Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gary McKinnon's Extrdition Suspended

Some of the best news the Voice has yet given!:,news-comment,news-politics,theresa-may-puts-hacker-gary-mckinnon-extradition-on-hold


Background articles:

Addendum: Footie McGrew on the HPANWO Forum said something very interestimng. "What do you reckon, he did a deal with them? A kind of 'We'll drop the charges against you if you keep quiet about the stuff you saw while you were hacking.'? Or even more, he has to publically 'admit' that he was lying? Keep an eye out for developments, I wouldn't be surprised if we see McKinnon call a press conference to confess his deception: 'I never really saw aliens, I just made it up for a joke'." See:

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