Thursday, 15 June 2017

Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is an engineering wonder. It is thirty-five and a half miles long, over four miles longer than the Channel Tunnel; and it is the deepest railway tunnel in the world. It is completely flat, but it runs under the Alps mountain range in Switzerland and the highest peak above the tunnel is eight thousand feet. Only a few mines are deeper than that. When it opened on the 1st of June 2016 there were several days of festivities, speeches by politicians, religious services etc, collectively called Gottardo 2016; however the culmination was a bizarre ceremony that was held inside the tunnel entrance itself. It was called Sacre del Gottardo, Italian for "Sacred Gottardo". This surreal performance was watched by all the dignitaries and was directed by the German theatre producer Volker Hesse. It involved over six hundred actors, acrobats and gymnasts. What's shocking about it is that it includes a lot of occult Illuminati symbolism; and this kind of thing is becoming more and more common. See the background links below where I review the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The ritual begins with a troupe of dancers being wheeled into the tunnel on a flatbed railway truck accompanied by spooky and discordant music. They are dressed in tunnel builders' uniforms. A second truck comes in carrying more uniformed people; these are all silent and still with blank faces, like zombies. Acrobats then start climbing chains that hang from the ceiling. The third truck contains dancers wearing only white underwear and they are surrounded by white powder, but a different solitary figure moves aromg them who will play an important role in the ceremony. It is a winged humanoid played by a woman wearing a grotesque mask and nothing on her breasts. Nine of the dancers fall to the floor. These apparently represent the nine workers who were killed during the construction of the tunnel. The humanoid is lifted into the air by a hoist and flies above the dead workers flapping her wings. To me she looks like a harpy, a hybrid creature from Roman mythology that was half-bird-half-woman. The naked breasts are a statement of female sexuality and her movement is very sensual. Tunnels and arches are female sexual symbols in the same way towers and obelisks are male sexual symbols. After that we see a man wrapped in chains struggling to get free while the harpy continues to soar above him. The next dancers are all dressed in furry costumes and the centrepiece is a man dressed as an ibex, an animal from the goat family which is a symbol of Switzerland. Humanoid goats make me think of Baphomet or the Goat of Mendes, an embodiment of Satan. More people walk in carrying bones of animals and in the background we hear animal noises. One woman holds a lamb, a traditional sacrificial beast. More people dressed as tunnel-builders, some of them operating real tools, and wheeled in and the lights turn red, perhaps indicating blood; another sacrificial symbol. Tunnel building is very dangerous and all large tunnels will result in fatalities. The action then moves outside where the first train through the tunnel is about to exit the tunnel entrance; and I kid you not, in the trade these are termed "portals". On the train are some more dignitaries, such as Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany. The performers all are in uniforms and hard hats and they tramp together in unison, again in a very zombie-like fashion. On a huge screen we see projected images that look like hands and arms miming the actions of a tunnel boring machine. Then again it could be some kind of demonic entity coming out of an interdimensional gateway. The dancers cavort around the picture, some of them stripping down to their underwear again. Then, most creepy of all, the screen shows a depiction of tunnel-builders falling down a shaft, as if descending into some kind of underworld. Three more harpies appear. Ghostly beings then walk out from under the screen, as if from out of the portal and we hear growling and grunting of some kind of monster. The ibex/Baphomet humanoid then returns and the ghosts fall at his feet. After that the mood becomes lighter. Singers chant and people appear wearing traditional Swiss fassnacht, or carnival costumes, including schwulköpfe, giant heads. Source:
In 2015 a film was released called Symmetry that was shot inside the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, not far from the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The LHC is also in a tunnel, a circular one seventeen miles in circumference, see background links for details. The performance is a type of ballet accompanied by operatic music and is inspired by the work of the CERN scientists. It is surprisingly similar in style to the Sacre del Gottardo ceremony. Among other things, it shows what look like entities trapped in some completely dark place who then rise up into a circle of ice drawn on the surface of a frozen lake. Does this also symbolize hyperdimensional beings breaking through into our universe via the LHC? One of the things I discuss in the background articles is that this may be the collider's hidden purpose. There has to be some explanation for why more and more artists, film makers and playwrights are being inspired to create imagery like this for their productions. Either they know more than we do or they are being influenced on a subconscious level by something archetypal going on behind the scenes.


Venkman said...

Interesting !!! where can one find Symmetry ? Doesn't seem to exist on any format?? thanks for the info of this! And how does RT get away with broadcasting the whole show considering there relations ??

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Not sure.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Symmetry is probably on DVD or iTunes etc