Friday 24 March 2023

Proper LTN Bollards

Oxfordshire County Council, in their beneficence, are doubling down on their plans for local traffic neighbourhoods. Previously the barriers were blocked by crude moulded plastic bollards that were useless because cars could just drive over them and knock them down. Most LTN barriers were therefore happily opened in this way. They have now been closed again with semi-permanent bollards made from hardwood shells with a metal core (To think trees had to die to create these monstrosities!). They are sealed with a padlock and can be pulled up if somebody opens them with a key (if only the keys could be copied!). I've seen dustmen doing this and it took a good few minutes for them to pass through the barrier; God help us if an ambulance has to! However, these new bollards are not indestructible. There are tools that could destroy them. Now, obviously I cannot advocate for any action that breaks the law, but... if I saw anybody "doing something" to an LTN, I would write a letter to the police straight away! I must say, I sympathize with some of the people who support LTN's; I understand why they do it. Several residential streets in Oxford have become rat runs. I used to live on the road you see in the photo above and it was constantly clogged with through traffic. Crossing the road was very difficult and several times emergency vehicles had trouble getting through. However, the LTN's are not the solution to that problem. The desire for quieter and safer streets to live in is bait in the trap. This is a situation David Icke would call "problem-reaction-solution". Nothing is ever improved by adding a thousand government dictates to it.
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