Wednesday 18 May 2016

Yorkshire UFO Update 2

As promised I have been closely monitoring the situation I reported on last week involving the sudden mobilization of high speed RAF jets in the north of England.
Since then Alyson Dunlop, my friend and fellow researcher from Scotland, has revealed that there is a military build-up in the area of Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire, Scotland; just a few miles from Glasgow. Apparently this happened last year too when an "Italian airliner" had to be escorted in to land by RAF Typhoon fighters... looks like they're reusing cover stories again. Prestwick was in the news a few years ago because it was exposed as one of the stopping points for CIA "rendition" flights, operations to move terrorist suspects from the Middle East to the USA for interrogation which involved torture. Now it's happened again at the same time as this activity in Yorkshire. Witnesses have heard jets passing overhead in the early hours of the morning, waking them up. Also C130 transport aircraft and helicopters. "Unusual military trucks" have been seen indicating the presence of ground forces as well, see: Alyson and I discuss this issue on the latest edition of her radio show, ADX Files, see: It's interesting that Alyson refers to activity in Norfolk because I've just been sent a video by Heidi Neil, a mutual friend of Derek Savory. It's her video report on her own trip to Rendlesham Forest with Derek. In the footage you can clearly hear several jet aircraft passing overhead. This is in Suffolk, bordering south of Norfolk, see: Something is definitely going on. My suspicions have been further raised by several articles in the mainstream media reporting on how Russian fighter jets have been harassing NATO assets in the Baltic Sea region. First they flew past a US Navy ship very close, see: This is extremely dangerous and could easily cause an accident that could lead to loss of life on both the aircraft and ship. Now the RAF have announced that they've been intercepting more Russian aircraft in the area, see: Can we now speculate on what the "UFO" off the coast of Yorkshire was? There was no Air France airliner; this was almost certainly a diversion for the reasons I detail in the background links. Have the UK and Russia been engaged in aggressive manoeuvres, maybe even actual combat, in British airspace? If so then the government don't want us to know.

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