Monday 27 February 2023

Apollo Detectives 12- Steve Mumbling Edition

See here for essential background:
According to many viewers of Neil's video, we the Detectives "had our asses handed to us on a plate!" In my view, all Steve Mumbling did was expose himself as an ignorant belligerent. His gibbering fans didn't have the intelligence to realize that the loudest voice does not equal the correct argument. Perhaps that doesn't matter to most people these days and I'm just some kind of naive reactionary. I've always said when being sarcastic that the best chess player in the world is a pigeon. It just stomps across the board kicking over the pieces and leaving droppings everywhere, and then it flies away victorious. Get out of that one, Kasparov! You'll notice, and I'm glad I pointed this out, that in a diatribe that lasts a full twenty minutes, Steve makes only two axioms: a claim about the transparency of the earth's atmosphere to microwaves and the altitude of geosynchronous satellites; that's it! The rest is just him interrupting Scott with insults, ad hominem attacks and other fallacies. Steve didn't win that debate. He didn't win any debate. He lost hands down to us all. He's nothing but a triumphant pigeon. Obviously it was controversial even inviting Steve Mumbling onto panel. He was somebody I debate continuously with on social media, but a platform with the Detectives is another matter. I was firmly against it, but I know in the end it was up to Colin Sougrin, he being the target of "Woodchippergate"; and he didn't raise any objection. Steve originally wanted to do a livestream debate, accusing us in advance of editing him unfairly. However, we recorded the interview on Skype and when you do that, the recording appears automatically in the text chat box; therefore it was easy for him to download his own copy of the raw file and have a lot of satisfaction exposing how we edited him unfairly. Did we edit Steve unfairly? Well, Steve has posted the raw file to his own channel, see: Readers can therefore make their own minds up about that...
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