Wednesday 31 May 2017

The Nottingham Noise

People in Nottingham have been plagued by a strange sound. The penetrating roaring, whooshing noise happens mostly at night or in the early morning and it has been described as being like a jet engine, a hot air balloon burner or blowtorch. It has been recorded and you can hear the recording on the source link. The noise has been recurring and has been heard all over the city of Nottingham and as far away as Wollaton and West Bridgford. I feel nostalgic hearing those names. Before last October I would have been in an ideal position to investigate because I could stay with Sue Ustane, but since then we've split up. There is no obvious cause for the "Nottingham Noise", but the phenomenon of strange sounds is not uncommon. See the link below about the "hum". The Nottingham area, as I have talked about before, also has a major part to play in the history of UFO research. Source:

Tuesday 30 May 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 14

See here for essential background: There's a saying that when the cat is away the mice come out and play. I went off last Thursday on my trip to Devon, see:, and I came back on Sunday to find that all hell has broken loose in my absence. This happened before when I was off travelling; almost as if the mob were waiting for me to be out of the way before doing their stuff. The event which kicked off their activity this time was an interview with Peter Robbins on the Paranormal Now podcast, see: Peter starts talking about Larry Warren twenty-five minutes in, however he doesn't provide much more concrete information than he did previously on Raconteur's News, see the above background article. He actually says: "I don't want to go into specifics". The host presses Peter several times for factual examples of his misgivings and he only mentions two. The supposed anomaly over Larry first interview in the News of the World and the accusation that Larry traded counterfeit rock and roll memorabilia. I suspect that Peter found out about this from the work of Sacha Christie. Perhaps all his other bugbears that he has not so far revealed come from her too. In that case then I would ask Peter to examine the articles in this series and the radio interviews I did with Larry, see below. We have comprehensively and categorically discredited these two accusations along with all the others Sacha has made. Has Peter simply read Sacha's words and believed them? If so then I respectfully suggest he look at the other side of the story and reconsider. However Peter is more candid about his feelings in this interview than he was in his last one, and he provides more insight into his decision processes. I get the impression that his core motivation is the distress he feels at what he calls the "hate and counter hate". I think all of us can sympathize there. In fact I've been trying to remain purely factual in order to ease that. Peter spoke passionately when he said: "I've had it as an RFI researcher!" The bedlam caused by Sacha has made Peter want to wash his hands of the whole situation.
Nigel Mortimer has written an excellent reply to Peter in the form of an open letter. He remains respectful and friendly, yet he implores Peter to take a second look and realize that he has fallen for a very elaborate hoax; not by Larry Warren, but by Sacha Christie. He makes many of the same points I do. Source: Tino has recorded his own interview with Larry in which Larry responds in his own way:
The ball is now in Peter Robbins' court. Let's see what he says next.

Then on Friday Nick Pope made a statement: "Some months ago Peter Robbins announced that he was severing professional ties with his Left at East Gate co-author Larry Warren, but declined to go into details. Now, in a radio interview, Peter stated that it was Warren's repeated lies that lay behind this split, confirming what all genuine Rendlesham Forest witnesses and researchers already knew, namely that parts of Warren's story were stolen from other witnesses while other parts were entirely fabricated. Other aspects of this saga have still to be addressed, and are likely to be matters for the police. These include Warren's repeated threats of violence against women and his sale of rock memorabilia, seemingly based on bogus claims of friendships with various celebrities. However, for now, Peter Robbins is to be commended for having had the courage and integrity to make what was clearly a difficult and painful admission that he'd been taken in by Warren's lies. Credit should also go to the researchers who worked hard to uncover hard evidence of Warren's various lies and frauds, in particular Sacha Christie, Alyson Dunlop, David Young and James Welsh; but others too, mainly in the UK. The verdict from the wider UFO community is clear: the Larry Warren story is officially dead."
Utter nonsense. Firstly, who are these "wider UFO community" people? And why have appointed Nick Pope as their spokesman? What right does he have to pronounce an "official verdict" on the Larry Warren story; or anything else for that matter? As with Peter's interview, Pope makes very few solid points and the focus of his writing is a series of rhetoric-laden assertions. All of these Larry, myself and his other supporters have already logically eviscerated. Larry did not steal his story from anybody, and this has been confirmed by Adrian Bustinza. Nor did he fabricate it; there is evidence that he is telling the truth. Why do people keep repeating threats of legal action and proclaiming in hushed tones that something is now a matter for the police? Have they called the police? Obviously not or Larry would be in prison right now; if he really has done what people say he has done. He hasn't even been arrested; or even questioned by the police for that matter. The Popester appeals to cultural Marxist sentimentality when he brings up Larry's supposed repeated threats against women... or should I say "Women!". See the link to Programme 236 of the HPANWO Show in which I interview Larry Warren below. I've said it before and I'll say it again: What Larry said before the Scottish event was not a threat; it was an expression, albeit a very over-the-top and melodramatic one, of the intention to employ the lawful use of force. I myself had to threaten Trystan Swale with legal action, for a genuine reason this time, see:, and the first thing the solicitor said to me was: "Do not engage with him at all. Don't reply to anything he says; do not comment on anything he does." So Larry has not committed any criminal act all. Sacha and her accomplices know this otherwise they would have stopped talking about legal action and calling the police, and would instead have simply done it.
The conversation went on in the comments section in which Nick Pope makes the ludicrous comparison of Sacha Christie to the Roswell Slides research team. He also insults Gary Heseltine by calling him a "poor old British Transport Police constable." Actually Gary was a highly trained detective. Tino pointed out that Gary is also a former RAF serviceman. In Gary's place I would expect more courtesy from an MoD official. Pope called UFO Truth Magazine a "laughing stock" even after we packed out a three hundred seat hall in Watford and have sold out on almost all our other conferences. I'm very proud to be involved with UFO Truth and many people tell me how much they enjoy my column, as well as the rest of the magazine. Pope also claims that Larry has made more than one threat of violence against more than one person. Really? Then, again, why is he not banged up right now? If I recall correctly I think somebody stated that Larry's critics have suffered "constant death threats!" From whom? Apparently James Welsh has had to leave his home because of these threats. Why would we who support Larry do something so counter-productive as to issue threats against persons? Why would we hand them the moral high ground like that? Why would we make ourselves look so bad in the eyes of the UFO community? Until I see any evidence of these threats then I have to conclude they were never made. I'm talking about the kind of evidence I have against James Welsh for threatening me, see: Tino and Larry have made another video response to Nick Pope: and:
Sacha Christie has been busy on her website, posting nine blog articles this month so far. Strangely a lot of them are merely repeating information she wrote about last year; I've covered all this before. She also posts two articles that make assertions in the title, but contain no explanation: "Nigel Mortimer's libellous statement About Sacha Christie in the guise of an open letter to Peter Robbins" which is nothing more than a copy of said letter; and an embedded image of the transcript of one of Larry's hypnotic regression sessions that Larry allegedly "never mentioned". This is odd indeed because the transcript doesn't reveal much, especially not any duplicity on Larry's part and Sacha ends with the footnote: "He admitted he faked it. Read You Can't Tell The People by Georgina Bruni. He said he faked it because he's a people-pleaser. Someone paid money for it, he didn't want to let them down." Yet there is no in-depth analysis that details why Sacha thinks it is faked. Amazingly Sacha has typed out a transcript of my first interview with Larry on HPANWO Radio, a task that must have taken days. Why? Anybody can listen to it if they want quite easily, see:
Nigel has posted a video addressing Sacha directly:
There will no doubt be more developments to come soon, probably the next time I'm away on my travels. Keep a close eye on those mouseholes!
See here for Programme 236 of the HPANWO Show in which I interview Larry Warren a second time on this matter:

Monday 29 May 2017

Hunting Morons

Tino Megaro, aka "Tiberius Kirk", has produced a short film entitled Hunting Morons. It stars himself, Larry Warren and me. I am definitely in the programme and if you look closely you will spot me. This is a hilarious comedy and I was very glad to be involved with it.
See here for Hunting Morons; you might need to be logged into a Facebook account to see it:
It is also available on Tino's YouTube channel:
We shot this film in the heart of Rendlesham Forest on the same day we made this one:

Thursday 25 May 2017

Vice Documentary on Targeted Individuals

Vice are an "alternative media" company based in Canada who cover subjects a lot of the mainstream... or more mainstream... media does not. They filmed at last year's Bases Project conference, see:, and interviewed many people, including me. I make a rule never to speak to the mainstream media, but the Vice interviewer and camera crew assured me that their production would never be shown on any mainstream TV platform. I believe them, especially after watching it. Their programme is a documentary about targeted individuals and how their experiences affect their lives. The forty-eight minute production features profiles of several TI's, including people I know such as Kieron Lee Perrin who has implants inserted into his head and other parts of his body. Another is a woman called Fiona whom I don't know, but I'm sure I have met her. She moves from place to place, staying at friends' houses; and even in a luggage locker. She has gone to great expense to purchase a lead lined coverall, similar to the ones used by X-ray staff in hospitals. This keeps the electromagnetic rays away from her so she can live a semi-normal life. Kieron and his friend Shane suffer "voice to skull" harassment where they hear voices in their heads. This is not science fiction. Patents exist for this technology and it is currently being adapted into a new generation of hearing aids for the deaf. The voices are very aggressive, antisocial and rude. At one point the presenter is told: "go fuck yourself!" Shane's dog has also been attacked and somebody even broke into his house and left excrement on his bed. The presenter is a hip young man with an Ulster accent. He asks the requisite questions, whether the TI's might be mistaken, or have their beliefs reinforced by their peer group and researchers like me. He questions whether their experiences are just mental illness. However the evidence is overwhelming that this is not the case and the programme does present that evidence openly. It also addresses the tragic story of Max Spiers with far more honesty and professionalism than the recent travesty by the BBC, see:
See here for Targeted Individuals by Vice: (This link might expire after a certain amount of time. If a more permanent one becomes available I will add it here.

Vice are to be congratulated. They have achieved something that much bigger and better funded TV companies have utterly failed at. They have made a documentary about a UFO/paranormal/conspiracy subject that is reasonably factual, informative and proficient. It was a very pleasant surprise. See the background links below for my litany of previous debacles. Unlike most TV shows, Vice approach the subject without bias or a transparent mandate to create a hatchet-job. Something tells me this show will never be broadcast as widely as its lesser predecessors. Was it perfect? No. I'd like to have seen more of Sarah Adams and Dave Marrow for a start. But compared to the others it's like a breath of fresh air. I feel very strongly about this subject, not just because some close friends of mine are TI's, but because I recently learned that I myself have an implant, see:; and also that my family have been abused by psychological warfare attacks, see: We need more film makers like Vice to cover the awful cases of targeted individuals, to expose the abusers who ruin their lives. I hope Vice will make other documentaries on other issues within the scene. I enjoyed this show very much. Well done!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Troops on the Street

Yesterday evening, following the Manchester Attack, see:, the Prime Minister Theresa May announced the UK's Terror Threat Level was being lifted to its highest notch, CRITICAL. She said that the army would be deployed into crucial public areas to assist the police in protecting the public. This could constitute the British equivalent of what Americans call the suspension of Habeus Corpus. This term, meaning literally "holding the body" in Latin, refers to the lawful process of arrest and detention in criminal cases. It designates a distinction between judicial law and martial law. In most countries this means the police and the armed forces are given carefully demarcated separate roles within the state. Law enforcement is for the police, defence against foreign state actors is for the armed forces. The moment these roles overlap we are in big trouble. History has shown that this process is a one way street. The blending of military and police functions is very rarely repealed willingly, despite all the reassurances, every single time, that these are just "temporary measures". It only ends after some kind of uprising or crisis. As I have stated over and over, the trend in world politics is towards greater authoritarianism and internationalism. Now Britain is effectively in the same state of emergency that France is, and has been since the current state was declared over eighteen months ago following the November 2015 attacks, see: We can expect to see the police becoming more heavily armed and the soldiers being issued with police-like uniforms and kit. Eventually the two services will blend into one and might even become organizationally connected, as they already are in many countries, such as Spain and Brazil. I still don't know yet whether the atrocity in Manchester was a false flag or whether it really was what the government are saying, a lone Islamist suicide bomber operating independently, or as part of a self-organized terrorist cell, for personal motives. Really, it matters not. The government are exploiting it anyway. This is what we in the Conspirasphere have been predicting for years. It is not inevitable, but we have to see it for what it is and put a stop to it. Source:

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Manchester Attack

Last night at about half past ten there was a huge explosion at the Manchester Arena where the singer Ariana Grande had just finished a concert. The media report that twenty-two people were killed and fifty-nine injured. One girl is still missing. There was a stampede as survivors rushed out of the venue and from the Victoria railway station next door. Some of the victims were children; the youngest being eight year old Saffie Roussos from Leyland, Lancashire. According to official police reports, the explosion was caused by a man named Salman Abedi. He walked into the foyer carrying explosives, with nuts and bolts to act as shrapnel, hidden in his clothing and detonated them in the middle of the crowd. I'm sure I join all readers in giving my condolences to the loved ones of those who died and wishing the injured a speedy and complete recovery. The local community has responded to the atrocity with courage and dignity. Obviously, as with the previous incident in Westminster, see:, I never accept the official story of anything without scrutiny, but until we know more about what actually happened I shall say no more. It's perfectly possible that the official story is true. Thanks to the government-sponsored hate-preachers being brought into British mosques from Saudi Arabia, there are enough lunatics around to do something like this for real. Incidentally somebody reTweeted this article of mine: In case you come across it, I wrote it in 2014 and it refers to an entirely different event.

Monday 22 May 2017

Roswell Slides Update

The title of this article are words I never expected to utter. The so-called "Roswell Slides" were presented to the world in 2015 amidst the biggest fanfare conspiratorial UFOlogy has ever seen; see the background links below for the full story. Even before the livestream was finished the corpse in Hilda Blair Ray's slides had been identified as a museum exhibit. The body had been discovered in 1896 by the archaeologist SL Palmer at Montezuma's Castle, an old city built by the Mesa Verde culture in what is now Arizona USA. It had died about three thousand years ago and was crudely buried, wrapped in a cotton sheet. It had been kept in several museums, sometimes in storage and sometimes on display. It had been laid out to view at the Million Dollar Museum in 1947 when Mrs Ray had taken the two infamous Kodachrome photographs of it. A more recent independent image of the same exhibit was found soon afterwards, dated from the mid 90's. Soon after that the artefact was listed under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act; meaning that it had to be taken from the museums and given to the Pueblo tribe, the modern descendents of the Mesa Verde people. It was then given a traditional American Indian funeral and buried in the late 1990's. There was an orgy of embarrassment, accusations and resentment, then the incident was forgotten. I wrote this at the time:, and I thought it was just that. However, a friend of mine has made me aware of a development that has compelled me to put quill to parchment yet again on this matter, and it might even reopen the case.

Jaime Maussan has received most of the blame for the 2015 debacle, unfairly I think; however he has picked himself up and carried on in his typical irrepressible way. In August last year he gave a lecture in which he says that the mystery of the Roswell Slides is not solved yet. He concedes that the object displayed was an exhibit in a museum, but he has presented a case that the body is still not actually human. The story goes that we see the mummified body of a completely normal human being, a two year old boy. This was what SL Palmer believed it was when he found it, but was he correct? Before May the 5th, the Roswell Slides team approached some medical experts for their opinion on the body portrayed. They declared that it was definitely not human because of its ribcage, pelvis, joints and limbs. They believe it is an example of "convergent evolution"; the being resembles a human because it lived in a similar habitat to humans, but it is still not human. It is far too tall to be a two-year old child; in fact it is almost four feet tall. However this might not be true; there are different views going round right now. Either way, it is a minor point. There are many other anomalies. Source: So did SL Palmer make a mistake? Did he dig up the body and assume it was another normal Mesa Verde mummy? What else could he have been expected to think? It's interesting that this is not the only piece of evidence for extraterrestrial life that has emerged. Another is far stronger and was discovered only two hundred miles away; I'm talking about the Starchild Skull of course, see here for details: Luckily the data for the Starchild is extant and in possession of researchers. Where can we go from here regarding the being in the Roswell Slides? Unfortunately, as I said above, the body was buried about twenty years ago. Even if the Pueblo grave can be located then it's no longer a simple case of digging it up. It is now legally protected, not only by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, but also by the standard laws related to people's rights of sepulchre. To exhume a grave without a properly issued court order is a serious criminal offence... even if the beneficiary of those legal rights is an extraterrestrial being. Researchers investigating the Aurora Incident faced the same problem, see: I doubt if a US court will grant such an exhumation order on the grounds the deceased "may have been misidentified of its origins". It's a shame nobody spotted the anomalies of this mummy beforehand. We must not let an opportunity like this slip past again. Please stay alert when you next visit a museum and if you see anything atypical, report it.

Friday 19 May 2017

Lib Dems- the Instruments of Treason

The Liberal Democrats have published their manifesto for the upcoming general election, see:, and it includes a second referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. Article 50 has been triggered, but the process has not progressed to the point where it's irreversible. In doing so they hope to appeal to the wailing congregation of Remoaners who still can't accept that democracy means accepting decisions that go against you. Their excuses are summed up by the contemptible Richard Dawkins, see: Brexit was the will of the people, not the whims of a bunch of uneducated white van drivers and comatose grannies with one foot in the grave. In their frenzy over Brexit, the Left have forgotten their foundational principle; they're supposed to hide their contempt for the white working class, not wear it on their sleeve. They have an incredibly patriarchal attitude towards the British public; it's as if we're small children who have misbehaved at school, and so Big Daddy Government has to step in and put us back on the right track. The Left say they love democracy, and they do... when it favours them. When it turns against them they abandon it for dictatorship without a qualm. Apparently we "didn't know what we were letting ourselves in for". Yes we did; the choice in the referendum was abundantly clear: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" There was no small print about how big the majority should be. Nothing was mentioned about how if it was less than 60% Leave then it didn't count. It was one of the bluntest and most comprehensive political documents in history. As Nigel Farage says: "What part of 'Leave' don't you understand?" The people of Britain chose to Leave in a properly conducted referendum... yet a year later the vote is being spoken about as if it were merely an interim opinion poll. Source:

So, does this mean serious trouble from Brexit? Not if you believe the official opinion polls. The Conservatives have a decisive lead and they have pledged to honour the Brexit referendum. They are forecast to win a landslide victory with 414 seats, a majority of over 50%. Labour are currently looking at 155 seats, including my own constituency, as I said previously, see: The Lib Dems crashed out after their stupid decision to be the junior partner in a crooked coalition with David Cameron and will probably get only six seats. However there are enough Remoaners in the country to boost that figure up a few notches. Four million people signed a petition to reverse the referendum result by force, see: A bit of manipulation here and there are there could be a new coalition against the Tories, probably involving Labour and the Scottish National Party. Labour have also agreed to honour the 2016 referendum, but in a far more lukewarm and half-hearted way. It would take very little pressure for the Liberal Democrats' second referendum to become a bargaining chip with their potential coalition partners. You may think it's a long shot, but I would not put it past them. They are in a state of desperation, clawing to the flotsam of the EU, terrified of swimming out optimistically into the ocean of change. And, of course, if the result doesn't go their way, they can always have another election...

Thursday 18 May 2017

Body on the Moor Update

There has been an update on an incident I reported on last year, see: "Dovestone Man" has now been positively identified as David Lytton, a sixty-seven year old originally from London. However, as the earlier evidence suggested, he has been living in Pakistan for the last ten years of his life. He flew from Lahore, Pakistan to London Heathrow Airport, UK, and arrived two days before his death. His friends and family described him as a "bit of a loner". He liked to compartmentalize his life, keeping different friends separate from each other. Detective Sergeant Colman who handled the police investigation said he'd never come across a similar case. The coroner's inquest ruled that he had died of strychnine poisoning. He had ingested the poison himself from a bottle he had brought with him to the location. He had few other possessions on his person. It's still unknown why he travelled all the way from Pakistan to a hillside in Greater Manchester in order to die deliberately on that spot. There is one small lead, a plane crash that killed some members of this family that happened in the Dovestone area. It is even possible that Mr Lytton was on board that plane and survived the impact. However, the plane crash took place in 1949 when he would have been a newborn baby, if he'd even been born at all. Had his pregnant mother been one of the survivors? Nobody knows except David Lytton himself, and even his motives might have been subconscious. RIP. Source:

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Divine Truth

I have been interviewed on the Divine Truth show on Revolution Radio with Taj and Nyssa, see:
Subjects discussed include: The 70th anniversary of Roswell, the Alien Autopsy film, the mysterious death of Elisa Lam, real mermaids and much much more.

Monday 15 May 2017

Reconsidering Voting

It's been a rollercoaster of a past eighteen months! First we had Brexit, see: and then Trump, see:; two things I never thought could happen, but they did. This led me to consider whether this is the start of a collapse of Illuminati rule across the world at a very fundamental level; "springtime in Narnia", see: If that is so then I'm going to have to reassess many of my previous opinions on the political process. Up until now I've always boycotted all elections because I've regarded democracy as a fraud. I believed all the political structures of society were controlled at a higher level by a shadow government that never changes, and they were. If the shadowy elite's grip on power is weakening then perhaps voting in elections is not such a futile affair after all. I used to disagree vehemently with my old friend and fellow researcher Ian R Crane over this. He always said that it was vital to engage in the political process and he even made this appeal as part of his "Apathy Kills" tour, see: Now I'm not so sure. Ian posted this on social media a few weeks ago: "In reality, in England on Thurs 8th June, a vote for anyone other than the Labour candidate is effectively a vote for the Tories. And those who elect not to vote at all are effectively giving the Tories an easy ride back into office... with the inevitable consequences!" This followed the Prime Minister's announcement that there would soon be a general election, see:

Based on recent events, on balance, I probably will vote in this next election. This has led me to ask questions I've never had to address before. How should democracy ideally be conducted? Who should be eligible to vote? Should some citizens be excluded? Women? The elderly? The under twenty-one's? Despite my opposition to cultural Marxism I have no problem with female suffrage. I'm surprised how many people are now against women voting, even some women. Stefan Molyneux feels very dubious about it: As it turned out, more white women voted for Trump than Hillary. Also I would object to an upper age limit on voting. On the contrary, elderly people are often very wise; in fact if it wasn't for the "grey vote" we would never have had Brexit. What about a lower age limit? How old do you have to be to have the responsibility and knowledge to make an informed decision? Above all, who should I vote for? All of the mainstream parties repel me. The Tories? No way! Despite Ian's imploring I can't bring myself to vote Labour, even though I can't resist a grudging respect for Jeremy Corbyn, see: The Liberal Democrats are a bunch of pathetic Remoaning sell-outs. If I lived in Wales I would never vote for Plaid Cymru because they are "federalists", see: Who does that leave? I'd probably vote UKIP, although I have a lot of differences with them; for example, I don't think the burka should be banned, see: Anyway, they're not standing in my constituency. The situation in Oxford East is very interesting at the moment because Andrew Smith MP is retiring. Mr Smith is part of the furniture here in Oxford. He has been Member of Parliament for this safe Labour seat since 1987 and was one of "Tony's cronies", serving as Blair's Treasury secretary and then Minister for Work and Pensions. The local Labour district have announced that his replacement will be Annaliese Dodds, a "woman candidate!" of course. She has come up on HPANWO before, see: I don't trust her for various reasons, not least because of her rather uncommitted stance on TTIP. She will almost certainly win, but probably by a smaller margin than Smith used to enjoy. Larry Sanders, Bernie's brother, see:, is once again standing for the Greens and they will probably cut into Labour's majority quite a bit. So we'll see what happens. One thing's for sure; according to the electoral register I still live in the house I moved out of in 2011 so I'll have to pay the current residents a visit and ask for my polling card before they do an Elvis and return it to sender.

Sunday 14 May 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones at BUFOG

I will be speaking at the Birmingham UFO Group on Thursday the 17th of August. The event begins at 7.30 PM and will be held at the Hot Shots Snooker Club, 100 Crosswells Road, Oldbury, Birmingham B68-8HH. It costs £5.50 to get in; only £5 if you're a BUFOG member. My talk will be entitled "The Nottinghamshire Roswell". The Roswell Incident is not the only one of its kind; in fact events like it happen regularly all over the world. In the UK a strange occurrence took place in Nottinghamshire in November 1987. Could we be looking at the Nottinghamshire Roswell? See here for more details:
See here for a HPANWO TV recording of my previous appearance at BUFOG:

Saturday 13 May 2017

Keep the Eighth

Several readers have recently asked me to write about the subject of abortion. Ireland is unusual among Western nations in that its constitution protects the lives of unborn people. For most developed countries human rights apply equally to everybody from the moment of birth, but not before. The Irish Republic, on the other hand, has the Eighth Amendment to its constitution that states: "The state acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right." This is distinctively different to British law which includes no such right. To kill a baby the moment after it is born would mean prosecution for murder, but to kill that same child a few minutes earlier while it is in its mother's womb is merely a medical procedure... I know; I've seen it done. Killing the child a few weeks or months before birth is routine and socially acceptable. Millions of terminations of pregnancy, usually just called "abortions", have been performed in the United Kingdom. It's as everyday as a trip to the dentist and, thanks to modern medical techniques, is often not much more invasive. I am totally pro-life, but debating those who disagree with me is almost impossible because I'm so vulnerable to ad hominem. You can absolutely guarantee that a pro-abortionist will go on to respond: "But, Ben, don't you believe in a woman's right to choose?" A woman's right to choose. That little phrase is a masterpiece of propaganda. It effectively says: "If you don't want to be a misogynist, support infanticide!" Whoever came up with that at the Fabian Society, or Ireland's equivalent cultural Marxist think-tank, must be a mind controller extraordinaire. There is no honest answer I can give that won't lead to the rebuttal: "So, Ben, are you, as a 'white!', 'heterosexual!', 'male!', prepared to tell a 'WOMAN!' who has just been 'RAPED!' that she has to carry the baby to full term?" I'm forced to reply "yes," and you can guess how the rest of the conversation will go. There are a few alternative responses you can use. I once said to somebody: "OK, imagine I'm not an 'EEEEEEvil WHM!' and instead pretend I'm a one-legged black lesbian with dyed green hair, and I'm saying the same thing. How would you counteract my actual point?" However, a far more cogent answer, that I will definitely use next time I'm in that situation is: "If you were the child conceived, would you want to live or die?"

All people alive today are former foetuses. Humans begin as all mammals do, as a single cell inside our mother's body. In just nine months we grow into a fully-formed miniature human being. During those first nine months of our lives, we too could have been aborted. We always hear from pro-abortionists: "It's not a human being yet, it's just a clump of cells!" Well a clump of cells is all I am right now, although it's a much bigger clump today, admittedly. At what point does one become the other. Is an embryo of a thousand cells non-human and one with 1001 cells human? If so why? What's the difference and why is the cut-off point where it is? If you set a legal term limit on abortion at, say, thirty weeks, does the foetus magically transform into a human baby at the stroke of midnight? You see how absurd the justifications for abortion are? The objection to abortion is not just a religious bugbear; it's a serious secular human rights issue. Sometimes abortion has to be done because it would otherwise put the mother's life in danger. An ectopic pregnancy is doomed from the start because if it is not terminated it will eventually kill the mother and then both mother and baby will be dead anyway. There is currently a campaign in Ireland to repeal the Eighth Amendment led by feminists, several medical experts, secular activists and leftist politicians. There is a counter-protest as well, see: I very much recommend the lectures of Dr Anthony Levatino, a gynaecologist who used to perform terminations until he experienced a crisis of conscience, see: Even though I support a total ban on abortions except for the obvious exemption I discussed above, I don't believe women who have had abortions should be criminally charged. Instead I would like to ask what is wrong with society when it makes a mother feel she has to kill her own child. I would like to address that. Women who have abortions often suffer terrible emotional trauma afterwards. I knew somebody once who confided in me that she had done this and she broke down in tears. I wish those women peace and comfort. They weren't to know.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 13

See here for essential background: Peter Robbins was recently featured on Raconteurs News where he speaks about his falling out with Larry Warren for the first time since his brief announcement a few months ago, see: Peter is a good orator and is normally very articulate, yet in this interview he sounds uncomfortable when he comes on to the subject of Larry. He pauses, stammers and trips over his words somewhat. I was lurking in the chatbox when the show went live and, predictably, a baying gibbering lynch mob gathered, including the usual suspects, demanding Larry's head on a spike. Peter, to his credit, did not deliver. He was rather reticent and evasive, and gave only limited details. The response from Sacha Christie has been outrage; she posted this lengthy piece on her website the very next day (She must have stayed up all night writing it!), see: So Peter is now standing on the bridge being shot at from both sides. I don't believe Peter Robbins is a malicious person, far from it; but I maintain that he is mistaken. In the material in Sacha's article he speaks more comprehensively about his rift with Larry. Larry will be addressing all the points he makes on the next HPANWO Show. I don't know how Sacha managed to get hold of Peter's private correspondence to Larry. Did he give it to her? Sacha is very good at retrieving private information and has no misgivings about publishing it. She posted my confidential email exchange with Chris Evers, see link to Part 12 at the top. I'm going to let her get away with that, simply because it is an own goal. If you read what Chris and I actually say to each other it contradicts the narrative she posits for it. (According to her I apparently wasn't banned from the OLM conference at all; I was merely "asked not to attend"... Hmm, yes. And this is not a bowl of cherries; it is merely a hemispherical container into which I've put some cherries.).

The anti-Larry Warren brigade have also announced that they're abandoning the handwriting analysis scheme that I detailed elsewhere, especially in Parts 2 and 11, see: and: They can't go ahead without the original documents, which is actually what I said at the time. They lambaste Larry for not helping them himself; suggesting that he ought to if he is innocent and should therefore be eager to prove them wrong. That makes no sense. Even if he were not working with people who can't even bear to sit on opposite sides of a conference auditorium from him, what would be the point of getting involved in a venture that could never succeed for the reasons I describe in the background links? Even with the original documents, all the analyzer will say at the end is: "Well this might be Larry Warren's handwriting... but then again it might not." So after all the hype, including some very silly Downfall memes on YouTube, the handwriting endeavour is off. The money will be returned to the donors. Perhaps then the six hundred pounds they were about to waste can be spent on more productive UFOlogy projects, like... well... doing UFOlogy?
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Tuesday 9 May 2017

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 24

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 24 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 24 includes an article in my column, entitled: Suburban Saucers. Some UFO's are giving tantalizing hints that their occupants are attempting some kind of communication, in their own way, with humans by approaching residential areas of towns.

Also you will find in Issue 24: Has the mystery of "foo fighters" been solved? Nick Redfern on the 70th anniversary of Roswell, a review of the second Southern conference by Gary Heseltine and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 23:

Monday 8 May 2017

Au Revoir la France

The French people have just committed national suicide. They had the opportunity to elect their very own Donald Trump, a maverick anti-establishment patriot, Marine Le Pen; and instead preferred a Rothschild globalist suited smooth-talking dandy called Emmanuel Macron, see here for background: As I explain in that background link, there were attempts by the elite to rig the election in favour of Macron, but in the end their machinations were superfluous because the electorate willingly chose Macron. His victory was a landslide, 66% to 34%, way too great a margin to be created entirely by fraud. Madame Le Pen acted with great dignity, congratulating her rival in a live speech. She also said: "The French people have chosen continuity." That's a very interesting statement, as well as a veiled insult. In truth, continuity is the last thing France needs right now. Continuity is the central problem of that nation. The French establishment and media were entirely behind Macron; he was their Hillary Clinton, only this time they succeeded. If Le Pen had won then she would have become France's first woman president, in fact the first female ruler of France since Queen Marie Antoinette was beheaded in 1793. During the US presidential election the refrain "first woman president!" was repeated over and over again like a mantra when describing Hillary Clinton, but I have never heard it said once on the BBC or any other mainstream media source when describing Marine Le Pen; even though it is an equally true fact. "I'm with her!" just doesn't ring quite the same this time. Macron has set his agenda immediately when he delivered his first presidential speech with the biumvirate of the French Tricouleur and the European Union flag behind him, see: In fact the twelve gold stars are never far away from Macron in his public appearances. I'm sure there's a Kalergi Prize coming his way soon. This is not the first time the Empire has struck back since 2016; they retook Austria and the Netherlands, see:, yet the loss of France is more significant. France is one of the proudest nations on earth; they have always had a naturally independent spirit. They have expended a lot of effort on national defence, including their own independent  nuclear deterrent. Unlike Britain theirs was domestically created without American help. Yet France was something of a loose cannon during the Cold War with a very on-and-off relationship with NATO. It had a powerful communist party and an accepted middle class far right. Peter Wright describes in his infamous book Spy Catcher how he spent more time spying on the French than the Russians during his career at MI5, see:

All hope is not lost. Macron only has five years in office and then Le Pen can challenge him again. She is young for a politician and energetic. However during those five years Macron is going to try and cement establishment rule over France and create a monopoly that cannot be unseated through the ballot box. Centrists know that they can't persuade the people to vote for them by argument, because they have no argument; they're also mind-numbingly boring. He will never win lasting and dedicated supporters among the French people so instead he is going to import them. He will fling the gates wide open to bring as many immigrants as possible into France because he has learnt the lesson of Britain's Labour governments; refugees always vote down the middle of the road. Up to six million could enter the country by 2022; that's almost the entire population of Paris. This means we can expect more terrorist attacks in France, both real and false-flag. Macron just shrugs at this threat calling it "a part of daily life". So when Le Pen takes him on again in 2022 she will have a much steeper hill to climb. I wonder if it's too late. I recently read an interesting novel called The Partisan by Fenek Solere (despite his very French name the author actually comes from south Wales), see: It is set in France in the near future in which the country has descended into civil war. Could it come true? I fear that the 2017 election was the last chance to save France from total Illuminati occupation by peaceful means. It would have been pleasant to have France transition to freedom in a civilized and diplomatic manner; we will not know until 2022 whether that can still be achieved. If it can't then we will have no choice but to fight because the alternative will be extermination. The title of this article means "Goodbye France", but in French there are several different translations for "Goodbye". Au revoir is a goodbye that includes a temporary condition, in which the subject expects to see the person they're saying it to again soon; whereas adieu implies a more permanent situation. So I hold on to hope for the time being. 2016 is not over yet.

Sunday 7 May 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 20

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include new evidence on the Rendlesham Forest UFO, unexplained sounds from above and below, alien skulls and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones at AwakeCon (postponed)

I will be speaking at the upcoming AwakeCon event organized by my friend and fellow researcher Tajinder Gill.
EDIT 22/5/17: Event postponed. Will hopefully be reorganized later in the year.
Along with myself you can see talks by Thomas Sheridan, Maria Wheatley, Tony Topping, Sarah Adams and Kieron Lee Perrin, see here for details:
See here for a HPANWO Radio interview with Tajinder and Sarah:

Monday 1 May 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 12

See here for essential background: Sacha Christie has published an article on her website entitled Benned!!!. See: It's the first thing she's written on her blog for almost two months and it addresses issues that were raised a long time ago, especially my being excluded from the OLM conference. Why did she only post her screed on the 29th of April? Clearly because she was waiting for the UFO Truth event, see: She must think that the timing will give her "revelations" some kind of tactical significance or spoil whatever progress was made at UFO Truth. This is probably her most vicious and blustering post to date. Along with myself, Tino also receives some really nasty personal abuse; including a disparagement of his personal appearance. Yes, that is the level Sacha's "mission" has stooped to, folks! As always, the greater part of the blog's content is simply noise. It would take me hours to unpick every single point, and what purpose would it serve? To prove Sacha wrong? She already knows she's wrong and she doesn't care. It would be a futile effort on my part, as I explain in the background links below. Most of what she says I've already addressed in previous article in this series; the solicitor's letters etc. The larger part of what remains are statements most people know are false anyway; people who matter that is. However there are a few pinpricks of factual thrusts in her coal-sack of vile nonsense that must be addressed. She claims Malky managed to obtain Sacha's address from her medical records forwarded by a friend who works in the NHS. As a former hospital porter (have I mentioned that before?) I can tell you that is highly unlikely. First of all, it would mean that the individual would have to have clearance for the medical records storage database. NHS medical records are sealed off MJ-12 style in a restricted area behind a locked door through which only the medical records staff can gain access. If I was sent to get some documents from the storage unit at my hospital I would ring a bell and wait in an anteroom while the clerk went and retrieved them and gave them to me in a zip-locked folder. Malky's supposed friend is in serious breach of NHS confidentiality regulations and would lose their job for certain and maybe even face criminal charges. Are they really likely to risk that just so their mate can settle some Facebook barney? Sacha also claims that I accuse her of being the mysterious face reflected in the A10 photo screenshot. Not true. What I actually said was: "The reflection is far too indistinct to get a provable positive ID, as I've said before. I must say it does look rather familiar... but I will not name the person I think it is because I cannot prove it. However I think we can all honestly agree who it is not: Larry Warren." Source: Any abuse Chris Evers has received as a result of this matter was not incited by me. I am totally against that kind of behaviour and have been from the start, see: In fact I stated clearly in my interview with Tino on the matter, that I hoped people would still attend the OLM conference and enjoy it; see background link at the top. I said that I wished to remain dignified throughout. However firmly I put my foot down, it will always be wearing a spit-polished brogue. It is actually necessary to reduce the hate as much as possible in any situation like this. Projects for rehabilitating terrorists include a programme called "rehumanization"; and it applies just as much in far more petty situations such as this, see: (I wonder what those people would think of the "mission" Sacha and her accomplices are on.) Another factual distortion Sacha makes is to claim Larry Warren is not a veteran. Yes he is. He passed out of a joint forces basic training centre in the United States and then did security and law enforcement police training and advanced air base combat training at a US Air Force facility before going on active deployment to Britain. See Left at East Gate; what's more he has all the certificates to prove it... and yes, they are genuine. In fact he was injured in the line of duty like John Burroughs was. The length of his service is irrelevant. So, I hope that clears things up. No doubt there'll soon be more to come from Sacha et al, and when it does I shall be waiting.
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