Wednesday 8 November 2017

Max Spiers Inquest Delayed

The British coroners' inquest into the death of Max Spiers has been adjourned; no reason has been given. Maybe the state doesn't need to explain itself in this case, even though this delay will no doubt cause even more distress to Max' mother, Vanessa Bates, and everybody else who cared about him. No future date has been announced in lieu of this adjournment. The Polish authorities declared that Max had died of natural causes even though a detailed post-mortem was not carried out. His remains were examined at a hospital in Margate, Kent after he had been repatriated, but they were unable to determine a cause of death. Source: This may well be because there was a long delay before the second autopsy and Max' body was not stored correctly. I know because this was one of my jobs as a hospital porter. Human bodies deteriorate quickly if not kept in a very cold environment, just above or just below zero degrees centigrade, depending on the expected length of storage time. Max was left in a place that was too warm. We still don't know if there will be any official testimony from Max's companions from the Warsaw TI group, Monika Duval and Aleksander Berdowicz. Monika in particular has some serious questions to answer because she was with Max when he died. The delay in the inquest hearing reminds me of the suspicious death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, see: It also echoes the government child abuse inquiry, see: The skeptics will say that Max merely died of an accidental drugs overdose, but they state this opinion in the complete absence of any evidence and with many troublesome deviations from standard medical and forensic practices in the aftermath of his death. Vanessa stands by her story that Max was "murdered by his enemies... because he was digging into some dark places". As the can is kicked down the road again, her theory becomes more and more plausible.

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