Saturday 18 June 2022

Bases Conference Promo 2

With just three weeks to go, Miles Johnston has released a second promotional video for the upcoming Bases 2022 International Conference and Workshops. This includes short video intros from some of the speakers including myself.
See here for the video:
The line-up of speakers is as follows, in alphabetical order:
Andrea Foulkes
Ben Emlyn Jones
Bob Brown
Colin Woolford
Gloria Moss
Harry Rhodes
Karen Dodd (co-organizer)
Kerry Cassidy
Kerry Murray
Maria Wheatley
Martin Colborne
Matthew Williams
Michael Shrimpton
Mike Emery
Sandi Adams
Valentina Zharkova

Some of those names will be familiar to you; others are speaking at Bases for the first time. The keynote speaker of the whole conference is Prof. Valentina Zharkova. She is a Ukrainian scientist who is currently a senior lecturer at Northumbria University Newcastle. She will be talking about the sun's energy and its influence on the solar system. Tickets are available here: Hope to see you there!
See here for the first promo:
See here for my interview with Miles on the HPANWO Show:

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