Monday 5 June 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Christopher Everard Show 3

I have been interviewed again on the Christopher Everard Show on Truth Frequency Radio. See:
Subjects discussed include: Secret cuts in the NHS, London Bridge attacks, a new film about institutional child abuse and much much more. I appear only in the first twenty minutes of the show. See here for my previous appearance on the Christopher Everard Show:


GreyMoon said...

Dear Ben,

Late here in China and using my wifes laptop in the dark,so forgive typos lol.

Just came across you through a lecture you gave on Youtube.

In the lecture which I will return to you mention Greer and his belief all ETs are just dandy and later on you went on to say about how ETs must be friendly because we are still here. Come on Ben you have an implant and I remember some of my abductions. Friendly my codlings. This is a prison planet a kind of zoo or farm, if so hardly benelvent.
Have you ever seen UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact? If not I can notrecommend it enough.
Well goodnight. I used to live in South Wales, Chepstow and Newport.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Grey. From Chepstow to China! My word, you've got about.
I don't know which lecture you mean; I've done about Greer. It must have been an old one because I've changed my mind completely since then; check out my newer videos.
Thanks for the link. Will take a look.
Goodnight :-)

GreyMoon said...

Ben Emlyn Jones at Swansea UFO Network 2 Exopolitics Part 2

No you missunderstood you just mentioned Greer in passing. You were giving a lecture on the history of exopolitics.

Moved to China from living in the USA.

I had my first encounter with a UFO in a Field close to the old Severn Bridge on the English side kinda between Oldbury and the Bridge.
Still on the hot choc and vodka so a few more sips then stumble to bed lol
Just been reading your hit piece in the Wales Online...Never talk to the press .

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Yes, I learned that lesson the hard way :-(