Thursday 30 March 2023

Citizens on Patrol!

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The title of this article does not refer to one of the more original (comparatively) comedy films of the Police Academy series, it refers to an action some local residents in Oxford have taken upon themselves to do once the local traffic neighbourhood bollards started being knocked down. Seeing as the council was so half-hearted in enforcing the infamous pilot scheme the community started repairing the barriers themselves and sometimes even policing them in person, which is what you see in this video: As I said in the background article, I think I understand why these people would want to do such a thing, but I oppose what they are doing completely. They don't realize that they are forging their own shackles, saving the state the effort of doing so. David Icke once did a speech where he compares humanity to a flock of sheep. However there is one crucial difference. As he says, "We have dispensed with the sheepdog. We police each other!" Source:

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Bases Conference 2023 Promo

A discussion between myself and Miles Johnston of the Bases Project promoting the upcoming Bases 2023 Conference, see:
The conference will take place on Saturday the 20th of May. The venue is Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5ES and starts at 10 AM. Tickets cost £30. The speakers are: Gary Heseltine, Tina Bird, Mark Pilkington and Alexander Quinn. Details:

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Steve Mumbling- Failure to Present

A new video on the Apollo Detectives YouTube channel in which Randy Walsh and Marcus Allen review the recent "interview" with Steve Mumbling; it includes some clips of myself, see:
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Sunday 26 March 2023

Crop Circle TV Nostalgia

The 2023 crop circle season is about to begin; what it will produce, we'll have to wait and see. Therefore it seems fitting that I came across a vintage TV talk show about crop circles on YouTube. It was broadcast on the 16th of May 1990 and is from a series I remember well called Central Weekend. This was an ITV late night programme similar in format to the BBC's Question Time, but with a wider scope that covered more than just politics. This episode is about crop circles and features a few familiar faces, although obviously looking much younger than they do today, such as Colin Andrews, Jenny Randles and Busty Taylor. The programme will definitely astonish the modern UFOlogical viewer with its seriousness and sheer honesty. This far exceeds even the post-2017 renaissance typified by pundits like Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Personally, I found watching it an emotional experience; loaded with that untranslatable Welsh word hiraeth. It was just a year later than everything changed. The Today newspaper rolled off the press with the huge lurid headline FOOLED YOU! It showed a photograph of Douglas Bowers and David Chorley, two elderly Wiltshire men who confessed to having made the crop circles themselves using simple tools. They had been hoaxing them nationwide since 1976 when on their way home from a pub one night they had used a ladder to make a structure in a wheat field that they called a "nest". It's interesting that the word confession was used again and again in every article dropping this bombshell; however, it is a perfect example of the "CTCS" that I detail in my recent skeptic lecture, see: Even before then, Colin Andrews and his colleague Pat Delgado were duped by the government. There was an official investigation by DEFRA that worked alongside the research project Colin talks about in the programme, but they tricked him into looking in the wrong locations while the government themselves gathered all the data. The tone of crop circle and UFO reports in the British media totally transformed overnight from sober discussion to flippant mockery. Source:
This informational Dark Age dragged on almost uninterrupted from 1991 until 2017. The real hoax was actually not Doug and Dave fooling the world, but the government using Doug and Dave, along with other methods, to fool the world. I'm ashamed to say that I fell for that scam. I, like almost everybody, lost interest in crop circles for years. It was only when I saw Andy Thomas on an obscure afternoon programme with Esther Rantzen that I gasped and asked myself: "What!? Is it still going on?" I find it especially ironic that at the same time I am watching this, I have open an article by John Greenwald announcing that the US government is refusing to release any information related to "Objectgate", see the background links for detail. Source: The cover-up goes on, but documents like that 1990 TV show remind us that it doesn't have to be like this. We can do better; we have had better. If we never let ourselves forget that, how much longer can the cover-up go on?
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Friday 24 March 2023

Proper LTN Bollards

Oxfordshire County Council, in their beneficence, are doubling down on their plans for local traffic neighbourhoods. Previously the barriers were blocked by crude moulded plastic bollards that were useless because cars could just drive over them and knock them down. Most LTN barriers were therefore happily opened in this way. They have now been closed again with semi-permanent bollards made from hardwood shells with a metal core (To think trees had to die to create these monstrosities!). They are sealed with a padlock and can be pulled up if somebody opens them with a key (if only the keys could be copied!). I've seen dustmen doing this and it took a good few minutes for them to pass through the barrier; God help us if an ambulance has to! However, these new bollards are not indestructible. There are tools that could destroy them. Now, obviously I cannot advocate for any action that breaks the law, but... if I saw anybody "doing something" to an LTN, I would write a letter to the police straight away! I must say, I sympathize with some of the people who support LTN's; I understand why they do it. Several residential streets in Oxford have become rat runs. I used to live on the road you see in the photo above and it was constantly clogged with through traffic. Crossing the road was very difficult and several times emergency vehicles had trouble getting through. However, the LTN's are not the solution to that problem. The desire for quieter and safer streets to live in is bait in the trap. This is a situation David Icke would call "problem-reaction-solution". Nothing is ever improved by adding a thousand government dictates to it.
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Thursday 23 March 2023

Leon Southgate on Timeslips

I did an interesting HPANWO Radio show a while ago with Nik Hayes and Leon Southgate, see: Now Leon has written an article called An Orgonomic Theory of Time Part One- Previous Time Theories. It's very interesting because he addresses various theories of time. We may think we all know what time is and that it is easy to define that knowledge, but that's not true. For instance, when you say something is the "present" it cannot be so because the moment you are aware of it, it becomes the past. The present is a point with no temporal dimensions at all; it is a border rolling forward from the past to the future. And what are past and future. Is the past fixed and the future highly changeable, or is it the other way round? Phenomena such as premonitions and the Mandela Effect invert that possibility. David Icke sees time as a "loop", like a groove on a media disk. However, how come it can then be different on one play to the next? Albert Einstein thought that the speed of time could change according to motion; it was the speed of light that is fixed. Other scientists questioned this; however that was unfortunately after Einstein became the "current thing" and so those other scientists were ignored. Quantum physics was more successful, for example it demonstrates that in the world of subatomic particles there is no limit on communication over a distance, which indicates information travels between them instantaneously, in other words possibly at an infinite speed. Although the father of Orgonomy, Wilhelm Reich himself, did not comment on the nature of time, Leon thinks it is similar to Hegel's, that the future is created as a synthesis of forces split in the past and reunited. I sometimes wonder if time has more than one dimension; see the background link below to my review of The Langoliers.
When it comes to time travel, most physicists regard the Einsteinian model as correct, meaning travelling into the future is comparatively easy; just move through space very fast and you'll manage it. Travelling into the past is supposedly impossible for various reasons, the most comprehensive of which is causality paradoxes. However, there are interesting instances where people appear to have at least perceived the past, even if they haven't literally visited it. Remote viewers sometimes latch onto a vision that is not just in a different place, but a different time; before or after the present day. There's apparently a street in Liverpool where this regularly happens. Readers may have already guessed that Leon brings up my own timeslip experience during the Bases at the Black Swan event a few years ago where I saw a very vivid immersive apparition of the function room from about a century ago, see: Leon also mentions my doppelgänger encounter, see: This is a proper scientific essay and therefore some of its statements may be initially hard to understand. You might have to look up a few words and individuals. It's worth persevering with though. Source: There is now a part two recently published, see:
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Tuesday 21 March 2023


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Something very strange happened today that might even be another personal case of electronic voice phenomenon. I woke up as usual this morning and made a cup of tea. As I was drinking it I reviewed a recent HPANWO TV video; this is a morning habit of mine. My PC was switched off so I used my mobile phone, tapping in to my domestic Wi-Fi. Here is the video I was watching: I heard something at one point that alerted me. I stopped the recording, rewound it and listened to it again. It was still there. I tried it a third time to be certain. I wasn't sure what to do at that point. I had to leave for work within a few minutes and, for security reasons, I never log into my primary Google account on my phone, only my spare one. I thought I'd try and alert my viewers with a video comment, so I wrote: "2:12:40 What's that noise?" I've had no replies underneath, so I don't know if any viewers also detected it. Another reason for commenting straight away is that it is good to have some notification for the historical record; it was the best I could do at the time. The anomalous sound I heard was what resembled a male human voice uttering a single word: "What." (I've deliberately left the question mark out, because punctuation implies speculated meaning. There was also no intonation in the voice and with questions we tend instinctively to raise our voice pitch at the end of the word or phrase.) I went to work intending to deal with the issue some more as soon as I got home. When I returned in the middle of the afternoon I fired up the PC and was astonished, and a little disappointed, to find that the anomaly had gone. At some point during the day it had vanished from the soundtrack as if it had never been there. This means that if no other viewer heard it too, then I can't prove that I hadn't imagined it or it was some transient artefact of my phone's reception. I think this is unlikely because I replayed the recording three times and it was present throughout; but I can't prove it. So if you were watching the above HPANWO TV video yesterday and you heard anything out of the ordinary, please get in touch. This is not the first time something odd like this has happened; see the background link above and here for Trevor and my subsequent analysis: Could this be a real EVP? Possibly. It's a shame that, unlike the example on the Third Rail show, this one has now gone and so cannot be studied. If it comes back I'll write an update.
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Sunday 19 March 2023

Anthony Peake at Watkins Books

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The official video of Anthony Peake book launch has been published. This took place Thursday the 9th of February at Watkins Books, a London bookshop that specializes in esoteric, occult and spiritual subjects since 1897. Thirty-four minutes in you will hear me ask Anthony a question. Source: The book Cheating The Ferryman can be found at all good bookshops, see:

Saturday 18 March 2023

The Afterlife and Jews

(I bet you somebody finds a reason to ban this article for hate speech!)
I came across an interesting sermon by a rabbi called Simon Jacobson who addresses some subjects that makes me think he is revealing some secrets from inside closed Jewish sects. Judaism is a religion with a huge amount of variety, almost as much as Hinduism; and this has led to a lot of internal conflict. There's an old joke that if Robinson Crusoe had been Jewish he would have built two synagogues on his island; one to worship in and one to refuse to worship in. Rabbi Jacobson's video has the most intriguing title: Why Jewish Knowledge of Reincarnation was Kept Secret. He begins by explaining the popular New Age refrain: we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And, like the New Age, he discusses the difference between soul and body and asks if we have had past lives before the one we are currently living. He brings forward evidence in the form of déjà vu. He uses the analogy of a fridge and electricity, which is the equivalent of the old TV set and radio waves one, to illustrate the difference between body and soul. He also seems to understand Karma in a similar way to the Hindus and neopagans. According to the Hebrew Bible and Talmud, human souls after death go to a place called Sheol or Olam Haba in which souls live together without personality or strength, in a state known as "shade". Depending on the specific teaching, the souls may or may not be separated according to their earthly conduct. There is no concept of eternal damnation or Hell in the Christian sense. These souls would only be resurrected after the Eschaton and the arrival of the Messiah, see here for details: and:
Despite the above orthodox teachings, many Jews still believe in reincarnation. They cite several biblical passages, including the best known, John's Gospel 1-21 where somebody asks Jesus: "Are you Elijah?" meaning the prophet Elijah from the Book of Kings. The questioner must therefore believe in reincarnation. Jews even have a name for it: Gilgul, literally "wheel", illustrating the notion as a recurring cycle. This is a common folk belief, especially among the Ashkenazim, the world's largest Jewish ethnicity. Source: Rabbi Jacobson's lecture reminds me of Anthony Peake, see: The rabbi's theory about the secrecy of reincarnation is not political, but theological; he says souls only have very limited past life memory, if any, so that we can play our role in our current incarnation with fresh minds, unaware of the bigger picture that might influence us. He compares it to watching a play and obeying spoiler alerts. This is also a common idea in other faiths. According to the Greeks, there was a river between the world of the living and the dead called Styx and those who crossed it lost all memory of the life they had just completed. An equivalent in popular culture is from the Wachowski's The Matrix film where the Oracle lies to Neo and then later tells him: "there's a difference between walking the path and knowing it." I don't doubt that idea. If I've had a million past lives, for instance, what would I do with all those memories? However, I think there's a political element to the matter which is strangely equivalent to the UFO cover-up, see the background links below for details. Rabbi Jacobson expresses no knowledge of this and I'm curious to know if he understands it. I find ideas most interesting when different people independently converge of them from separate perspectives. This makes them far more likely to be true.
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Friday 17 March 2023

Roald Dahl Memory Holed

There must be very few people alive today who have not in some way been influenced by Roald Dahl, primarily in their childhood. Between 1943 and 1990 the Anglo-Norwegian author penned seventeen marvellous children's books that are some of the most popular and classic stories anybody has ever grown up with. They have sold millions and have been translated into all the world's principle languages. They are perfect for young readers with their solid moral logic, irreverent black comedy and caricatured villains. Most have been adapted more than once into films, stage shows and musicals. Dahl also wrote poetry and some short story anthologies for adults. Therefore the lovers of his work were universally horrified when we found out that it was to receive the Winston Smith treatment. How this came about is a tragic story. Roald Dahl died in 1990. His publisher was Puffin Books, a children's imprint of Penguin; while his copyright is managed by the Roald Dahl Story Company, an organization set up by the people who inherited his copyright. By some process I don't know about... and don't really want to... the copyright passed to, of all people, Netflix, the same TV platform that has just butchered JRR Tolkien. Dahl has been criticized throughout his career for themes in his literature that are supposedly "anti-Semitic!", "racist!" and "misogynist!" etc. In fact as long ago as 1973 Dahl agreed to make a minor edit to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to make it clear the Oompa-Loompas has white skin. However much worse was to come. In 2023 the publisher announced a new edition of Dahl's canon with hundreds of changes. They hired "sensitivity editors" to alter "potentially offensive!" words or phrases. For example the Cloud Men in James and the Giant Peach are now "cloud people" and the word "fat" has been omitted from the descriptions of Augustus Gloop and Aunt Sponge. The outcry against this revision has not been universal. That horrid little SJW thug Philip Pullman (who sadly still writes very good books), even wished Roald Dahl would "fade away". Source:
However the opposition has been much louder than the approval. It has included such prominent figures as Salman Rushdie and Queen Camilla. I am happy to say that Puffin have caved in under the pressure. In February they announced that there would be two new editions, not one. The revised edition would proceed, but alongside it readers could choose the "Roald Dahl Classic Collection" if they prefer. This one has the original content left intact. Guess which edition will sell the most! I'm very relieved at this news; however the general danger has not gone away. The publishers of Ian Fleming's original James Bond novels, which spawned one of the world's most popular film franchises, has announced they are revising all the text to remove "racist language and depictions!" What's more, something else has happened that I warned about years ago: e-book publications of Roald Dahl are automatically updating to the new politically correct edition. This means that even if you purchased the text in its original form your reader will automatically change it to the new one without your consent. See here for background: This is why my own books will never be on Amazon Kindle or any other e platform! So the rebellion against the Ministry of Truth is not over; it is only just beginning. We have won a battle, but there will be plenty of future ones to be fought. This article is a call to arms.
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Wednesday 15 March 2023

UFO Endgame to Disclosure- Review

Today a new film by Dr Steven Greer premiered. It's a bit confusing because for the last few months Dr Greer has been talking endlessly about his prospective new documentary entitled The Lost Century; yet this one is called UFO Endgame to Disclosure. Greer's documentaries are often criticized for being unoriginal and repetitive. I'm not sure that's completely fair. They are designed to be all self-contained and therefore do reiterate many of the same points, like David Icke's books; however, I would say it is now overdue for Greer to produce something different, something aimed towards at least the intermediately knowledgeable. For this reason I won't stress points I've made previously about Greer, for example see: and the background link below. The centrepiece of UFO Endgame to Disclosure is, predictably, a sequence of Dr Greer himself wandering around Washington DC wearing an assortment of tight fitting shirts. This anchor scene cuts to vignettes of various kinds and a number of interviews with a few individuals most readers will recognize; Michael Schratt, Billy Carson, John DeSouza, Avi Loeb and several others. The general theme, once again, is that ET Disclosure is an issue that has always completely revolved around Dr Steven Greer and any upstart who claims otherwise is a shill. Despite this bias, there are some interesting interviews and recordings. like with Congressman Tim Burchett, who has been a real hero when it comes to UAP transparency. John DeSouza claims Tic-Tacs are not ET, but are in fact manmade alien reproduction vehicles. I doubt that for several reasons that I explain elsewhere, for example: That being said however, John brings up the possibility of a fake alien invasion, "the last card", and this is a legitimate concern. It can't be ruled out that the psychological and cultural ground is being prepared by flying ARV's around where people can see them specifically to make us think they are extraterrestrial. Billy Carson believes the global order is being prepared for a war in space, and Greer thinks Trump's Space Force is all about that. Even firemen are receiving UFO crash retrieval instructions. Michael Schratt mentions an incident he heard happened in 1951 at the Pentagon, not long after the building was constructed, in which a staffer inadvertently saw an alien preserved in a jar. Stories like this have appeared elsewhere, for example:
According to Steven Greer's thesis, alien abduction is another one of these psychological frauds. He accuses Kit Green along with others of perpetrating them. He cites a 1990's book by Jacques Vallee, one that I've not read, in which the CIA performed MilAbs against South American civilians and made them look like alien abductions. Even if this is true it in no way explains the entire alien contact phenomenon, which is richer, deeper, more varied and much older than any "stagecraft". Michael Schratt states something similar about crash-retrievals. When an ARV or manmade antigravity craft crashes, it is not just covered up, it is positively set up to make it look like an ET craft to help confuse the issue and bury the secret even deeper. I consider that very unlikely. The notion that UFO's and aliens are some kind of engineered neo-mythology created as psychological warfare to launder more down-to-earth covert projects is not very original and it is in fact somewhat fashionable at the moment. It is actually rather implausible when you consider how easily and badly it could backfire. Drawing somebody's attention towards something with the ultimate objective of deflecting it away is a very risky gambit, so much so that I think we can reject it on theoretical grounds. It's like a bank robber jumping up and down on top of his buried stash in a striped jersey and face mask every time a police car drives past, waving a placard stating: THERE IS NO STOLEN CASH HIDDEN HERE, JUST THE BONES OF A UNICORN! How long would it take for somebody to realize what was really going on? The famous Cash-Landrum sighting from 1980 was apparently an ARV. Greer says he knows because of testimony from an intelligence source; hopefully not Richard Doty. There is a brief clip of Mike Ruppert in a press conference which is very sad to watch considering his fate. At the end of the film, the subject of drama comes up; you can't get away from it! Lue Elizondo and some of his acquaintances have accused Greer and a few other people of having secret criminal records. I don't know if this is true or false and, to be honest, I don't care. Greer is hardly a twittering wallflower when it comes to infighting himself, so as far as I'm concerned he can take care of that angle himself. I was hoping there would be an update on the amazing photograph revealed in The Cosmic Hoax, but it is not mentioned in this film. Maybe it will be in Greer's next one. I'm not sure if UFO Endgame to Disclosure is the only film Greer plans to release in the coming year of whether it is only a prelude and that The Lost Century is still heading for our screens. Maybe it is instead a replacement. As usual, I have mixed feelings about Dr Steven Greer's latest visual achievement. It can see watched on all major streaming platforms now.
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Monday 13 March 2023

Substack Exclusive Notice 12/2/23

I have published an article on the HPANWO Free Substack blog that will not be posted to Blogger, see:

Sunday 12 March 2023

Ben Emlyn-Jones on ParaTalk 2

I have been featured on the ParaTalk show with Reeves Cooke, see:
Subjects discussed include: the recent UFO flap in North America, the feasibility of willing Disclosure, are we being visited by aliens? and much much more.
See here for my previous appearance on ParaTalk:

Monday 6 March 2023

Portal Caught on Film

My friends The Crafty Nihilist have sent me a terrifying document. It is an interview from LA Marzulli, producer of the Watchers film series. He interviews a man called Scott Carpenter who is an explorer and Bigfoot hunter. His methods are unusual. He carries a bodycam, but attaches it to his back pointing behind him. He believes Bigfoot and associated beasts will more often approach a human from behind to avoid being seen. Back in 2010 or 2011 he was heading off on a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south-eastern United States; and his backwards camera then captured something extraordinary. This was not in some remote area. It was in a well-known beauty spot popular with ramblers and he was just a short walk from the car park. On the path where he had just passed, about a hundred feet behind him, a circular or spherical zone appears which causes everything inside it and behind it to look watery and translucent. Immediately afterwards a being materializes inside it that is humanoid and very large. It looks to me very much like a grey alien. It has a large elongated head, like that of some of the sculptures found in Egypt, South America and many other places. Marzulli calls these creatures "Nephilim" after the "giant" beings mentioned in the Bible; Genesis chapter 6. Scott does not notice anything amiss at the time and only spots the anomaly later when he reviewed the film. I'm glad to hear that he works closely with David Paulides. The latter is a former police detective who is investigating mysterious disappearances. He has just released the third in his documentary film series Missing 411 which has the subtitle The UFO Connection. Source: I wonder if his next film will be called "The Portal Connection". The Crafty Nihilist believes reports like these are becoming more common; as if the veil between the worlds is thinning. Liz has made a video explaining a bit of background:
It is interesting that there is a granite outcrop at the point in Scott Carpenter's video where this zone appears. According to Paulides, the presence of granite in the local geology is a recurring factor in the mysterious disappearances. Source: Granite is an igneous rock, meaning it forms when magma, hot liquefied rock, cools and sets. It contains quartz which is sometimes mentioned as having properties that might help open portals. It is piezoelectric, which means it can gather an electrical charge when it is squeezed or rubbed. It is also radioactive. It vibrates with very regular timing in an electromagnetic field which is why is used in some clocks. It is frightening to think that the portal with the creature in it might be the last thing the Missing 411 people see in this world. Did I see that when I had missing time, but can't remember? See: and: You might argue that what Scott filmed was just an effect of camera blur or pareidolia, but he is not the only one. In Paulides' second film The Hunted, he features Jan Maccabee who was hunting with a bow and arrow and saw something similar; what's more she managed to get a mobile phone photo of it. This was not in a wilderness area at all; it was actually in the middle of a town in some woods just a hundred yards from her back garden. Source: If portals are becoming more common then it is alarming, but also interesting. What is causing them? CERN? Or a natural process? Liz thinks it's natural, but that the Illuminati are aware of the phenomenon. Indeed, Scott also said the government know these things are happening. This might explain their interest in the mysterious missing people and how the FBI and Department of Homeland Security sometimes help trying to find them when it should be the task of local police forces and specialist search and rescue teams. There are a lot more reports emerging about this phenomenon and I'll cover them in a later article if necessary.
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Sunday 5 March 2023

UFO Truth Magazine- Issue 59

UFO Truth Magazine Issue 59 is now available. It can be purchased on this page as a single copy, but please subscribe and save money if you want to read it regularly, see:
Issue 59 includes an article in my column entitled Objects Galore!.
Also you will find in Issue 59: Gary's new book, alien clothing, the 2022 UAP report and much much more.
Also in this HPANWO Show programme I interview the UFO Truth Magazine's editor Gary Heseltine:
See here for details on UFO Truth Magazine Issue 58:

Friday 3 March 2023

New Corridor in Pyramid

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The smaller of the two voids in the Great Pyramid has had its existence officially confirmed. The Egyptian Antiquities department held a huge international press conference in a marquee beside the Pyramid to announce the discovery and reveal the proof. The void is actually what looks like a short corridor thirty feet long and seven feet wide. It lies just behind the chevron blocks that are embedded in the wall just above the Pyramid outer entrance. It was announced that the archaeologists had made the discovery by inserting a tiny camera and light through an erosion gap between the chevron stones. The corridor is made of roughly hewn stone blocks and has a sloped ceiling, reflecting an architectural feature found elsewhere in the monument. It contains no objects and appears to lead nowhere except to a bare wall, although it does slope up slightly at the far end. It must have been an amazing experience to be at that press conference and know you are the first people to see that location since the monument was built 4,500 years ago (maybe longer, according to some researchers). Its function is unknown, but it might be part of the supporting structure for another chamber beneath it; it might even somehow be part of a stack of spaces designed to support the access tunnel entrance. A similar technique was used to build the roof of the King's Chamber. Source: This discovery demonstrates that muography works. No doubt the archaeologists will now turn their attention to the much larger void above the Grand Gallery. Can this be revealed in the same way? If not then would it be permitted to drill an artificial hole? Probably not. It's incredible to realize that early explorers simply blew apart bits of the Pyramids with dynamite; but those days are thankfully over. Despite all this, I've heard from a friend of mine who used to live in Egypt that this "secret" has been known about already for some time and that it was only announced because Zahi Hawass wanted to steal all the glory. Hawass is the former Minister for Antiquities and he is notorious for blocking archaeology projects that threaten the official historical narrative of Giza. Here he is losing his temper with Graham Hancock, see: He insists on claiming the credit for every new breakthrough made in Egypt. Here's another example:

Wednesday 1 March 2023

New Brexit Deal

The unelected steward, the man known by several nicknames depending on who is addressing him; "Brussels Rishi", me; "Rashid Sanook", Joe Biden; "Fishy Rishi", half of all social media political pundits; and "Rishi Washi", the other half... has signed a new Brexit deal with the European Union. Its principle aim, supposedly, is to try and weigh the anchor that was the original Northern Ireland Protocol and replace it with something better. The new deal will separate imports from the UK remaining in the province and those destined to go south into the Irish Republic. Special customs labelling will be used to sort them. A lot of the restrictions that have been in place for the last few years, essentially making Northern Ireland a BINO state (Brexit in name only), will be lifted. The UK will also be allowed to collect import and export duty on certain products; like alcohol and, strangely, heat pumps. Sunak has completed the agreement in a Windsor meeting with the EU Commission president Ursula von der Layen. Then, in accordance with tradition, they had tea with the King. The finer practices of the new deal will be worked out as time goes on, including how to stop smuggling. The Northern Ireland Assembly will also have the right to preview the agreement and can apply a "brake" if necessary. Source: The media is full of politicians and journalists giving their opinion about how good or bad they think the new deal is. Personally, I'm not decided. It sounds very complicated and probably will be hard to enforce. For example, once somebody has imported a product to Northern Ireland, what's to prevent them simply repackaging it and sending it south to avoid the import duty? Source: What I am certain of is that from the very beginning of the Brexit process, Northern Ireland has been used as an artificial obstacle to try and derail it. The border between the province and Eire was set up over a hundred years ago and, until Brexit, was one of the most functional in history. The only way there can be problems with that border and Britain's independence from the EU is if they were manufactured by remoaners for the sole purpose of sabotage. This fact has to be realized if the political classes, who are all globalist remoaners, are not going to have their way and suck the country back into the European empire.
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