Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dementor in the Sky

According to many news reports, shoppers at the Mukuba mall in Kitwe, Zambia were alarmed on Saturday afternoon when a strange figure appeared in the sky above the retail park. It was greyish black and of a very different consistency to the natural clouds surrounding it. It looked vaguely humanoid, but also resembles an octopus or squid with long tendrils flowing behind it. Many people have noticed how closely it matches the appearance of the "Dementors", beings from JK Rowling's Harry Potter book series. It was estimated to be about 330 feet long, although it's difficult to judge the size of objects in the sky. According to the news sources many of the eyewitnesses fled in terror. Some bowed down and worshipped the object, thinking it was an apparition from God. People in Zambia are very religious with up to ninety-five percent self-identifying as Christian and only 1.8 percent declare themselves to be atheists. In the background links I have reported on past events like this and wonder if we're seeing another of these. Is our universe brushing up against another one close to it in hyperspace and there is a bleed-over between the "membranes", as physicists call them. The strange object flying over that shopping centre in Zambia might actually come from another dimension. It's possible that the activities of CERN might be a cause of this collision of dimensional plains, see background links at the bottom. Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3009118/horrified-onlookers-spot-harry-potter-dementor-figure-in-the-sky-above-busy-shopping-centre/ (There are many others).

On the other hand there are some problems with this story. Firstly, I wonder why in a city of over half a million people in a busy shopping centre in the middle of the day, there are only two published photographs of the object and no motion pictures. Zambia is well-developed and politically stable by African standards and many people have a modern mobile phone with image capture applications. The first picture is a close-up taken directly under the object at the Mukuba mall, yet everything looks normal. Cars are driving along normally through the car park, nobody can be seen fleeing; and there certainly don't seem to be any impromptu worshippers. The second photo is taken some distance away on a rural highway. Again, everything looks as it should. Also, despite extensive coverage in the British newspapers, the Zambian media are strangely silent. The Zambian national press and Kitwe's local online magazine haven't uttered a word about it. I searched these online editions carefully: http://zambianeye.com/ and: https://www.dailynation.news/ and: http://www.kitwetimes.com/. I may be wrong, but I personally doubt if such a sudden and very public phenomenon could be successfully suppressed in the media. The images could simply have been Photoshopped, another more benign example of mainstream "fake news". It does seem odd that an extradimensional intrusion would resemble a fictional demon from a children's story. On the other hand, maybe there is some truth behind what took place in the Dark Continent on Saturday. I've read two of the Harry Potter books and I was amazed at how many esoteric and conspiratorial ideas are embedded in the stories. Not just supernatural powers, but shape-shifting, secret societies, and government occupation by malevolent sects. Where does Rowling get her ideas from? Her own testimony about the origins of Harry Potter doesn't quite ring true. She said that she never wrote any fiction before, and then the idea for the story came "fully-formed" into her mind in 1990 while she was on a delayed train between Manchester and London. The moment she got home she got out a pen and paper and began writing. As a creator of fictional literature myself, I don't buy that. Her style displays maturity. It has been written by somebody with experience. Does she use a ghost-writer? More authors do so than commonly believed; even William Shakespeare it is rumoured. Maybe she is some kind of prodigy who is channelling hyperdimensional knowledge in some way. This could explain why the features of her imagination manifest in real life, even in the air above an African shopping centre. It's an uncomfortable thought that some of the elements of fantasy literature, especially horror obviously, might be real. However I think it's probably true.

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