Saturday, 1 November 2008

Obama or McCain?

The question is not “Who’s going to win?” With just days to go Obama now has a decisive lead. The question is: Which would be the best president of the United States? My answer is: Who gives a shit!?

Obama’s appeal comes from his liberal image, like Kennedy, he represents hope and change. But if you look at the people in his administration what change do you see? His National Security Adviser is Zbigiew Brzezinski, an arch-conservative hawk who believes in using aggressive military power and high technology to dominate the globe (See: There will be none of this promoted “Change” during Obama’s term of office. Or maybe I ought to rephrase: no change that his lords and masters in the Illuminati don’t want. If Obama were to disobey his lords and masters and try to excersise his Constitutional powers of office then all I can say to him is… avoid driving past any school book depositories!

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