Sunday 7 September 2008

Saachi & Saachi Promote National ID Cards!

Am I precognitive? A few days ago I wrote this to a friend in No2ID:

"That's a certain possibility, Phil. The government will employ Bernaysian marketing and advertising techniques to make the ID cards appeal. Of course though, if we become aware of these mind-games they cease to work, so it's vital that we warn people in advance that this will be done. These mind-games are used on us constantly, in product advertising and political speeches. And it's a lot more subtle and crafty than you might guess. I was in London yesterday and heard that the new emergency vehicle sirens sound just like old Blitz air-raid sirens! So the subliminal message 'You're in danger of being blown up! Run for your shelters, have you got your gas masks?' And this therefore enhances the government's line that ID cards will protect us from terrorism."

Then I read this in David Icke's headlines:

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