Saturday 14 January 2023

Oxford Fights Back!

See here for essential background:
I am not alone! An entire movement has emerged to oppose this terrible new policy that OCC are imposing on us. It is called "Not Our Future", see: They have carried out a mass leafleting event in Oxford. Source: On Saturday the 18th there is going to be a huge protest in Oxford. Mark Devlin and myself will be there, see: Please give as much support as you can to this group, especially if you live in Oxford. Come along to the February protest. Also we must resist on mass to these new lockdown rules.
See here for background:


Snarnok said...

They want to introduce the same scheme in Canterbury as well. I hope they become inspired to have a protest there after this one in Oxford. These schemes by the power elite, such as this one, will never work as they are so unrealistically impractical.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Snarnok. Yes, they really have overreached. They're rushing, and that when they make mistakes.