Thursday 30 April 2015

GMO Labelling made Law

A court in Vermont USA made a landmark ruling that means all food products sold in the state must declare on their label if they contain genetically modified organisms. This is a welcome development and will hopefully open the floodgates to a legal precedent; I hope to see more cases like it soon. This means that Vermont joins that gallant brigade which include the European Union, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia (of course!), China, India and hopefully soon Israel that require GMO food to be labelled as such. The United States of America is currently the front line in the battle between natural food and industrial GMO's, although the US Federal Government has not stepped in yet. The drive to label food which contains GMO's has been bitterly opposed by Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta and the rest of the agro-bio-chemical industry. They claim that their products have been tested and found to be safe therefore labelling them would be misleading and alarmist for the public. However, a look at the background links below calls that into question I'd say. This is a serious matter because there are moves afoot to go one step further and even outlaw voluntary independent labelling by retailers and manufacturers, see: The real reason Monsanto et al want to stop GMO food being labelled is because they know damn well that it would rot on the shelves! Consumer surveys show again and again that people are aware of GMO food and don't want it. This means Monsanto has to trick us into eating it. I'm glad about this news from Vermont, but I'm not complacent. The GMO agenda will not give up that easily; they have other tricks up their sleeve. One of those is to contaminate farms beyond those it actively plants so that it becomes harder and harder to find food that does not contain some of its toxins, see background links below. Already the US organic food regulators have found trace amounts of GMO in organic produce. We in Britain are lucky enough to have the Soil Association, a very conservative and stringent authority that insists on a ceiling of less than 0.1% contamination, yet in the United States food can be advertised as organic with up to 3% contamination; this is a concession they have made effectively to save their industry because of the effect of GMO contagion. So we must keep up the pressure and take action in our own lives; all grocery customers must insist on top quality natural food; if your retailer won't provide it, go somewhere else. Ideally grow your own if you can. And keep spreading the word. We have public opinion on our side, all people need is the right information.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

The End of Parapsychology?

According to a leading academic expert in paranormal research, the age of ghost hunting is drawing to a close. Dr Caroline Watt works as a paranormal investigator at the Arthur Koestler Parapsychology Unit at Edinburgh University. She has recently done an interview with New Scientist in which she predicts that academic parapsychology will simply be absorbed into existing psychology and neuroscience; perhaps something like Prof. Chris French’s “anomalistic psychology”, see: She says that all spooky experiences, from ghosts to precognitive dreams to ESP, will soon all be explicable within the parameters of conventional science. She states that none of her team have ever found any evidence for any of the subjects they have investigated and perhaps it’s now time to call it a day. I have not read Dr Watt’s original interview, but this is a commentary of it, see: If it is an accurate commentary, it strikes me as intellectually lazy on her part. Dr Watt is not really saying anything original; this premise has been the basis of Skeptic anti-supernatural  science for decades. It’s the same line Prof. Richard Wiseman lays out in his book Paranormality, see: It’s also very simplistic. It’s “all in your head!” Her studies of supposedly haunted places like Hampton Court and the Edinburgh Vaults have revealed that these locations create strange experiences due to non-supernatural factors; she said: “We built a map of the ghostly hotspots and then we took physical measurements, such as the light level, draughts, temperature, humidity and so on; and tried to find if there were any physical factors that might be leading people to have strange experiences. We found that aspects of the physical environment were associated with people's spooky experiences.” I’m guessing she also means things like magnetic fields, infrasonic vibrations and other phenomena that can effect brain function. However this doesn’t explain the recent BBC programme filmed in the Edinburgh Vaults that picked up distinct electronic voice phenomena- EVP, see: As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I take a healthy interest in all things that go bump in the night, see background links below, and I have to question why it is that institutions like the Koestler Unit are not achieving the same results that their non-academic counterparts are. Amateur ghost-hunters and media personalities involved in psychical research do the same studies, sometimes very professionally and scientifically, and gather a massive amount of positive data. In the background links below is a HPANWO Radio interview with Don Philips and Steve Mera who are producing a new mainstream TV show about a proper scientific investigation into spectral phenomena. One of the two sides has made a big mistake. The conventional gut reaction is to assume that it’s not the academic experts who have erred; after all, they are the ones who sit in the seat of knowledge, whose job it is to know as much as possible about the subject, isn’t it? I would say no. I’ve discovered that there are distinct cultural and political reasons why a university institution might deny a reality of this kind even if it is very obviously true, see: and: This would mean that being institutionalized at a university or laboratory acts as a burden, not an empowerment. Therefore independent investigators are essentially operating in a state of comparative liberation. It’s unfair and arrogant to dismiss non-academic researchers, as some have tried to do, because they don’t have an academic qualification in the subject, after all nobody ever questions James Randi’s lack of formal education; this is because he delivers the culturally and politically correct message. These highbrow scholarly types also seem to have a vested interest in keeping their opponents quiet, see: I have no problem with people like Dr Watt saying whatever she likes; I even read books by people like her and attend Skeptic events and conferences. Therefore I suspect that, based on its commentary post above, the New Scientist interview in question gives a misleading and confusing view of the subject of ghosts, ESP and precognitive dreams etc. I recommend that everybody who reads it also goes off and investigates more diverse sources. There they will see a very different story.  

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Anti-Feminist Women Banned

Last week a group of female artists calling themselves the Honey Badger Brigade were ejected from a comic creators’ convention in Canada. One of them, Alison Tieman, was blacklisted from all future events, effectively ending her career. The reason was that Ms Tieman politely and professionally answered a question while on stage. She said: “I am a Men’s Rights Activist… and you can hate on me. The reason why I don’t like feminism is because you promote this idea that women are defined by being victims. If you look at the context of all of your issues, men also face considerable problems as well, and they need to be brought into the story and not just for men’s sake, because this hides men’s vulnerability, (but) also for the sake of challenging the notion that women are defined as victims.” An interesting statement to make, you might think, one that surely would spark off a fertile intellectual discussion?... No. Ms Tieman and her troupe were hauled out of the event by the scruffs of their necks by the Calgary Comic Expo’s security detail. They were informed by the security guards that they had received twenty-five complaints about the Honey Badgers, yet the artists were not permitted to see any evidence of those alleged complaints; my guess it was just a typical feminist Twitter storm. This is a fundamental breach of the Canadian Charter of Freedoms, as that splendid Skeptic YouTuber, MykeruMedia, points out, see: The perceived justification was that men’s rights activists had “infiltrated the convention!” This is despite the fact that Alison Tieman is an established artist who had been invited as a delegate. The subject of men’s rights only came up incidentally in a panel discussion on women in the comic art world. She was asked for her honest opinion and she gave it. Should she have lied?

I’ve written a lot about feminism, as you’ll see in the background articles below. In doing so I have lost friends, see: I’ve noticed that although feminists deeply dislike male men’s rights activists, they save their real hatred for the women. As I describe in the link above, an experienced feminist will never try to debate her (or his) position because they know it is indefensible. Feminism endures through total non-discussion and the demonization of those who question it. This is not hard to do if you convince yourself that all MRA’s are secretly male chauvinists who are scared that they’re about to lose their privilege and by “playing the victim!” they are making a last ditch attempt to preserve the “evil patriarchy!” Female MRA’s change everything. By their very existence female MRA's destroy the standard feminist response to the men’s rights movement and make the feminist no-debate ring-fence unsustainable. In that case feminists are on a non-starter anyway because one of the foundational texts of the MRM is The War on Men by the female author Suzanne Venker, see: I wouldn’t class myself as an MRA, as such; I just believe that feminism is a form of cultural Marxist mind control intended to change our thoughts and culture, along with so-called “anti-racism” and “gay rights” etc. In reality feminism has nothing at all to do with the many legitimate women’s rights issues of the world. For example, people who describe themselves as feminists are much more likely to wade in over an issue like the “sexist comet shirt!” than they are to challenge the West’s sponsorship of the Wahhabi Muslim regime in Saudi Arabia, which reduces women to the level of slaves. This is exactly the same as the “gay rights!” activist who whinges on ad nauseam about Russia tightening up the licensing laws for gay bars while in Saudi Arabia homosexuals are being thrown off cliffs, see: The principle of feminism is, as Mykeru explains, the purification of thought; yes it couldn’t get any more Orwellian than that. This should really make us all sit up and pause for thought, and understand how deep and insidious mind control really is. It’s not just about some Manchurian candidate with a gun in his pocket programmed to assassinate a troublesome senator; it’s about how human thought has changed in every aspect on both an individual and collective level over the past century or so. 
Here’s the website of the Honey Badger Brigade: #expogate

Monday 27 April 2015

Another Cannabis Experience

Last year I wrote a post about my experience when I imbibed a cannabis-based concoction at a friend’s house, see: Recently I visited the same friend and did it again. This time the atmosphere of her home was very different; there were more people around and a house party of about a dozen individuals, including me and Ustane, was underway. My friend, whom I'll call “Jane”, handed me the pipe and I pulled on it like before, trying to hold the fumes in for as long as possible and suppressing the urge to cough and splutter. “You might find that the experience won’t be as intense as before”, Jane told me. “It’s never as strong as the first time you take it.” But it was. The feeling I got was actually far more intense than the first time I tried it, and it was very different; and at times it was deeply unpleasant.

Like before, the effect took a number of minutes to build. To begin with it was the same as the first time. I found myself grinning irrepressibly and I began giggling at the slightest thing. However this effect passed over after only about half an hour and I went back to feeling fairly normal. I wondered if perhaps I hadn't taken enough of the drug in. Then something else happened. Two of my friends, Jane and a woman I’ll call “Kim”, were sitting opposite me on a pair of floor cushions. They both looked at me and sneered contemptuously. Then they started talking to each other and laughing, glancing at me every so often. Their facial expressions and the things they said left me in no doubt that they were making obscene and humiliating jokes about me. When we all stood up to dance to the music Jane and Kim came up and danced beside me to continue their cruel game. I feel uncomfortable writing about this; partly because the impression is painful to recall, but mostly because it was a complete delusion. Jane and Kim were actually doing nothing of the sort. They are both good friends of mine with whom we have a lot of mutual love and they've never been anything except very kind and respectful to me. The pipe had completely twisted my perception of other people’s behaviour; it had made me paranoid. In the end I could bear it no longer. I needed somewhere to escape, but I was finding movement difficult; the effects I experienced the first time, of the air around me becoming extremely dense and viscous, were hitting me hard now and I felt as if I were more swimming than walking, through something that was more like breathable water than air. I walked into an adjoining room where there was nobody else. I then did something very strange indeed; I found a large black blanket and covered myself with it. I then collapsed on a couch and laid there. I had the blanket right over my head and this made me feel much better; I just lifted it every so often to let in fresh air. The music and voices were quieter here and so I decided to stay there. I then drifted off into a stupor in which I had an amazing vision which I called “the fractal palace”. I found myself flying above a beautiful building; it resembled Moghul architecture, like the Royal Brighton Pavilion or Taj Mahal, but it was far bigger. As I flew higher and higher and I saw more and more of it; what I thought was the central structure of the building was actually just a small part of the battlements of a far bigger castle. That castle was in turn part of a castle greater still and ad infinitum. For a moment I was scared that I was trapped forever in the fractal palace, but then I decided that if so it was not really a problem. The vista was exquisite; the whole construction was the colour of burnished gold and the sky was that of a bright red sunset; I decided that it could have been a lot worse. I eventually regained consciousness, but it was a very strange kind of consciousness. It’s hard to describe, but it felt as if I had split apart into about seven different people. Each of these people were taking it in turns to “be me”, and there was a lot of jostling and pushing to be at the front of the queue, and as a result “I” was continuously changing. My friends came in and out of the room to talk to me, mostly to check and see if I was alright; and how I reacted to their presence depended very much on which of these inner people was at the front of the queue at the time. Sometimes they would change hands every few seconds. One of those people was somebody who was very close to my normal self, but he would only have a short stint in the driving seat before he was shoved aside in favour of somebody else who was a very different kind of animal. One of them was the one I called “the miserable git” who had been so paranoid as to misjudge Jane and Kim so badly. Another was the “Joker”, somebody very like how I was the first time I had smoked the pipe last year. He roared with laughter continuously at everything. At one point he was behind the wheel when another of my friends asked me: “Do you think we’ll ever see salvation, Ben?” The Joker inside me replied: “No, but we might see the Salvation Army.” This very weak quip would not normally even raise my eyebrow, however I doubled up with merriment as I uttered the words. Things were made more confusing in that I had completely lost my sense of location. I actually believed that Jane had taken us all to the Arena, a nightclub I used to frequent a long time ago. I believed that she and the others had thoughtlessly abandoned me in a back room on a couch while they were dancing and drinking in the main bar. What I thought was the “main bar” was in fact merely the adjoining room in Jane’s house where less than a dozen of our friends were partying. I honestly thought that it was a nightclub with several hundred people in it. My fantasy was logically impossible because the Arena was in Oxford, over a hundred miles away, and it no longer exists; it was actually shut down several years ago. However logic meant nothing in my piped state of mind. Another strange effect was that everything looked green. People’s faces, the walls, the coloured pictures, the velvet furniture etc; it was all various shades of green. I also saw that one of the cushions on the settee opposite had a face on it; this was crazy because it was just a crimson silk cushion with a few flowery frills on it. However I distinctly saw its face, as clearly as I see my own now in a mirror. The face was scowling angrily at me and the miserable git inside me felt offended by it. Notional time had slowed down. I had puffed on the pipe at about 6.30 PM and it felt as if the whole evening had passed and it was now close to midnight. I was astonished to discover that it was only 8:10 PM; I’d been under the influence of the pipe for less than two hours. One of the strangest aspects of all to the experience was there was a time lag between understanding something and perceiving it. For example I decided to ask somebody for a glass of water when I didn't feel thirsty, yet when they returned with the water I felt parched and was very relieved to drink it. And weirdest of all, several times events repeated themselves. For instance, Jane came into the room, said something and then left; yet a few minutes later she came back into the room and said the very identical thing as if she were a video recording of herself. Luckily the miserable git was at the back of the queue at the time and so I didn't assume Jane was doing it on purpose to mock me.

The drug was wearing off by now and very gradually, I began to return to normal. Everything in my vision no longer looked green; I was aware of where I was, not in the Arena but in Jane’s house, and the hallucinations eased off. Cushions once more looked as they should look, just like cushions. I felt very embarrassed by my antics and apologized to everybody, but they were very understanding and told me not to worry about it. I wasn't the only pipe-head in the joint either; when I finally reentered the main room I saw Kim lying fast asleep on the floor cushions. I had a few glasses of wine and joined the rest of my friends. A few people had arrived while I had been under the influence of the pipe and so I had to be introduced to them again. Ustane did a delightful bellydance routine which I was aware enough to enjoy. As with the first time last year, the effects of the pipe lingered. Even the following morning I had a “stoneover”; I was still slightly high. I was reasonably normal, but felt very emotionally sensitive; I burst into floods of tears when Ustane read her poignant poem Beautiful Adam, which is based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I did so a few more times, even when Jane was driving us to the railway station for our journey home. The subject of the film Harvey came up and I completely broke down over it, see: I don’t think I was completely free of the pipe’s effect for the entire rest of the day, that’s over twenty-four hours after I’d taken it. It’s sobering to think how fragile our sense of self is; just a trace amount of a particular common natural chemical in the brain can make you transform into a totally different individual to the one you’re familiar with, and who every else is familiar with. However, there is no doubt that one’s sense of self is in some way hardwired into our brains, because as soon as the chemical is removed from the bloodstream we immediately return to our normal selves. I know of people whose brains have been damaged by injury or illness who undergo permanent personality changes. These people remain the same individuals, in the sense that they have the same memories and consciousness, yet they become unrecognisible to those around them; their spouse, family and friends have to get to know them again from scratch. It raises vital questions about the nature of consciousness; who are we really? After the first time I took the drug I felt indifferent about trying it a second time. My experience with it had been enjoyable and interesting. This time I feel positively reluctant ever to imbibe the pipe again. I don’t regret going through the experience because it was something I entered into of my own free will and I can blame nobody but myself. It was also an interesting experience, in retrospect at least. Seeing the fractal palace was wonderful. However it was still a very frightening and distressing trip; at times it was nightmarish. I do urge caution to anybody who experiments with drugs. I’m not a drugs prohibitionist; on the contrary, in fact I’m in favour of legalizing all drugs. Also drugs used sensibly can be very beneficial and I’m frankly suspicious at the government’s motives for criminalizing so many of them, see: However, they are not something to be indulged in lightly; they should be used only by responsible adults with full awareness of what’s involved and with the necessary precautions in place, “set and setting” etc. Even very simple and easily accessible substances can have powerful psychedelic effects with some people some of the time. Graham Hancock has candidly spoken about his own drug addiction and how he got over it, see: In my case I was luckily surrounded by caring and sympathetic people. I dread to think what it would have been like if I’d been intoxicated like that at, say, a porters’ night out in the hospital social club. In a way I’m still glad about what I did. Just because an experience is unpleasant doesn’t make it worthless or detrimental in the long term. Quite the opposite in fact, adversity can be very character-building and however awful you might feel when you’re in the middle of it, afterwards you may well look back and be glad that event happened. I’m beginning to feel that way about being kicked out of portering, see: The same goes for my recent bad drug experience. As the saying goes: “What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger!” 

Wednesday 22 April 2015

City in the Sky

I'm very interested in the paranormal phenomena of Africa and I've written about it many times before, for example see: A map of the data on paranormal reports around the world reveals a big blank space over Africa. Called "the dark continent" Africa constitutes twenty percent of the Earth's land surface area and a billion people live there, fifteen percent of the world's human population. Why do mysterious phenomena avoid Africa? Well actually they don't. In fact some of the most interesting case studies I've ever come across are African. The reason far fewer reports come from Africa is because much of the continent lacks the communications grid that the rest of the world enjoys. This situation is improving rapidly, however today still only 13% of Africa's population have regular access to the internet; in some countries that figure is below 1% and most people don't even have a telephone. This means when a ghost, UFO or cryptid etc is spotted in Africa the witness is usually not able to report it far beyond their local community. On the rare occasions a report does go intercontinental, investigation is difficult because a lot of time has often passed and the researcher will have to travel to talk to the witness face-to-face; this costs money. Occasionally though, through good fortune, there are exceptions. One of those took place in March 2011 in Nigeria, and it is truly remarkable. What's more it is not easily classified; it has features of UFO encounters, but it doesn't quite fit under that category in my opinion.

The location is specified as "Dulali", although I can find no place of that name in Nigeria. It is said to be a border village of the Lanzai ward in the state of Bauchi in the northeast of the country. The area is remote and inaccessible, and the people live in a tribal agrarian society. They are also on the frontline of the civil war raging against the Islamic militant group Boko Haram; more recently the insurgents would famously kidnap all the children from a girls' school (or so we've been told). Therefore it was over a year before this story reached the media. Greg Odogwu and Mukhtar Lawal Suleiman of the Nigerian national newspaper People's Daily, a pair of investigative journalists who specialize in the paranormal, managed to take a trip to Lanzai. The first witness to the incident was Saidu Meshai a man who runs a tea house. He had just returned from his morning prayers at the local mosque to begin work when he saw a very bright light in the sky followed by "the heavens falling". He then described what happened next: "There appeared a wide, large mass of something that looked like a cloud; coming from nowhere, and it was flying slowly over the village just at the height of an average tree. The cloud was transparent and I saw beautiful tall buildings inside it, with tarmac roads and cars. It was like a flying city. And from it I could hear the sound of machines making noise just as you would hear at a cement factory." The journalists say they would probably not have believed him if he had been the only witness. However many other people they spoke to in the area saw the object too and they describe it in the same way. Among those are figures of authority like the chief imam at the mosque and a respected local farmer Dauda Mohammed who saw the same object as Saidu Meshai. He described the colour of the buildings that appeared in the city. A ten year old boy called Ibrahim revealed that the object "moved into the trees and came out of the other side, but the trees were not pushed down at all." Apparently the object then departed but returned two weeks later. The villagers did not call the apparition a "UFO". Such a concept doesn't exist in their culture; although of course UFO's occur the people tend to interpret them differently. They are all very devout Muslims and so believe that on that day they were witnessing an act of God. Far from being afraid, they were actually very happy that this strange vision had dropped into their locale. They told Odogwu and Suleiman: "We believe it is a sign that something great will come out of this small village. Something like a great invention, that will improve the life of mankind... We believe that maybe Allah used those sightings to open our eyes to see how djinn live in their own world. Allah is great, and there is nothing He cannot do on earth... We are happy because it shows we are special village; other towns around here were not given that privilege." The two journalists did bring up the similarities in the incident to UFO phenomena in their newspaper feature which admittedly do exist. They give their readers an overview of the UFO subject and its connections to crop circles and animal mutilations, see:
It's interesting that the matter of the djinn came up. The djinn are mythological figures that are a part of common culture right across the Middle East and understood all over the world by people of the Muslim faith. Indeed I've had discussions about the djinn with some of my fellow hospital porters. The djinn are beings which inhabit an unseen mystical universe and have the power to enter and influence our own, although we cannot enter theirs. The djinn can be tamed and summoned by magic and can use physical objects as vehicles like bottles or oil lamps (like in Aladdin; the word "genie" comes from "djinn"). Many researchers into the ET contact phenomenon have identified connections with aliens and the djinn, like Rosemary Ellen Guiley, see: Was the strange phenomenon seen the Dulali villagers a "djinn city"? This case reminds me of something different, the strange occurrences in which people see unusual vistas through what appear to be holes that open up in the sky. In fact one such incident was reported to the paranormal investigator Steve Mera. In 1943 a sailor on board a Royal Navy ship fighting in World War II saw something which is remarkably similar to what was reported in Nigeria in 2011. He and his shipmates were sailing near Malta when they saw a huge landscape appear in bank of clouds which they watched for over three hours. He describes it as very beautiful, full of elegant buildings, roads, parkland and people moving about. The ship was a long way out at sea and no land was in sight; Steve believes that this was a fata morgana, a mirage seen at sea, but was it? The witness did not recognize the place he was seeing and even describes it as old-fashioned, with a mixture of the familiar and the bizarre, see: Another more recent example happened in China; a video was posted online (now removed), but the case hasn't been confirmed. Some say it was a hoax. Are these phenomena actually glimpses into physical domains beyond our own? Not extraterrestrial, but truly otherworldly? This topic forms a common theme in fiction, like Philip Pullman's enthralling His Dark Materials trilogy, see: Could there be some reality behind it? Even mainstream scientists are taking the idea of parallel universes seriously; perhaps these universes not only exist, but sometimes merge briefly with our own.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Derek Acorah- "Maddie's Dead!"

The TV celebrity medium Derek Acorah created a stir back in 2012 when The Sun published an article entitled: TV Psychic's sick "Maddie's Dead" Claim. Within Acorah was quoted as saying: "I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I’m really sorry, but the little one has been over in the spirit world for some time. I don’t think she’ll be there long before she reincarnates. When children pass over who haven’t had full lives I believe they choose the time to come back in the same form again, as another little girl." The rest of the press quickly picked up on The Sun's scoop and there were many other similarly outraged responses from the media. Derek Acorah had planned a trip to Praia da Luz in Portugal where Madeleine was reported missing in 2007; he intended to use his paranormal skills to try and find out where she is. However, after this message from his spirit guide "Sam" he cancelled the project. Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann responded by saying they were "Sickened!... This character Derek Acorah is nothing but a self-publicist... It’s incredibly distasteful and insensitive... We believe our daughter is alive and the Metropolitan Police are currently pursuing an investigation to that effect." Acorah immediately accused The Sun of misquoting him, that he had had a telephone conversation with a journalist in order to discuss Acorah's upcoming tour of Ireland. The man had asked Acorah about his belief in reincarnation, the subject of Madeleine McCann had come up and the reporter had "put things together by association...", see: If "Sam" really had Derek's best interests at heart he might have warned his channel never to talk to tabloid newspapers.

As regular HPANWO-readers know, I have an open mind when it comes to mediums and psychic powers; I often attend spiritualist churches, for example see: and search "spiritualism" or "psychic". I'm not turning Skeptic when I say that I doubt that Derek Acorah is a real psychic; or at least if he is then his powers don't always work and so he often cheats, using the tried and tested methods that many people claiming to be mediums employ, see: Acorah became well known as the medium on the TV series Most Haunted and in one episode he appeared to go into a trance and was possessed by the spirit of a South African prison warder called Kreed Kafer. It turned out that Kreed Kafer never existed. He was fabricated by Skeptics on the team who fed it to Acorah as disinformation; "kreed kafer" is an anagram of "Derek faker". I don't know if Derek Acorah is genuinely psychic or not; I know that David Icke speaks fondly of him and that Acorah predicted accurately the meeting of him and his wife Pamela, now estranged. That's really not the point. What's significant here is that Acorah was announcing the death of Madeleine McCann. Since he said those words a lot of new information has been uncovered by researchers into the case, for example see: It now appears very likely that Madeleine McCann is dead, and that she died back in May 2007 shortly before she was reported as missing by her mother and father. Why Madeleine's parents and their friends have lied about this and covered up the little girl's death, I don't know; nobody does. However it's pretty clear that for some reason the authorities want to maintain the illusion that Madeleine is not dead and is just missing. In the original article in The Sun, now no longer in the public domain, there are the following sensationalist related links: 3 New Clues to Maddie... Maddie Lookalike Driver in Cop Quiz... Madeleine McCann Holiday Promo is "Unforgivable". That newspaper is no doubt a part of the drive to maintain the "Find Maddy now!" meme. The narrative of Madeleine being alive and the quest to find her is constantly kept ticking along. I think it's unlikely that Derek Acorah really did contact the spirit of the little girl; but whether he did or he didn't, his input is an effort to derail that essential narrative. This is why I think he was treated so badly by Rupert Murdoch's propaganda publications.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Vaccinate... or Else!

Australia has always given me the impression of an advanced streak of authoritarianism; only yesterday I was describing how they prosecute people for abstaining in elections, see: When I visited the country myself a few years ago I noticed there were generally far more police around on the streets than in Britain. A few days ago the prime minister announced that any parent who refused to give their child the full schedule of vaccinations would have their benefits cut. At the moment up to ten percent of Australian parents decline vaccines because of their fears about its health risks; I share their concerns, see background articles at the bottom. I gave my own daughter the MMR jab in the mid 90's, but if I'd known then what I know now I would definitely not have done so. Abbott has spoken at a press conference where he states that vaccination in Australia is still not compulsory. This is very devious of him and an insult to our intelligence; he knows as well as most other people that for millions of families on low or even moderate income, threats to withdraw benefits as punishment for non-compliance is in effect an act of duress, see: I think I can guess where this all started. There's a very noisy character doing the rounds called Dr Paul Offit, see:, who has no qualms about wielding the law as a weapon to make people vaccinate themselves and their children. This divides him from some of his fellow medical Skeptics; others, like Dr Ben Goldacre, think it would be counterproductive to coerce people to vaccinate against their will and simply recommends scientific education. Offit does not agree and is unequivocally in favour of outright brute force. He's an American and in the United States the legal position on forced vaccination varies depending on which of the states you live in; Offit has petitioned state legislatures to pass acts of obligation on vaccines and also would like to see the US federal government wade in and enforce vaccination nationwide. As I said Offit is American, but he also seems to be very keen to poke his nose into the affairs of other countries, including the United Kingdom, see: I would not be surprised if this new move in Australia was inspired by Offit's lobbying. The rise of dependency on the state for a living has made such actions far easier. No laws of literal enforcement need to be passed, just these "no jab no pay" policies. I wonder why it is that if vaccines "are safe!" then why is it necessary to bludgeon people into taking them this way? It's a very contemptuous and condescending way to treat people. Let us have an open and honest debate on the subject and then we can make up our own minds. We are thinking human beings, are we not?... But of course, they won't do that. They can't because they know that these concerns are real and justified. If the truth ever came out a multi-billion dollar industry would crash and a covert biological weapons delivery protocol would be exposed. This is why they crucified Dr Andrew Wakefield, or "Andrew Wakefield" as they insist on calling him. They had to make an example of him to other healthcare professionals who may be considering apostasy.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Not Voting?- a reply to Thomas G Clark

A friend of mine on Facebook made me aware of an article that he thought would interest me (as traditional a beginning to stories as "once upon a time") because it is an indirect response to one I myself wrote two days ago, although I don't know if the individual in question ever read mine, see: Unfortunately, during this month the topic of the election is going to be impossible to avoid. The article is by a man called Thomas G Clark and he calls his blog Another Angry Voice; he describes it as: "Economics, philosophy, politics and other stuff from an independent Yorkshire blogger." The post in question is entitled "Why not voting is such a pitifully ineffective form of 'protest'.", see: Mr Clark begins with a rather cynical judgement of his commenters which shows that his website lives up to its name: "I strongly believe in freedom of speech so I never delete comments from my Facebook page or politics blog simply because I disagree with them, so this article is intended as a riposte to those who take advantage of my anti-censorship stance to use my work as a platform to promote their 'just stop voting' agenda... The fact that people hijack my work to promote their ridiculous 'just stop voting' agenda is bad!" Does this mean that anybody who questions him is "promoting an agenda"? Maybe, Thomas, they're just expressing an opinion in reply to your own, as I am doing.

The first reason Mr Clark tables is that boycotting an election is indistinguishable from apathy. He says: "If the opponent of the political status quo does exactly the same form of non-action as the hopelessly apathetic fool who doesn't care a jot about who rules over their lives or how the political system is structured, then how is it even possible to tell how many of those non-votes are ill-conceived protests and how many are manifestations of sheer apathy?" This is an irrelevant point because who is sorting out one from the other? It matters only to the government; and everybody I know who is refusing to vote is hardly on a mission to gain governmental approval. Boycotting elections is not about building some kind of numerical majority; it's about refusing to participate in a fraudulent practice that gives credibility to a system that deserves none. This is what I tried to explain to my UKIP-voting friends, see the link to my Electioneering article above. Mr Clark goes on: "The 'just stop voting' advocate will often try to claim that if enough of us stopped voting then the election results would become illegitimate through lack of participation. Without explaining the mechanism by which the Westminster establishment parties would be removed from power after a mass non-vote..." This is not the objective of the non-voters I discuss this issue with. We're not on a quest to bring down the system through not voting; we know the rules of an election have no lower limits on turnout figures. This is why I like anti-political movements like "NOTA", see: I've not looked at the comments on his blog or Facebook page, so maybe the people he's referring to are of a completely different tendency to those I'm familiar with. The point he made inevitably leads to the question of who will carry on voting in place of those who don't. If a large percentage of the population refuse to vote, says Mr Clark, it merely concentrates political power in fewer hands, of those who do. He says: "If 99.2% of us stopped voting, then it's absolutely clear that the 0.8% of us who are actually members of the three Westminster establishment parties would continue voting for themselves... If the majority of people who oppose the system choose to not vote, those who support the system will be at an obvious electoral advantage... it's obvious that they (non-voters) are essentially condemning the rest of us to perpetual Westminster establishment rule." In that case I wonder how he intends to introduce a party into Westminster that truly stands for non-establishment rule. History, including British history, is replete with examples of anti-establishment firebrands who desperately want to change the world by following the beaten tracks of the political landscape, and failing. Why? Because those tracks are specifically built to maintain the existing order. Remember the Labour Party was founded by trade unionists who sincerely cared about the wellbeing of the British working classes. Miliband's modern "new Labour" would make those early pioneers gasp in dismay; indeed sadly one of them lived long enough to witness Labour's demise, see: The saddest element to this impasse is that the corruption is an inward one too. The establishment system doesn't forbid good men from joining it; in fact it invites them warmly in... and then it transforms them into bad men. Those who successfully resist are expelled.
Mr Clark's next gripe is: "Not voting is also a very good way of ensuring that unpopular extremists manage to get into power. A good example of this is the way that UKIP managed to become the biggest UK party in the European parliament after winning just 9% of the eligible vote." Well, I wouldn't describe UKIP as either unpopular or extremist. A more apposite example, from Mr Clark's point of view, might be that of the 2002 French Presidential elections in which a low turnout in the first round led to the far right Front National candidate Jean-Marie le Pen being favourite to win against a single rival. Many leftists who had not bothered to vote in the first round famously went to the polls and voted for the conservative Jacques Chirac wearing a symbolic handkerchief over their face to "protect me from ze stench as I save ze country from fascism!" However the definition of "extremist" is debatable. I personally consider it "extremist" to drop bombs on people just so an oil company can drive a pipeline through their village. I find it "extremist" to force young people out of work into slavery, doing work for no money, see: I find it "extremist" to turn a blind eye to the evil crimes of the rich and famous, to the brutality of Zionist thugs in the Middle East and to bankers with more money than God squeezing yet more from the people. All the "mainstream centrist moderate" political parties in this country have done all those things; and there's no reason to think they're going to stop now. "If we despise the current political system, then surely it is better to find a political party that is proposing to change the system, than to simply abstain and actually increase the chances that things will stay pretty much exactly as they are." Mr Clark is breathtakingly naive here. I assumed Yorkshiremen were more worldly wise, taking into account that the recent history of Yorkshire has been shaped by the destruction of its coal mines and traditional heavy industries. For the reasons I have explained, we're never going vote in a government that will really propose change. Mr Clark ends with: "Whether you want to oppose the Westminster establishment... or oppose the political system... by submitting a spoiled ballot paper, it's really important that you make sure that you are registered to vote... to promote a form of protest that is completely indistinguishable from complete apathy beneath the work of someone who is passionate about political reform is deeply disrespectful." This sounds to me like incitement to support compulsory voting, a system some countries have including Australia. Every citizen is required by law to enter a polling station and return a ballot or face prosecution. This draconian method of increasing electoral turnout has a nasty sting in its tail. It would mean that the "database state" would have to become a reality; every person registered and monitored by the system, see: If this is what Mr Clark is insinuating then I humbly suggest that he reconsiders, seeing as he sites one of his influences as George Orwell, see: I am one of these people who annoy Mr Clark so much, somebody who advises people not to vote in the upcoming general election. I advise this because democracy is a con. If we could change things by voting they wouldn't let us do it. "The men in grey suits" decide everything and democracy is nothing more than our hard-won right to put a cross on a piece of paper every few years and choose our government's public relations officer. Real change, a genuinely better world, will only come about when the people accept that fact and act on it. In the meantime nothing can be achieved by rising to their bait and playing their game.

Monday 13 April 2015

Crashed UFO in Antarctica?

It's only a few weeks since Third Phase of the Moon reported on a new "Roswell", a supposed UFO crash in the wilds of Canada. News on that event has now dried up, see: However more news has just emerged of another similar case in an even more remote and inaccessible location, Antarctica. The source for this information is actually Google Earth. I have followed the instructions on Third Phase and have verified the basic information on the broadcast. Antarctica is a continent bigger than Europe that is almost entirely covered in ice and snow; this is because it's located in the south polar region of the Earth so it's very cold there. The temperature rarely rises above freezing and can plummet to minus eighty. Nobody lives there and there are no large land fauna except penguins. Nevertheless a few thousand people work there at various scientific research stations dotted around the continent. Over half of them are based at McMurdo Station, a large self-contained American settlement on the coast of an island on the Ross Sea, which is frozen over for most of the year. The base can be found on Google Earth in the search box and at grid reference: 77°51′S 166°40′E, and there are even a few stretches of Street views. Using the Google Earth scale for all dimensions, a couple of miles along the coast from McMurdo Station is Scott Base, a smaller settlement run by New Zealand. The location of interest lies about two miles northeast of Scott Base on the Ross Ice Shelf to the east of the island. We see a structure of hexagonal shape lying at the end of a furrow of snow about three hundred feet long, judging by the map scale. The artefact is roughly thirty to forty feet across and white in colour. A hundred yards or so to the east stand a row of oblong objects. These are evenly spaced about a hundred feet apart and are slightly bigger than the hexagonal structure. These four objects have been described as "tanks" because they have a main body with a superstructure on top which could be a gun turret. There are some snowdrifts around them and no tracks behind them, indicating they've parked been there for some time. These structures are visible in the second highest to minimum degree of magnification; the highest zoom-in shows nothing but a plain of empty ice and snow. This indicates that the two photos were taken at different times and that the five objects are temporary and have either recently arrived, or recently been removed. There are some photos of the area, but they're taken a few miles away and all of them point north towards the volcano at the centre of the island, Mount Erebus. The programme presenters compare the possible crash site to the scene in the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still in which a flying saucer lands and a military taskforce surrounds it in case the aliens inside are hostile, see:
The Third Phase presenters speculate a lot during the programme. They accuse Google of covering up the information; however I'm writing this two days after their video was uploaded and the image in question is still available. A friend of mine sent me the screen shots above in which you can see more details. If the four rectangular objects are tanks then they're of a make not in common use in any of the militaries of the world. The biggest tank ever built is the Panzer VIII Maus, but only two were ever constructed, both in 1944 by Nazi Germany, and the only one still in existence is in a museum. It was thirty-three feet long, definitely much smaller than these objects. Also no modern tank has matched the size of the Panzer VIII Maus. So maybe they're something else. It's too soon to say for sure. We don't know what any of these objects are and there's not enough information to be sure. The United States Antarctic Programme has a website and there is no suspicious activity on it that I can see. It includes live webcams of McMurdo Station and the two other American bases on Antarctica and they appear to be working normally, see: I'm keeping an eye on this webcam for any unusual activity. If we see it suddenly go down, that might be an indicator that something is going on at the base that the authorities don't want us to know about. We need more information about this anomaly before making statements about whether this is a real UFO crash-retrieval. I am in contact with a person who works at McMurdo Station, although I've not heard from him for a while and don't know if he's there right now. He's American and might have gone home to the USA on leave. However he knows me because he listens to HPANWO Radio (which means I have listeners on every continent of the Earth now!), so I'll ask him if he knows anything about it. If anybody else reading this has friends or family currently in Antarctica please get in touch with them and see if they know anything about this alleged UFO. I'm not turning Skeptic on you; I do take the possibility of an "Antarctic Roswell" very seriously. This revelation by Third Phase may well be a real one. The frozen continent at the bottom of the world is indeed the home of many secrets and cover-ups, for example, see: There are also said to have been nuclear bomb tests there and activities relating to esoteric energy and weapons systems. There are reports of paranormal activity in Antarctica too, including Bigfoot-like creatures. The Third Phase of the Moon programme linked above also examines some curious formations on the top of a hill overlooking McMurdo Station. So it wouldn't surprise me if there had indeed been a UFO crash retrieval there. Maybe pictures of this secret incident were accidentally captured and uploaded to Google Earth. This is interesting information but it needs to be explored in more detail so we know exactly what's going on here. I have a strong feeling that 2015 will be the year of ET Disclosure... if such a thing is possible, see background links below. If Disclosure is about to happen then the solution to this mystery might come sooner than many people might expect. It could even be the long sought after "trigger event".

Sunday 12 April 2015


I will not be voting in the upcoming UK general election. As regular HPANWO-readers will know, I believe democracy is a con. Democracy is one of the biggest buzz-words in the English language; it is loaded down like no other with emotional, cultural and political baggage. Wars have been fought over democracy which have cost the lives of millions. Some people will start weeping at the very mention of the word. The quest for democracy has produced some of the most dramatic tales in history, from the Chartists to the Suffragettes to Mandela. Yet most democratic countries, even very old democracies, are suffering from a malaise. Democratic governments have a major credibility problem in their relationship with their citizens; some political leaders even have approval ratings in single figures. Cynicism is endemic and electoral turnout is low. Citizens also will vote often for negative reasons instead of positive; they’ll vote for somebody they don’t like in order to keep somebody they like even less out of office, rather than to try and elect somebody they do like. Democratic countries today are ruled by some of the most loathsome people imaginable; cruel, cowardly, weak, gutless, heartless, stupid, selfish and deceitful. Despite the fact that nominally we can “choose our leaders”, these kinds of people always rise to the top and nobody seems to know why, let alone how to stop them. This malaise is growing. For a long time in Britain, certainly during my entire lifetime, elections have consisted of a simple port and starboard watch between two political parties, Labour and Conservative, just swapping office every few years. The principle third party has been various splinter cells of the old Liberal Party; for the last decade or two it has been called the Liberal Democrats. It traditionally gets about fifteen percent of the vote and has a dozen or so Parliamentary seats. However this has now changed. In the 2010 election, for the first time in many years, neither main party achieved an electoral majority and so we had a "hung parliament"; therefore the Tories proposed an alliance with the Lib Dems and they formed a coalition government. The upcoming election this year will therefore be more interesting... or at least slightly less boring... than the previous ones. None of the Lib-Lab-Con triumvirate will be in government on their own after the election, or in the same combination that they were before. So when the BBC held a live TV debate, there were a few extra faces on the panel; Natalie Bennett of the Green Party, Nigel Farage of UKIP, Nicola "big fish" Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP and Leanne "Bach" Wood of Plaid Cymru, see: The Ulster Unionists, socialists and others have demanded to know why they were not invited; which shows how chaotic the situation is. It seems that nobody can predict what will happen on May the 7th... at least nobody willing to comment in public. This does not mean that the "men in grey suits" have neglected to make arrangements for who will be living at Number Ten on May the 8th, just that it's not as obvious as usual, and there is more potential for slip-ups in their plot. The media is being as unprofessional as always. I've been disgusted at the way the Greens' Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas have been treated during interviews; the host keeps interrupting and baiting them, see: I'm not a Green Party supporter, but some of their ideas are genuinely progressive, like Basic Income, see: Obviously these have to be shut down. I'm in two minds over UKIP too, see:

There's been a lot of talk lately about Labour forming a coalition with the Scottish National Party. This would be a turn up for the books because Scotland would have jurisdiction over what is decided in Westminster for the first time since the reign of King James I. We'd then have Ed Miliband, the Fabian Society boy wonder, as prime minister. His deputy would be Nicola Sturgeon or Bilderberg Group attendee Alex Salmond. The Conservative defence secretary made waves a few days ago claiming that Miliband would offer the SNP a deal by axing Trident; the Scottish nationalists are totally opposed to Trident (so am I, see: Ed "Millipede" has denied this and claimed: "National security is too valuable to play politics with!", see: However, I have a feeling Labour will end up offering the SNP a bargaining chip; but it won't be Trident, it will be another independence referendum, see: Sturgeon and Salmond will hang their hopes on a "YES" vote this time and then get rid of Trident from Scotland anyway. However the last referendum was rigged, see: What's to prevent that happening again? Remember UK elections are not independently monitored, unlike those in new and fragile democracies. We never think that electoral fraud could happen here, but it can and it does.
Whatever happens at the general election next month, nothing fundamental or important will change. Organized child abuse will still continue, bankers will not stop squeezing the nation dry, the forests will continue to be felled and genetically modified food will still be stocked, unlabelled, on supermarket shelves. I had a rather frustrating telephone conversation a few weeks ago with some friends of mine who have decided to vote UKIP because they so badly wanted Britain to get out of the European Union. I also think our country should exit the EU, immediately and completely. However I'm not going to vote for what looks to me like a controlled populist front. Farage offers a referendum on the EU when we should not be able to vote on it at all. This is because the UK's entry into the EU was an act of treason. You can't have a referendum on treason. You just tear up the membership papers and jail those responsible. One of my friends asked me: "Who are you going to vote for then?" and I replied "Nobody". He then said: "If you don't vote then you've got no right to an opinion." I was dumbfounded. This is coming from a man who has read three David Icke books and regularly attends conspiratorial conferences like Probe and Alternative View. I asked him: "So let's suppose UKIP win the general election and Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister; what do you think will happen? Do you really think that the 'Men in Grey Suits' will shrug and say: 'OK, well that's our trick rumbled then. We'd better bow to the will of the people'.?" He evaded the question. Luckily most other people in the Conspirasphere are more clued up than my friend. If we could change things by voting they wouldn't let us do it. Indeed the MP Chris Mullin has written a fictional political novel called A Very British Coup which explains this concept. It was adapted into a TV miniseries, see: No genuine improvement will come into our lives until this reality is exposed and dealt with. "The men in grey suits" decide everything and democracy is nothing more than our hard-won right to put a cross on a piece of paper every few years and choose our government's public relations officer.

Saturday 11 April 2015

Zombie Tube Trick

I've been writing a lot lately about incidents which on the surface appear to be innocent pranks, but might have a darkly serious undertone to them. I've also been examining the subject of zombies and how they are being portrayed as real or semi-real in society; see background links at the bottom. These questions have arisen recently in a Brazilian reality TV show. The programme is of the "hidden camera" variety very similar to Trigger Happy TV or Beadle's About, but is far more extreme. The intention is to play practical jokes on unknowing members of the public for the amusement of the viewer. A recent episode features a woman who is travelling on an underground train. She is sitting in the carriage alone when it pulls into a station and the lights flicker. Noises from the movie Jacob's Ladder are added to the soundtrack for macabre effect. From the outset the passenger senses that something is amiss; she stands up and crosses herself, indicating that she is of a generally nervous disposition. The doors do not slide open as they should when the train is at a station. The passenger hammers on the doors saying: "Open up! I want to get out." The driver then announces on the tannoy that the train is suffering some technical problems and apologizes for the inconvenience. He assures everybody that they'll be fixed shortly... but then suddenly he pauses and begins crying out: "What the...!?... Get out!... Help me!" The passenger looks alarmed. The lights switch off completely and when they come back on, to her horror the passenger sees a group of Romeroesque zombies pressed up against the windows on the platform side. They are looking at her ravenously and pushing their hands through the ventilation gaps. The passenger screams in terror and desperately tries to force the doors on the opposite side of the carriage. She becomes completely hysterical with panic. She kneels down and prays desperately, weeping with fear. As she does so we see that under the cover of darkness when the lights were out, one of the zombies has managed to enter the cabin and it crawls obscenely towards her. As it reaches out to grab her she jumps up and runs to the far end of the carriage. At that moment the doors open and the zombies crowd in, but a second door is left unguarded and the passenger dashes out of it to safety. The jape is then repeated with several other people, see:

I wondered if this scenario could all be staged and the victims are just actresses pretending to be frightened. I hope that's the case; however they look genuine to me. If this is a real set-up then the programme's producers should feel ashamed of themselves. I don't find it entertaining to see people truly thinking that their last moment on Earth has come, and that their demise will be one of being devoured alive by the carnivorous undead. This experience could have left her mentally scarred for life. Not just mentally either; she might have had a heart attack and died. What if she'd been armed? In Brazil gun control is more stringent than in the USA, but far weaker than in the UK; many people still carry firearms for self-defence. In that situation she'd be justified in shooting the "zombies" which could result in the death of the actors. Then again she might consider shooting herself to end it all before having to endure the agony of being dismembered and eaten; one of the characters in George A Romero's Day of the Dead does this. However there's another issue which is relevant whether the scene was real or not. Is the TV programme being used as a cultural experiment? The powers-that-were are trying to engineer our minds to become used to the presence of zombies, whether this symbolizes a sub-social underclass, victims of disease or a transhumanist golem; see background links below. The manipulators will be analyzing that scene frame-by-frame to assess that poor woman's reaction to the attempted zombie assault. They will also be sizing up the response of viewers, which is the reason for articles like this, see:; notice the social media comments section and opinion poll? Of course this blog post will be one of the reactions they'll be studying too, in which case I hope they realize that their scheme will fail because people like me are on to them! They will not have their zombie apocalypse, whatever that means in practical reality.

Friday 10 April 2015

Suppressed Evidence of Giants?

Every so often a video or picture appears online of an enormous human skeleton, usually being excavated from the ground. As with UFO and ghost photos, most of these are obviously faked and sometimes, because of the quality and availability of modern special effects technology, it's hard to know which is which. However credible stories occasionally emerge from the melee which do indeed report findings of very ancient human remains of extraordinary size; here's one I covered previously: Sometimes humans do grow to heights way above the average of 5"7 for males, 5"4 for females. Robert P Wadlow of Alton, Illinois USA (1918 - 1940) peaked out at an inch below nine feet tall. This makes him the tallest confirmed human who has ever lived. He had to have clothes, furniture and utensils custom made for him. However the bodies in the graves found by Dr Ali in Iraq were all of people who would have stood at least a foot taller than Wadlow; found nearby were utensils of a comparable size dated to the same time period as the graves.

When an article began circulating that a number of giant skeletons had been destroyed I didn't immediately jump on it and declare it as real. The Smithsonian Institution is one of the largest academic organizations in the world. Based in the United States of America it runs a large number of museums, universities and research centres. According to the article it had been ordered by the US Supreme Court to reveal documents relating to the deliberate destruction of the oversized human skeletons in the early 20th century, see: However, as you can see, there is no source sited for this information, and Googling the subject brought up no further documentation; therefore I concluded that it was almost certainly a false story. It turns out that the World Daily News Report is a satirical hoax website, rather like "BFNN", see: The name "James Churward" is probably a corruption of Col. James Churchward, the real alternative archaeologist who studied the idea of the lost continent of Mu. However, as with the Muslim Asda story, I wonder if there is a sinister underlying objective related to it, not least because of the photograph it uses as an illustration. Despite this story being a joke, according to many researchers archaeological data has been eliminated before in order to preserve the official narrative. When the Hypogeum on Malta was uncovered it was full of human bones, indicating that it had been some kind of charnel house. Thousands of individuals had been interred there. However nearly all those bones have "been mislaid" and only six skulls remain. The same is reported by Michael Cremo and Richard L Thompson in their epic book Forbidden Archaeology, see: According to them, such scientific fraud is carried out routinely and dates back to the dawn of science in order to maintain a false conventional vision of the past. The photo above is of some skulls found in a cave in Nevada USA. As you can see somebody has placed a silver coin, probably a US dollar, in the frame to provide a rough scale and these skulls are huge. They're from anatomically normal human heads apart from their enormous size. If the rest of their bodies are on the same relative human dimensions then these "people" would have stood over twelve feet high. The local Paiute Indians tell folk tales about a time in the past when giants roamed the local area. They were very fierce and if they captured humans they would kill and eat them. Is this mythology actually based on real events handed down from past generations? In the West we all know of the many legends of giants, from Homer's Cyclops to the bible which states: There were giants on the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair and took them as wives, and they gave them many heirs. These became mighty men of renown. (Gen. 6:4). The bible also describes the giant warrior Goliath who was killed by the young king David with a slingshot. Goliath was said to be 9"9 tall, so he would have stood ten inches over Robert P Wadlow. (1 Sam. ch 17) Therefore, even if the motive of World Daily News Report is nothing more than mischievous fun, they have still blundered into a genuine and very serious controversy. I think it's perfectly possible that in the past there were races of supersized humanoid beings, possibly emerging out of a union with extraterrestrial life. But what if it's not just the past we're talking about here? For a long time now Nexus magazine has been promoting the book Solomon Islands Mysteries: Accounts of Giants and UFO's in the Solomon Islands by Marius Boirayon, see: This does not only describe legends of giants in the past, but contemporary encounter reports. There are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to this subject and the people have a right to know the answers. Therefore if any scholar is withholding evidence about this issue then they are doing terrible harm and injustice; I would ask them to come forward.