Thursday 4 September 2008

999= Air Raid Siren!

While I was in London at the protest yesterday (See below) I noticed something strange and sinister: some of the new emergency vehicle sirens sound just like old Blitz air-raid sirens! So the subliminal message is: "You're in danger of being blown up! Run for your shelters, have you got your gas masks?" The race-memory of the Blitz still runs deep in Londoners. The triste of World War II when the Nazi bombers, and later cruise and ballistic missiles, rained down explosive horror on the city lingers in their modern culture. Here’s a vid and its score by Pink Floyd that encapsulate the memories of the Blitz: Today the “threat of terrorism” is being harnessed to that triste by devious government psychologists; we saw that with the timing of 7/7, right in the middle of D-Day 60 Week.

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