Friday 2 June 2017

National Suicide by Antony Sutton

I've often said that old information is often the best information, for a previous example see: I came across a YouTube video of a recorded public dialogue with Prof. Antony C Sutton recorded in October 1973. It was a promotional interview for his new book National Suicide-Military Aid to the Soviet Union, see: Antony Sutton was a British author specializing in history and economics. He studied in various universities and taught all his life in California USA until he died in 2002. He wrote several books that have, of course, been denounced as "conspiracy theory"; but, as you can guess, that is not a criticism that puts me off. His early work includes Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution- the Best Enemy Money can Buy! which covers a lot of the same material as G Edward Griffin, see: Sutton's research focuses on the relationship between the United States of America and the Soviet Union from its foundation in 1917 to the contemporary time of his writing and he has come to some radical conclusions. His suspicions began in 1958 when he came across an obscure report by Leon Trotsky, Lenin's right hand man during the Bolshevik Revolution who had to flee from Stalin to Mexico and was assassinated by a Soviet agent in 1940. To Sutton's astonishment, Trotsky revealed in this document that the USA had provided the Soviet Union with foreign aid during 1920's. This aid not only involved the state directly, but also the brokering of development deals between the Soviet regime and American businesses. Sutton was astounded to realize that if it hadn't been for American assistance and investment then the USSR would never have become half as successful as it was, and indeed would probably have collapsed within a few years. You could forgive the United States for not anticipating the emergence of the Soviets as a superpower, although even that would not explain their pre-World War II actions, but Sutton then discovered more covert information. American and Western support of the Soviet Union resumed after World War II, when publicly they were decrying their enemy across the Iron Curtain as the "Red menace!" He published a series of books on the subject; National Suicide was the last of a trilogy and was intended for the popular reader.

Antony Sutton discovered that most Soviet merchant ships were built in the West, that military jet aircraft used engines made by BMW, General Dynamics and Rolls Royce. The Ford motor company set up a plant in Russia that built a huge number of trucks. These trucks, along with other military materiel, were sent by the Soviet Union to North Vietnam and North Korea as part of their support for the communists during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This tragic and criminal fact meant that American troops in Korea and Vietnam were being maimed and killed by American-designed and American-funded munitions. It gets worse; in fact US assistance was even involved in creating the Soviet Union's nuclear deterrent, the shadow under which half the world lived in constant fear for over forty years. The policy of Soviet support, armament and development was implemented by all White House administrations, both Democrat and Republican. It comes as no surprise to hear the name Henry Kissinger mentioned quite a few times. That immortal globalist powermonger played a crucial role in this conspiracy. Source: This is quite a revelation considering Western propaganda at the time towards the "Goddamn commies!" It's quite quaint and amusing to see pieces of the 1950's frenzy about "Reds under the bed", but people took it very seriously at the time. The early Tom Clancy novels, from the 1980's include a more modern and subtle form of this propaganda. They portray the Soviets as very technologically backward who always come a cropper when they're faced with the far more sophisticated and competent Americans. Yet in reality, all this time, the same American technology was being used by both sides. One thing Sutton does not answer is the crucial question: Why? I also don't know why, except that the phenomenon of two sides in a war being created by some kind of overarching authority, and then those two sides having a very different relationship in private to the one they profess for consumption by their proles, is also recurring. What Sutton discovered is incredible. It will take a while for us to get to grips with the whole issue. However it makes a mockery of the entire Cold War. The history of the Twentieth Century and beyond has been created by this conspiracy. Without it the world would have been a totally different place, and probably a much better one... Maybe that's the idea!

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mjmitch said...

Sutton's quote regarding political parties also seems pertinent in the context of this article:
“We have to dump the trap of left and right. It is a Hegelian Dialectical trap to divide and control. The battle is not between left and right; it is between us and them. ”
Antony Sutton