Sunday 26 March 2017

Space X Going to the Moon

Since its establishment in 2002 the Space X corporation has dreamed big. It is not the first and only astronautics operator in the private sector, but it is definitely the most radical and ambitious. It has gained many contracts to service and supply the International Space Station, but its founder, Elon Musk, is focused on a more distant horizon. Musk has come up on HPANWO before when a driverless car from his Tesla Motors company crashed and killed somebody, see: The South African engineer and entrepreneur is a visionary and an idealist and wants to do more than just send rockets full of cargo a couple of hundred miles up. He has revolutionized space transport by building a reusable rocket stage than can return to earth and land vertically on its launch pad, thus greatly reducing the budget of rocket flights. However even that hasn't sated his thirst for innovation. His next project is for interplanetary missions, the first private aerospace outfit to do so, and he's certainly not doing it by halves. Space X has announced a plan to send a rocket to Mars by 2022 followed soon after by the first manned mission (I refuse to use the politically correct neologism "crewed"). If they accomplish this then they'll have beaten traditional state agencies like NASA. However before even that they have another plan, the most revolutionary act of space tourism in history. Space X has declared that they will be sending two people to the moon by late next year.

Since NASA's Apollo missions between 1968 and 1972 that sent men to the moon... supposedly, no astronaut has flown beyond low earth orbit, or so we've been told. All the world's major space agencies have theoretical plans to return to the moon, but none of these have ever been realized. It is therefore astounding to think two people might be sent back there within twenty-four months. This will be a commercial flight and the two passengers are private citizens, obviously rich ones, paying for their trip themselves. So far they have not been named. They will be trained and assessed for fitness like any other astronaut; and then they will board a capsule at the launch site and take the rocket into space and out of earth orbit. The craft will then circle the moon and return to earth, see: Should this mission go ahead it will raise some obvious questions about the reality of the Apollo moon programme. As I've explained before, see the background links below, I am virtually certain that the moon landings were faked, but if Space X does what it says it's going to do, it will prove that manned moon missions are in fact possible with publicly-available technology. Will this then cast doubt on the impossibility of Apollo? Definitely. Alternatively Space X might encounter the same obstacles as NASA, radiation, engineering problems etc, in which case it will have the option either to cancel the project or fake it like NASA did fifty years earlier. It is unlikely Space X would fake anything because there is no political motive to do so, unlike the 1960's during the Cold War and space race. My guess is that they will just let the matter slip away and hope people forget about it. If Space X somehow manages to send a chemical rocket the quarter of a million miles to the earth's natural satellite then one of the first places of which this intrepid pair of lunar tourists will want to take holiday snaps is the Apollo landing sites. If they train their cameras on the locations and see only rocks and dust, how will the authorities handle it? They will probably swear the two crew members to secrecy, or else arrange an "accident" for them on the return journey; or soon after landing. However it gets worse. There is far more than just absent LM descent stages that the tourists will encounter that the government will want to keep quiet; UFO's and the secret bases on the moon etc. No matter what precautions the keepers on these secrets take, the rise of space tourism is going to make celestial confidentiality far more difficult to maintain. Perhaps this democratization of space exploration will be the very catalyst necessary for UFO Disclosure, the revelation of the truth behind the moon landings and the end of the New World Order.

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