Tuesday 21 June 2022

Bored of The Rings

The image above is a publicity still from Amazon's new upcoming series The Lord of the Rings- The Rings of Power. It shows the character Disa, a dwarf princess from the underground dwarfish city of Khazad-Dum. She will be played by an actress called Sophia Nomvete, one of a number of non-white thespians in this latest Tolkienian prequel. It also features figures from previous films and books in a transformed role. Galadriel is a warrior in armour for example, a feminist icon. I am not the only person who finds this repulsive. Many others do, but few will speak out about it. A huge amount of moral blackmail has been dumped onto us to keep us smiling and pretending not to notice. Those who refuse to be silent, like me, will naturally be accused of racism. If we hate the new LOTR, it must be because we hate black people, full stop. You might argue that Middle Earth is not the real world and its inhabitants are therefore strange creatures so why should they only be portrayed as one race from the real human world? It is because JRR Tolkien was inspired by indigenous northern European mythology when he wrote his fiction; Anglo-Saxon (he was a professor of Old English at Oxford), Celtic, Norse etc; it really is that simple. He intended his works to be a neo-mythology for white British people. To object to having non-white people in the film adaptations is not racist, it is just a desire for authenticity and respect. I'd add that exceptions would be the characters who are obviously meant to be non-white in the story, like the Haradrim. Apart from that it should be white people and only white people, like in Peter Jackson's films. I would say exactly the same thing if somebody remade Zulu and had white people playing the Zulus, in fact I would walk out of such a travesty.
I know very well that almost all old and adored franchises have been infected with wokery. I despise that, see the links below; but with Tolkien it opens a deeper and more painful wound. I've often called Tolkien's oeuvre the keep of the fortress. They can have Star Wars and Doctor Who if they want. That's sad, but we can get over it; but they are NOT having Tolkien! Why has this happened now? It's obvious; Christopher Tolkien is dead. He finally passed away in 2020 at the age of ninety-five. Since his father died in 1973, Christopher has managed the Middle Earth franchise in a loyal and devoted manner which is exactly what his father wanted. He was extremely territorial and defensive when it came to leasing rights. The cultural Marxist vandals have been circling him for a while now like a flock of rainbow striped vultures; and no doubt they gave a great cheer when Christopher drew his last breath, sadly without appointing a trustworthy successor. This video is an excellent analysis of this horrible situation: https://odysee.com/@MorgothReviews:5/MorgCast-22-Tolkien-small:1. Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, has also made a video on this subject that makes an excellent point. The whole purpose of Tolkien is that it allows us to immerse ourselves completely in an imaginary world that was created with the most extraordinary detail and forget the issues of the real world. Political correctness breaks the spell. It drags us back to so-called reality, making us think all the time of issues from the world we left behind for a while, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUMtpDXEJBg. The good news is that Amazon's toxic sludge is not canon; it is really just glorified fan fiction. I will not be watching The Lord of the Rings- The Rings of Power. I intend actively to boycott it. It's not that bad. At the end of the day, we still have Tolkien's original books; we have Jackson's magnificent adaptations. They can't take those away from us!
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Anonymous said...

Some say Tolkien himself was racist... Puts it in perspective when you look at both sides.

I'm a huge fan of Tolkien since childhood readings of LOTRO and The Hobbit but not overly keen on the idea of any 'new' creations that will veer away from the originality in the form of prequels. I do however take issue with the idea that remakes are just a way to push in some form of 'woke'. Tolkien was never explicit with skin colour with dwarves and in many cases described them as 'ruddy hued' A white ginger would be just as out of place but was used Steve Jacksons films for example.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Indeed, Tolkien has made many private statements along these lines in his letters. However, I think we can gain enough information about his ideas to make an educated speculation that he would not have approved of the current production for the reason stated.