Friday 14 January 2022

Is Boris Finished?

"Partygate"; it would inevitably be called that. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in big trouble; in fact his political career is hanging by a thread. It has been revealed that during the Christmas of 2020 when families were forced to stay apart and grandparents had to kiss their grandchildren by pressing their lips to a closed window pane, Boris and his chums organized wild revelries at Number 10 and the Conservative Party headquarters that grossly contravened the lockdown regulations. The Prime Minister originally made some lame excuses which didn't work and is now forced into a corner where he is being officially investigated. Within the next few days he will be forced to confess and apologize. I'm sure Boris is not the only statesman in the world who has hypocritically broken the rules he imposed on others. Do you think Emanuel Macron, Kamala Harris and Angela Merkel sang carols with their parents over Skype? However Boris is the only one being taken to task for it. The thing is, if you are a statesman whom your superiors want to get rid of, this is the way they do it. This is why you have to be whiter than white. You must resist the endless temptations for corruption and the abuse of authority poured at your feet. I wonder if Boris Johnson understands the irony of his position. He sold his soul to join the establishment and now that establishment is disposing of him regardless. Did he expect gratitude from them? Source:
I can't imagine Boris Johnson does not feel some regret over the decisions he's made. The glorious opportunity he has squandered. As regular readers will know, I used to like and respect him. His heroic stance over Brexit was one of the greatest things a British statesman has ever done, see: and: He could have carried on that noble quest. He could truly have been Britain's Trump. However, since then he has changed beyond all recognition. His radical populist policies and irreverent attitude have totally evaporated and he has merged seamlessly into the globalist political edifice. Why? How did this happen? Some, like Caroline Stephens, believe he has always been such a figure secretly and people like me have been fooled by a confidence trick, see: and: I disagree with that, however there's no doubt Boris now and the Boris of pre-2020 are like chalk and cheese in the same body. I don't know what's going to happen to Boris now. He may well resign or be removed from office. He has shown himself unfit for leadership and deserves that. However the truly galling reality of this situation is that the only people lined up to replace him are far far worse. I saw an op-ed in a tabloid newspaper a few weeks ago that broke my heart. It was called Bring Back Boris! It made a metric pun of the "build back better" slogan from the Davos set that premiers across the globe are parroting. It went on to echo the same sentiments as myself: "We loved Boris the way he used to be. It's so sad he's changed. Let's bring back the old Boris." Well, I'm afraid that's not our decision to make. Only Boris himself can do that. Is it too late for him to turn back from the Dark Side?
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