Wednesday 27 July 2016

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Kev Baker Show 10

I have been interviewed again on the Kev Baker Show (aka MrGlasgowTruther) on Truth Frequency Radio, see here for the podcast:
And here for the illustrated YouTube version:
Subjects discussed include: A review of the recent Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference, my new book Roswell Rising, fire at Aleister Crowley's house and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on the Kev Baker Show:

Sunday 24 July 2016

Jam's Garden

The malevolent authoritarianism in our world is very often hard to define literally; it lies under the surface and inside of our lives. However sometimes an event takes place that illuminates our predicament like a bolt of lightning. Jam Imani Rad is a retired teacher and today is a keen gardener. He lives in a block of flats in Preston, Lancashire owned by a housing association called Gateway. Because it's a block of flats obviously the residents have no gardens; some flats have a small balcony and nothing else. Like a lot of social housing the block could be seen by many as a depressing and unsightly place surrounded by a bare grass and concrete courtyard, so Jam decided to turn the courtyard into a garden. He grew plants and erected statues. He built gazeboes, trellises and pathways until the front of the block of flats looked like an enchanted forest. He also covered the walls with artwork. He spent five thousand pounds and it took him ten years. Jam's neighbours love their unique community garden. It brightens up their lives. However, the housing association denied him permission. They said that the garden breached health and safety regulations and that the statues might "cause offence" to residents and passers-by, even though nobody complained about them. Jam was ordered to destroy the garden and return the block's grounds to their original state. He refused. It wasn't that he didn't want to, he couldn't. He would have endured removing the statues, but as a passionate gardener, he couldn't kill the plants. He had grown them and nurtured them from seeds. Jam's story spread around the world and people everywhere wrote to the media to pledge their support for Jam's garden; a petition was started. After a long court battle the council issued an order and workmen have moved in to destroy the garden. Part of the court order was that protesting was banned. Jam has even been threatened with prison. Jam's plight has been covered by my friend and fellow radio host Lisa Philips on Cry Freedom Radio, see:

There is a twisted logic to what has happened here. Jam's garden was harmless, beautiful and it inspired and enriched people's lives... therefore it had to go. As Andy Thomas has said, everything is designed to break our spirit. As a result anything that lifts our spirit is a danger to the authorities. The government have no problem putting up frightening and disturbing artwork that messes with our heads, for example see: If only the workmen who the council ordered to demolish Jam's garden had refused! I sometimes wonder if rather than completely stopping the New World Order, it should be allowed in one small location, maybe a town in the middle of a desert or a remote and uninhabited island. Then the people running the council and courts in Preston and the Gateway housing association can go and live there. It's what they deserve and clearly they would enjoy it. Jam has a fansite, see: I recommend taking as many photographs of the garden as you can. I know it's not the same as the real thing, but I have endeavoured to do this myself in similar situations; see background links below.

Friday 22 July 2016

Kubrick's Daughter on the Moon Landings

The forty-seventh anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing has brought the possibility of it being faked back into the public consciousness. A recent development in the run-up to the anniversary is the reignition of the idea that the hoaxed moon landing footage had been directed by Stanley Kubrick. I talk about this in detail in these background links.
This time the daughter of the famous film director has spoken out. Vivian Kubrick has written an open letter on the subject:
I actually think she makes some good points here. Why would Stanley Kubrick agree to such a dastardly and monumental lie against American citizens and the world? He was indeed renowned for his anti-establishment views, and he expresses them in many of his films. He was also good friends with the Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky; this was during the Cold War when the Soviet regime in Russia was at its prime. If you were the perpetrator of the conspiracy to fake the moon landings would you recruit somebody who you knew had a social conscience and was in contact with a Soviet celebrity? What's more there was also the possibility of him blowing the whistle very publicly. Somebody that famous with all that information would be a liability. His absence would also be noticed by the rest of the Hollywood community while he was busy strutting around a studio at Area 51 yelling "ACTION!" No, far better to bring in somebody less-well known who would be ignored if he spoke out. What's more this nobody would make an equally small ripple if he "fell under a bus" one day. Together with the other points I raise in the background links, above and below, I doubt very much that Stanley Kubrick was the director of the fake moon landings. The most interesting thing about Vivian Kubrick's letter is not what she says, but what she doesn't say. She defends her later father robustly, but she does not comment on the general question of whether or not the moon landings were real. She just tells us her dad didn't do them. (source:

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Max Spiers Death Update

The details of how Max Spiers died are slowly emerging. The primary source of the information is the witness to his death, Monika Duval whom Max had been staying with since he appeared at the conference she was involved with in Poland two months ago. According to her, Max collapsed on Saturday evening with "black fluid" issuing from his body via the mouth, nose and rectum. As yet no post-mortem has been performed, the coroner has not made a statement nor have the police investigated. Miles Johnston thinks we should be suspicious and he's explained why in an emergency interview with Kerry Cassidy, see: In the background article above I say nothing about this. I felt it was important to wait for the information became available. Now, based on what we've heard, I agree with Miles. We do have reason to be concerned that this terrible tragedy may not be accidental. There is a very predictable response whenever this kind of tragedy occurs: "What you're doing is disrespectful!" This is the 9/11 official story-believers' constant refrain and I expect it from the skeptics. However, I'm disappointed to hear some people who would otherwise be very conspiratorially-aware repeating this clichéd epithet. Somebody wrote to me with a link to Miles' and Kerry's video and said: "Just look at the shameful self-advertizing being done here! You must accept that this is bad behaviour, Ben! They pretend it's an analysis, but it's just a quest for viewing figures and thumbs up! This bastard and this bitch are sucking on Max Spiers' bones for their own self-importance!" Here's another example: This is the very same moral equation I bring up in my 9/11 poem Show Some Respect! See: It is based on two assumptions. 1. There is no evidence of foul play in Max Spiers' death. 2. Miles and Kerry know that and are therefore making it up. As a lawyer once said in a courtroom drama film... make assumptions at your own risk! People who make these accusations against Miles and Kerry are making assumptions both about the facts of the case and the personal motives of those commentating on it. Where do they obtain the informed knowledge to do so? If further information on this case emerges that tells a different story, that Max died of natural causes and nobody was to blame, I shall say so; I promise. Even the mainstream media has picked up on this, with one of their typically tongue-in-cheek ridicule-fests. The very term "conspiracy fans" indicates that they're not interested in objectivity, see:

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Britain renews Trident

Parliament has voted to keep the United Kingdom's independent nuclear deterrent. The bill was passed overwhelmingly, 472 to 117, see: I have been covering this story for some time, see below.
The vote was very partisan indeed with every single Tory MP backing nuclear weapons. The Greens, SNP and LibDems all unanimously opposed the motion. The only split party was Labour 140 for; 47 against, including the party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Over thirty-one billion pounds will now be raised to fund the renewal of the submarine-based nuclear deterrent system Trident; that's enough money to construct fifteen fully-equipped NHS general hospitals. The four aging Royal Navy Vanguard-class submarines will be replaced by a new fleet, codenamed: "Successor". The government has gone for the full works option and rejected cheaper more limited alternatives. Four vessels will be constructed which will be able to provide "CASD- Continuous At-Sea Deterrent". There will also be a new arsenal of missiles and all the support services; the construction of some of which are already underway, as I describe in the bottom of the background links above. I'm very disappointed by this decision. As I explain in detail in the background links, I'm opposed to the nuclear deterrent because it is dangerous, unnecessary, ineffective and overly-expensive.

Monday 18 July 2016

Max Spiers Dies

I'm sorry to have to report that Max Spiers has died. Max was a Bases Project witness and he appeared in Channel 4's The Great UFO Conspiracy TV documentary. He died in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday evening. Miles Johnston has made a statement which includes the small amount of information currently available about the nature his passing, see: His death comes just two days after the passing of Noel Howard, a member of the Berkshire and Oxfordshire Seeking Solutions group that I help to organize. Deepest condolences to Max's wife and fellow witness Sarah, and also to his family and friends. RIP Max.

Friday 15 July 2016

Bernie Sanders- Turncoat

I've written about Bernie Sanders before, see the background links. He has been one of leading contenders in the US Presidential race of 2016; up to the point when he alone stood between Hillary Clinton and the general election in November. He won many hearts and minds with his eloquent speeches and sincere nature. I compared him to a wise old Jewish grandfather who you can turn to for advice. "Feel the Bern" was his trademark slogan. Like Donald Trump, his supporters acted as if they were dealing with a real human being with feelings like their own, a man they could look up to and relate to. One of the things I liked about Bernie Sanders was his obviously heartfelt attacks against the Wicked Witch of the White House, Hillary Clinton. I believed he understood who Hillary really is, how corrupt, how cruel, how dangerous. He said things like: "Let's talk about judgment. And let us talk about the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country. I led the opposition to that war. Secretary Clinton voted for it... She is not qualified to be President!... She gets fifteen million dollars from Wall Street..." Unlike most politicians who just go through the motions and recite scripts, I sensed that Bernie really meant it. Sanders became very popular with women to the point where Hillary had to give up her cliche "I'm going to be the first woman President!..." and change tactics. Then two days ago Sanders announced that he was stepping down from his Presidential run and he endorsed Hillary Clinton, see: This is one of the most explosive U-turns in recent American political history. His supporters were stunned. Not only had they together raised over two hundred million dollars personally for Sanders' campaign, but they really believed in him. They took him seriously when he said those very real things about Hillary Clinton. They loved him for being a man of principle, a man who in his youth marched with Martin Luther King and faced police batons and riot shields for his ideals. He was so different from Clinton who is so transparently false and malicious, and Sanders' supporters know this. The people he attracted were revolutionaries who were looking for a new kind of politics. I respected Bernie Sanders too, even though I don't share all his ideals myself. His excuses are totally inadequate, see: It's demoralizing to see Sanders behaving just like any other politician; pragmatic, insincere, utilitarian, compromising. His former supporters' reaction can be seen in this video: Sanders gave hope to idealists, and this betrayal has loved-bombed them into cynicism. As is often the case, Stefan Molyneux has provided a very perceptive summary, see: Now there is only one man standing between Hillary and her destiny, Donald Trump. Trump is another politician I find myself warming to despite differences of opinion. He is, I believe, another genuine person who has made it to where he is through an aberration of the agenda. For this reason, how much longer will he live, see:

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Mystery Tourists in Kidlington

Kidlington is a small town situated a few miles north of Oxford. It is a busy and active place because it has two intercity roads running past it; and it is close to Oxford Airport and Oxford Parkway railway station. In most other ways it is a fairly normal English town, certainly not on the tourist trail. This is what makes recent events there so strange. A large number of unusual people have been seen wandering around the Kidlington, especially in a residential area to the north of the town. Benmead Road and The Moors have been most severely affected. What happens is that during daylight hours a crowd of people enter the area; "coach loads" the witnesses say, but no vehicle has been seen transporting them. The people walk up and down the streets. They appear spellbound by this quite ordinary English suburban residential district. They take photographs and examine everything enthusiastically; lamp posts, fences, parked cars etc. Their behaviour can be intimidating and intrusive, and not that of holidaymakers on organized group tours. For instance they've entered private residences and sat on garden benches. They've knocked on people's doors and asked to use their toilets. They even offered to mow their lawns. The Facebook gossip group "Spotted Kidlington" has been collecting witness accounts, see: The people are described as racially "Chinese or Japanese". Most can't speak English, and those who can do so with difficultly and have strong foreign accents. They usually pay the local people no attention unless they're approaching them in the bizarre way I describe above. Their clothing depends on the weather; when it's raining they use cagoules and umbrellas. The case has been covered by mainstream media all over the world, but so far journalists have been unable to solve this mystery. Enquiries with travel agents have drawn a blank. There are a number of theories emerging. Some believe the people may have mistaken Kidlington for Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of William Shakespeare and one of the UK's biggest tourist destinations; although it is thirty miles away. They might also have got lost while visiting nearby Blenheim Palace, another major tourist attraction. Many countries of the Far East enjoy British books and television programmes and Inspector Morse is a firm favourite in China, Japan and other neighbouring nations. It's possible that these people simply want to experience the beat of that fictional Oxfordshire detective. Then again, the way they come and go, and the lack of any documentary background to these visitors have led local people consider more outlandish possibilities. Somebody has suggested that this might be some form of social experiment. The people of Kidlington are being used as guinea pigs by psychologists on some kind of covert operation. Very sinister and not beyond possibility. See: However there are also similarities between this case and some men-in-black encounters. Men-in-black often have a foreign racial appearance and speak with strange accents. They react with surprise to completely normal objects and situations. They appear and disappear apparently from nowhere. They behave in an obtrusive and even antisocial manner with humans they target. Obviously I can't answer these questions right now. Nevertheless there is no excuse for me not to investigate personally because this is going on just a short bus-ride from where I live, so I'll be heading to the location shortly with my HPANWO TV camera.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Man killed in Driverless Car Crash

There has been a road traffic accident involving an autonomous vehicle that has resulted in a fatality. The events happened in Florida USA two months ago and involved a Tesla Model S Autopilot, an all-electric hatchback car which can be driven in either fully manual, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous mode; the last two only being available on certain roads. It was on one of these roads that the incident happened and the car was in its fully autonomous "Autopilot" mode. The car collided with a lorry which joined the road from a slipway in front of it. The automatic system did not apply the brakes when it should have because the camera didn't recognize the lorry. This was because the lorry was the same colour as the sunlit sky; a mistake no human driver would make. The car struck the lorry from behind and the sole occupant, Joshua Brown, was killed. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- the NHTSA, is investigating; but the car's designer, Elon Musk, has defended Tesla Motors' product (I must stress that, apart from the name, the car manufacturing company Tesla is not in any way connected to the great scientist and free energy inventor Nikola Tesla). Musk has pointed out that driving a conventional car with no automation has always been far from safe. Human drivers can get drunk, fall asleep and lose their tempers where automatic systems can't. In fact on average a human driver dies for every ninety-four million collective road miles. This is the first fatal accident ever in an autonomous car and they have currently clocked up about a hundred and thirty million miles. Nevertheless I would ask Musk how many of those miles were not from experimental runs with trained test drivers. Driverless car technology is still quite rare and exclusive; it is still in development. In this case the driver also allegedly breached a safety precaution. Tesla advises users to keep their hands on the steering wheel even when driving on fully autonomous mode, just in case there is a computer failure. Mr Brown apparently did not do this. Tesla and the rest of the industry are currently reassessing their safety features. Some commentators have dwelled on the fact that Joshua Brown was a Navy SEAL, a member of an American special forces unit; and they wonder if Tesla are involved with the government to test the driverless system's potential military applications. This is possible, but perhaps Brown's occupation was just coincidental. The concept of a car that can drive itself dates back almost a century, but it is only in the last few years that anything approaching practical development has been possible. The biggest obstacle has of course been safety, and many critics of driverless cars have long predicted an accident like the one described here. My own criticism of driverless or semi-autonomous motor vehicles is very different and I describe my position in detail in the background links below. I'm not only concerned about accidents but also the effect it would have on freedom of transport within society.

Friday 8 July 2016

Happy World Disclosure Day 2016!

July the 8th is World UFO Disclosure Day, and was awarded that status by Steve Becklow and Geoffrey West of the Paradigm Research Group in 2010. This is because it was on July the 8th 1947 that General Roger Ramey held a press conference in his office in Fort Worth, Texas where he put on display some wooden sticks and some loose, crumpled pieces of aluminium foil and told the world's media that this is what Major Jesse Marcel of the Roswell Army Air Force Base had mistaken for a UFO. He was lying. Today, sixty-nine years later, the Government are still lying. Many believe that this is the day that the decision was made to institute what Stephen Bassett calls the "Truth Embargo." Reporters were descending like locusts on Fort Worth and New Mexico and the Government was considering whether to continue with the original "Flying Disk" story, and so come clean that UFO's exist, or to cover it up; they opted for the latter (See newspaper pictures above). Personally I suspect that this decision was made many years earlier when the Government had to deal with similar incidents to Roswell before July of 1947 and they had a contingency plan already in place that simply broke down to begin with, see:, but the day of the scene in Gen. Ramey's office is still a fitting and symbolic historic moment that illustrates the subject well. I have my doubts about whether Disclosure, as it is conventionally defined, is possible, as I've said many times; like here: But there's a part of me that wants so badly for it to be true. The whole concept is so utterly intoxicating that I can't discard it. World UFO Disclosure Day will continue to be celebrated every July the 8th, but if... or when... Disclosure happens, it will instantly be moved to the day this occurs and celebrated on that day every succeeding year. HPANWO-Readers can personally endorse World Disclosure Day here:
Appropriately enough for the subject, there are some UFO stories to cover for this year's Disclosure Day. The first one combines another subject I'm obsessed with, the European Union Referendum. Last Tuesday week the president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Junckers, made an amazing statement to the European Parliament. He said that he had discussed his concerns about Brexit with the leaders of other planets. When the Commission published the official transcript it read: "I saw, and heard and listened to several planetary leaders..." Junckers is a Frenchman and was speaking in his own language. However the speech was filmed and you can clearly hear him say the words: "J’ai vu et entendu et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes..." Run that through Google Translate if you like. It's also been analyzed by members of the Project Avalon Forum whose mother tongue is French. They conclude that there is nothing oblique or idiomatic in this sentence. It can mean nothing other than: "I saw, and heard and listened to several leaders of other planets..." The president also refers to himself as a "human being" at one point, perhaps indicating that not all his audience are necessarily of our species. So does this mean Junckers has let it slip that the EU is in contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence? If so then they are clearly interested in earth's political affairs. Are they in favour of Brexit? I myself am very much, for example see:, and I would not change my mind because somebody on another planet disapproves. In fact I'd be suspicious of aliens who say things like: "We'll give you Disclosure if we can have 'world unity'." As Michael Salla points out in the link below, that's extremely petty, but also suspicious when I consider the deeply malevolent human elite who are driving towards that goal, see: I wonder what Nigel Farage thought when he heard that.
We also have another NASA whistleblower. Dr Ken Johnston (No relation to Miles) was a consultant to NASA, seconded by a company called Brown and Root, who worked on the Apollo moon programme. In 1971 he was involved in handling moon rock and processing photographs taken of the moon (Regular readers know that I question the official story of the moon landings, for example see:, but that is beside the point right now. I don't question that the Apollo programme launched astronauts into low Earth orbit or sent craft of one kind or another to the moon). He says that NASA doctored photographs released to the media because they contained images of UFO's and artificial structures on the lunar surface, see: Dr Johnston is not the first person involved with NASA to make this allegation, in fact he is at least the third. Donna Hare and Karl Wolf also have, see: This week also marks the twentieth anniversary of the mysterious Alien Interview film emerging in the media. This film is far less well-known than the infamous "Alien Autopsy" footage (see here for details:, but in my view it is far more evidentially significant, see: To celebrate the occasion I will be producing a special HPANWO Radio show featuring two researchers of the Alien Interview, Andrew Burlington and Sean David Morton; watch the HPANWO Radio blog on the links column for details coming up soon. Next year's World Disclosure Day it will be seventy years since the Roswell Incident. You can be sure that I will be marking this decade occasion very prominently... unless of course we have Disclosure within the next twelve months.
See here for more information on the ET Disclosure issue:

Thursday 7 July 2016

Is Ben Emlyn-Jones a Happy-Slapper?

A few weeks ago I was called a racist by a former friend of mine, and a guest on HPANWO Radio. I don't like speaking openly about my personal conflicts with other people, but sometimes it's necessary to. I don't waste my time responding to the usual array of meaningless insults and hate mail I get, if for no other reason than I would have no time to do anything else; but I am compelled to when their statement includes serious defamation of character, and I did, see: This has now happened again, so soon afterwards. This latest incident was one I expected and was bracing myself for. It is directly related to the controversy surrounding the recent Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference, see: In this case I'm not going to identify my antagonist simply because I think their primary motive is self-publicity and I don't wish to aid them in their quest. Their thousand-word statement about me was posted on their website yesterday. The greater part of it is simply noise. I've discussed this with a few other people and they understand what it's like when you encounter a verbally-aggressive person and there is absolutely no way to defend yourself verbally. It is utterly futile to tell them things like: "But that's not true/not fair because...". Everything you say to them, any word that could possibly come out of your mouth, will be turned into ammunition to be fired back at you. This is because your opponent is not trying to make a rational argument; they are trying to engage you in an angry exchange of insults. It doesn't matter to them whether what they've said is true or not, or fair or not. All that matters to them is that it is inflammatory and wounding. My former YouTube friend Slaxxxer is remarkably similar to my latest attacker, see here for details: and: I've become fascinated with Stefan Molyneux's lectures on sophistry, for example see: and: The attack on me posted yesterday fits exactly with what Molyneux predicts in the above links. It contains an excessive number of adjectives, I'm addressed by name more often than normal, and it is an acid bath of rhetoric. Every word of it is false and unjust, and the author knows that. As I said, there is no way I can possibly counter any of it through reply. Rational debate is only possible with somebody else who respects the rules. My only possible response would be to hurl mindless abuse back at them. However there is one part of this nonsensical tirade that I have to address in detail because it could potentially cast me into ill repute: "...and also you're a happy-slapper? I heard a rumour so it must be true, eh? Shall I go around telling everyone that it is absolute fact you got sacked for slapping a colleague with special needs while filming it? Do I know that happened? No I don't, no one does, only you." This person is very crafty and is aware of legal parameters. Notice how they word the statement as a question? "But I'm not accusing you, Ben. I'm just posing the possibility, voicing the rumour that we've all heard." This person also never states my full name; they only ever refer to me as "Ben" or "BEJ". This way they can always claim that they are addressing somebody else and any resemblance to me is purely coincidental. While doing this they know very well that anybody who reads this piece of writing and is familiar with my published works will instantly recognize me from it. The "happy-slapping" this person refers to is the most grotesque thing Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust tried to label me with when they were crowbarring me out of my job in 2012. They accused me of bullying another porter. What had really happened was that I and another member of staff decided to make a comedy video together for our own mutual amusement and post it on HPANWO TV. This person was a very close friend of mine at work (Still is I hope) and I’d never dream of doing anything to harm him. This porter is a grown man in the same age group as myself; however because he suffers from a comparatively minor learning difficulty and is registered as a vulnerable adult, my accusers reduced this completely harmless, enjoyable and innocent project to a sadistic and cowardly attack on my part. Happy-slapping is when children attack other children, usually when their victims are smaller or outnumbered, and film the assault on their mobile phones, see here for more details: I hope that clarifies the matter. I'd like to be able to leave this situation alone now, but I can't. My antagonist has also carried out a harsher and far more sustained assault on a good friend of mine, so I will be returning to this subject again in the near future in order to defend him.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Blair exonerated at Chilcot

Sir John Chilcot has published the report of his inquiry into the Iraq war of 2003, the first time the United Kingdom has invaded and occupied a foreign state since Germany in 1945. This was a hazard for Tony Blair, the Prime Minister at the time, because under the Nuremburg war crimes code, the legal system used during the German occupation against the leaders of the deposed Nazi regime, he could have been legitimately prosecuted. Sir John concluded that: "Judgements about the severity of the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, 'WMD', were presented with a certainty that was not justified. Policy on the Iraq invasion was made on the basis of flawed intelligence assessments. It was not challenged and should have been. The circumstances in which it was decided that there was a legal basis for UK military action were far from satisfactory. Despite explicit warnings, the consequences of the invasion were underestimated. The planning and preparations for Iraq after Saddam Hussein were wholly inadequate. Mr Blair overestimated his ability to influence US decisions on Iraq; and the UK's relationship with the US does not require unconditional support. Ministerial discussion which encourages frank and informed debate and challenge is important; as is ensuring civilian and military arms of government are properly equipped. In future, all aspects of any intervention need to be calculated, debated and challenged with rigour..." Mr Blair will not however face any criminal charges. Interestingly, one of the most prominent figures in the movement to charge Blair as a war criminal is Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Opposition, see: At the moment there is an insidious attack on his leadership and an attempt to remove him from office run mostly by Tony Blair's supporters in the Labour Party. This is one of those situations where one can only cry...

Monday 4 July 2016

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 19

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 19 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 19 includes an article in my column, entitled: On the Feasibility of Willing Disclosure. Are the governments of the world about to confess all the secrets they have on the UFO subject? Is such a confession even politically possible?

Also you will find in Issue 19: "Debunkdom" by Stanton Friedman, UFO's over Kazakhstan by Paul Stonehill, a new UFO sighting in south Wales and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 18:

Saturday 2 July 2016

Royal Troon admits Women

The Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland has decided to admit both male and female members after a long period of controversy. In January it was barred from staging the Open Championship for the first time in over a hundred and forty years because of its men-only membership policy. However it has now changed that policy "overwhelmingly" at a special members' meeting. The club's captain Martin Cheyne said: "We have said a number of times recently that it is important for golf clubs to reflect the society in which we exist and the modern world that looks to us. Therefore, I am delighted with the decision taken by members of Royal Troon this evening and look forward to welcoming women to our great Club. It is the right decision for the Club today, and for the generations of golfers that will follow." There is no need for me to restate the double-standards inherent in this saga or the danger it poses to human mental and social integrity; please see the background links for more detail. It's not even as if Royal Troon is a public institution like the railways. It is a private organization. There is no justification for the removal of male spaces and therefore a breach of the universal right to free association. This is why feminists will refuse to discuss it; it endures through dedicated non-discussion. The few pundits willing to speak out at all just mutter incoherencies about "white, heterosexual male privilege"; but I think such privilege is a myth. Thankfully we have popular voices speaking out from the other side like Milo Yiannopolous, see:, and Sargon of Akkad, see: It has occurred to me that I am privileged, but not in the way the SJW's think. I enjoyed a male space for most of my life. Hospital portering has always been a male-dominated profession. There are women in the service, but nowhere more than 10%; usually much less. Why? Because hospital portering is a dirty, low-paid unglamourous job.