Thursday 2 November 2017

Void in the Pyramid

Scientists studying the Great Pyramid in Egypt have discovered a "big void" deep inside it. As I explain in the background links below, it has long been suspected that there are other hidden spaces within the Pyramid other than the chambers and passageways we already know about. There have been attempts to reach some suspected ones by sending small robots down the narrow shafts too small to enter physically, but so far no additional rooms have been positively identified, until now. Japanese and French scientists have been working for two years using a technique called "muography" to detect density changes in the 460 foot solid rock structure. The open space is about a hundred feet across and lies above the Grand Gallery. It is completely encased inside the structure with no known access corridor. There is also a smaller space close to the north face entrance. These might be support edifices of the same kind you see above the King's Chamber. Alternatively they might serve some purpose known only to the builders of the Pyramid. The archaeologist Mark Lehner has been on BBC Radio and he believes that it's possible that the Operation Scan Pyramids team might have misjudged the density of the pyramid because the bulk of the monument was filled with loose rubble. However this is not known for certain; it is based on the observations of an archaeologist in the early 19th century after he blew a chunk out of the side of the pyramid with dynamite. He saw loose broken rock inside the cavity and assumed that this was how the structure had been made. Did he not consider that his own dynamite could have contributed to that effect? Also could such a regular and dimensionally-perfect, and not to mention long-lasting, building as the Pyramid have been made that way? Try creating a replica yourself with new bricks, and then again with irregularly-shaped natural stones. Source:


Vrill said...

the 19th century guy must have been a total moron, I Think it rather probable that rubble may have something to do with the shit ton of dynamite used .... just saying

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Exactly, Vrillon.