Wednesday 19 January 2022

NATO Tugs the Russian Beard

The international community has gone to enormous lengths to provoke Russia over the last few years. For example, see here for essential background: and: It is even worse than the engineered oil price crash that was designed to sabotage the Russian economy, see background links below. The dispute with Ukraine has been running for so long that most people have forgotten how it started. It basically comes down to whether the country should join the European Union, a tyrannical federation that Britain has just escaped from, or develop closer ties to Russia, a strategy the political philosopher Alexander Dugin calls "Eurasianism". As a result of this there have been riots, an airliner has been shot down and the Ukrainian president almost assassinated. The Western press have been portraying Russians as a bunch of computer hackers, poisoners and dangerous pilots. After the Cold War, the Illuminati failed in their plan to change Russia de-facto and instead have had to endure one de-jure. This new Russia is not obeying orders from head office. As a result globalist powers have pushed eastwards under the flags of NATO and the EU. Ukraine is Europe's biggest country (excluding Russia which is not just in Europe) and an important strategic node, sitting as it does between the two blocs. The military build-up of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border is being demonized as an act of unprovoked aggression, exactly as it happened with the conflict in Georgia a few years ago; but really isn't it just defensive? President Putin says he has no intention to invade Ukraine, but nobody believes him. That's understandable seeing as he has a huge force on standby that could be used for invasion, and a new flank has just opened up on the northern border with Belarus, which is allowing Putin's troops to assemble there too. Source: Yesterday I saw a very frightening newspaper headline: "BRITISH TROOPS SENT TO UKRAINE!" Obviously this is highly sensationalized to persuade you to buy the paper, but it is factually true. Britain is supplying the Ukrainian army with NLAW anti-tank missiles. About a hundred military specialists are going with them just for training purposes. In fact other NATO members have done the same. The USA sold Ukraine hundreds of Javelin anti-tank missiles in 2018. It must seem to Putin that even if Ukraine never joins NATO, it has picked up much NATO hardware that it might as well do. I do hope this sticky situation calms down soon. At the same time I respect Putin for standing his ground; indeed, he must. He is wise enough to show restraint and not do what NATO really wants, lash out with some kind of excessive use of force. In fact, maybe we should be wary of possible false-flags; a building "bombed by Russian agents" in Kiev for example? The reason I am learning the Russian language is because a time might come when Russia could be the only country in which it will be safe for me to live, see:
See here for background:


Araminta Mooncrow said...

Russia is the white heterosexual male of international politics; he has no right to defend himself and must be constantly shamed.

Recently I found out that one of my ancestors was a Russian Count who squandered his estate on gambling.

Feeling a bit annoyed with him for that.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Araninta. Ancestor guilt and being Russian is a contradiction for the reason you gave! It's a good analogy you gave. The only difference is that Russia is not self-hating. I wish actual WHM's would become more like Russia.

Anonymous said...

"The Western press have been portraying Russians as a bunch of computer hackers, poisoners and dangerous pilots", you don't need any press to confirm that! maybe look up the GRU and their rivalry with the KGB and the list of murders across Europe attributed to them over twenty years since Putin came to power...

Russia (or rather Putin as this was not the case post USSR under Gorbachov or Yeltsin) view Ukraine as the spiritual home of the Russian people and want it as a land buffer zone strategically against the defensive pact of NATO. Ideally not in the European union and it will lead to war if Ukraine joins NATO not if it joins the European union. This aggression will now likely lead to other European countries joining NATO that have historically remained neutral (Finland and Sweden) resulting in even greater risk of a major conflict.

It should be pointed out that Russia is the only country to invade Europe since ww2 to seize territory and should be viewed as an aggressive state rather than defensive.

What you ( with an extremely bias pro Russian slant I may add)(and Putin) fail to acknowledge is that is the decision of the Ukrainian people, their choice in the same way as Brexit was the choice of the UK.

Annexing Crimea and enabling a proxy war on Ukrainian territory is an act of war that has been ongoing for many years frustrating Russia as they cannot provoke Ukraine to break the ceasefire (despite daily hostile shelling and sniper fire) and an excuse to invade.

Do not make the assumption Putin speaks on behalf of the Russian people or has any opinion in the best interests of Ukraine or it's people without speaking to them/us before airing your viewpoints in such a provocative, self opinionated way that many who live in the region find distasteful and untrue.

Thank you.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Anon, have you seen this?

firechild_uk said...

I think Anon nailed it Ben considering current events subsequently.

Ukrainian people do not want Putin, I see guns and blockades not flowers and hugs greeting Russian forces. Russian troops walking away having been duped into thinking they were on a training mission not an invasion. I see a steady increase of protests being quelled in Russian especially in the big cities of Moscow and St Petersburg.

It's alright to admit you were wrong sometimes and especially so now ben. There is never any justification for any military conflict other than self defence. Ukraine never attacked Russia, Russia is the invader and occupying force since 2014 resulting in thousands of deaths since and even more destruction now.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

FC-UK, I disagree, I don't think Anon nailed it at all. He/she didn't respond to the video I posted. It's not available now for some reason. In stead an equally good one is on the 25th of Feb UK Column:

Naturally, the Ukrainian people are not thinking in political terms right now. This is an invasion that I wish had never happened. I thought it wouldn't happen and that President Putin would find another way. However, it is false and unfair to blame Russia for this. The EU/NATO globalists have been the ones occupying Ukraine. Do you really think Yanukovych would have permitted the scandal over Hunter Biden's laptop, and that's just the start! Ukraine is the Havana of the east and it needs to be cleaned up! I am as sad as you over the death and destruction wreaked, but don't let your emotions knock you over. It's worth wathcing the film Wag The Dog, also check out my Ukraine portal: