charge for 6 weeks! They could have done that to anybody and would not have needed to give any reason at all! See:

This same week BALPA, the British Airline Pilots Association and several other trade unions of air travel workers are taking action to prevent their members being used as “guinea pigs” for the National Identity Card scheme: . As I say in the linked background article above, the government is picking off one section of society at a time to introduce the ID card system by stealth, but if we get wise to them, it won’t work.

Gordon Brown immediately struck back with a speech about the dangers of terrorism. It concerns me that if their Big Brother agenda really isn’t working and the people are determined to refuse it, the government might resort to staging another “terrorist atrocity” to ram the message home. If such an event occurs we must keep our heads and remain focused; don’t forget that it will be in all likelihood, like 9/11 and 7/7 certainly were, a black-budget military operation designed to look like a terrorist attack.

Sunday 12 October 2008

A Real Ghost Train?

I’ve had another sighting of a strange phenomenon that could be a ghost or something similar! It took place when I was on a train last Thursday evening on my way home from visiting "Ustane", a woman I've shortly begun a relationship with, in Nottinghamshire.

I was feeling very drowsy and a lot of hypnotizing, loud vibration was coming from the carriage I was in. Hence I was lulled into a kind of half-sleep in my seat and that’s when it happened. I caught sight on an entity reflected in the carriage window. It was dark outside and the train’s interior was well lit so it was reflected very strongly, if not completely clearly, and with the inevitable distortions that window reflection causes. It looked like a large man with a bald head, or very thin hair. He was wearing a white, long-sleeved garment like a steward’s jacket. Unfortunately because I was in a half-sleep state I couldn’t move my gaze or focus my eyes, so I couldn’t make out any other details. I could see that the reflection was coming from a real object which lay in my peripheral vision, but I was stuck staring fixatedly at the same spot, the window. It’s hard to say how long this experience lasted, but it must have been a few minutes or so. The entity didn’t move or make any sound; he just stared at me. He was standing in the aisle between the two rows of seats, four rows (about ten feet) ahead of me. I felt no vibes of love or positive feelings from him, but I felt no hostility either. I just felt that he was studying me very carefully but dispassionately. When I snapped awake he instantly vanished. I looked around me but he was nowhere to be seen. This incident happened at about 8.30PM on the journey between the stations of Derby and Birmingham New Street. When I returned to Nottinghamshire the following week I told Ustane about my experienced and she gasped. She ran upstairs and brought down her photo album. She pointed to an old black-and-white photo and asked: "Is this what you saw?" I said "Yes; or something very similar." The photo was of a man behind a pub bar weraing a white stewards' jacket. "That's my dad." she said. "He died in 1988."

I must stress that I'd never seen this photo or been given any description of Ustane's father before that time. Well, if what I saw on the train was Ustane's father it explains his interest in me! Like any dad, he wants to know what kind of blokes his daughter is associating with. I hope I met with his approval!

Tuesday 30 September 2008

TavistockEnders Scoops Soap Awards

The Inside Soap Magazine Awards this year have been dominated by that propaganda broadcast Eastenders. (Background: Here’s the news podcast of the event: . This is very worrying especially, as the reporters says, the awards are given by public ballot and that they’re all concerned with the criteria that the viewers talk about; not best director, designer etc, but best actor/actress, comic moment, entrance or exit etc. So the social violence being promoted in Eastenders is popular, and its targets are lapping it up like rat poison. I can’t understand those who shrug their shoulders and say “So what? It’s only a TV show. What harm can it do?”

Thursday 25 September 2008

Foreigners in UK to be Given National ID Cards

National Identity Cards for immigrants in Britain were officially unveiled today (Background: and ).

Here’s the news story: . “Yes, but it’s not everyone! It’s only foreigners! They bloody deserve it anyway! Bloody scroungers!” I hear you say. But this is what they want you to think! They pick off small groups of us one at a time, like the airport staff I mention in the background articles. They’re counting on us not caring because it’s “not in our backyard” until so many have been signed up that they can then play their ace: “Oh, well. We might as well sign everybody else up”. Game, set and match: The psychological manipulators! As Pastor Neimoller said when he was persecuted by the regime in Nazi Germany:

“First the came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I’m not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak out because I’m not a Communist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I’m not a trade unionist. Then they came for me… and there was nobody left to speak out for me.”

Sunday 21 September 2008

2008- "The Best Crop Circle Year Ever!"

In autumn 2006, there was a mainstream newspaper article that spoke of “the End of Crop Circles”. It said that the craze for the phenomenon was winding down, the novelty had worn off and that soon the “plankers” (background: would go back to scrumping, drug-dealing or nicking cars etc. Crop Circles would then no longer appear in our fields. This was because many Crop Circle researchers and commentators were saying that 2006 was a bit of a disappointing year cerealologically. Far fewer formations appeared than average, and those that appeared were less interesting. 2007 was little better. Nexus magazine featured the declining Crop Circles phenomenon with an attempt at optimism, but I detected that it was a kind of bittersweet “come on, cheer up. It’s not over yet” statement to cover up the fact that they felt the same way too.

The truth is that we’ve become very fond of these beautiful gifts from our friends from other worlds. They inspire us, enthrall us and fill us with peace, wonder and joy. We don’t want to come to term with the awful truth that we might have to say goodbye to them… but guess what: I’m happy to report that we don’t!

2008 has been more than a recovery! It has been a much better improvement than anyone hoped for. One commenter is calling it: “The best Crop Circle year ever!” We’ve seen not only dozens of brand new innovative styles, but a few “retro” ones: “insectoids”, "fractals", “dolphins”, “speech bubbles”, “quintuplets” and other genres from the 80’s and 90’s. Take a look at Crop Circle Connecter in the links column of the main HPANWO site.

Nobody knows how long our otherwordly brothers and sisters are going to keep giving us these wonderful gifts. A time might come when they will cease, and that will be a sad day. But I reckon that if crop circles ever do end then it will be because the cosmic artists have decided we don’t need them any more; we’ve evolved enough to manage without them. There’s no way of knowing when that day will come, or whether it will ever come at all. But one thing’s for certain: That day is not now!
In the meantime we’ll no longer take them for granted I think.

Thursday 18 September 2008

The Archers- Local Economy

I'm not a listener of the radio soap opera The Archers, but my dad is and he told me something amazing! The characters in Ambridge, the imaginary village where the series is set are currently trying to implement a LETS (Local Economic Trading Scheme), David Icke discusses this in several of his books and here's a site with more information: . It’s especially topical now with news of banking collapses and economic recession, as we discuss in the article immediately below this one:

Here’s the page on The Archers’ site that deals with this aspect of the plot.
Here’s the interesting bit:

The IOUs are getting out of hand and Susan’s had enough. The swap club committee meet to discuss their situation. Pat and Jennifer are determined not to give up on the transition community and Pat volunteers to research other similar schemes. If there’s a way out of this mess, she’s sure she’ll find it.
Episode written by Simon Frith

The "Swap Club" and “IOU’s” are what the fictional Ambridge community calls their LETS organization. As the storyline shows, these economic initiatives are never easy and need a lot of hard work, but it’s a challenge we should rise to because it beats being a slave to the global banking, financial and currency system any day.

I’m very impressed with The Archers’ production team. This is the longest-running soap in all history, TV or radio, and they’ve managed to keep it daringly and perceptively topical.

Here’s that Welsh Pound article again, seeing as it’s so relevant:

Tuesday 16 September 2008

A New Wall Street Crash?

One of the US’ biggest banks, Lehman Brothers, has gone bankrupt, sending shockwaves through the world. The bank is over 150 yeares old and has survived many bad recessions in the past. Many commentators are comparing this with the prelude to Stock Market Crash of 1929 that caused the Great Depression, where the global economy virtually collapsed, people were destitute and it sowed the seeds of World War II. There’s an atmosphere of dread and insecurity hanging over everyone. What about our debts? Our household bills? Our jobs?

But the source of this fear comes from the fact that we do all our business in the official currency of our country. I earn pounds and pence, I spend pounds and pence. I borrow loans of pounds and pence. What if we chose to use a different currency, one of our own making that is independent of any state or corporate financial institution? What if? We know because we have! In the wake of the 1929 Crash some people realized this and started establishing small, local private economies. One of them is still going today, the Ithaca Hour: . Taking control of our own economic activity not only protects us from the dangers of economic recession, but frees us from the financial control of the global economic system, that is penning us into smaller and smaller boxes of currency choice: the Euro has replaced dozens of national units of exchange. No doubt a world currency will follow, to completely tie up the economic lives of the populace and give total control to the Global Elite. It doesn’t have to be like that. See what I wrote about Workers Cooperatives ( and Basic Income ( Most important of all, read my srticle on "Williams the Wad" and the Welsh Pound: . We can take the initiative and calmly step out of the financial prison of the world banking cartel. No need for violent revolution or insurrection. We simply stop forging our own shackles. Who’s in?

Sunday 14 September 2008

Oxon Chemtrails 14/9/08

There has been some very heavy chemtrail seeding over Oxfordshire today, some of the worst I’ve ever seen. As you can see from the photos we experienced multiple overhead trails of varying thickness and density running mostly southeast to northeast with a couple of east-west trails too. They were deposited in a very precisely-bordered area to the southeast of the city of Oxford in a grid pattern overlaid with diagonals. The deposit began at about 2PM and a patch of milky haze soon covered the previously blue sky. The haze came in from the southeast which could mean that some more seeding operations were carried out over the horizon in that direction (Let me know if you were there and saw any!). Beside the chemtrails I saw some odd plaited-shaped clouds, sitting on their own in the middle of the sky (Second photo down, but by the time I got my camera they had been joined by natural clouds). This phenomenon was accompanied by unusual aircraft activity. I was two EH101 helicopters ( flying low over the city centre and a pair of vintage fighters: Spitfires or Hurricanes. There are only two air-shows in progress today, at Newark, Nottinghamshire and Kemble, Gloucestershire; none of the aircraft I saw were heading in the right direction for either of them.

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider Starts

The Large Hadron Collider has been started today amid a huge press-feast at the CERN laboratory on the border of France and Switzerland. This included a live webcast that I watched. I wrote an article about the Large Hadron Collider a few months ago. Read it for background: , but bear in mind that I have amended my views a bit since then. They call this the official "start-up" of the LHC, but in fact there is not one single moment when you can say: "this is the start-up". It's not like turning the key in a car ignition. This is just the milestone that CERN has decided to make the media-fest launch moment! The first clockwise beam was slowly passed through all the 8 waypoints on the 16 mile underground torus. However, not as slowly as was originally planned; the scientists directing the start-up seemed almost in a rush to get it done. It was as if somebody had rumbled a secret scam of theirs. The project has cost US$6 billion, enough to rebuild the JR Hospital almost three times over!

What will happen now? Well despite all the media's flurrious remarks, the world will not end today! We won't meet any future time-travellers this morning either! The beams may be circulating now, but it will be a month or two before they have been fine-tuned enough to allow the first low-power collisions to take place. It will be many more months, at least, until the LHC will be brought up to full power, what Wagner and Rossler etc consider the dangerous power range when black holes, monopoles and strangelets might be produced (Some say this will be first achieved in the fateful period of late 2012!) But the truth is: with the LHC we are playing with matches. What might we see when the foundations of the universe are laid bare? To quote Uncle Andrew from CS Lewis’ Narnia book The Magician's Nephew: “Anything! Absolutely anything!” The movie The Mist is very good . It's a frightening horror movie, based on a Stephen King story, about a thick mist that descends on a small seaside town. Horrid monsters appear in the mist that attack the people living there and the survivors have to take refuge in a supermarket. It turns out later in the film that a nearby government laboratory has been doing experiments to create a "Stargate" to a parallel dimension. And remember what Uncle Andrew said about parallel dimensions!

Sunday 7 September 2008

Saachi & Saachi Promote National ID Cards!

Am I precognitive? A few days ago I wrote this to a friend in No2ID:

"That's a certain possibility, Phil. The government will employ Bernaysian marketing and advertising techniques to make the ID cards appeal. Of course though, if we become aware of these mind-games they cease to work, so it's vital that we warn people in advance that this will be done. These mind-games are used on us constantly, in product advertising and political speeches. And it's a lot more subtle and crafty than you might guess. I was in London yesterday and heard that the new emergency vehicle sirens sound just like old Blitz air-raid sirens! So the subliminal message 'You're in danger of being blown up! Run for your shelters, have you got your gas masks?' And this therefore enhances the government's line that ID cards will protect us from terrorism."

Then I read this in David Icke's headlines:

Saturday 6 September 2008

Rik Clay Dies

I was deeply sorry to learn about the death of the David Icke Forum member and owner of the Cosmic Mind blog, Rik Clay. He was only 26 years old. Here's his last radio interview (You need to subscribe to Red Ice Creations Radio to hear the second part):
His funeral was yesterday. Deepest condolences to his friends and family.
Rest in Peace, Rik.

Thursday 4 September 2008

999= Air Raid Siren!

While I was in London at the protest yesterday (See below) I noticed something strange and sinister: some of the new emergency vehicle sirens sound just like old Blitz air-raid sirens! So the subliminal message is: "You're in danger of being blown up! Run for your shelters, have you got your gas masks?" The race-memory of the Blitz still runs deep in Londoners. The triste of World War II when the Nazi bombers, and later cruise and ballistic missiles, rained down explosive horror on the city lingers in their modern culture. Here’s a vid and its score by Pink Floyd that encapsulate the memories of the Blitz: Today the “threat of terrorism” is being harnessed to that triste by devious government psychologists; we saw that with the timing of 7/7, right in the middle of D-Day 60 Week.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Anti-New World Order Protest 2/9/08

The Revolution continued! Yesterday’s Anti-New World Order Protest in London went down as well as the last one, which I wrote about here: . Most of the crowd who were there at the last one went to this one and we were joined by a few new faces. The weather wasn’t quite as good, but that didn’t stop us. As long as the New World Order threatens the world, we’ll be there to challenge it. We “bullhorned” again and talked to people passing and generally rattled a few cages and ruffled a few feathers. Izzy Smart and 21st Century Politics on YouTube are producing movies of the day’s events which I’ll post as they become available. I’ll also put up links to vids about the sister events in Washington and Berlin.
There was another event going on in London at the same time, a “Free Gary” protest outside the Home Office ( They were trying to stop Gary McKinnon from being extradited by the government to the United States to face trial for hacking the Pentagon (Background: If I hadn’t been going to the anti-NWO protest I’d have gone to the Free Gary one.
After all that, I wasn't quite done so I went and visited my fellow blogger Marmite-Lover (see links) and we went to the Prince Of Wales in Highgate to face what has been described as "London's Toughest Pub Quiz". We won third place! Not bad going I'd say. I knew that all that trivia I'd been storing in the junkyard of my memory would come in handy one day!
Here's the first part of Izzy's movie of the event: Here's 21st Century Politics':

Saturday 23 August 2008

Save Our Subway!

Oxford City Council are “redeveloping” the Headington district of Oxford and part of the programme is to fill in the subway that runs under the London Road. This is very unpopular with residents, particularly the elderly and disabled, or those with kids of buggy age because crossing the busy road will be much more difficult, inconvenient and, of course, dangerous. ( )

But there’s another reason to oppose the loss of the subway: A number of years ago some beautiful murals were painted on the walls, depicting scenes that counterpoint the culture and environment of daily life in Headington. These pictures are very stylish, warm and humourous. Some of them have a very sophisticated surrealism to them. I decided to take some photos of the murals to preserve them in case the council goes ahead with its “hare-brained” scheme to demolish the subway. It’s fairly typical of this world in that gimmicky economic false-progress takes precedence over everything, even… no especially… deep and meaningful human creativity. They'd much rather we just stared at blank concrete; God forbid that we should enjoy soul-enrichment and inspiration!

Here are some highlights of the mural. As you can see, I’m no Koo Stark and I only have a cheap fun camera, but I’ve written to the Oxford Mail to ask if they’ll send a proper photographer to the subway to record the mural properly… before it’s too late:

This is a depiction of the famous rooftop shark sculpture by the local businessman Bill Heine; it is on the roof of his house on nearby New High Street.

This picture has a very original surrealist style to it. It depicts a football match at Oxford United's nearby Manor Ground. The Manor has gone now and the "U's" have moved to the new Kassam Stadium, but their presence is still a part of Headington's history.

This is a picture of my hospital, the John Radcliffe.