Wednesday 3 September 2008

Anti-New World Order Protest 2/9/08

The Revolution continued! Yesterday’s Anti-New World Order Protest in London went down as well as the last one, which I wrote about here: . Most of the crowd who were there at the last one went to this one and we were joined by a few new faces. The weather wasn’t quite as good, but that didn’t stop us. As long as the New World Order threatens the world, we’ll be there to challenge it. We “bullhorned” again and talked to people passing and generally rattled a few cages and ruffled a few feathers. Izzy Smart and 21st Century Politics on YouTube are producing movies of the day’s events which I’ll post as they become available. I’ll also put up links to vids about the sister events in Washington and Berlin.
There was another event going on in London at the same time, a “Free Gary” protest outside the Home Office ( They were trying to stop Gary McKinnon from being extradited by the government to the United States to face trial for hacking the Pentagon (Background: If I hadn’t been going to the anti-NWO protest I’d have gone to the Free Gary one.
After all that, I wasn't quite done so I went and visited my fellow blogger Marmite-Lover (see links) and we went to the Prince Of Wales in Highgate to face what has been described as "London's Toughest Pub Quiz". We won third place! Not bad going I'd say. I knew that all that trivia I'd been storing in the junkyard of my memory would come in handy one day!
Here's the first part of Izzy's movie of the event: Here's 21st Century Politics':


kerstin said...

Huh? You forgot to mention what an absolute whizz you were at the pub quiz afterwards...London's Toughest Pub Quiz.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

BTW, ML: I was only in London for one day, but you're there every day. Have you noticed the thing I mention in the article above this one?: