Sunday, 21 September 2008

2008- "The Best Crop Circle Year Ever!"

In autumn 2006, there was a mainstream newspaper article that spoke of “the End of Crop Circles”. It said that the craze for the phenomenon was winding down, the novelty had worn off and that soon the “plankers” (background: would go back to scrumping, drug-dealing or nicking cars etc. Crop Circles would then no longer appear in our fields. This was because many Crop Circle researchers and commentators were saying that 2006 was a bit of a disappointing year cerealologically. Far fewer formations appeared than average, and those that appeared were less interesting. 2007 was little better. Nexus magazine featured the declining Crop Circles phenomenon with an attempt at optimism, but I detected that it was a kind of bittersweet “come on, cheer up. It’s not over yet” statement to cover up the fact that they felt the same way too.

The truth is that we’ve become very fond of these beautiful gifts from our friends from other worlds. They inspire us, enthrall us and fill us with peace, wonder and joy. We don’t want to come to term with the awful truth that we might have to say goodbye to them… but guess what: I’m happy to report that we don’t!

2008 has been more than a recovery! It has been a much better improvement than anyone hoped for. One commenter is calling it: “The best Crop Circle year ever!” We’ve seen not only dozens of brand new innovative styles, but a few “retro” ones: “insectoids”, "fractals", “dolphins”, “speech bubbles”, “quintuplets” and other genres from the 80’s and 90’s. Take a look at Crop Circle Connecter in the links column of the main HPANWO site.

Nobody knows how long our otherwordly brothers and sisters are going to keep giving us these wonderful gifts. A time might come when they will cease, and that will be a sad day. But I reckon that if crop circles ever do end then it will be because the cosmic artists have decided we don’t need them any more; we’ve evolved enough to manage without them. There’s no way of knowing when that day will come, or whether it will ever come at all. But one thing’s for certain: That day is not now!
In the meantime we’ll no longer take them for granted I think.

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Kaitlyn said...

Such breath taking beauty! How fortunate you all r in Britain. It looks like (2 me) the circle maker "people" that are somewhere in our galaxy; do think in mathematical and numeric concepts. When they see a tree, they don't think green leaves and a brown trunk for instance, they think..Oh, that's a beautiful 9.312 :)
Thanks for the wonderful photos, how I wish to visit, it's a dream I hope I can acomplish next summer.
Aloha from Hawaii- Kaiti.