Wednesday 21 June 2017

Infiltration of UFOlogy

A recent programme on the Fade to Black radio show with Jimmy Church has discussed the possibility that UFOlogy has been "infiltrated". Jimmy brings on a number of guests to talk to in a series of separate interviews in the three-hour broadcast. Unfortunately he deliberately avoids going into specific details. He refers to a period of time covering "the last three to four weeks." Individuals, organizations and entire networks have been attacked on social media. He wonders if there has been some kind of "mind control activation". However, reading between the lines, he is almost certainly referring to Peter Robbins' open letter about Larry Warren, see:, amongst other things. His guests include the Rendlesham Forest witness John Burroughs, UFO author Mike Bara, researcher Micah Hanks and the director of MUFON Jan Harzen.
You'll find the programme disappointing if you're expecting an in-depth discussion of case studies. However there are some interesting revelations. From about 47 minutes in Lee Speigel gives some interesting information concerning government's relationship to the UFO phenomenon. In particular at 51.22 he tells us how Nick Pope was ordered by the government to "talk down" UFO reports when they came into the Ministry of Defence's UFO desk. He used "spin and dirty tricks", apparently a quote from him. This was, allegedly, in order to cover up the government's own lack of knowledge and avoid embarrassment in the public eye and save their credibility rather than to suppress their own secret knowledge of UFO's. Nick's response to this is to say it was just standard MoD policy and there is nothing to be suspicious about. He also sent me a link to an article Lee wrote on the matter:

Nick Pope has been nominated more than anybody else as a possible government plant, somebody in the UFO community who is secretly working for the government to suppress information on UFO's and sabotage the efforts of those researching them; a "shill" in the parlance of the Conspirasphere. According to his official bio, Nick Pope joined the MoD in 1985, was appointed head of the UFO desk in 1991 and ran it until 1994. Due to those few years he became a celebrity by becoming the media's designated spokesman on UFO's; "Britain's Fox Mulder" as the press dubbed him. He retired in 2006 and is now a freelance journalist and author. He sometimes writes for the same journal that I do, Neon Nettle. The accusations go along the lines that Pope did not in fact retire and that his MoD job was just a cover for his real role in a very different UK state institution, one whose name also begins with the letter M. An argument has recently broken out in social media over this. Somebody has issued a challenge to find any evidence that Nick Pope really is a shill. It's a tricky situation because if Nick is in fact a shill he is hardly likely to publish his payslips. If he is not, how can he possibly prove himself innocent to everybody's satisfaction? My advice is to treat Nick Pope as you would anybody else, with caution if you don't trust him and openly if you do. It's important to strike a balance between the extremes of reckless naiveté and "shill fever", see here for details: I personally am wary of him for several reasons, the most recent being his support for Sacha Christie, see: However I have no proof he is not doing this for anything other than personal motives. Nevertheless it has to be said that there is a precedent for the kind of infiltration many of us suspect is going on right now. It involves a man in the USA who is very similar to Nick Pope. His name is Richard Doty, pictured above, and he was involved in the "Bennewitz Affair" in which he deliberately fell in with a UFO researcher in order to mislead and confuse him. This he did as part of his role for AFOSI- the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, see here for details: Doty is a former government agent, like Nick Pope; however Doty speaks openly today that he used to be an intelligence officer. Nick has made no such confession. Both men are also hot property on the UFO conference circuit and I one joked: "You can't have a UFO conference without Popey!" If UFOlogy is being infiltrated by the state authorities then why is this happening now? Is Disclosure imminent? Or is it not, yet there is the threat of it happening inadvertently? Perhaps somebody on this inside has just gone on the run with a video tape, like the Alien Interview, see: Could this be why we've seen other suspicious activity, like these "new MJ-12" documents, see: We'll have to wait and see. What Steve Murillo of the Los Angeles UFO and Paranormal Research Society says in the Fade to Black show at 144 mins 25 secs (2.22.53 on the YouTube podcast) is interesting when it comes to Disclosure and gels with a lot of my own views.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,I think there having a laugh, UFOlogy has been infiltrated and misrepresented since Dr Steven Greer started the disclosure project..


Levi said...

This is really interesting. Do you mind if I tell you a story about my late beloved granddad and his escapades, shall we way, in trying to give Ufology a higher more respected profile. In the early 1970s he was working as a guard at Deepcut Barracks near Woking and Farnborough when one night he and his close friend and colleague saw strange purple flashing lights hovering above the base. The WO (Warrant Officer) told him to follow these lights by Land Rover and find its destination.

Anyway, as the night wore on they managed to track the lights to what seemed like a prison complex where they hovered statically for a while then slowly descended inside the huge tall brick walls. They then, using a map, realised it was Broadmoor where the purple lights had landed. They went back and told the WO who then very tersely told them to knock off forget about it and go to bed.

The next morning they, my granddad and his friend, stole a helicopter, flew it to Cornwall and rammed it into the sea causing a huge fireball. My granddad survived but was sentenced to life in a military prison. We disowned him and he died last year.

See what happens to people when they try to uncover the truth which is why I have so much respect for you, Ben. We didn't disown him because of what he did but because he wouldn't let my dad sell his medals from WWII which resulted in my dad going bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Iv never been sure of Steven greer..